Dislyte Fabrice: Esper Fusion, Skills & Relic Sets

This guide explains how to get Dislyte Fabrice through the fusion process, character description, skills, relic sets, and much more.

Dislyte involves a turn-based aspect, and you have more than 60 characters to explore, upgrade and even fuse to form new characters. These characters are known as espers. They belong to different time phases. For example, Drew Belongs to the ages-old era of Egyptian gods, and Tang Yun seems like an esper who came from the future. However, this guide is all about wealthy Dislyte Fabrice. If you are new, consider going through Dislyte Guide For Beginners. 

Key Takeaways
  • Dislyte Fabrice is a costly support esper character in the game.
  • Acquire him by using the Esper Fusion feature in the War Room by using weaker espers and gold.
  • Comprehensive support esper with great attack, healing, immunity, invincibility, and action point boosts.
  • Requires 4 espers at phase four and 20,000 gold to acquire.
  • Skills include inflicting damage, recovery, immunity, invincibility, and restoring action points.
  • A good candidate for the Captain role.

Esper Fusion In Dislyte

Dislyute Fabrice
The Support Esper, Fabrice

Let’s checkout the stats of Fabrice in Dislyte:

(lvl 1-60)
(lvl 1-60)
(lvl 1-60)
(lvl 1-60)
(lvl 1-60)
(lvl 1-60)
RESIST. (lvl 1-60)
4 StarSupportWind3,288 - 14,819172 - 781214 - 96210010%150%20%

Let’s try to understand this with an example. Suppose you want a luxury car like the Rolls-Royce Phantom. What will be the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably you would think that can I afford it or how much would it cost. Or maybe you will think would it be wise to spend that kind of money on a car.

In the same way, Dislyte Fabrice is among the expensive characters who could take a massive chunk of your game’s resources. However, the character he possesses and the skills he offers make him worth spending those resources.

You will find a tab named esper fusion in the war room. You can consider the war room to be where you trade using the barter system. In a barter system, things are used instead of money.

You can use weaker espers as currency or resource in this war room to get a better one. But this war room is available after reaching level 25. 

If you have reached level 25, you are good to go. To get Fabrice in Dislyte, you need four espers; all ascended to phase four, and 20,000 gold. These four espers include; Berenice, Wind Esper, Inferno Esper, and Flow Esper. Here, we have a tip for you.

Only at level thirty can an esper ascend phase four. So make sure that your esper is at least three stars because a two-star esper can only reach level 20, and a three-star esper can’t exceed level 30 due to the cap.      

Fabrice Character Information

Dislyte Fabrice
Fuse a few espers and gold to get Fabrice

He is among the wealthiest characters who use the power of the god Freyr. He is not a healer, but he can provide buffs that can give healing to the allied espers. His aptitudes make him a top priority as a support esper in every team. Dislyte Fabrice is a comprehensive support esper with an incredible attack, healing, immunity, invincibility, and action points boost.

You must be wondering about his skills. Well, he temporarily offers invincibility to a single ally and increased immunity to the entire team. Also, he restores the ally’s action points while providing increased attack benefits. The rich-looking dude with exceptional capabilities is fun to play with and can prove to be lethal when world peace is at stake.

Fabrice Skills In Dislyte

His skills are as impressive as his outlook. His aptitude ranks him among the best espers in Dislyte. He can inflict significant damage, and some skills offer great merits to the team. He can grant recovery to his teammates. Moreover, he can provide immunity and invincibility to his teammates. Due to these skills, he is a good candidate for being the captain.  

Glorious Aura

Indeed, Fabrice in Dislyte has a glorious and magnetic aura. This skill enables him to deal Damage equal to 110% of the attack to one enemy. He can grant recovery to a team member with the lowest health points for one turn.

  • Level 2, Damage increased to 95%
  • Level 3, Damage increased to 100%
  • Level 4, Damage increased to 105%
  • Level 5, Damage increased to 110%

Love Sonata

Due to this skill, Dislyte Fabrice can provide 100% of action points to one teammate. But, the Cooldown takes three turns.

