Dislyte Elements Guide: How To Get, Types & Cards

Elements are a critical aspect of Dislyte. They are vital for both Espers and in combat so let's take a look at the elements guide in Dislyte

Dislyte is the latest RPG title storming across the trending pages on the Playstore and Apple app store. It is developed by LilithGames. They are the creators of the critically acclaimed AFKArena and Rise of Kingdoms. The game boasts strategic turn-based combat with eye-catchy visuals. The game’s characters and setting are based on historical mythologies with an Urbanistic twist. The entire character roster is enormous, with over more than 60 heroes available. The unique abilities and skillsets of Espers are based on these elements. Similarly, elements in Dislyte also play a crucial role in the overall game.

Key Highlights
  • Dislyte is a game with four types of elements, which are the main attribute of Espers.
  • These attributes are crucial to each Esper’s overall kit and abilities.
  • In combat, elements can be used as status debuffs and exploit an enemy’s weakness to certain elements.
  • There are four core elements of Dislyte: Shimmer, Wind, Flow, and Inferno.
  • Players can exploit weaknesses of certain elements to deal extra damage to enemies in combat.
  • There is a triangular system of elements where “X beats Y” and vice versa. It is generally important for some of the late-to-end game battles of the game.
  • Players should ideally decide on a team based on different elements so they can easily check for the weaknesses of enemies.
  • If attacker Espers belong to an advantageous element class they gain a +15% chance to trigger a Critical strike, and +50% extra counter damage to enemies.

The elements tie into how your characters function. They are the foundation of your Esper’s abilities. Elements function like status ailments that you can inflict on your foes. As well as provide resistance in combat. They can provide an advantage or disadvantage during tough boss fights. They also branch further into elemental waves, which we will also explain briefly. 

What Are Elements in Dislyte

There are four types of elements found in the world of Dislyte. The elements present the main attribute of Espers. The elements of Dislyte divide the characters and differentiate them. These attributes are crucial to each Esper’s overall kit and abilities. Legendary characters like Tang Xuan and Li Ling have their abilities categorized based on their elements. So elements are a major factor in most characters and their guides in Dislyte.

In combat, however, the elements can be used in quite a few ways. Players can apply these elements as status debuffs in their attacks. They can exploit bosses who are weak to specific elements to deal extra damage. So we encourage players to keep in mind how elements can greatly affect combat. This gets further expanded into the elemental counters which we will discuss later in the guide. 

Types of Elements in Dislyte Explained

Elements Dislyte
The four core elements of Dislyte

Now that we explained a basic guide on the elements of Dislyte. Let’s look in-depth at the four types of elements we mentioned. They can turn the tides of battle in your favor during combat. They are based on some of the real-life natural elements too. So knowing each element, its themes, or its description is really useful.

They can be especially beneficial before you attempt a boss fight or decide which Esper to roll in the Character Banners

The main elements that are found in dislyte consist of Shimmer, Wind, Flow, and Inferno. Some of these elements like Inferno and Wind are loosely based on their real-life counterparts. Flow and shimmer are designed based on Light and Darkness. There are weekly bosses in the game which are also built on these elements. They can be farmed for Relics in Dislyte which are essential tools to make your Espers stronger. You will be tackling them a lot to acquire these rewards. It is worth mentioning that we will be covering these bosses later on in the guide.

Elemental Countering in Dislyte

Elemental counters Dislyte
The elements all pose a weakness and resistance against each other in Dislyte.

The four different elements of Dislyte all counter each other in a way. They are based on a triangular system where X beats Y” and vice versa. According to the mini chart we provided above, Shimmer is the only element that cannot be countered or exploited in any way.

The first three counter each other in the order from right to left: Inferno > Wind > Flow >Inferno. Every player must be aware of this system. It is generally important for some of the late-to-end game battles of the game. When in the preparation phase, players should ideally decide on a team based on different elements so you can easily check for the weaknesses of enemies.

We recommend following the neutral consensus of having one of each element can be great. By doing this your team consisting of 4 Espers will cover all of the needed elements. If push comes to shove, you can swap one character and take an additional same element character.

