Dislyte Eira: Skills & Relic Sets

This Dislyte Eira Esper guide will showcase her skills, ascensions, playstyle, and recommended relic sets for combat!

Dislyte has certainly brought forth a solid collection of Esper’s to choose from, some of them being excellent DPS characters, some being supports, some being controllers, and others being defenders. These Espers combine to form the best 5-Esper team for players that they can use to obliterate bosses in combat. Amongst these is Dislyte Eira, who we will discover more about later on so make sure to keep on reading! These are some of the Best Espers in Dislyte so far that you can experiment with!

Key Highlights
  • Eira is a four-star controller character in the game Dislyte that is strong when combined with a DPS and other Espers.
  • Her unique abilities allow her to apply “Speed Down” and “AP Down” debuffs on enemies, making them more vulnerable to taking damage from the DPS.
  • Eira is mostly on the sidelines debuffing opponents so that the main damage dealer can obliterate them.
  • Eira dominates enemies like the Kronos and Temporal Tower and is also good at clearing the Cube Miracle.
  • Eira has three main skills, S1, S2, and S3, and a captain ability.
  • S1 is a “Chords of Heron” skill that does 120% base attack damage with a 70% chance to provide a “Speed Up” buff to fellow Espers.
  • S2 is a “Divine Love” skill, which purifies fellow Espers from debuffs and grants a “Brisingamen’s Watch” buff for 2 turns.
  • S3 is the “Seabreeze Sonata” skill, which deals 120% base attack damage, applies “Speed Down” debuff to enemies for 2 turns, and decreases their AP by 30%.
  • Captain ability enhances overall attack output for all Espers by 24%.
  • Eira has six main ascension phases that players should level up as soon as possible which will increase Defense, and HP and offer a major boost to one of her abilities at phase 3.

Eira’s Role Dislyte

Dislyte Eira Esper
Eira Esper

With the plethora of characters that players can mix and match to get their perfect formation, Eira is a must-have in your formation. Essentially, she is a four-star controller that is insanely strong when she is combined with a DPS and other Espers and will dominate in battles!

Her unique abilities allow her to abuse them in combat when she can apply the potent “Speed Down” and “AP Down” debuffs on enemies which make them a hell of a lot more vulnerable and susceptible to taking damage from the DPS. Eira is mostly on the sidelines debuffing opponents so that the main damage dealer can obliterate them. 

When she uses her S3, she will also reset the cooldown timer of her S2 skill, which allows her to apply the “AP Up” buff on anyone chosen Esper. Alongside that, she will also cleanse the fellow Esper of any sort of debuffs that might have been applied to them from the enemy’s end. 

She dominates enemies like the Kronos and also the Temporal Tower, and Eira in Dislyte is also pretty good at clearing the Cube Miracle. Just like Eira, Jacob is another impeccable Esper, so make sure to check out our Dislyte Jacob Build Guide!

Eira’s Skills 

Eira has three main particular skills being known as her S1, S2, and S3 skills in Dislyte alongside her also having a captain ability. When mentioning starter capable Espers, we can’t skip over Drew, therefore read up on our Dislyte Drew Esper Guide!

Chords of Heron 

Dislyte Chords of Heron
Chords of Heron Skill

The first Dislyte Eira skill features her “Chords of Heron” skill which entails her being able to unleash damage that is equivalent to 120% of her base attack. Alongside that, there is a 70% chance that she will be able to provide a gracious “Speed Up” buff to her fellow Espers. 

Level 2 of the Eira Skill will buff up the overall damage output to 105%, while level 3 will enhance the trigger chance to 60%. With that, level 4 will increase the damage output by 110%, while level 5 will enhance the trigger chance by 70%. Lastly, maxing out the skill will increase the overall damage by 120%. 

Divine Love 

Dislyte Divine Love Skill
Divine Love

The second skill of Eira in Dislyte is pretty useful as well. Upon casting it, she will be able to purify her fellow Espers from any kind of debuffs that might have been applied to them from the enemy’s end. With that, she will also grant her teammates the “Brisingamen’s Watch” for a total of 2 turns. The cooldown for Divine Love is 3 turns. Another excellent support like Eira is Berenice, so read our Dislyte Berenice Guide!

Seabreeze Sonata 

Dislyte Seabreeze Sonata
Seabreeze Sonata Skill

With this skill in hand, Eira Esper can unleash damage to enemies that equates to 120% of her base attack, while she will also apply the “Speed Down” debuff to enemies for a total of 2 turns while also decreasing their AP by 30%. With that, she will also reset Divine Love’s overall cooldown for the skill. 

