Dislyte Clubs: Create, Join, Events, Shops & Levels

Our Dislyte Clubs guide covers everything you need to know about the Club System including how to create and manage a club in the game.

You need to plan and strategize for every boss in Dislyte to take them out. So, it features all the amazing content that you expect from a typical AAA RPG. Dislyte also added a club system where you can create or join a club. Today, we will cover everything regarding the Dislyte Clubs system.

Key Highlights
  • The Club system in the game Dislyte allows players to connect and complete tasks with other players around the world.
  • Completing tasks earns club points which can be used to purchase rewards at the club shop.
  • Club challenges earn XP which upgrades the club level, unlocking more rewards.
  • Players can create a club with no level restriction, but it costs 500 Crystal Nexus.
  • As the club founder/Clubmaster, the player can perform activities like adding/removing members, transferring Clubmaster positions, and appointing Deputy Clubmasters.
  • Players can also join other Dislyte clubs by searching the club ID, but cannot join another club within 24 hours after leaving a club.
  • Club events earn XP that helps to level up the club and earn Club points which can be redeemed for items from the Club Shop.
  • Club-level rewards include an increase in the maximum members limit and access to rare items in the club shop.

Clubs In Dislyte Explained 

Different Aspects of the Club System in Dislyte

The Club system was introduced during the early stages of the game’s release. It is an exciting concept that allows you to connect with players from around the world. You can join clubs and connect with these players to complete different club tasks.

Completing these tasks will earn you points which you can use to unlock different rewards. The club points earned are usable at club shops and these shops get regularly updated. So, you can buy different relics, sets, and other items by using your club points.

Completing the club challenges will earn you XP which will upgrade your club level. Once you have accumulated enough XP you can level up your club to unlock more rewards. These club points are essential as they are the only way in which you can unlock Melanie, who is one of the Best Dislyte Characters.

How Can You Create Your Club?

There is no level restriction when it comes to creating a club. You can create your club even if you are a beginner. Speaking of which, you can visit our Dislyte for Beginners guide to learn the basics. To create your club, you simply need to make your way to the Main Menu and open the Club tab. Once you open the Club tab, you will have to fill out some fields including Name, Message, and Club State. Once you have filled out all these fields you can press OK to create the Club.

An important thing to keep in mind is that you need have 500 Crystal Nexus to finalize your club’s creation. So, make sure that you have that amount before you start the creation process.

How To Manage Club?

Once you have created your club, you must manage it properly. As the founder of the club, you will automatically be given the title of Clubmaster. As the Clubmaster, you can perform different activities that include adding/removing members, transferring your Clubmaster position, and appointing Deputy Clubmasters.

The Deputy Clubmasters can remove only ordinary members from their Dislyte Clubs. Both Clubmasters and Deputy Clubmasters can update the club announcements and notify other players via mail. You also need to be extremely active as a club master because if you are inactive for seven days the leadership will be transferred to the most active member of the Club.

How Can You Join Club?

If you can don’t want to create your club, you can always find other Dislyte Clubs to Join. To join a club, you need to the club ID into the search bar. Once you find the club you want to join, you can either directly join the club or ask the Club Manager to invite you.

It is important to remember that once you leave a Club, you will have to wait 24 hours to join another one. So make sure that you use up your club points and unlock the rewards before moving to a new one.

Important Club Information In Dislyte

As soon as you create or join a club, you can participate in different club events. These events help you earn XP that can be used to level up your club. You also earn Club Points by completing these missions which can be redeemed to buy items from the Club Shop. The club shop offers different sets and relics that you can purchase. You can find out more about how you can effectively use these relics in our Dislyte Relic Guide.

Club Events

Different Club Events

You also get rewarded in the form of Club XP for completing these events. This XP can be used to level up your club and unlock new rewards.

Club Levels

Club Level Reward System

Upgrading your Dislyte Clubs is also important as it unlocks new items and other special features. For instance, when you create a club, you can only have 30 members. However, this number gradually increases as you level up your club. The member limit works in the following way;

  • Level 1 – 30 Maximum Members
  • Level 2-3 – 35 Maximum Members
  • From Level 4-5 – 40 Maximum Members
  • Level 6-7 – 45 Maximum Members
  • Level 8-10 – 50 Maximum Members

In addition to the increasing member capacity, you can also unlock rare items that you can purchase from the club shop.

Club Tasks

Daily and Weekly Club Tasks

After creating or joining a club, you will also get access to different tasks. Completing these tasks will earn you XP and points. These tasks are of different natures and unlock different rewards based on their complexity. They include;

Daily Tasks

Each club member will be able to access and complete 3 daily tasks. As the name suggests, all these tasks have a 24-hour time limit and expire if not done within this period. Completing each task will earn you rewards in the form of Activeness, Club Points, and Club XP.

Weekly Tasks

You will get one special task per week after joining a club. This is a group task which means that all members can work together to complete it. The weekly task will refresh at the end of the week if it is not completed and you cannot access it again. All participating members will receive Club XP, Activeness, Club Points, and other special prizes for completing these tasks.


You will also receive rewards for your Activeness in the game. All club members that reach a certain Activeness threshold will be able to access rare in-game rewards. This Activeness reading will reset every single week. Furthermore, the top 3 club members in terms of Activeness in the last 7 days will also be featured on a special leaderboard.

Based on your leaderboard ranking you will receive a full unique set every week. You can use these sets of characters like Tang Yun, Li Ling, Gabrielle, and Jacob to further boost their stats. These rewards will be claimable once a week even if you decide to change clubs during this period.

Getting Help From Record Assist Corner in Dislyte

Dislyte Clubs assist corner
Record Assist Corner Section

This is an assist system that was recently added to Clubs in Dislyte. This feature allows you to seek help from other members of your Club. You can post 1 Wish Card on this tab every day. Once you have posted a Wish Card you cannot change it until it has been fulfilled. You can ask for 1 Wish Card from the Inferno, Flow, or Wind elemental classes. You can ask for any card from these classes based on your current in-game needs.

Important Wish Assist Rules

You need to remember some important rules when you are either helping someone or asking for help yourself. These rules are as follows;

  • You need to acquire 3 corresponding Wish Stickers to redeem a Wish Card reward.
  • Members of a Dislyte Club can donate these Wish Stickers to each other to speed up this process.

How to Claim Your Wish Rewards?

Once you have collected all three wish stickers and redeemed a wish card, you can tap on the posted Wish Card to claim your reward. Wish Cards have three tiers. These tiers are decided based on your request and the number of wish stickers you can gather.

At the highest tier, you can receive a Record Fragment of the corresponding element. These rewards can help you boost your Espers and enhance their stats. Speaking of Espers, you can view our Dislyte Tier List to choose the best Espers to use these rewards on.

Club Shops

Dislyte Clubs shop
Club Member Shop

Finally, we will talk about Club Shops. Club Shops are stores where you can use your Club Points to purchase different items. Additionally, with every club level upgrade, you get access to more and more rare items. These items can include Relics, Sets, and Rare Characters that are only unlockable through these club shops. You can complete all your daily and weekly quests to earn Club XP and unlock these rewards faster.

This concludes our Dislyte Clubs guide. Let us know what you thought about this guide in the comments below!

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