5 Best Dislyte Support Espers: Ranking, Role & Skills 

This Dislyte Best Supports guide will showcase 5 supports that can help clear any end-game content and bosses!

Dislyte is a newly released turn-based RPG that involves the role of Espers to combine Espers into a five-team formation. With roles like Fighters, Controllers, and Support, the game allows players to mix and match their Espers and take on the godliest enemies. With that, there are a few supports that can help make the main DPS absolute monsters, and in our Dislyte Best Supports guide, we will showcase the top 5 best supports. If you want to know which teams worst best, then check out our Dislyte Best Teams guide!

Best Support Espers in Dislyte 

Supports in Dislyte outclass the other Espers by a mile, as their main role lies in buffing up the main DPS and helping it shine in a battle, whether it is PvP or PvE. Supports in and of themselves aren’t able to withstand their own when they are in dungeons like the Ritual Miracle, Sonic Miracle, Cube miracle, etc. 

Rather, they will help and aid the players who have the main DPS, also known as the “Fighters,” absolutely obliterate enemies in combat and dominate event the greatest difficulties of bosses such as Fafnir, Apep or Kronos, etc. with that, let’s get started with our Dislyte Support Espers.  


Dislyte Clara
Clara Esper

Kicking things off with the first Esper, we have Clara in Dislyte; she is known to be a five-star Support and is ranked extremely high by the player base, and she can take on many enemies all at once and be able to help the main Fighter obliterate foes. 

With her passive hand, she can cast her skill and cleanse the player in Dislyte, clearing out any two debuffs that have been applied to them. If the player does not have any kind of debuffs already applied, they will gain a stack of Immunity, and any extra healing will be converted to a shield that will continue to absorb damage for a total of 2 turns. 

With her skills, she can also heal a certain amount of HP for the Dislyte Espers and apply the “AP Up” buff to her fellow teammates; the buff will increase the AP by 25%. This can help players take over enemies and make Clara, hands down, one of the Dislyte Best Support characters. Triki is yet another excellent character who you should not sleep on; therefore, check out our Dislyte Triki Guide!


Dislyte Clara Skills
Clara Skills

With her skills, Dislyte Clara can have three main skills: 

Queen’s Blessing 

Upon casting Queen’s Blessing, Clara will continue to attack an enemy a total of 2 times, which will unleash an attack that will equate to a total of 110% of her base attack. With that, she will also heal fellow 2 Espers with the lowest amount of HP and regenerate 5% of their max Health Points. 

Level 2 will increase damage output to 95%, while levels 3, 4, and 5 will increase it up to 100%, 105%, and 110%. 

Queen’s Protection 

Upon summoning down the Queen’s Protection, it will remove two debuffs that were applied to Espers from the enemy’s end. It will also grant extra Healing Efficacy to Espers in DIslyte. However, if no debuff is detected on the Esper, then their overall Immunity will be buffed up. 

If the shielding overruns and flows, it will convert into an extra shield for two turns, which will continue to protect the players. To know more about the all-time best Espers, you might want to take help from our Dislyte Best Espers guide!

Hymn of Life 

Her S3, or A3, will essentially increase the overall AP of the entire team by 20%, all the while being able to heal the entire Dislyte Party’s HP by an extra 35%, helping them survive for a lot longer. Levels 2, 3, and 4 will enhance the healing to 28%, 31%, and 35%, respectively. And level five will reduce the cooldown of the skill by one turn. 


Clara is an all-rounder in combat, whether the players in DIslyte are using her for PvP or PvE content, and she is known to be number one in the lists for Support Espers in Dislyte, being able to take on any kind of challenges. 

She will be able to help the main formation gain victory faster, making it so that they will never have to fear dying again. Check out the rankings below: 

  • Story Content: S-
  • Cube Miracle: S+
  • Kronos: A+
  • Apep: S
  • Fafnir: S 
  • Temporal Tower: S+
  • Point War (Defense): S+
  • Point War (Attack): S+


Dislyte Gabrielle
Gabrielle Esper

Next up, we have Gabrielle, who is yet another overpowered five support, and she is easily attainable after grinding for a few days to fuse Fabrice with other four-star Espers. She is known to be a support in Dislyte, who probably has the highest amount of versatility. 

Her main role lies in being able to apply the “Def Up” buffs for her fellow Dislyte Espers, which will help the player’s tank hits from the opponent’s side, and she will also grant Immunity in combat. With that, she will also apply the “Defense Down” and the “Attack Down” debuff to enemies, making her even more broken in battle. 

She makes fighting any story content a joke, and there is a reason why she is regarded so highly as the Dislyte Best Supports. Her base speed is also high, providing her mobility in her turns, and she will not allow other opponents to apply any kind of debuffs to your team no matter what.