Leveling it up to levels 2, 3 4, and 5 will increase the overall damage in this order: 95% at level 2, 100% at level 3, 110% at level 4, and 120% at level 5. Maxing out Seabreeze Sonata will reduce the cooldown of this skill by a total of 1 turn. If you’re looking for fighters to go along with Eira, then our Dislyte Mona Guide should convince you to build Mona!

Captain Ability 

When it comes to her captain ability, she will simply enhance the overall attack output for all Esper by 24%. 

Eira’s Ascension Phases 

As we’ve mentioned before in our other guides, all Espers in Dislyte will have six main ascension phases that players are highly advised to level up as soon as they start building the Esper. The main reason for that is that it will buff up their Defense, HP, as well as offer a major boost to one of their abilities when the Esper has been upgraded to phase 3. 

Below listed are the six main ascension phases that cater to Eira and help her become even stronger support in gameplay. You might like our Dislyte Tang Xuan Build if you want more variety for Espers to check out!

  • Phase one: When mentioning her phases, her starting ascension phase will offer her an HP increase of 950, which is essentially what is offered to all Espers, and is the same whether they are controllers, supports, or DPS Espers. The main reason for this is that it will help her survive for longer in combat. 
  • Phase two: With her phase 2 ascension, her defense will be increased by 70, which grants her the ability to tank more hits that are aimed at her from the opponent. To gain access to this phase, Eira in Dislyte needs to fight the Flowrunner boss which is located in the Sonic Miracle
  • Phase three: perhaps one of the most crucial upgrades, players are advised to focus on at least getting their Espers to phase 3 if they do not plan on maxing out their builds. The main buff that Eira will receive is that her Seabreeze Sonata skill will now be able to reduce the speed of enemies by a total of 30%. 
  • Phase four: Next up, her fourth ascension will offer the player an Acc increase by 10%, which makes her all the more useful when being used in battles. Therefore, players should be their hands on some advanced flow waves as well as some basic flow waves to ascend her.
  • Phase five: For players that are wanting to max her out, phase 5 is pretty vital as well, since it will grant her an HP increase by 15%. To achieve this phase, players will need a total of 10 elite flow waves as well as 25 advanced flow waves which can be farmed through the Flowrunner boss. 
  • Phase six: Last but not least, Eira will have maxed out her ascensions when she reaches phase 6, which yet again increases her speed by 10, making her swifter in combat. For this phase, she requires 20 elite waves and 35 advanced flow waves. 

Recommended Relic Sets 

Dislyte Recommended Relics
Recommended Relics Sets

For Eira to perform her duties as support in Dislyte, she is going to need relics that support her and provide for the extra buffs that make her all the stronger and help her become overpowered. If you are completely unaware of how relics work, then you might wanna educate yourself by reading our Dislyte Relic Guide!

First Most Popular 

Starting things off with the first most popular set chosen by the player base, it is the Wind Walker Set x4, which will essentially provide Eira with 25% enhanced speed, which is important for her since she needs the swiftness in combat. Below are the recommended four pieces with their sub-stats too: 

  • MUI I will always have the main stat that displays as an attack, that too being flat attack. Every Esper needs to have some form of damage output, even if they are there simply to be s side-line support. Therefore the MUI I can be one of the useful Eira Relics
  • For the second MUI II piece, players are advised to choose HP% as her main stat, since she is a buffer for the fellow main damage dealer, she needs to be able to stay alive for the longest amount of time while in the arena. Therefore equip any piece that has HP% as the main stat and you’re good to go. 
  • For MUI III, players will have to deal with the main stat being flat defense since it can’t be changed. But, players are given full freedom over the sub-stats, and players should just go with piling up as much HP% and flat HP as they can for Eira since it is her best-in-slot. 
  • For MUI IV, yet again the main stat is recommended to be HP%, which just cannot be replaced by any other pieces. For sub-stats, players can go for HP%, flat HP, resistance, or even speed as per their preferences. 

As for the two-piece set, Eira’s best slot set would be the Apollo’s Bow Set x2 which will provide her with an ACC buff by 25%, which is pretty important for her when she is being used as support in combat. After players reach a certain point in the game, they will definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on the Dislyte Gabrielle Guide!

