Dislyte Bonnie (Eris): Complete Guide

Dislyte gives players a variety of espers that can benefit you in your way towards victory. Amongst these support espers, Bonnie is one of the best.

Key Highlights
  • To acquire Bonnie, players must use the game’s Gacha mechanic, called Echo.
  • Bonnie is a 4-star rarity support esper and part of the shadow decree faction.
  • Bonnie’s abilities include Dark Kiss (S1), which deals damage and has a chance to steal HP from enemies, and Misfortuned (S2), which strikes foes multiple times and has a chance to stun but has a cooldown.
  • Bonnie’s abilities can be leveled up to increase damage and the chance of triggering effects.


Bonnie (Eris)
Bonnie (Eris)

How To Summon Bonnie (Eris) In Dislyte

Well, if you want to get your hands on this esper or hero, then you will have to summon her. The summoning technic in Dislyte is referred to as a Gacha mechanic. The name in the game of the Gacha mechanic is Echo

The gacha mechanic or Echo in Dislyte is a way to get more espers for your loadout. It is a chance-based system in which you will need to get very lucky to acquire Bonnie or also known as Eris in Dislyte. You can acquire Bonnie by rerolling in Dislyte.

Who Is Bonnie (Eris)

Eris, the Goddess of Discord

Eris, the shadow guard in Dislyte, is a red she-devil with fire in her eyes and a blood-red scythe in her hands. She is a 4-star rarity esper like many others. She is a support esper which is very underrated. Also, she is part of the shadow decree, which in turn is the counterpart of the union faction.

Eris was a goddess in Greek mythology. Supposedly she was the goddess of chaos, strife, and discord. According to some myths, she was the daughter of Zeus and Hera. However, there are other sources of myths that rival this claim and say that she was the daughter of Nyx, the Night Goddess, alone.

Eris’s equivalent in Roman mythology is Discordia. According to most of the Greek mythology, Eris also played a part in the Greek Trojan War as she sided with Ares, the god of war.

Bonnie’s Skill Set In Dislyte

Bonnie Skill Set
Bonnie’s Skill Set

Dislyte is a PVP-focused game that is available on mobile phones. The game has espers, as discussed before, that can use their power or skills to defend or attack during a match. The skill set of these espers is unique for each esper. However, they also vary because of their role in Dislyte. 

The esper we are discussing, Bonnie, is a fire-based esper that, like many other espers, has three unique basic skills ranging from S1 to S3 in Dislyte. And in addition to these three skills, there is also a captain’s ability. Each basic skill has a total of 5 levels. With each level, the power of the skill is increased. Bonnie is a support esper, so her main priority is to help her team by stealing AP and weakening enemy defenses. 

Dark Kiss (S1)

Bonnie’s Dark Kiss skill is a damage-dealing skill that does damage equal to  60% attack. The skill attacks twice in one command, which means that the damage and effects are doubled. This skill is very good because it has a 50% chance of stealing 15% of the enemy’s HP and dividing it among her teammates. The above figures were for the first level of the skill. Just wait; it gets better as the level increases.

Dark Kiss’s damage is increased to 55% if it levels up to level 2. The simple version is that the skill will do more damage than before. In level 3 The trigger chance of Dark Kiss is increased to 40%. While the skill is at level 4, The damage is further increased to 60%.  

However, while the skill is in its final form, level 5, the skill is very dangerous. The skill’s chance of triggering is increased to 50%.  In its final form, the skill does a double attack, while each attack does 60% damage and has a chance of triggering 50%.

Misfortuned (S2)

Bonnies’s Misfortuned is a very OP skill as it strikes its foes 4 times. At the same time, each strike does damage equal to 50% attack. The skill also has a 40% chance of doing the Stun effect for a whole turn. However, every op skill should be balanced with a con. In this case, the con is that after using the skill, there is a 3-turn cooldown. These figures are just for the base level of the skill, level 1.

Similar to S1, in level 2 of the skill, the damage is increased. However, the time it increases to 47%. While Misfortuned is at level 3, the triggering chance of the skill is increased to 40%. Next is level 4, where the skill’s damage is again increased. But now to 57%.

Now onto Misfortuned level 5, its final form. In this form, the skill’s cooldown is decreased by a full turn, which means that the cooldown now is of 2 turns. Level 5 Misfortuned does damage of 50% and has a 40% chance of triggering. But don’t forget that the skill strikes 4 times. In turn, it means that the stun effect and damage are quadrupled.

