Dislyte Chloe: All You Need To Know

Dislyte has Espers that range from fighters, tanks, controllers, support, and healers, which give players in Dislyte the chance to combine their strongest units in one five-Esper formation, which can devastatingly kill off the hardest end-game content.

Chloe in Dislyte is a four-star fighter Esper that has been ranked as an overall viable unit for all kinds of content clearing in the game. She can unleash attacks with her high crit rate and crit damage and obliterate any enemies in front of her and leave behind no trace. 

Key Highlights
  • Chloe is an offensive DPS Esper with a four-star rating in Dislyte.
  • Chloe is capable of inflicting some powerful debuffs on the opponents in addition to stealing buffs from them, thanks to her great set of skills.
  • The Trending skill unleashes two attacks on the opponent dealing damage equal to 70% of the ATK with a 50% chance of stealing the buff that has been used by the opponent.
  • The Stage of Fantasy skill launches 4 strikes on random enemies, with each strike dealing damage equal to 75% of the ATK plus also inflicting the Buff Blocker on them for two turns if they are not buffed already.
  • The Fashion Sense skill makes Chloe launch five attacks on random enemies, which all will deal damage equal to 90% of the ATK, and also steal two buffs from the target.
  • Her Captain ability of Chloe inflicts a 30% boost on the ACC of all her allies.
  • Since Chloe is a fighter, she will require a Relic set which would increase the damage dealt by her as much as possible.
  • War Machine x4 Set and Sword Avatara x2 Set are the most popular choices of Relic sets that suit, Chloe.
  • Other than those, Hammer of Thor x4 Set and Fiery Incandescence x2 Set is the second most popular choices. 
  • The Hades Set x4 and Apollo’s Bow Set x2 are the third most popular choices if you are not able to find the other two sets.
  • Chloe has an A+ Rating in Story Content, Cube Miracle and Temporal Tower.
  • She has an S- Rating in Kronos Boss and Apep Boss and a B- Rating in Fafnir Boss.
  • In both attack and defense of Point War, she has an S Rating.

Chloe In Dislyte

Dislyte Chloe Esper
Chloe Esper
SkillsRelic SetsOverall Rating
Stage of Fantasy
Fashion Sense
Captain Ability
War Machine Set x4
Sword Avatara x2 Set
Hammer of Thor x4 Set
Fiery Incandescence Set x2
Hades Set x4
Apollo’s Bow Set x2
Story Content: A+ Rating
Cube Miracle: A+
Kronos Boss: S-
Apep Boss: S-
Fafnir Boss: B-
Temporal Tower: A+
Point War (Defense): S
Point War (Attack): S

Her main expertise includes random targeting murders, as well as having the ability to steal buffs from targetted opponents and place down the “Buff Blocker” debuff back on them, which makes them even weaker and more vulnerable when on the battlefield. Her S3 skills will increase her total damage output based on the number of buffs placed on her. 

She synergizes extremely well with Espers such as Ye Suhua, Asenath, and Dhalia, who are all capable Espers. When both of them are placed in a team with Chloe, they will bring destruction upon the domains that they conquer.

The only caveat she may have about her unit is that she is vulnerable to Buff Blockers by opponents. Lucas is also another Esper that is pretty capable in the team, so make sure to check out our Dislyte Lucas Guide!

Chloe Skills 

Chloe Esper is considered a strong fighter, and with her skills by her side, which are her S1, S2, and S3 skills in her arsenal, you can expect that any domain or dungeon she enters will get owned. She also has a strong captain ability which can provide further buffs to her and the entire party. Below listed are some of Chloe’s Skills in Dislyte: 


Dislyte Trending

Starting with the first skill, Trending can be cast, and it will unleash attacks against enemies a total of 2 times, which will deal damage equivalent to 70% of her base attack. She will also gain a 50% chance whereby she will be able to steal anyone buff that has been placed down on an opponent. 

With level 2 of her skill, she will be able to experience that her damage output has been increased to 55%, while level 3 will increase it even further to 60%.

