Dislyte Esper Fusion: Requirements & Farming

This Dislyte Esper Fusion guide will showcase the mistakes to avoid and the requirements in order to get Fabrice and Gabrielle!

Dislyte has made waves with its evergrowing popularity and a solid collection of Espers that players can use to progress through the game quicker. Espers can also be obtained through clearing dungeons, gacha pulls, and Esper fusion. While many people do not get the concept of Esper fusion itself, we’ve got you! In our Dislyte Esper Fusion guide, we will discover exactly what it is, what fusions are available, its requirements, the most efficient way to farm, and mistakes to avoid! For a complete beginner, make sure that you check out the Dislyte Beginner Guide!

Key Highlights
  • Esper Fusion is a function in the game Dislyte that allows players to combine certain Espers to create new, more powerful ones.
  • The Esper Fusion process requires players to use certain Espers as “fodder” to ascend the chosen Esper to a higher level or phase.
  • Two Espers that can be obtained through Esper Fusion are Fabrice, a four-star support Esper, and Gabrielle, a five-star DPS Esper.
  • To obtain Fabrice, players need Berenice, a three-star Esper, and three other Espers (one of which needs to be an Inferno boss drop, one a Windrunner drop, and one a Flow-infused Esper) that are all ascended to phase four and level 30-40.
  • To obtain Gabrielle, players need Fabrice as the main Wind-attuned character and three other Espers, one of which needs to be an Inferno, one a Windrunner, and one a Flow-infused Esper.
  • The process of obtaining these Espers through Fusion requires farming for waves, leveling Espers up to level 40 or 50, and having a lot of stamina and patience.
  • The fused Espers will not be returned.

What is Esper Fusion? 

Dislyte Esper Fusion
Esper Fusion Source

Before we can even get into the requirements and farming for the actual Espers, many people do not know what Dislyte Esper Fusion even is! In the simplest terms, it takes a few select Espers and uses a function known as “Esper Fusion,” located in the “War Room” area near the Bounties. 

It is just feeding fodder Espers into the two options of Espers that you are given and ascending them to a select ascension phase, after which you will meet the requirements, and you get a four-star and/or five stars Esper. 

For any fusion of Esper, the player has to go through gruesome farming for waves, figure out the best days to farm the respective elemental waves, and level up Espers to level 40 or 50 based on what Esper you are going for. On top of that, it will also require a lot of stamina, patience, and coming to terms with the fact that you will *not* get back the Esper you fodder in. so if you’re okay with that, let’s get started!

What Fusions Are Available 

Dislyte Fabrice and Gabrielle
Fabrice and Gabrielle Fusion

For players looking to min-max their account during the first few days as newer players, they would be delighted to know that there is a broken four-star and a five-star Esper that players can get their hands on. Firstly, players can use Esper Fusion to get Fabrice, a four-star support Esper, and he can provide invincibility to one ally Esper while also taking advantage of Attack, immunity, and AP buffs. 

On the other hand, players can also get Gabrielle, who is one of the most, if not the most overpowered, Five-star DPS unit in the game. Fusion of Espers will typically lead players to achieve their final goal: get Gabrielle and then dominate some of the hardest content in the game! If you’re confused about which Esper to go for, then why not refer to our Dislyte Tier List, and learn the overall ranking of Espers in the game. 

Requirements For Each Fusion In Dislyte

Considering there are two main units that players can get and use in combat through the Dislyte Esper Fusion function, it is important to note what kind of Espers are required to attain Fabrice and Gabrielle because it is can differ a bit. Below listed are the requirements for both the four-star and five-star units. 


Dislyte Fabrice Esper

For each Esper, there will be an instant requirement (an Esper that just can not be replaced as fodder) and three fodder Espers of your choice. To acquire Fabrice through the Esper Fusion in Dislyte, the first Esper that is a necessity is Berenice, who is a three-star unit, and she can be acquired through gacha pulls or by farming “Ripples” in the ripple dimension when a Berenice ripple is open. If you are interested in Berenice, then you might like Tang Yun just as much and luckily for you, our Dislyte Tang Yun Build is the way to go!

The other three Espers can be of your choice. However, players need to make sure that one of the Esper uses the Inferno boss drops, one that uses the Windrunner drops, and one that uses the Windrunner drops. As for Berenice, she also uses the Windrunner drops. 

On top of that, all of these four Espers need to be ascended to phase four, which is a given considering you’re farming for a four-star unit. And, for the Esper Fusion to occur, these Espers also need to be level 30-40 at least since, below that, players will be unable to Ascend them to higher phases. While we are on the topic of getting Espers, why not read our Dislyte Relic Guide so you can min-max your builds!


Dislyte Gabrielle Esper

When it comes to farming and fusing Gabrielle, most players will go for her since she is an extremely broken unit and can surpass some of the toughest bosses like Kronos and many other dungeons with little to no difficulties. 

