Dislyte Bleed Debuff: Strategies & Espers

Dislyte bleed is a useful debuff ability that can inflict great passive damage that a few Espers can use , Here is how to use it effectively.

Dislyte features great combat that features a variety of buffs and debuffs. Players can utilize these various buffs to excel at combat. Dislyte Bleed is one such helpful debuff that can inflict extra damage to the opponents. Using the extra damage to your advantage would certainly be helpful.

Key Highlights
  • Bleed is a debuff in Dislyte that helps you inflict extra damage on your opponents.
  • The Bleed debuff gradually deals damage to the opponent making it easier for you to take him down.
  • Bleed inflicts a significant amount of damage equal to 50% of your character’s attack each turn.
  • It is not advised to use the debuff later in the battle, instead activating it at the start of the battle will be most advised because of the fact that you will be unaffected by any debuffs by the opponent at the start.
  • Using characters with attack buffs will increase the potential of the Bleed ability and it will inflict huge damage to the opponent every turn.
  • The characters who are capable of inflicting the Bleed effect on the opponents include ‘Lin XIao’ and ‘Lu Yi’.

There are a variety of characters available in Dislyte that can inflict the bleed debuff, getting a few in your team is recommended as it would make combat much easier. Rare characters can inflict bleed including Lin Xiao and Lu Yi.

What is Bleed in Dislyte

Bleed in dislyte
Bleed dislyte

The Bleed debuff in Dislyte can be extremely helpful in combat. The debuff would gradually give some damage to your opponent’s health allowing you to take it down easily. The ability makes the Dislyte characters with this debuff worthy to be in your team.

Once this ability is activated through a move, it would last a couple of turns. During each turn, the bleed debuff would inflict a significant amount of damage. Your opponent would receive damage equal to 50% of your character’s attack. The damage would scale depending on the attack of the character you used to activate the ability during the start of the turn.

Dislyte Bleed Strategy

Players often wonder about the best time to use the Bleed debuff ability during the ability. To make the most out of the ability and to get the highest damage, the ability must be used at an appropriate time during the combat.

Players can activate the bleed ability during the start of the battle. It’s a great choice to use it at the start of the battle because your characters would not be affected by any of your opponent’s debuff. It is not recommended to use later especially if the opponent’s lowered your attack.

Alternatively, It is also recommended for players to bring a few characters that can give you attack buffs to make the most out of the bleed ability in Dislyte.

After increasing your attack to a great potential, your bleed ability would deliver a huge amount of passive damage every turn.

Dislyte Bleed Characters

The following characters can activate the bleed ability to inflict a lot of passive damage in combat.

Lin Xiao

Dislyte Lin xiao bleed


Lin Xiao is an amazing and powerful attacker that is worthy to be on your team. She is a furious fighter that can inflict a lot of critical attacks. Moreover, she can also use a variety of useful abilities including bleed that can aid you in combat significantly.

Lin Xiao is strong and possesses various amazing skills and can work well in various situations including multiplayer, Kronos, and Apep. With her skill Tiger Fist, she can inflict good damage and reduce the enemies’ AP. Her Light of Tiger skill may reduce the opponent’s defense.

Her most useful ability is Whiplash which can inflict a tremendous amount of damage while also inflicting bleed. The ability would work even well after you have reduced the opponent’s defense. The skill would inflict 230% attack damage while also inflicting bleed for two turns. You can gain two additional turns for a bleed if you land a critical hit.

Lu Yi

dislyte bleed characters

Lu Yi is a four-star bow user Esper in Dislyte, Alongside great damage-dealing capabilities, he can act as good support by inflicting various debuffs including sear and bleed. His skills usually involve a series of attacks dealing good damage.

With his skyshot ability, he can inflict bleed on the opponents. The Skyshot ability would inflict damage 40% attack in a series of nine bow attacks. Each bow attack would have a 40% chance of activating bleed for 1 turn.

While the bleed ability depends mostly on the chance for this character, there is still a very high chance that you would get at least activate bleed once. While bleed won’t last long for the character, he is still a good choice to be on your team because of his amazing capabilities.


That’s all for our Dislyte bleed guide, It’s a useful debuff ability that can damage your opponent significantly every turn. While the characters with the ability are rare, you would surely not be disappointed having them on your team.

While Lin Xiao is more suitable for bleed damage, she is also hard to obtain but it’s worth every effort trying to get her, It is also important to get a few characters that can increase your character’s attack to increase bleed damage significantly. 

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