Disputational (S3)

Bonnie’s Disputational is our favorite skill as all S3 skills. At its base level, Disputational does damage equal to 100% of the attack. Now here comes the OP stuff. The skill does the damage to all the enemies with a 100% chance of dispelling a buff from every enemy target. The skill also has a very underrated support ability, which gives a +5% AP boost per dispelled buff to all the teammates of Bonnie. It also increases the cooldown of the enemy’s skills by 1 turn.

However, like before, this skill also has a cooldown, but the time it is for 4 turns. The Disputational level 2 as other skills increases the damage of the skill to 90%. While it’s level 3 increases the chance of the skill triggering to 100%. At level 4 the skill does 100% damage making it one of the most powerful attacks.

When Disputational reaches level 5 it is a very powerful skill that draws you towards having a Bonnie in your squad. When the skill reaches level 5 its cooldown is reduced by one turn. Disputational at its best has a cool down of 3 turns. The skill does 100% damage and has a 100% chance of activation. While as before, giving a +5% AP boost per dispelled buff to all her teammates. Also, it still keeps the one-turn cooldown debuff to enemies effect.

Captain Ability

Captain ability is a passive boost that you can use only if the esper is your leader, or also known as captain, of your squad. The captain’s ability should be the one that benefits all teammates. So it is recommended to use the captain abilities of support espers as they usually have the most beneficial captain abilities. 

Bonnie’s captain ability is of support-type. Her captain ability blesses her squad with 30% extra attack damage in point war. The captain’s ability of Eris is very effective in point war. So do keep her in your squad when you play point war.

Dislyte Bonnie’s Overall Rating 

Till now, we have learned that Bonnie is a 4-star support esper that uses a fire style. Her abilities help her teammates very effectively, and her skills also give enemies a hard time. We also have seen that her Captain ability is very effective in point war. This is the main reason that makes her top the Dislyte Point War ratings.

  • Cube: A
  • Point War: S
  • Tower: A

How To Make Bonnie More Effective in Dislyte

There are two basic ways to make an esper better in Dislyte. We will use these methods to make Binnie more effective in Dislyte. The two methods are resonance and relic sets.

Recommended Resonance Upgrades

Dislyte Resonance

Resonance is a Dislyte mechanic through which you can boost a specific trait of the esper. The traits are:

  • Attack (ATK)
  • Defense (DEF)
  • Health Points (HP)

The Resonance upgrades for Bonnie that we recommend are HP or ATK. But we do lean a bit more towards HP. We said ATK because you can make Bonnie into a damage dealer esper. However, we recommend HP because if you increase the HP of Bonnie, then she will last longer in the battles, thus giving her more time to give out her buff and debuffs.

Recommended Relic Sets

Relics Set for Bonnie
Relics Set For Bonnie

Relic sets are sets of gear that you can equip your espers with to boost their stats. In our case of Bonnie, we will focus on 2 specific sets. 

Relic Set 1

In our first relic set, we will pair Astral Witchcraft Set x4 with Master Grove Set x2. The Astral Witchcraft Set x4 will Increase the AP of Bonnie’s teammates under control debuffs by 30%. In comparison, the  Master Grove Set x2 will increase the wearer’s HP by 25%

This combination of relic sets will make your esper a tank as she will have a lot more HP while also giving passive effects to her teammates.

Relic Set 2

The second pair of relic sets will be Adamantine Set x2 and Astral Witchcraft Set x4. The Adamantine Set x2 will help the other friendly allies also by giving them a Shield equal to 20% of their max HP. The shield lasts for 2 turns, after which it wears off. The effects of Astral Witchcraft Set x4 have already been discussed in Relic Set 1

We choose the set because we believe that it will benefit your squad a lot as in your first two turns, you can focus on dealing damage as the 20% shield will keep you protected.

Bonnie Artwork
Bonnie Artwork

Well, now we come to the end of this informative guide. We hope that through our guide, you would have understood Dislyte Bonnie, or Eris, better than before. And if you did not like Bonnie, the support esper, then give Dislyte Meredith a try.

Well, currently, Lilith Games, the developer of Dislyte, has launched a total of over 50 espers in Dislyte. However, all the espers are not the same as they have different categories. There are a total of 4 categories of espers. These categories are tankers, controllers, supports, and fighters.

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