  • For her MUI I piece, it can not be changed since it will always be flat HP. the main reason to have a flat HP is simply so the Esper does not die off so quickly, and as for Eira, she could always benefit from her extra HP. 
  • For the MUI II piece, she can equip any piece that has speed as the main stat, which helps her become swifter in battle. Choose pieces that have HP%, flat HP, and resistance as the sub-stats. 

Second Most Popular 

Apart from the first main best in slot pieces, there are only two main sets that can benefit Esper Eira. the first one is going to be the War Machine Set x4, now, this is only for people who intend to make Dislyte Eira a hybrid build instead of the full support that she originally intended to be built like.

The war machine set can give her a 30% enhanced attack. Liling is one of the best Espers to pair up with Eira, so you might find our Dislyte Li Ling Guide interesting!

  • UNA I will be a flat attack, which is a pretty useful main stat for those players that are looking for a hybrid Eira, and considering she will be receiving the extra attack bonus from the four-piece set. Players can still go for the basic flat HP and defense stats for her sub-stats. 
  • As for the UNA II piece, we still recommend that players only choose HP% as the main stat, mainly because no matter how much damage she can output, her main role will never change. However, players can go for crit damage or crit rate sub-stats if they go for more damage-based. 
  • For UNA III, the main stat will yet again be defense, which can be useful for attack-based Eira in Dislyte, since players want her to survive for as long as possible. Her sub-stats can range from anything like Hp, resistance, or even crit damage or crit rate. 
  • For UNA IV, stick to HP% as the main stat yet again to keep the solidarity of her build, and have her benefit from her S2 And S3 skills from the main stat. For sub-stats, feel free to choose anything based on your preferences. 

For the two-piece set, players can choose the Master Grove Set x2, which will essentially grant Eira an increased 25% HP, which is always welcome for her. For that reason alone, when giving her an attack relic set, it is always useful to pair it with a two-piece set that can fill in for the missed HP sets. 

  • MUI I will have an HP main stat. 
  • MUI II is recommended to be a speed main stat, simply for the reason that she will require mobility and fastness in combat. Her fast attack speeds can allow her to apply the debuff on the enemies and buffs on her fellow Espers a lot faster, making her viable for more difficult battles. 

Mix and Match 

Dislyte Eira Relics
Eira Relic Sets

Another route that players can go for is combining different sets, such as players can go for the War Machine set but pair it with the Apollos Set x2, or even go for the Wind Walker Set x4 with the Master Grove Set x2. Looking to learn how to level Espers better? Why not take help from our Dislyte Best Leveling Guide for Espers!

Eira’s Ratings 

If there are players that are for some reason looking to main as Eira, then they should consider taking a look at her overall performance across all types of story content, ranging from story stages, cube miracle, and different dungeons and difficult bosses. 

  • Story Stages: When it comes to story stages, Eira esper in Dislyte can provide excellent support. Whether she is being used in formations in practice stages or simply in the 5-Esper team to clear the harder mode for higher chapters like 10 to 12, she can perform well. Her overall rating for story stages is A+
  • Cube Miracle: As for Cube Miracle, Eira is known to be one of the best Espers to bring along, as she can provide the kind of support that even other Espers will not be able to. Her AP Down debuff and purify buffs for the Espers are a huge help, therefore she is ranked as an S- Esper here. 
  • Kronos: For one of the dungeon bosses that are located in the Ritual Miracle, Eira is yet again able to take hits like a champ and able to obliterate enemies with the help of her main DPS. for that reason alone, a lot of the player base has given her a very respectable S ranking for Kronos. 
  • Apep: Even in Apep boss, who is also situated in the same dungeon as Kronos, Eira can perform pretty well. Her skills are needed here as well, therefore players should not skip out on bringing her here. Her overall ranking for this boss is B. 
  • Fafnir: No, unfortunately, Fafnir is one of the few bosses where Eira is just deemed useless. Her skills are not able to protect herself or other Espers here, and neither can output any sort of respectable damage. Unfortunately, her ranking for fighting Fafnir is a D-. 
  • Temporal Tower: For Spatial/Temporal/Infinite Tower, Eira can display a solid Dislyte Eira Playstyle and she can perform well here as well. Her ranking sits at A. 
  • Point War Defense and Attack: For both point war aspects, Eira is ranked as a B+ for defense and A- for the attack. 

With that, we will wrap up with our Dislyte Eira Esper guide, let us know what you think! Before starting on building Espers, you might wanna know how Dislyte itself works, therefore check our Dislyte Guide for Beginners guide!

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