Dislyte Clara: Best Skills, Build & Tips

This guide contains a detailed guide about the character Clara from Dislike the background information and her skills and many more.

In Dislyte, Clara is a Support Esper who belongs to the Legendary category. It’s best to learn everything about Clara in Dislyte including her Best Skills, Build, and other tips. Knowing these things will help you control her to her optimal level during your playthrough.

Key Highlights
  • Clara is a legendary Esper character that is not easy to obtain but is a good one to control.
  • Clara is the head of the medical department and has the ability to bring destruction upon enemies and restore the health of her allies, as well as provide a shield and enhance the immunity of fellow Espers.
  • Clara’s “Queen’s Blessing” and “Queen’s Protection” skills allow her to remove debuffs and convert healing into a shield for allies.
  • Hymn of Life” enhances the team’s AP by 20 percent and recovers 35 percent max HP.
  • Clara is a great captain for her ability to heal and provide immunity for her allies.
  • Recommended relic sets for Clara include the “Healer” set and the “Immunity” set.

Here’s the optimal setup for Clara in Dislyte:

SkillsRecommended Relic Sets
– Queen’s Blessing
– Queen’s Protection
– Hymn of life
– Wind Walker x4 & The Light Above x2
– Wind Walker x4 & Master Grove x2

How To Get Clara In Dislyte?

Dislyte Clara
How to get Dislyte Clara

Clara is a legendary character; therefore, it is not easy to get her. You need a lot of packs with an account as a requirement to get the wonderful Esper Clara and have fun using her to play the game.

So as we all know, there are an enormous amount of characters in this game; perhaps that is why they are divided into different categories. If you want to know which are the best of them then also visit our Dislyte Espers guide.

Dislyte Clara Character Information

Dislyte Clara
Dislyte Clara’s character information

Our topic for this guide is Clara, and she falls into the legendary category; the other one is the epic category. Being in different categories, we have to fulfill different requirements to get those Espers from both categories.

Clara is head of the medical department as her skills make her qualified for that, and she is a very stylish-looking Esper.

Clara Skills In Dislyte

Clara can do many things; she is the finest helping hand to her allies and can be destructible as well. she can be effectively utilized as captain of Espers also she is perfectly suitable for that job.

Clara is empowered by Hera, a well-known princess of heaven, and she is on a quest to break the chain of people’s sufferings.

Queen’s Blessing

Clara is made head of the medical department and responsible for the safety of her allies due to her ability to bring destruction upon enemies and her ability to restore the health of her allies, additionally providing a shield for them and enhancing the immunity of fellow Espers.

She can attack an enemy two times in a single moment and cause damage to the 110% of ATK. Clara can heal 2 of her fellow Espers with the lowest hp of 5 percent and a max of their HP. Below is its detail

  • Lvl 2 Damage increased to 95%
  • Lvl 3 Damage increased to 100%
  • Lvl 4 Damage increased to 105%
  • Lvl 5 Damage increased to 110%

Queen’s Protection

Clara can remove two debuffs of ally if he needs it; if he doesn’t have the debuff, then she can grant her ally immunity, and Clara also can convert the overflow of healing into a shield which is also a very exceptional skill.

Hymn Of Life

Clara can enhance teams wide AP by 20 percent and recovers 35 percent max HP and she can cooldown 4 turns, which is highly impressive stuff; below is its detail.

  • Lvl 2 Healing amount increased to 28%
  • Lvl 3 Healing amount increased to 31%
  • Lvl 4 Healing amount increased to 35%
  • Lvl 5 Cooldown reduced by 1 turn(s)

Dislyte Clara Captain Ability

The ability of Clara to heal and be immune to their allies can make her a great captain. If she leads all the Espers, then the defensive system of the Espers will be great as untouchable.

With such ability, she is born captain, and she can lead from the front, including taking responsibility for the safety of other Espers, which will make other Espers look up to her, and that is exactly what is needed from the captain, and Clara has it. She is Esper from the legendary category, which is another plus point.

Recommended Relic Sets For Clara

Relic Sets of Clara

Relic Set One

Wind walker set x4 which provides +25 percentage of speed which is more than enough. Additionally, Clara also provides a shield by the light above 2x at the start of the battle.

Relic Set Two

Wind Walker Set x4: +25% speed. Master Grove Set x2: +25% HP

Dislyte Clara Tips And Playstyle

Clara is by far one of the most interesting characters among all Espers, thanks to her unique abilities. One thing that should be noted is that her abilities are not narrow and one-dimensional; if a player uses her well, Clara can be a real asset.

She is a real talent; all you have to do is utilize her abilities in the right way, and at the right time, She can prove herself a real diamond. She is a great example of how people undermine her capabilities that should be avoided, and in that matter, she is highly underrated if you play and use her right.


Dislyte is an outstanding entry into the gaming arena; its unorthodox construction of characters and gameplay is astonishing and proved as nail biter for gaming maniacs. Overall it is a great and unique creation from game developers.

One of the strong aspects of this game is its importance to female characters proves to be gender inequality. This guide is also about a female character Clara who has a very important role in the game with unique skills that have to be utilized properly.

This wraps up the guide for Clara. We explained how her character and skills could be lethal to an opponent and suggested a few relics. We recommend you summon this esper and enjoy the unique gameplay this esper offers. Also, keep in mind the tips that we gave you through this guide.

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