Dislyte Donar: Playstyle, Skills & Relic Sets

Espers in Dislyte are portrayed as ordinary people that have happened to develop the powers of mythological characters. These characters can range anywhere from Greek, Chinese, or Egyptian mythologies. The characters you decide to play with will depend entirely on your playstyle and personal preferences. One of such characters is Donar, who portrays the Norse god Thor. So, this guide will cover everything you need to know about Donar in Dislyte.

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Donar PlayStyle in Dislyte

Character Shot for Donar
Level 60 stats for Donar.

As mentioned before, Donar portrays Thor in the game. It is safe to say that he is not a supporting character. Donar is mainly a tank and DPS character that can convert his defense into damage. He has a nice mix of passive and active abilities, which makes him relatively well balanced to play with.

Thundercrack and Explosions in the Sky are some of the best abilities in the game. We shall cover everything about his skill, best relics, and sets to pair with him in the following paragraphs.

Donar Skills in Dislyte

Donar has a total of 3 skills. These are

  • Upward Lightning
  • Thundercrack
  • Explosions in the sky

We shall now go through each of the skills mentioned above and see how you can take advantage of these abilities. While you are here, try learning How to Promote Esper Star Rating in Dislyte.

Upward Lightning

Upwards lighting is one of t Donar’s three skills that inflict damage to an enemy equal to 30% of his attack stat and 50% of his defense stat. Moreover, this ability has a 50% chance of inflicting ATK down on the target enemy for two turns. You can upgrade these skill stats in the following order.

  • Second Level: Defence Damage conversion ratio is increased to 60%, which was previously 50%.
  • Third Level: The trigger chance of ATK down is increased to 60%.
  • Fourth Level: Damage conversion ratio is increased to 70%.
  • Fifth Level: Trigger chance is increased to 75%

As you can see, Donar’s skills heavily rely on his defense stat. Properly leveling and pairing him with the correct relics and sets will be crucial if you decide to play with him. We shall thoroughly go through the best-suited sets and relics once we have gone over his abilities.


Thundercrack is the main reason why Donar in Dislyte is considered one of the best Espers. This passive ability allows Donar to enter conductor mode for one turn at the end of each turn.

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Conductor mode

Deals damage to all enemies based on DEF at the beginning of each turn. Conductor mode will be removed upon receiving disables. When Conductor mode is active, Donar receives one stack of Thunder Blessing upon being attacked.

Thunder Blessing

Thunder Blessing increases DEF by 20% upon receiving damage. The effect can stack up to 5 times. The best thing about Thundercrack is that the list goes on. Once an active ability triggers a CRIT, the cooldown on Thundercrack is reduced by one turn.

Thundercrack has a cooldown of 4 turns. You can further improve this skill by leveling it. The improved stats are as follows.

  • Second Level: Defence Damage conversion ratio is increased to 95%.
  • Third Level: Defence Damage conversion ratio is increased to 100%
  • Fourth Level: Defence Damage conversion ratio is increased to 110%
  • Fifth Level: Cooldown reduced by one turn.

Explosions In The Sky

If you thought that Thundercrack was enough to make Donar overpowered in Dislyte, wait until you hear about his third and ultimate skill, Explosions In The Sky. Although the skill has a substantial five-turn cooldown, it inflicts the most amount of damage compared to the other two abilities.

When the ability targets an enemy, it inflicts damage equal to 80% of our ATK stat, plus 100% of your DEF stat. Additionally, this skill grants DEF Up immunity for two turns.

You can improve Explosions In the Sky by leveling it like other skills. The improved stats are as follows.

  • Second Level: Defence Damage conversion ratio is increased to 110%.
  • Third Level: Defence Damage conversion ratio is increased to 120%
  • Fourth Level: Defence Damage conversion ratio is increased to 140%
  • Fifth Level: Cooldown reduced by one turn.

Captain Ability

If you ever decide to make Donar your team captain, he will boost DEF throughout the team. His Captain Ability is to increase all allied Espers Defence by 30%.

Best Relic Sets For Donar in Dislyte

We will be focusing on boosting Donar’s DEF stat as much as we can since all his attacks scale from the defense. Let’s have a look at the best sets for Donar in Dislyte. While you’re at it, consider reading our Dislyte Relic Guide.

Although all Sets have their completion bonuses, their individual effects also matter a lot in your build. We mainly focus on increasing Donar’s DEF stats since it is the prime focus of the character. We recommend that you equip relics with the following rating for all the below-mentioned sets. 

  • UNA II for DEF boost or Critical Damage in came cases.
  • UNA IV for a huge DEF boost.
  • MUI II for DEF boost.

Hades Set (4 Piece Set)

This 4-piece set is great if you want to make Donar self-sustainable. Upon completion, the set will give you 35% life steal, meaning that 35% of your damage dealt will be restored as HP.

Stoneveins Set (2 Piece Set)

Since you have a total of 6 relic slots, you can still pair a 2-piece set alongside your Hades set. We recommend using the Stoneveins Set, which will give you +25% DEF upon completion.

As mentioned before, the specific relics stats that you need from these sets are the UNA II, UNA IV, and the MUI II.

To conclude the discussion, Donar is an excellent choice in Dislyte if you are looking for an Esper to carry your team through brutal fights. He performs exceptionally well in all game modes like Point War, Apep, and Tower. He is an absolute unit when it comes to tanking hits. So, if Donar matches your style, we highly recommend trying him.

Dislyte is the new mobile-based RPG that has taken over the gaming space. Amid an alien invasion, the game combines various ideas of ancient mythology with the colorful environment of 2027. In the game, you will play as characters known as Espers.

Now that completes our guide on Donar in Dislyte. Did you find this guide helpful? Will you be trying Donar for yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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