Her synergy is excellent with nearly every Esper in the game. While we’re on the topic of Gabrielle, why not read up on our Dislyte Gabrielle guide to get to know more about her!


Dislyte Gabrielle Skills
Gabrielle Skills

Take a look at the skills listed down below.


Starting with her first skill, Wavebreaker will be able to unleash attacks against enemies that will be equivalent to a total of 140% of her base attack, alongside a bonus of 0.45% attacks based on her total speed in combat. 

Level 2 will buff up the damage output to 110%, level 3 will increase it to 120%, level 4 will enhance it even more to 130%, and level 5 will buff it up to 140%. 


Next up, Broadside skill will help Gabrielle in Dislyte to attack every opponent that is present in combat a total of 3 times while unleashing damage that will equal 80% of her base attack. Every time she attacks, she will have an extra 50% chance of applying the “Defense Down” debuff on her opponents for a total of 2 turns. 

Level 2 will increase her damage output to 75%, while level 3 will increase her trigger chance to 50%. With that, level 4 will enhance the damage output to 80%, and finally, level 5 will reduce the cooldown by a total of 1 turn(s). 


Lastly, with her last skill, she will be able to grant her fellow Espers a “Defense Up” buff for a total of 2 turns, all the while being able to attack enemies with hits that will deal 90% of her base attack as extra damage. She will also grant the attack down debuff for two turns, rendering enemies useless. 

Levels 2, 3, and 4 will increase damage to 95%, 100%, and 105%, and level 5 will reduce the skill’s cooldown by one extra turn. Ritual Miracle is one of the hardest pieces of end-game content, and since Gabrielle excels at it, she will be able to dominate it! However, you might find our Dislyte Ritual Miracle guide helpful in case you want to get more knowledge about the dungeon!


As for her overall rankings, she is yet again excellent support in Dislyte, with her rankings being shown here: 

  • Story Content: S
  • Cube Miracle: S+
  • Kronos: A-
  • Apep: S
  • Fafnir: S
  • Temporal Tower: S+
  • Point War (Defense): S+
  • Point War (Attack): S+


Dislyte Unas
Unas Esper

Moving on, the Dislyte Esper that we would like to mention is Unas, a legendary five-star Esper who can support your team in a way that no other espers will be able to. His main skill lies in his being incredibly agile and having double the speed compared to some other Espers in Dislyte

An all-rounding Speed will surround his main build, which is what his Dislyte relics will also include. He is a god at defeating Point War combat, whether in Defense or Offense, and he can provide his fellow Espers an “Ap Up” buff whenever they are in battle. 

If you make him your captain, rest assured that he will fulfill the Dislyte Supports‘ duty. He can help the player clear the early game as well as end-game pretty easily, and whenever the player is progressing, he is a unit that is a must-have in your arsenal, and he is also able to self-sustain quite admirably. Make sure to read our full Dislyte Unas guide too!


Dislyte Unas Skills
Unas Skills

When discussing Unas in Dislyte hones skills, he will have three main skills and no captain ability. 

Follow The Wind 

With the Follow The Wind skill, players can output an attack at their targetted foes a total of 3 times, each of which will continue to produce a damage output equal to 35% of the base damage. With that, every 1% of his base damage will have a 60% chance to apply the Defense Decrease debuff to foes. 

Level 2 will increase damage to 25%, at level three, the trigger chance will get increased to 50%, while level 4 will yet again increase damage output to 30%, and level 5 will enhance the trigger chance to 60%, and level 6 will enhance damage yet again to 35%. Make sure not to skip out on our Dislyte Sonic Miracle guide!


With his passive skill, Zephyrus will essentially be able to improve the player’s chances of staying alive for a longer period by basically increasing the Immunity for one turn to all fellow Dislyte Espers that are present in the formation. This effect only applies when the player is not immobilized. 

Gale Force 

Upon summoning, players will unleash damage equating to 90% of the base attack and a bonus of 1% damage output based on 10% of the base speed of the Dislyte player. The team member’s AP will also be buffed by 30%.

Levels 2, 3, 4, and 5 will enhance the damage output to 60%, 70%, 80%, and 90%, while level 6 will decrease the time it takes for the skill to be cast again by one turn. 


In terms of rankings, Unas in Dislyte is another solid Esper, and he is fully worth investing in, as you can check out his rankings. 

  • Story Content: S+
  • Cube Miracle: S+
  • Kronos: S
  • Apep: A
  • Fafnir: S-
  • Temporal Tower: S+
  • Point War (Defense): S+
  • Point War (Attack): S+


Dislyte Sally
Sally Esper

Going along with our Dislyte Supports, the next support we will cover is Sally, who is essentially five-star support and is pretty much an S-tier ranking Esper and an excellent unit to have in your roster. 