Levels 4 and 5 will enhance the damage to 65% and 70%, and she will unleash 4 extra attacks at random with her ascension. If you want to know when the next banner will occur, then you might like our Dislyte Next Banner guide!

Stage of Fantasy 

Dislyte Stage of Fantasy
Stage of Fantasy

Next up, whenever Stage of Fantasy is summoned, the Esper will be able to launch out attacks that will be 4 random strikes on her enemies, which will all unleash attacks that will equate to 75% of her total base damage. If the enemy hasn’t had buffs, then Chloe will unleash a Buff Blocker on them. 

With level 2, she will gain a damage buff which will boost her total damage output by 65%. While level 3 will increase it further to 70%. With that, with level 4, the damage will be further enhanced to 75%, and maxing out the skill will reduce the cooldown for the Stage of Fantasy skill by one turn.

Alongside putting Chloe in an Esper formation, you might want to pair her up with a capable healer, and our Dislyte best Healer guide will tell you which one to choose!

Fashion Sense 

Dislyte Fashion Sense
Fashion Sense

The last skill we would like to mention is Fashion Sense, which will grant the Dislyte player the ability to launch out attacks against foes for a total of 5 strikes, which will all deal damage based on 90% of Esper Chloe’s base attack. It will also steal back 2 buffs that the opponent already has. 

Level 2 will increase the damage to 80%, level 3 will buff it up even more to 85%, and level 4 will increase it up to 90%. With that, if players decide to max out the skill, the skill cooldown will be reduced by one turn.

Chloe will also need proper support, and our Dislyte Best Supports guide will help you choose the best support for your team!

Captain Ability 

If players in Dislyte decide to make Chloe their captain, then the entire party’s overall ACC will be increased by 30%. Players are able to six-star all of their Espers, and our Dislyte How To Promote Esper Rating guide will provide all the information necessary!

Recommended Relic Sets 

Next up, let’s take a moment to discuss the types of relics that will work best with Dislyte Chloe and provide her with the types of buffs that she needs to decimate enemies. Since she is a fighter, she typically requires pieces with more crit, attack, speed, etc. Want to know which teams will work best to beat end-game content? Check out our Dislyte Best Teams guide to find out!

First Most Popular 

The first set advised to place on her is the War Machine Set x4, which works in wondrous ways to provide her with a 30% increased overall attack. This set is best for when you have her as a main or a Sub-DPS and you plan to rotate between her and the other DPS in the field. 

  • With the first piece, also known as UNA I, players in Dislyte will be forced to stick with the flat attack as their main stat, considering there isn’t an option to change the main stat. The good thing is that this stat works incredibly well for Chloe Esper since she can benefit from the increase in base attacks. 
  • With UNA II, this is where players have a bit of freedom. And for the main stat, it is recommended to get pieces with crit damage or crit rate as the stats. The main reason for that is that considering she is a four-star fighter Esper, she will need to land critical hits. 
  • For UNA III, once again, the main stat will be unchangeable; in this piece’s case, the main stat will be stuck on defense. While this isn’t the most optimal stat, Chloe will still need a certain amount of base defense, which will help the tank hits that are aimed at her from the opponent’s end if she is not shielded. 
  • For UNA IV, go for main stats that will have atk%; again, the main reason for this is that it will buff up her overall damage output, and with the high base attack from the UNA I when it is combined with this piece, the damage output will be deadly. 

As for the two-piece set, Dislyte players can go for any attack-based set. One of them is the Sword Avatara x2 Set, which grants the Esper the ability to unleash a counterattack whenever they take in damage from their opponents. This counterattack will be a perfect parry, and the damage output is typically higher than the base attack with the party. 

  • For the MUI I piece, the main stat can not be changed, and since the main stat will be flat HP, the only saving grace players will have is their sub-stats. To get the highest attack possible, always choose pieces with crit damage, crit rate, attack %, or speed. 
  • For the second MUI II set-piece, go for atk% or speed as the main stat. However, the main priority should always be to stack as many attacks as possible so Chloe in Dislyte can become an even better main DPS. 

