Dislyte Divine Waves: Inferni Bosses & Farming

Our guide entails everything you need to know about Elemental or Divine waves and the best strategies to get them.

Dislyte is the latest mobile RPG from the developers of AFK Arena, Warpath, and Rise of kingdoms. It comprises a massive roster of 60 characters you can use to take down your foes. One of the critical factors that determine your victory in Dislyte is the growth of your characters or Espers, as the game calls them.

There are essentially three ways you can grow them, with one of them being called Ascension, which requires Dislyte Divine waves. While you’re at it, consider reading our Dislyte beginner’s guide.

Ascension is a very important factor in the growth of your character. Upgrading one section of the circle in the Esper growth tab is what we call Ascension. Not only does Ascension provide a boost to the stats of the characters, but at Ascension Level 3, it will add an additional permanent buff to your character. On the subject of Espers, consider going through our Dislyte Tier List and learn the overall ranking of each Esper. 

It can be a passive buff, or it can be an extra effect on an already existing ability of the character too. To upgrade your characters, you will need materials from Sonic Miracles, which are collectively named “Divine waves”. Before reading further, why not go through our Dislyte Relic Guide and learn everything about relics in the game.

Divine Waves Types In Dislyte 

There are three tiers of waves you can farm in Sonic miracle for each of the four elements. These three tiers of divine waves are named basic, advanced, and elite waves. Depending on the type of element of your character, you will need a divine wave to raise their stats permanently.

To get these divine waves in Dislyte, you will need to conquer four different types of bosses in the Sonic Miracles called Flowrunner, Shimmerer, Windstriker, and Infernis. Each of these bosses is further divided into 8 difficulties, and depending on which difficulty you take them down, you will get a basic, advanced, or elite wave of the element associated with the boss.

All of these bosses have a single target and an AOE attack with a passive buff. These bosses can be powerful to beat, but worry not; we have got you covered on how to take down each boss.

Best Strategy Against Infernis

Inferno Element boss
Guardian of Inferno wave

The main thing you’ll have to worry about Infernis is its passive ability called Sonic Upgrade, which grants it the ability to deal more damage the lower its HP gets. So, the best strategy to counter Infernis is using a burst or glass cannon team to take him down quickly. Espers with serious damage like Freddy, Narmer, Chalmers, Taylor, Ye Suhua, Li ling, and Unky Chai can be useful against Infernis.

Taking down Infernis will get you basic, advanced, and elite inferno waves.

Easy-To-Win Strategy Against Windstriker

Wind Element Dislyte divine waves
Guardian of Wind wave

Espers that aren’t immune or resistant to poison can be very weak against Windstriker. So, your best strategy against Windstriker is to bring characters that are resistant/immune to poison and Espers with healing abilities. Heng Yue, Sally, Chang Pu, Clara, Lynn, and Fabrice can very be useful here. A highly recommended Esper against Windstriker is Jacob because of his ability to reflect poison.

Taking down Windstriker will get you basic advanced and elite wind waves.

Useful Strategy Against Flowrunner

Flow Element Boss
Guardian of Flow wave

Flowrunner has the ability called Sonic Life, which lets him restore some of its HP proportional to the damage taken. The main thing to look out for against Flowrunner is his AOE attack called Devouring wave, which can massively heal its HP proportional to the damage taken by all the party members. Also, consider reading our Dislyte Reroll guide if you’re making in-game progression at snail’s speed. 

To counter Flowrunner, you will need Espers that have “Diseased” ability to block its healing. Espers with AP blocking abilities can work well here too. Characters like Kara, Luo Yan, Lin Xiao” data-report=”grammar” data-suggestions=”Lin Biao,Lin Miao” data-index=”11″ data-category=”grammarspelling” data-sub-category=”Lin Xiao” data-urls=”” data-help=”SSNE_7F017C43049ABD63C14460A559B35CBD” data-original-text=”Lin Xiao” data-tag-id=”41376d38-3c34-4cdc-9e5c-527c22e866c3″>Lin Xiao, Chalmers, Layla, and Leon can be very devastating against Flowrunner because of their “Diseased” ability, which just stops Flowrunner from restoring HP altogether.

Taking down Flowrunner will get you basic, advanced, and elite flow waves.

Best Strategy Against Shimmerer

Shimmer Element Dislyte divine waves
Guardian of Shimmer wave

The last one on the list is Shimmerer, who is the tankiest one of the bunch. People can have trouble against Shimmerer because this battle can turn into an endurance test. The reason is its passive ability Noise Shield,  which grants it damage dealt boost and damage taken mitigation.

Our recommended way to counter Shimmer is to use dispel-focused Espers to remove the ATK bonus while giving DPS heroes more potential. Raven, Arcana, David, Chloe, and Bai Liuli can be used for stealing buffs, whereas Chalmers, Leon, Narmer, Freddy, and Hall can be used for single-target nuking.

Taking down Shimmerer will get you basic, advanced, and elite Shimmer waves.

If you are still having trouble with which characters to build up your party with to take down these deadly foes, you can check our list of Top 10 best Dislyte Characters guide.

Divine Waves Farming Tips In Dislyte

The bosses in Sonic Miracle are not available every day of the week except for Sunday. So, you’ll need to conserve your stamina for specific days if you are looking to farm specific elemental waves. Below is the list of which bosses are available on which day of the week.

  • Infernis: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
  • Windstriker: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
  • Flowrunner: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Shimmerer: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Another way to get Divine waves is by using the Elemental Wave Booster, which grants a 1-hour Divine wave collection bonus of 100%. This can help you get your required elemental waves as fast as possible during your farming in Sonic miracles. You can also do bounty missions for Union Divisions likeXhz‘, which can get you divine waves collections in Dislyte. Redeeming codes can sometimes also get you divine waves, so be sure to check out our list on Dislyte codes.

This concludes our guide on the location, bosses’ strategies, and farming Tips for the divine waves. Let us know more of your thoughts regarding the guide in the comments section below.

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