For the first main Esper, payers will have to Fuse Esper Fabrice as the main Wind attuned character. Alongside that, any other three Espers range from them being one Inferno, one Windrunner, and one Flow-infused Esper. When it comes to Fabrice, he also uses Windrunner boss drops. 

Alongside that, the four Espers that players plan to use in Dislyte for the Esper Fusion will need to be ascended to phase 5 at least and level 40-50, after which players will need to ascend them to a five-star unit. It is highly dependent on the player what kind of Esper they want to sacrifice, so make sure to make no mistakes in choosing sacrifices. If you do end up getting Gabrielle, don’t miss out on our Dislyte Gabrielle Guide so you can know how to build her properly!

Farming For Espers In Dislyte 

Now, while some players will wait until they can get Fabrice and Gabrielle, there will be players who fuse Espers from the get-go, from day one and max out their account in the first few weeks. Getting Gabriele as quickly as possible is recommended since she can make your account extremely overpowered. 

When talking about the actual farming materials, it can get tedious; therefore, let’s break it down step by step so players can effectively use Esper Fusion. Here are the ten Best Characters in Dislyte so that you can figure out what Espers will help you clear content faster!

Farming Leveling Materials 

Dislyte Berenice Fodder
Berenice Fodder Esper

Now, let’s start by farming for Fabrice; the good thing about getting fodder Dislyte Espers to higher levels is that you will need to equip them with any relics. The easiest way to level up an Esper to a higher level is by farming an XP booster known as “Experimon,” which can be farmed after going into Story-mode and using the “Practice Stages.” 

These experimons come in basic, epic, and elite rarity, and you want to aim to farm for elite experimons since they are a lot faster and more efficient. However, it is purely decided by RNG. Therefore, one can only pray for solid experimon drops. 

After getting the experimons, head over to your Esper collection, and take a look at your collection to figure out what Esper you will *never* use so that you don’t waste an Esper that will become meta-friendly down the line towards end-content. Start leveling them up and ensure that you have level 30 or 40 Berenice and three other 3-star Espers. Make sure to read up on our Dislyte Club Guide if you want to strengthen your account even more!

Farming For Ascension Materials 

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Moving on, players will want to start prioritizing farming for the ascension stages now, for all of their four fodder Espers that will eventually be used for future Esper Fusion of Fabrice. Players need to ensure that they plan out their farming days in advance to get their units quicker. 

For the ascension materials, all four espers will require something known as “Waves,” which can be acquired by heading on over to the “Trials” area and then farming the “Sonic Miracle.” The players will discover four bosses known as Windrunner, Flowrunner, Infernis, and Shimmerer.

Our Esper fodders will use drops known as “Basic Waves,” “Advanced Waves,” and “Elite Waves” from these bosses for their Dislyte Fusion. If you want a more detailed explanation of what waves are, then read up on our Dislyte Waves guide!

There will be several days where one or the other bosses will be opened, such as one weekday, only infernis and Windrunner will be open to the farm, while on the other day, flow runner and infernis will be open. 

Perhaps the two fastest farming methods are to map out what days Infernis, Windrunner, and Flowrunner are open since we will not be using the Shimmerer drops for fodder. Alongside, to get the most out of Dislyte Esper Fusion process, take a look at what each Esper will use for their ascensions:

  • One of the mandatory Dislyte Espers, Berenice will require basic wind waves for her phase one. For phase two, she will require some basic wind waves again, while for phase three and phase four, she will require some basic wind waves and advanced wind waves in certain quantities. 
  • Another Esper in Dislyte that players will require needs Inferno drops. So make sure to farm basic inferno waves in abundance for the first, second and third phases. Additionally, players also need to make sure that they have enough advanced inferno waves. 
  • With that, for the Esper Fusion to occur successfully, another Windrunner fodder will be required, requiring the same basic and advanced drops, which can be farmed by fighting and decimating Windrunner. 
  • Lastly, the final fodder piece will require Flowrunner drops, which will give the players some basic and advanced Flow waves, which is exactly what is required to phase up your Fodder Dislyte Esper

Farming For Gabrielle Fodders 

As for Gabrielle fodders, players will need to invest in four-star espers that they aren’t afraid to let go of. One of the biggest things to note here is that if you decide to promote a three-star to a four-star Esper, that will not work in offering it for Fusing Gabrielle.

Instead, look into four-star Espers that are useless to your formations, and level them up to level 40-50 to unlock their ascension phases. Another character that people might want to have in their formation is Jacob, for which you might like our Dislyte Jacob Guide!