Second Most Popular 

Next up, another important set that will work well with Chloe Esper in Dislyte will be the Hammer of Thor x4 Set, which is essentially just a basic crit damage increase set. It will buff up the Dislyte Esper and help her unleash attacks that will decimate enemies with little to no difficulties. 

  • For the UNA I pieces, since the main stat will be set to flat attack and cannot be switched at all, it is best to invest and place money into pieces with crit damage and crit rate. The other substats that can also work well include stats like speed and atk%. 
  • For the UNA II set piece, it is best to stick with main stats like crit damage and crit rate. While crit damage main stat may not be achievable, players can settle for pieces like crit rate so that the great crit damage can land critical hits against opponents and render them useless. 
  • To get the most out of the third UNA III piece, look into pieces that have rolled sub-stats like crits, and apart from that, if you feel like you have enough crit, stop rolling into those pieces. Instead, start investing in pieces with atk% as the sub-state so that Esper Chloe’s attack can be enhanced even more. 
  • Lastly, UNA IV can be atk% as the main stat, which can buff up your already overpowered Esper even stronger in domains. This high attack will work well for dungeons like the Spatial or Temporal Tower and bosses like Apep, Fafnir, and Kronos. 

The best 2 piece set that will fit with the crit damage enhancer will be the Fiery Incandescence Set x2 hands down. Even if your Esper has great crit damage, it can all be in vain if she has an abysmal crit rate. To kill off enemies, a high crit rate will be necessary for the high damage output. 

  • MUI I piece will have flat HP as the main stat and can not be changed no matter what. The base HP is needed to survive for longer periods while being in the middle of heated combat. As for the sub-stats, anything can work as long as it is crit stats. 
  • The second piece is recommended to have atk% as the main. However, if you feel like your Chloe has enough attack, base, and percentage, then you can choose the speed in Dislyte. Sonic Miracle bosses can be one of the most difficult to defeat, therefore our Dislyte Sonic Miracle guide will help you through it!

Third Most Popular

The last combination of Chloe Relics sets in Dislyte that we would like to mention includes the Hades Set x4, which will entail the total damage output by the Esper, and 35% of the damage output will be regenerated as the HP. this set is the last resort for Chloe when you are unable to find the other two sets. 

  • The first piece will, of course, have a flat attack as the main stat, and since it is unchangeable, you can place all the focus back into sub-stats. When a Dislyte player typically reaches the end-game, the only content they will have to cover is to focus on improving their artifacts. 
  • UNA II will involve crit stats, and the higher the crit damage you can build on Chloe, the better her overall performance will be against enemies in domains. You can also go for sub-stats with a flat attack, attack%, and even speed so that her rotations are much smoother. 
  • UNA III will have a flat defense, which can aid Dislyte Esper Chloe in staying safe from attacks. Players will typically want to go for anything but defense and hp stats, as these stats will hinder her attack from being enhanced up. 
  • UNA IV can attack and speed either of them, and players can choose the main stat based on their preferences. If you go for sub-stats, we recommend that you stick with crit damage, crit rate, atk%, and more stats. 

Last but not least, the two-piece set that you can stick with for the last option can be the Apollo’s Bow Set x2, which means that she will be able to crowd-control enemies and take them down more easily. 

  • MUI I will have flat HP, and you can use sub-stats like crit and attack. 
  • MUI can be speed as the main stat, and you can use the same stats we mentioned. 

Overall Ratings

The last category that we would like to discuss is Chloe’s overall ratings in Dislyte and how she performs in-game: 

  • Story Content: A+ Rating 
  • Cube Miracle: A+
  • Kronos Boss: S-
  • Apep Boss: S-
  • Fafnir Boss: B-
  • Temporal Tower: A+
  • Point War (Defense): S
  • Point War (Attack): S 

With that, we will wrap up with our Dislyte Chloe guide; let us know what you think! If you don’t know how to figure out how the elements work in the game, then our Dislyte Elements guide will be a worthwhile read!

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