Dislyte Drew: Best Tips, Skills & Relic Sets

Drew in dislyte is an assassin esper and we have covered his character and skills in this guide. Also, we have recommended a few gear sets.

How To Summon Drew in Dislyte

Drew in Dislyte
Drew, The Assassin

Inspired by the Japanese games Dislyte has included the gacha system in the game’s features. The primary mechanism of this system involves a currency or resource to get a chance to do something. The idea was taken from the toy vending machines. When you put a coin in the machine, you don’t know what you will win. It’s entirely random. In the same way, espers are also summoned in Dislyte.

To summon the esper, you use the game’s resource or currency. Sure, you will get an esper, but you must make multiple attempts to get the desired one. Also, you might get lucky and get the esper of your choice on the first try. The results are random, so you can achieve what you want with luck and consistency. While you are at it consider going through Dislyte Tier List, and Divine Waves guides.

Key Highlights
  • Drew is a character in the game Dislyte, possibly inspired by the Egyptian god Anubis.
  • Drew’s purpose is to bring justice to the world and crush enemies.
  • In battle, Drew has several unique skills that deal significant damage and can debuff enemies.
  • Drew’s Piercing Strike skill has five levels, each increasing the damage dealt.
  • Drew’s Shadow Shock skill has five levels and deals significant damage with a chance to debuff enemies.
  • Drew’s Death’s Judgement skill has five levels, deals significant damage, and has a chance to trigger a bonus attack.
  • Recommended gear sets for Drew in Dislyte include a War Machine set, which increases Drew’s attacking power, and a Fiery Incandescence set which provides an extra boost to Drew’s abilities and skills.

Drew Character Information

Drew In Dislyte
Drew Resembles Egyptian God

Drew is a character, or is he the Egyptian god, Anubis, who traveled through time to save the world from evil and façade. We are unsure. However, we know that this esper’s abilities and skills are unlike anything the world has seen yet.

Apart from that, he has vowed to bring justice to the world. His sole purpose is to crush the enemies and bring peace back to the world again. He can prove to be a formidable assassin in the battle. After slaying the opponent, he becomes even more ruthless. He performs two attacks in a row using the death judgment skill that shatters through any defense.

Drew Skills In Dislyte

His kills produce lethal Damage. The Damage inflicted is even more than the attack, and it only increases when the piercing strike skill is leveled up. His shadow shock and death judgment skills deal more than twice the attack’s Damage. This makes him one of your team‘s most blood-thirsty attackers and a priority.  

Piercing Strike

He can inflict Damage that is 130% of the attack. After triggering a critical hit, Death’s judgment cooldown is reduced by one turn.

  • Level 2, Damage is increased to 105%.
  • Level 3, Damage is increased to 110%
  • Level 4, Damage is increased to 120%
  • Level 5, Damage is increased to 130%

Shadow Shock

Another Drew’s skill in Dislyte that makes him a unique esper. He inflicts enormous Damage of 220% of the attack. Furthermore, his furious attacks have an 85% chance of inflicting defense down for the next two turns. But, this skill takes two turns to cool down, which is pretty decent.

  • Level 2, The Chance to trigger is increased to 75%
  • Level 3, Damage increased to 220%
  • Level 4, The Chance of triggering increased to 85%
  • Level 5, Cooldown reduced by one turn

Death’s Judgement

This skill enables Drew in Dislyte to deal Damage equal to 260% of the attack. If the enemy falls, he inflicts a bonus attack, dealing Damage equal to 150 % of the attack. A bonus attack can be triggered twice during a single turn. However, Cooldown requires three turns.   

  • Level 2, Damage increased to 230%
  • Level 3, Damage increased to 240%
  • Level 4, Damage increased to 260%
  • Level 5, Cooldown reduced by one turn

Recommended Relic Sets For Drew In Dislyte

In the beginning, you play without a gear set. When you start to progress and level up, you will receive gear sets. These gear sets must not be ignored because they take the potential of espers pretty high and provide an extra boost to their abilities and skills.

However, you have a limited slot that can only accommodate six gears. You can choose the best gear that fits your esper and supports your strategy and game plan. Here, we recommend two gear sets or relics for Drew in Dislyte. On the subject of relics sets, why not go through our Dislyte Relic sets Guide

Relics In Dislyte
Gear Set For Drew

Relic Set One

In this set, you have two gears; a war machine set and a fiery incandescence set. Firstly, we will explain the war machine set. This set will boost Drew’s attacking capabilities. Extra attacking power combined with his skill will make him invincible.

In fact, this set increases the attacking power by 30%. Secondly, we have a fiery incandescence set. This set increases the critical rate of your esper. With the 20% increase in critical rate and increased attacking power, you can counter any threat to your team.   

Relic Set Two

This set combines two gears, a hades set and a sword avatara set. Firstly, we will explain the hades set. This gear allows you to convert Damage dealt into health points. 35% of the Damage dealt in the fight will be converted into health points. Indeed, you must have this gear in your slot. Secondly, we have a sword avatara set.

This set provides a 30% chance of using your basic ability as a counter strike when you take Damage from the opponent. More health points and a greater chance to use your basic ability as a counter makes this set a recommendation for Drew in Dislyte.

Best Drew PlayStyle Tips

Drew is a three-star, category A character who will be given to you for free. He will mainly target the weaker opponents and deal significant Damage to opponents’ healers and supporters. He might be of help against Kronos or Apep, but if you sue him for Fafnir or Space tower, he might disappoint you.

We suggest using this esper according to the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. He will come in handy in some fights, but in some, he might get you a setback. This game is all about strategy, so choose your espers wisely. Also, we suggest upgrading the esper as you level up and making sure you update him manually because automatic updates waste many resources.

This wraps up our character guide for Drew in Dislyte. We explained all about the character’s personality and the abilities he can offer. Also, we explained his skills and recommended a few gear sets to enhance the abilities of this esper. We hope the guide answered all your questions.

Other Dislyte Tips

Dislyte offers more than 60 characters from all times available. These characters are known as espers, and Li Ling, Tang Yun, and Jacob are among the espers that outrank others in specific areas. These mythical characters or espers have traveled through time to handle chaos and save the world from evil forces. It’s a great strategy game that involves team play with a turn-based aspect. This means that espers will take turns to fight the enemy and inflict Damage. That is why our Dislyte Drew guide entails the best skills, tips, and relics sets for Drew assassin in the game. While you’re at it, don’t skip our best Dislyte characters guide. 

Dislyte is the production of LilithGames. Its unique playstyle and futuristic setting have made this game the center of attention for most RPG game lovers. Dislyte is available on Android and IOS. If you are new at Dislyte, consider going through Dislyte Guide For Beginners. It can also be played on a PC using an emulator.

Andrew resembles Anibus, who was the Greek god centuries ago. He was among the most important gods, and Drew is equally vital. His unique abilities, skills, and Drew play style in Dislyte give him an edge over many other espers in specific domains.

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