Dislyte Catherine: Skills, Gear & Relic Sets

This Dislyte Catherine Esper guide will showcase her skills, ascensions, recommended relics, and overall ratings in combat!

Catherine’s Role in Dislyte

Dislyte Catherine Esper
Catherine Character

As far as her role in the game is concerned, Catherine in Dislyte is known to be one of the best support four-star Espers that players can get their hands on in the game. Her main role is to offer the player aid by being able to sort of “cleanse” the player from any kind of debuffs that have been applied to them by the opponents. 

Key Highlights
  • Catherine in Dislyte is a four-star support Esper that is known for “cleansing” the player of any debuffs applied by opponents.
  • Her main role is to aid the player in battles where survival is crucial and dispels debuffs.
  • She also applies an “Ap UP” buff to fellow Espers to make them stronger in combat.
  • Catherine performs well in point wars and can take on Fafnir with ease but does not provide ample support against Kronos.
  • Catherine’s skills include:
    • S1: Nightfall Grief, which deals 50% base attack damage to enemies and has a chance to increase the miss rate by 50%.
    • S2: Bone Pass, a passive skill that cleanses debuffs on fellow Espers and gives a 5% AP increase.
    • S3: Underworld Presence, which deals 90% base damage output to opponents and applies the “Standoff” buff to delay death for fellow Espers.
    • Catherine has six Ascension Phases that offer increasing buffs in battle.

Whenever the player first gets their turn playing Catherine, the debuffs will be removed; all the while, she will also be able to apply the “Ap UP” buff to her fellow Espers, allowing them to become even stronger in combat. She is mainly used for battles where the player’s survival is crucial and dispels debuffs. 

Her synergies match impeccably with those Espers that offer to heal capabilities, such as Chang Pu and Sally, and with those two combined, the main DPS will never be able to die. She can also “postpone” death by applying the “Standoff” buff to fellow Espers, which means their literal death is postponed. 

Catherine in Dislyte performs better when she is being used in point wars and is able to take on Fafnir with quite ease. Her only weakness is not being able to provide ample support while fighting Kronos. With that, let’s get started! Just like Catherine, Eira is also another excellent support Esper, so make sure to check out our Dislyte Eira Guide!

Catherine’s Skills

With every Esper, players will recognize that they have three main skills, which are described to be S1, S2, and S3 skills. These skills can also be described as normal attacks, skills, and ultimates, which provide great damage, healing, or controlling abilities. Unfortunately for Catherine, she doesn’t hone any captain ability in Dislyte

Nightfall Grief

Dislyte Nightfall Grief
Nightfall Grief Skill

With her S1 skill known as “Nightfall Grief,” she can unleash attacks against enemies two times, while each hit will attack the enemy and deal a damage output that will equate to 50% of her base attack. There will be a 40% chance that she increases the miss rate by 50% with this damage output. 

At level 2, her damage output will be enhanced by 55%, while at level 3, the trigger chance for this skill is improved by 45%. At level 4, the damage output will be increased by 60%, while level 5 will buff up the trigger chance by 50%. Lastly, by maxing out her skill, Catherine in Dislyte will be able to experience damage increased by 65%.

Bone Pass 

Dislyte Bone Pass
Bone Pass Skill

Now, her S2 skill is unique, as the player cannot manually activate it since it is Catherine’s passive skill and will be triggered on its own. Its main aim is to note whether any Esper has any kind of debuffs being applied to them by the opponent’s end. 

With that, it will trigger itself if it finds any sort of debuffs and cleanses them, which will bring the main damage dealer back to their original power. Bone Pass will also offer Catherine and other Espers a 5% AP increase while in combat. 

Underworld Presence

Dislyte Underworld Presence
Underworld Presence Skill

Subsequently, her last skill is Underworld Presence, which offers Esper Catherine in Dislyte the ability to unleash damage to opponents that will be equivalent to 90% of her base damage output. It will also apply the “Standoff” buff to fellow Espers, delaying death while in combat. 

With levels 2 to 6, these are the enhancements offered. At level 2, the damage will be enhanced by 95%, and at level 3, the cooldown will be reduced by one turn. At level 4, the damage output increases by 100%, while level 5 offers another turn cooldown reduction. At level 6, Catherine will get a 110% damage buff. Make sure not to skip out on the Dislyte Lynn guide!

Six Ascension Phases 

Dislyte Ascension Phases
Six Ascension Phases

The next topic that we would like to cover is the ascension phases that come with every Esper, and the same goes for Dislyte Catherine. She will have Six phases in Dislyte, each offering her a different amount of buffs while in battle. If you want to learn more about Dislyte leveling, then we certainly have the guide for you!

  • Phase one: Esper Catherine’s phase one will offer an HP boost of 950, which is crucial for her since she’s the one who is responsible for keeping other Espers alive. To ascend her to her phase one in Dislyte, players will need to farm ten basic shimmer waves. 
  • Phase two: With phase two, she will gain a defense boost of 70, which makes her able to become even stronger in battle and make it so that she can easily tank more hits aimed at her by the opponents. Dislyte Players will need to farm 15 basic shimmer waves for phase two. 
  • Phase three: Now, phase three is known to be one of the most essential, as it offers the “Standoff” buff for her S3 skill that we mentioned before. This allows fellow Espers such as the main DPS to stay alive for longer. Players need at least 10 Advanced shimmer waves and 20 basic shimmer waves. 
  • Phase four: Next up, phase four is again really important, as it offers Catherine a boost up of her HP by 10%, which makes her more viable when she is being put in formations with her team members. Players in Dislyte can access this phase by farming the Shimmerer boss to get their hands on 5 Elite shimmer waves and 15 advanced shimmer waves. 
  • Phase five: Her ascension five will then further buff up her defense by 15%, making her all the more beastly than she needs to be, and with this, Esper Catherine will be the player’s number one choice for Point War. The requirements for this phase are ten elite shimmer waves and 25 advanced shimmer waves. 
  • Phase Six: When Catherine is fully maxed out, her ascension six can be achieved by getting 20 elite shimmer waves and 35 advanced shimmer waves by killing off the Shimmerer boss in Sonic Miracle. This phase will increase her resistance by a total of 20%. For a DPS to pair with Catherine, go for our Dislyte Tang Xuan Esper guide!

