Dislyte Best Healers: Sally, Clara, Ye Suhua & More

This Dislyte Best Healers guide will showcase the top 6 best healers in Dislyte for effective healing in combat!

Dislyte has one of the most solid character selections. The game offers players the ability to make their formations, with the recommended formations including a main DPS, tanks, controllers, and supports. Alongside these Espers in Dislyte, players will also need a solid healer to stay alive in the game. Therefore our Dislyte Best Healers will showcase the top healers available! If you are a complete beginner, then our Dislyte Wiki guide will help you throughout the game’s journey.

Key Highlights
  • There are many great healers that the players can utilize in Dislyte, some of them include the following.
  • Clara Esper: the best healer in-game, can heal, buff, and shield Espers based on max HP, and removes debuffs.
    • Skills: Queen’s Blessing (deals damage and heals), Queen’s Protection (removes debuffs and grants shield), Hymn of Life (increases AP and regenerates HP)
  • Sally: five-star support Esper, excels at healing and removing debuffs, grants Attac Up buff, best with fighting-focused Dislyte Espers.
    • Skills: Light Call (deals damage and grants increased Immunity), Healing Touch (heals and cleanses debuffs), Blessed Light (grants Attac Up buff and increases damage negation)
  • Ye Suhua: five-star support Esper, can revive, grant immunity and healing to the team
    • Skills: Resurrect (revives teammates and grants immunity), Sacred Arts (grants immunity and healing to the entire team), Emperor’s Grace (increases healing and grants immunity)
  • Asenath: four-star support Esper, can remove debuffs, grant immunity, and increase AP to the team
    • Skills: Purification (removes debuffs and grants immunity), Divine Embrace (increases healing and grants immunity), Heaven’s Blessing (grants increased AP)
  • Heng Yue: four-star support Esper, can remove debuffs, grant immunity, and increase attack to the team
    • Skills: Cleanse (removes debuffs and grants immunity), Guardian’s Protection (increases healing and grants immunity), Warrior’s Blessing (grants increased attack)
  • Chang Pu: four-star support Esper, can remove debuffs, grant immunity, and increase speed to the team
    • Skills: Purification (removes debuffs and grants immunity), Sacred Arts (increases healing and grants immunity), Swift Feet (grants increased speed)

Clara Esper 

Dislyte Clara

Starting with the first Dislyte Esper, this healer, in particular, is one of the best in-game. Clara can be an excellent healer by being able to heal Espers with her S3 skill, which will be based on her max HP. She will also grant her fellow Espers an AP Up buff, making them even stronger in the game. 

If any debuffs have been applied on Espers by the enemy’s side, then she will be able to cleanse a total of 2 debuffs. However, if no debuffs are being applied to them, then the Esper in Dislyte will simply be granted an Immunity Up buff, making them even tankier and able to survive for long. 

On top of that, what makes her one of the Dislyte Best Healers is that she can also provide a shield if all Espers already have their max HP, which will absorb a certain amount of HP!


Clara in Dislyte will have three main skills, as listed below, and these will essentially provide her with buffs that will make her even more overpowered in combat. These skills are also crucial to level up, as without them being leveled up, the Esper will not perform to their optimal performance.

If you are wondering how these skills can be leveled, they essentially require enhancement materials known as Abilimons, which can be bought from shops and farmed as well. 

Queen’s Blessing 

The first skill will be able to unleash attacks against enemies a total of two times, which will deal damage equivalent to 110% of her base attack. With that, she can also heal Espers in her formation who have the lowest amount of HP and will heal a total of 5% of their total Health Points. 

Level 2 will offer Dislyte Clara a damage boost of 95%, while level 3 will again make her output a total of 100% increased damage. At level 4, her damage will see an increase of 105% damage, while maxing out the skill will offer a 110% damage output. 

Queen’s Protection 

The next skill is Queen’s Protection, and after summoning it, it will get rid of 2 debuffs whenever she gives Healing Efficacy to her fellow teammates. If the Esper does not originally have no debuffs, then they will experience that their overall Immunity has been increased. Espers will also gain a shield for 2 turns with her in your team. 

Hymn of Life 

With this skill in hand, she will increase the team’s overall AP by 20% while also regenerating 25% of the Espers’ max HP for them. Hymn of Life skill in itself will have a cooldown of 4 turns. Levels 2, 3, and 4 will increase the damage output by 28%, 31%, and 35%, respectively, and level 5 will decrease the cooldown by 1 turn(s). 

Sally Esper 

Dislyte Sally

The next Esper that we would like to mention is Sally, five-star support who excels at healing and cleansing her fellow Espers in Formations of their debuffs. She also has massive damage negation, alongside being able to provide excessive healing and health distribution to her Espers, that are her teammates. 