This will help you maximize DPS for difficult fights and encounters where enemies will be weak to a specific element.

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of elemental counters on characters during battles:

Advantages of Element Counter

The elemental counter system has a couple of advantages. They may only apply if the element of your Espers are superior to the opposition element. If the attacker Espers belong to an advantageous element class gain, they gain a +15% chance to trigger a Critical strike. Alongside, they also deal +50% extra counter damage to enemies. Therefore you have to pay attention to the elements of the enemy team during each battle. If there are weaknesses in your squad, it is advisable to replace them, so that your DPS remains optimal.

Disadvantages of Element Counter

While having a superior element can provide great advantages for your team. There can also be some slight inconveniences on the other side. If the esper is instead countered by an element that opposes it. They will gain an unfavorable debuff. These espers will gain a +50% chance to miss an attack.

This may sound rough but we assure you it is not that bad. Since the outcome of your espers attacks succeeding is dependant on other factors too like their Critical Rate and Speed. Hence why you should always experiment with different teams during each attempt in every battle. Having the odds in your favor is always a good idea.

How to Get Elemental Waves in Dislyte

Elemental Waves Ascension
Elemental Waves are required items to ascend your characters in Dislyte

Elemental Waves are essential items used for ascension in Dislyte. Ascending your Esper is necessary since you will want to keep them up-to-date for higher difficulty battles. Not only does Ascension provide a boost to the stats of the characters, but at Ascension Level 3, it will add a permanent buff to your character. 

We have a detailed guide on Divine Waves in Dislyte which explains everything in detail. But for this guide, we should mention that these elemental waves drop from weekly bosses. These weekly bosses are called Sonic Miracles but collectively they are known as the Divine Waves.

You should have no problem taking these bosses down. We suggest taking along Espers like Jacob, Drew, or even Gabrielle as they are excellent characters for almost any tough fight. You can farm these bosses on a daily rotation basis throughout the week, but they will not be available on certain days.

Collecting as many elemental waves as possible is highly beneficial. Since most of the time, you will never run out of Espers to ascend in your roster. Having elemental waves at hand whenever you get a brand new character also makes you able to ascend them immediately.

Elemental Waves Farming Tips

element waves booster
This item increases your chances of obtaining more elemental waves from the bosses

If you are looking to farm the specific divine waves bosses for their materials. You will need to conserve your stamina which lets you attempt battles in Dislyte. This is because the bosses are only available on certain days but rest assured you will have more than a couple of days to farm them repeatedly.

Be sure to always have a pre-planned team of Espers ready who you know for sure can defeat the bosses easily. This makes farming less taxing and faster instead of wasting time optimizing your teams.

Another way to get Divine waves is by using the Elemental Wave Booster, which grants a 1-hour Divine wave collection bonus of 100%. This can help you get your required elemental waves as fast as possible during your farming of the Sonic Miracles. You can also complete bounty quests for Union Divisions like ‘XHZ’. 

These may sometimes reward you with elemental wave collections. Redeeming codes in-game can sometimes also get you divine waves, so be sure to check out our list of the Dislyte codes.

Elemental Fragment Cards

Record fragments Dislyte
The latest introduced item which lets you summon extra espers

Last but not least, the element record fragments were introduced in Ver 1.2 of Dislyte. Players can basically ‘send” a wish card from wish stickers which you can obtain in a variety of ways. You choose from one of the following elements: Inferno, Flow, and Wind. When you acquire 3 wish stickers you are then able to redeem them for a Wish card reward that contains record fragments. You can then convert 20 of the Inferno, flow, or wind fragments into a complete record. However, you may need 50 fragments for the shimmer element.

Using these records allows you to summon a random 3-5 star Esper for free. Players can obtain Wish Stickers from Club sign-ins, Daily Tasks, and the Friendship Shop daily.

We have made a guide to Dislyte Clubs guide which explains the system, so check it out for further explanation on it.

This concludes our guide on the elements of Dislyte. The strategies to use the Element counter system and farming tips for the waves. We hope this clears up the basics as well as the advanced knowledge you have regarding the elements. Let us know if we missed anything regarding the guide in the comments section below.

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