She is mostly going to be healing your team, all the while being able to get rid of the debuffs that were targeted at you from the enemy’s end. She is an all-rounding Esper that has a solid amount of damage reduction while also providing an Atk Up buff for her fellow Espers in Dislyte

She will pair excellently with mostly main Fighters units which will consistently stay on the frontlines while also working well with Tankers. The best Espers to pair with her will be Unky Chai, Hyde, Ye Suhua, Gabi, Ren Si, and the likes of Donar. Like Sally, Catherine is another viable Esper option; therefore you might like our Dislyte Catherine guide interesting!


Dislyte Sally Skills
Sally Skills

As for skills, these are the skills that will work for her: 

Light Call 

With this skill in hand, Light Call will offer the ability to hit the enemy a total of 3 times, unleashing damage equal to 45% of your base damage. There is also a 60% chance that your Espers will get increased Immunity for 2 turns. 

Level 2 will increase the damage output to 35%, while level 3 will provide the player a chance to trigger their skill by 50%. Level 4 will increase damage by 40%, level 5 will buff the trigger chance to yet another 60%, and level 6 will enhance damage output to 45%. 


Any debuffs that the Espers in Dislyte were unfortunate enough to have will be negated, while the entirety of the HP of the team will be balanced out. Not only that, but Sally will also increase the overall attack of the team by a total of 2 turns. This skill has a cooldown of 3 turns. 

Level 2 will decrease cooldown by one turn, while level 3 will decrease it again by another turn, making it so that the players can cast it after one turn only. 

Ode To Joy

Go into the “Sweet Harvest” mode for a total of 2 turns, and anytime the enemy unleashes an attack against the Esper in formation, Dislyte Sally will come into play, negate the debuff, and regenerate a total of 26% of their base HP. 

Levels 2, 3, and 4 will increase the healing to 22%, 24%, and 26%, respectively, while level 5 will reduce the cooldown by one turn. 


Last but not least, the rankings for Sally Esper in Dislyte. 

  • Story Content: S-
  • Cube Miracle: S+
  • Kronos: B+
  • Apep: S+
  • Fafnir: S-
  • Temporal Tower: S+
  • Point War (Defense): S+
  • Point War (Attack): S+

Ye Suhua 

Dislyte Ye Suhua
Ye Suhua Esper

Last but not least, another Dislyte Esper you can go for is Ye Suhua, who happens to be a 3-star unit, meaning that she is pretty easy to get your hands on, especially for free-to-play players. You can get her from farming ripples through the Ripple Dimension. Therefore, it might require time to farm. 

All in all, she can grant the fellow Dislyte Esper Formations two buffs, both of them being the Atk Up and Defense Up. She also turns out to be a solid healer.

She is also able to provide Invincibility, as well as Recovery; therefore, she is regarded as a solid option amongst the sea of best support espers in Dislyte. Like Ye Suhua, yet another solid Esper is Eira, so our Dislyte Eira guide is a solid win!


Dislyte Ye Suhua Skills
Ye Suhua Skills

Ye Suhua’s skills are worth mentioning, but please note that she does not hone a captain’s ability. 


Upon casting, Stardust will launch out attacks that will be equivalent to 130% of Ye Suhua’s overall base attack while being able to place down the Atk Down debuff on foes for a total of 2 turns. 

Levels 2, 4, 6, and 8 will increase damage output to 105%, 110%, 120%, and 130%, while levels 3, 5, and 7 will increase the overall ability of the player to cast their skill by 50%, 60%, and 70%. 

Astral Guardian 

Upon summoning forth this skill, Espers in Dislyte will be able to receive back 30% of their lost HP, as well as be able to gain Invincibility and Recovery buffs for one turn. If any fellow Esper teammate has HP less than 50%, they will gain a further Recovery buff for a total of 1 turn(s).

Levels 2, 3, 4, and 5 will enhance the healing efficiency to 22%, 24%, 26%, and 30%, respectively. Maxing out this skill will grant a cooldown reduction by 1 turn. 

Star Dancer 

With this skill, Ye Suhua in Dislyte will give Espers Attack and Defense buffs, allowing them to tank more hits aimed at them from the enemy for a total of 2 turns. Levels 2 and 3 will reduce the cooldown of Star Dancer by 1 turn each time. 


As mentioned before, Dislyte Ye Suhua will be able to give excellent performance in combat as well as story progression: 

  • Story Content: S
  • Cube Miracle: A+
  • Kronos: S
  • Apep: S-
  • Fafnir: C
  • Temporal Tower: S
  • Point War (Defense): A+
  • Point War (Attack): A+

With that, we will wrap up our Dislyte Best Supports guide; let us know what you think! In order to find a stronger tank in the game, our Dislyte Donar guide will guide you!

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