With that, she can also provide her teammates with an Attac Up buff which enables them to increase the overall damage output and helps them gain victory even easier. Her best synergies will be with Dislyte Espers, that are mostly fighting focused such as Li ling, Tang, or other support Espers.


Players will be able to experience her three main skills and her captain ability, as can be seen. 

Light Call 

With Light Call in hand, she can unleash tracks against her foes a total of 3 times, and each Attack will output damage equivalent to 45% of her base damage. She will also gain a 60% chance whereby she will be able to grant increased Immunity to the other players in Dislyte

Level 2 will increase the damage to 35%, while level will enhance the trigger chance to 50%. Level 4 will increase damage to 40%, and level 5 will increase the trigger chance to 60%. Level 6 will buff up the damage to 45%. 


Upon casting Universal, she can get rid of the debuffs placed on Espers and distribute the HP throughout each Esper, no matter if they have full or low HP. she will also apply the Atk Up buff for 2 turns or until it ends. 

The skill itself will have a cooldown of 3 turns, while level two will be able to reduce the cooldown for a total of one second. Level 3 will reduce the cooldown for a further one turn.

Ode To Joy 

Her S3 will allow her to enter a mode known as “Sweet Harvest” for a total of 2 turns. Anytime the Esper is launching an attack against the opponent, one debuff will be removed from the Esper’s end, and she will also heal a total of 26% of everyone’s max HP.

Levels 2, 3, and 4 will increase healing to 22%, 24%, and 26%, respectively. Maxing out the skill will offer a cooldown reduction by one turn. 

Captain Ability

If you plan to make her your captain in Dislyte, the overall team resistance will increase by 40%. 

Ye Suhua Esper 

Dislyte Ye Suhua
Ye Suhua

Following through, yet another Best Healer in our list includes Espers like Ye Suhua, essentially a three-star Esper in Dislyte. The interesting thing to note about her is that she cannot be obtained through the gacha. Rather, players will need to play the Ripple Dimension to gain ripples of Ye Suhua and then call upon her. 

She will also be able to support everyone in the team by providing them with Atk Up and increased Defense buffs. Upon casting her S2 skills, she will also be able to heal one selected Esper. The selected Esper will also become invincible for a certain amount of time, taking in as many hits without depleting their HP.


If you are interested in her skillsets, then keep on reading! 


With the first skill, players in Dislyte will be able to deal a total of damage that will equate to 130% of her base damage, which she will have an overall 70% chance to place down the Atk down debuff on enemies for 2 turns. 

Level 2 will increase damage to 105%, while level 3 will grant the player a trigger chance by 50%, level 4 will enhance damage to 110%, while level 5 will enhance the trigger chance to 60%. With that, level 6 will buff up the player’s damage by 120%, level 7 will increase triggering abilities to 70%, and level 8 will max out damage enhancement to 130%. 

Astral Guardian 

Upon casting her S2 skill, Ye Suhua Esper in Dislyte will gain the ability to heal her Espers in crime by 30% of their overall Health Points while providing them with Invincibility and regeneration of HP for a total of 1 turn. 

Levels two through five will increase the healing amount to 22%, 24%, 26%, and 30%, respectively while taking the skill to level 6 will offer a cooldown reduction for a turn. 

Star Dancer 

Last but not least, the Star Dancer skill will increase the player’s overall Attack, allowing the main DPS to shine while Ye Suhua Dislyte can buff them up. With that, the defense will also be increased for 2 turns. Levels 2 and 3 will reduce the cooldown by 1 turn each as the skill is leveled up.

If players weren’t aware, they are able to use Starimons in order to promote their characters and make them stronger.

Asenath Esper 

Dislyte Asenath

Moving on, the next Dislyte Best Healers will also have Asenath in it, and though she isn’t like *the* best, she is still a pretty solid unit. She can recover a certain amount of HP for other Espers present on the battlefield so that they can survive for longer periods.

She is also able to offer Damage negation while also being able to rant Lotus Mark Buffs to any player that aims to dominate their enemies. Anytime she has her turn up and heals Espers with her skills, she will gain overall AP, making her an even stronger unit and helping her combat some of the toughest foes and take them down. 


With her S1, s2, and S3, she can take over all kinds of murder off foes. 

Flower of Resentment 

Upon calling forth the Flower of Resentment, players will be able to launch out the damage equal to 120% of Dislyte Asenath’s base damage, and there will be a 60% chance that she can remove a debuff that has already been targetted at a selected Esper. 

