Dislyte Espers: Top 5 Best Espers

This guide entitles all the best Dislyte Espers and ranks them according to their capabilities and performance.

Dislyte is one of the most popular competitive games, and for all the right reasons. The game keeps you hooked till the very end with its witty selection of heroes. These heroes are called Espers, and they are pretty impressive.

Key Highlights
  • Espers are meant to protect the world from supernatural creatures and threats.
  • Espers have different powers to help fight enemies.
  • Helper Espers can be summoned to assist in difficult situations.
  • Espers can be placed in a squad with different duties and are ranked according to performance.
  • There are multiple types of Espers in Dislyte, with the most prominent being Tank, Attacker, and Support.
  • The best Tank Esper is Donar, also known as Thor.
  • The best Attacker Esper is Lin Xiao.
  • The best Support Esper is Cecilia.
  • Dislyte has a variety of Espers with unique abilities, a complete list of ranked Espers can be found in the Dislyte Espers Tier List guide.

It gets a little confusing even for the pro players to decide which character they should go for. For this purpose, tier lists could help you a lot. But before that, let’s find out exactly what Espers are to make things a little easier for you. If you’re a beginner, make sure to go through our Dislyte beginner’s guide and Dislyte codes to know better. 

What are Espers in Dislyte

Dislyte is a relatively new game that features heroes or characters called Espers. These Espers are meant to protect the world from supernatural creatures and threats. All the Espers have different powers that could help you fight the enemies.

For many people, the question of what are Espers could be confusing, but they are nothing different than regular heroes in games. However, they are a lot more exciting with unique superpowers.

There are times when things will get a bit tricky because, at certain levels, the opponents are pretty tough. So, for that, the best option you have are helper Espers. These Espers are the friends that you add to the game.

Helper Espers are one of the types of Espers, and they are in the game just so they could help you. Whenever you are in a difficult situation, you can just summon these Espers, and they will help you fight your opponents.

You can also make a complete squad where all the Espers would have different duties. And, your Esper would be ranked according to its performance in the squad. Another thing that helps determine which Espers are great is high stars and ratings. So, let’s get in and find out more about the ranking of Espers.

Types of Espers in Dislyte

There are a whole lot of types of Dislyte Espers. However, three types are most prominent, and the Espers belonging to these types usually rule the game. If you have the best Espers of all three of these types, you certainly are bound to win.

Are you excited to know about the top 3 types of Dislye Espers? Let’s get into it. Also, consider reading our Dislyte 3-Star Tier list


The purpose of tank Espers is to receive an attack from the enemies and withstand it. Tanks are more or less like a shield to the rest of your team. If you don’t have a strong tank, your team will suffer greatly.

So, it is important to be prepared and keep a strong tank just so you can be prepared in case of any attacks from enemies. Also, the best Tank you can find in Dislyte is Donar, who is also called Thor. It is mainly because the Esper is a perfect shield and is strong enough to convert DEF into damage in no time.


Make sure to pick the finest of Espers for this category. If your attacker Espers are not good enough, then you won’t be able to dominate the game. The duty of attackers is to cause great damage to the enemies and to defeat them really quickly.

The Esper you need to pick for this type should have massive damage capability, more or less like Lin Xiao. The aim of the attacker is also to lower the DEF of the enemies, so pick according.

Also, remember if your attacker is not strong enough, the tank cannot win the game all on its own.

Picking suitable attackers might sound a little tricky but just go for the ones with a very high damage per second rate.


Support is also a very important role when it comes to Dislyte. There are times in the game when you don’t need a shield or attack but just revival or a little more life. A support Esper can certainly help you in the regard.

You don’t need to have an overwhelmingly fancy support Esper because Cecilia or other average ones would also do the deed. But, just make sure that your support has enough power to revive you and your teammates. Most support Espers also provide minor healing but don’t go for them because that healing is not going to help you in the long run.

Dislyte Best Espers- 2022

All the Espers in the Dislyte game have one quality or the other. So, jotting down the Dislyte best Espers could be slightly tricky. Here, we present you with some favorite Espers in Dislyte among the gaming community.

However, if you want the complete details of all the Espers in Dislyte raked according to their capabilities, then you must check out our Dislyte Espers Tier List guide.

Dislyte Best Espers
Dislyte Characters


  • Role: DPS
  • Power: Inferno
  • Skills: Iron Fish, Flames of Fury, Fire Palm

Lewis is truly a perfect DPS Esper in Dislyte. He can deal an insane amount of damage to a single target which makes him a perfect match for the sturdy bosses in the game. Lewis’s Skills come with plenty of attacking buffs such as C.damage and Crate. The damage-boosting abilities cannot be ignored as they can prove quite useful to escape critical situations. He can be a suitable option in Point Wars too.

Lewis is more experienced in dealing damage to one single target rather than targeting a horde of enemies, as his Fire Palm and Rage Avatar abilities deals lethal damage to one specific target in a short period of time. Rage Avatar can grant a boost in attacking damage which is equal to the lost HP.


  • Role: DPS, DEF Down, AoE, Immunity
  • Power: Wind,
  • Skills: Broadside, Wavebreaker, Rush

Gabrielle is no doubt one of the Best Characters in Dislyte with the most prominent powers. The gingered-haired Esper can dominate on the battlefield by supporting its allies. Gabrielle is not only a support unit but can also be placed on the front lines as her attacking powers are considerable as well.

Gabrielle in Dislyte has three basic skills and one captain skill. This Esper is widely used because of her three most useful abilities, which prove quite helpful in many situations to change the outcome of battles.  


  • Role: Remove Debuff, Immunity, Healer, ATK Up        
  • Power: Flow
  • Skills: Light Call, Universal, Ode to Joy

While talking about offensive Espiers with aggressive abilities, we cannot leave the healing units behind. Sally is a healer Esper that possesses the ability to provide backup to its allies by reducing the enemy attack damage.

The most dominant “Ode To Joy” has the ability to absorb all casted damage and provide healing in return so the friendly units can get back on the battlefield.

Ye Suhua

  • Role: Healer, Support, ATK Down, ATK Up, Invincibility, DEF Up
  • Power: Shimmer
  • Skills: Stardust, Astral Guardian, Star Dancer

Ye Suhua is an attacking Esper as well as a support Esper with the unique ability to make a target ally invincible by absorbing all the damage.

The famous Star Dancer ability of Ye Suhua gives the ATK Up and DEF Up buff to her allies. The Astral Guardian ability is the most prominent perk of the Esper as it allows to cast invincibility to the ally by providing healing at a double rate and a bonus rejuvenation if the HP of an ally is less than half.


  • Role: Support
  • Power: Wind
  • Skills: Guardian Vine, Wrath of the World, Earth’s Blessing

Support Espers are quite popular in Dislyte as they are the backbone of the team. Sienna is another support Esper who has the ability to provide a healing shield to her allies. She can also provide an ATK Up and SPD Up buff to the entire team when needed.

The Guardian Vine ability allows her to increase her AP along with the entire team. The Blessing ability enhances the ATK and SPD of her allies. The Wrath of the World allows her to inflict stun upon enemies and clear their AP. All these abilities are quite useful in serious battles.


The Dislyte Espers are one of their kind, and the best thing about them is that they are a lot. So, you can always mix and match to make your perfect squad. But, make sure to pick the best ones if possible.

You can only win the game if you are competitive enough and have a well-rounded team. So, instead of putting extra effort into the game, you can also put some effort into your team building.

And our tier list can help you a lot with making a complete and comprehensive team. So, have fun playing the game!

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