Recommended Gear and Relics 

Dislyte Relic Sets
Recommended Relic Sets

Since Catherine in Dislyte is mostly a supporting character, she will not benefit from any attack, crit, or damage output-based relic sets. Rather players in Dislyte should focus on equipping pieces that will boost their role as support. 

First Most Popular

The first highly recommended set that players are advised to use for Esper Catherine is the Astral Witchcraft Set x4, which aims to increase the Speed of fellow espers who other opponents have debuffed. Below listed are the main and sub-stats that players should go for: 

  • UNA I will always be a balanced attack, and Espers must have some form of base attack no matter their role in the game. This allows them to self-sustain until the battle is over, even if their fellow Espers have been killed off. For the sub-stats, players should go for flat HP and HP%. 
  • UNA II should always be HP% since Catherine’s main role is to keep her fellow Espers alive for the longest amount of time. The only way she can do that is if she has HP stacked on top of her as the main stat so that she can stay alive and keep everyone alive. 
  • UNA III will be flat defense as the main stat, which again proves important, simply since Esper Catherine in Dislyte will need to tank some hits directed at her. As for the sub-stats, players can go for anything, from HP%, flat HP to even resistance. 
  • UNA IV is recommended to be HP% as well to get even more Health Points and do her job insanely well while being used in combat. 

As for the first recommended two-piece set, players are advised to stick with the Master Grove Set x2, which is known to buff up HP by another 25%, which makes Esper Catherine one of the most required in combat. 

  • MUI I will be flat HP, and with the amount of HP that she will have by the time these sets have been equipped, there is no way that she will die. She will also ensure that other party members stay alive and stay protected. For sub-stats, go for flat HP, defense, and resistance. 
  • MUI II can have Speed as the main stat to gain more mobility when she is being used in her turns and for casting her skills. Drew is yet another solid three-star Esper that players can mess around with in formation. Therefore make sure to take help from our Dislyte Drew Guide!

Second Most Popular 

As for the next most popular set, the four-piece relic sets have been the same. Therefore we will only recommend the two-piece, for which players can go for the Light Above Set x2, which will provide Immunity to Dislyte Players when they first start in combat. 

  • MUI I will be flat HP, which Catherine requires in Dislyte to keep her fellow members alive, all the while being able to unleash her wrath on the foes and render them useless. Go for flat HP, HP%, resistance, and Speed as her sub-stats. 
  • MUI II will showcase the Speed as her main stat, which will be her best in the slot for this piece in particular so that she can be swifter in combat and players can get over the battle a lot quicker.

Third Most Popular 

Last but not least, for her final relic set, she can go for the Adamantine Set x2 so that she can provide a shield for all Espers at the start of the fight, which will be able to absorb a total of 15% damage output. 

  • MUI I will once again be flat HP, without which Catherine cannot be viable for bosses fights such as Fafnir, Apep neither can she be used in combat when in point war, both for defense and attack. 
  • For MUI II, go for main speed stats and HP-related sub-stats. Mona can be paired with Catherine to absolutely dominate battles, so take help from our Dislyte Mona guide!

Ratings in Combat 

Catherine Esper in Dislyte has been known to be a pretty well-rounded Esper, as she can provide the kind of support that she is supposed to, all the while making her way through the story content with little to no difficulties. For more Espers that are useful in combat, check out our Dislyte Berenice Guide!

  • Story Content: Starting with the first rating, she is known to be solid support, whether to clear story stages on easy, hard, or purgatory mode. She can be put into formations where players need to farm practice stages for experimons and starimons. She gets a solid B rating for story content. 
  • Cube Miracle: With Cube Miracle being one of the daily resetting dungeons, Catherine is known to withstand all the difficulties that the dungeon has to present to her and can help the player win the battles. She gets an A+, both for rooms one and two. 
  • Kronos Boss: Unfortunately, one of her weaknesses as a Dislyte Esper is the Kronos boss located in the Ritual Miracle. Due to how the boss has been coded, she is akin to falling weak in the domain and cannot stand her ground with ease. Therefore she only gets a mere C rating. 
  • Apep Boss: As for the Apep boss, while she is not the best Esper support, she can still provide ample assistance when fighting the boss in a multi-battle or attempting to clear it on the first try. For that reason alone, Esper Catherine gets a viable B+ rating. 
  • Fafnir: Now, this is where Catherine will shine, as Fafnir is one of her strong points, and she is able to dominate that boss with no issues. With the way Fafnir has been set up to be battled, she is able to keep the entire party alive until the end. Therefore she will get an S ranking. 
  • Temporal Tower: For the Temporal/Spatial/Infinity Tower, she is definitely able to lend a hand in combat, and while she is unable to carry the entire team, she can still prove to be solid support. Players will give her an A ranking for the towers. 
  • Point War: As for the attack aspect of Point Wars, which is sort of an AI vs. players auto-battle, she is able to output a solid amount of damage, so she gets an S- rating and S for the defense part of Point War. 

With that, we will wrap up our Dislyte Catherine Esper guide; we hope that you enjoyed it! To promote your Espers to a higher rarity, don’t skip out on our Dislyte Esper Fusion guide!

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