Level two will essentially increase the overall damage output to 105% while taking the skill to level 3 will increase it even further by 110%. With that, if you decide to level the skill at level 4, you will experience a damage enhancement by 115%, while level 5 will enhance it by 120%. 

Dancing Buds 

Whenever Asenath calls upon her Dancing Buds, she will be able to turn to the Espers that are already present in the formation in Dislyte and then heal a certain amount of their base HP. she will also grant Recovery to other Espers for a total of one turn. 

Level 2 will buff up the overall Healing amount by 60%, while level 3 will increase it to 70%. However, when players decide to take the skill to level 4, it will enhance the healing to 80%.

Lotus Steps 

Upon summoning this skill, all Espers will gain increased AP by 25% and enter the Lotus Mark mode, which will essentially increase the Ap by 20% every time the Lotus Mark is active. Lotus mark itself will essentially increase the damage negation by 50% for all Dislyte Espers in combat

Level 2 will increase the AP by 15%, while level 3 will boost the player’s AP by 20%. With that, level 4 will increase it up to 25%, and level 5 will reduce the cooldown by one turn. While she may not be the top-tier or the Best Healer in Dislyte, she is certainly not to be skipped over.

Heng Yue Esper 

Dislyte Heng Yue
Heng Yue

The next Esper that we would like to mention is Heng Yue, who is yet another capable option to put on your team, simply because if there are any Espers that have the lowest amount of HP, and will provide a considerable amount of heal. This healing is definitely enough to hold the Esper out until the end of the battle, at least. 

She is also blessed with the overpowered ability to cleanse further debuffs, just like the other Dislyte Best Healers can do so. She will be an overall cleanse that will buff up the Esper and help them overtake any bosses present on the battlefield and make a joke of them. 


Perhaps the most impressive thing about Heng Yue is her skills, which can benefit players. 

Silvermoon Kiss

With Silvermoon Kiss skill in hand, she will be able to cast a total of 120% attack as a bonus attack, and this damage will be based on her base damage output. There is also another 100% chance that she will be able to get rid of buffs that other opponents have given to their targets. 

Level 2 will essentially increase damage output by 110%, while level 3 will boost the player’s Trigger chance to a total of 85%. Level 4 will offer the player a damage enhancement of 120%, while level 5 will increase the trigger chance to 100%.

Undying Elixir 

The next skill she will use is Undying Elixir, which will essentially target an Esper with the lowest amount of Health Points, and upon casting the skill, she will heal a total of 10% of their overall HP. It might not seem like a lot, but it is definitely enough to help them throughout the end of the battle. 

Level 2 will increase the overall healing output to 7%, while players will experience 8% healing efficiency at 8%. Leveling up the skill to level 4 will offer a 9% increase in how the skill heals the Esper in combat

Golden Moon 

The next skill for Heng Yue in Dislyte will be Golden Moon which will rank her among the Dislyte Best Healers. Upon summoning Golden Moon skill, all Espers who were unfortunate enough to receive debuffs from enemies will be free from them and be more powerful in the arena. 

The cooldown for this skill is four turns, and level 2 will increase the healing by 23%, level 3 will buff it up by 26%, and level 4 will boost it up by 30%. Level 5 will just reduce the cooldown by one turn. 

Chang Pu Esper 

Dislyte Chang Pu
Chang Pu

The last Esper we would like to mention is Chang Pu, who is essentially not considered anywhere near the Dislyte Best Healers. However, the only reason she is included here is for free-to-play players. Nonetheless, she can get the job done and should not be undermined. 

Her S3 can provide a considerable amount of healing, and she also gives Immunity buffs for a total of 2 turns. This is done by ascending her to phase 3, considered one of the most vital ascensions. 


Below are her skills that make her a viable option for Spatial Tower and other dungeons and domains. 

Orb of Vaxar

The Orb of vaxar will offer up Chang Pu in Dislyte damage output that equates to 120% of her base attacks, while levels 2, 4, 6, and 8 increase the chance to trigger in the order of 75%, 80%, 90%, and 100%. With that, levels 3, 5, and 7 increase damage output by 105%, 110%, and 100%, respectively. Want to learn how the elements work in the game?


Another important skill is Restoration, which will heal 15% of Esper’s overall HP. Besides that, if any Dislyte Esper loses 10% HP while in combat, they will gain back it instantly. Levels 2 and 3 will increase the healing amount to 160% and reduce the skill’s cooldown by one turn. 

Prayer of Renewal

Last but not least, her S3 will provide efficient healing to Espers based on 15% of their overall health points. She will also grant Immunity for a total of 2 Esper battle turns. With that, we will wrap up our Dislyte Best Healers guide; let us know what you think!

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