  • The first Esper that players will need to use the Esper Fusion in Dislyte is Fabrice, of course, and since he is a wind-stunned Esper, he will require drops that players can get after fighting off the Windrunner boss in Sonic Miracle
  • Alongside that, another Inferno Esper is required. For that, make sure to do the “1st Pass” for the higher levels of Infernis to get better basic and advanced Infernis drops. 
  • With that, another Windrunner four-star Esper will be required, and since they need to be leveled higher and ascended to phase 5, they will require more advanced drops. The Wind esper will need basic wind waves, advanced wind waves, and elite wind waves. 
  • Last but not least, the Flow esper will also require basic, advanced, and elite flow waves. Players can find the Flowrunner boss in the same area where all the other bosses can be found. 

Best Methods For Farming Materials in Dislyte 

If some players want to get Fabrice or Gabrielle to make their way through the story a lot faster, there are a few ways that players can maximize their drop output. Alongside that, it will also assist them in getting their desired units quicker and min-max their builds. 

Practice Stages 

Dislyte Practice Stage
Practice Stage Farming

If you are someone who has made their way through chapters 12-8, be it in easy or hard mode, the best way to maximize your  Esper Fusion output in Dislyte is by leveling up characters faster. Use practice stages and abuse it to get “Experimons,” both basic, advanced, and elite which can be used to fast-level up your fodder espers. 

Experimons can also be reserved to level up espers one by one, or you can level up all four side-by-side in order to feel like you are keeping progress properly. Just like Berenice and other Espers, Tang Xuan is another legendary Esper, so make sure to not miss out on our Dislyte Tang Xuan Guide!

Planning Out 

Another important aspect that players do not want to miss out on is planning their progress. Before even beginning the Esper fusion process, players will need to note down the following: 

  • What espers they want to fodder off, this goes for feeding three-espers to get Fabrice and four-star Espers to get Gabrielle. 
  • What elemental drops do they require so that you can farm the required drops from the Sonic Miracle dungeon? 
  • What days the sonic miracle dungeons are open, and strategically planning out when and how to start the Esper Fusion process in Dislyte

Wave Bonuses 

Dislyte Sonic Miracle Bosses
Sonic Miracle

Now that players have figured out what drops they might require, whether it is a certain amount of basic or advanced waves from the Infernis, Flowrunner, and Windrunner, bosses. The next step is to know that there are certain days when the Sonic Miracle bosses will be open. 

For example, there might be a day when Infernis boss will be locked, rendering it useless to farm Infernis drops. For that reason, players should plan out in advance. One good thing is that alongside being open on certain days, there are also days when “Wave Drop Bonuses” are happening. 

This entails that players will be able to get double or a 100% enhancement to their drop rate for the Infernis, Flowrunner, and Windrunner waves. With that, the weekend is the jackpot spot since all three bosses will be open at one time, making it a lot easier to farm in one go. Just like Gabrielle, Li Ling is another overpowered five-star character, so read our Dislyte Li Ling Character guide!

Wave Boosters 

Dislyte Wave Booster Source
Wave Booster

Along with that, another way that players can maximize their Esper Fusion is to use Wave Boosters. They are essentially used to increase or double the drop rates for sonic miracle materials and can save the payers a lot of hard work. 

Throughout the gameplay of a newer player, they will be able to use wave boosters, which they can use to quickly level up their fodder Espers. These Wave Boosters can be activated anytime by going to your inventory and using that or after starting a formation just before combat and clicking on the “Wave Booster” button. 

If you do not have any wave boosters, then one way that you can get them is in the shops by spending 250 nexus crystals, which may seem like a bad idea until it isn’t. If players spend the same amount of stamina regularly fighting and defeating enemies for drops, they would be wasting double. However, spending a few extra crystals to get a wave booster can save half of your stamina that you can repeat later for extra farming. 

Mistakes To Avoid 

Dislyte Wave Booster Option
Wave Booster

As a beginner in Dislyte, players will fall into a hole where they might make catastrophic mistakes without realizing it. Therefore, it is essential that before they even decide to plan their future Esper Fusion, they take a few tips and tricks that might help them avoid these mistakes. 

  • One major mistake that players will most definitely make is that they will blindly put in fodders into the Esper fusion option, and later realize that they were Espers who needed to get through some story content stages. You must do your research before feeding Three or four-star espers, especially rare ones. 
  • Never *ever* consume your nexus crystals to buy stamina packs. It is extremely wasteful, but you sell off the nexus crystals that you could have used in getting other fodder espers or even legendaries. But it also is a waste of resources. 
  • Another major mistake that players make is not using their wave boosters efficiently, or at all! Wave boosters can massively increase your drop rates and come in handy when trying to speedrun fodder Espers
  • Not planning out in advance can seriously affect your final results and how quickly you can get Gabrielle or Fabrice. 

We will wrap up our Dislyte Esper Fusion guide, let us know what you think! If you want to reroll other accounts to get legendary Espers, then consider reading our Dislyte Reroll Guide.

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