  • Level 2, He grants 60% action points
  • Level 3, He grants 80% action points
  • Level 4, He grants 100% action points
  • Level 5, Cooldown is reduced by one turn

Autumn Butterflies

Weird name for a skill, but the abilities offered through this skill are extraordinary. He can grant invincibility to a teammate for one complete turn and provides immunity to all allied espers for two turns. However, the Cooldown takes three turns, reduced to two turns at level two.   

Captain Ability

Few espers outrank others for captain role due to their captain ability. Every character is unique and has a specific skill set. They might be powerful, but captain ability defines whether an esper should be entitled as a captain or not. Indeed, this esper can prove to be a great captain as he increases the Resist of all allied espers by 30%. You must be wondering what is resist.

Well, the chance for a target to block an incoming or ongoing status effect. The chance increases with the increase in resist rating.

His captain ability and other skills make him a perfect candidate to be considered as a captain. Because he can provide support to all the allied espers whenever needed. Apart from that, he can inflict significant damage to the opponent.

Therefore we recommend assigning Dislyte Fabrice a captain role in your team. Now, you know all about Fabrice’s skills, so we suggest going through similar guides like Dislyte Ripples and Dislyte Point War Farming Guide. 

Recommended Relic Sets For Fabrice In Dislyte

Dislyte Fabrice
Recommended Gear Sets For Fabrice

Relics or gear sets are excellent sources of boosting your esper’s abilities. They are not available at the initial stages of the game. As you level up, you start to unlock relics. Some players ignore the relics, but they are vital to enhance the performance of your character and, ultimately, the team.

However, there are six slots in total. So you need to be wise while choosing the relics for your character. Here, we recommend a few relics for Fabrice. To know more about relics, go through our Dislyte Relic Guide.

Relic Set One

This set contains two gear sets. Firstly, Neptunian waves. This set helps your esper cooldown faster. This relic is not limited to just one ability or skill, and It works on all the abilities of your character. Neptunian waves grant a 35% increased chance of reducing all ability cooldowns by one turn after the ability is used.

Secondly, relic set one contains an adamantine set. This set is specific to health points. But it provides more health points to all allied espers. This relic set will grant a shield at the start of the battle, which will last for two turns. Also, this shield will be equal to 20% of maximum health points.  

Relic Set Two

This relic set also contains two gear sets. Firstly, Neptunian waves. We have considered adding Neptunian waves in this set as well. The reason is that it’s a great gear to bring to Cooldown turns down so that your esper’s abilities can be used more often.

Secondly, Master grove set. This set grants additional health points. If you have the experience of playing Dislyte, you must know how vital health points are. This relic set increases the health points for your character by 20%.

Best Fabrice Playstyle Tips

Fabrice is a must-have character who can deal with lethal Damage and provide a boost to the speed and attack of allied espers. You should take some time to fuse espers and get Fabrice in Dislyte.

He is a great support esper, but you should fuse him to get Gabrielle as soon as you can because Gabrielle is a stronger esper with much more to offer. Before going further, check out Dislyte Clubs and Dislyte Divine Waves.

The fastest way to improve the esper’s level is through story mode. Start from the practice mode and take your character to the highest zone level. Another method to level up your esper is through waves. Make sure you are playing at difficulty level six.

Soon, you reach the maximum level of the esper, depending on his star rating. On the other hand, don’t underestimate the significance of relic sets. They are vital for your team’s efficiency and boost the aptitude of all allied espers.

Congrats! Now, you have complete information about Dislyte Fabrice. This guide explained how to get Fabrice through the fusion process and his character description. Furthermore, it explained the skills offered by him and how they can be beneficial for the entire team.

Also, we explained and recommended a few relic sets and gave you tips regarding the playstyle. We hope all your questions are answered. In the end, we suggest similar guides like Dislyte Tier List and Dislyte Reroll Guide,

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