Dislyte Floor 100: Team Composition & Strategies

Dislyte is a mobile game developed by Lilith Games with complex mechanics, which may confuse a lot of gamers. It is a role-playing game with amazing visuals and graphics, and it is set in a futuristic urban mythological world.

The main quest in this game is to travel on the vast areas of the game while fighting enemies and bosses. You will also have to complete Floors, with or without your teammates. However, Floor 100 in Dislyte needs special and therefore is the attention of our guide. 

Key Highlights
  • The main quest is to travel and fight enemies and bosses while completing Floors, with a focus on Floor 100.
  • Includes various characters and features such as Path to Mystery, Trainee Milestones, Stamina System, Courses, and Trials.
  • Trials mode is where players focus on gaining rewards and leveling up, consisting of five different dungeons: Cube Miracle, Ritual Miracle, Ripple Dimension, Sonic Miracle, and Infinite Miracle.
  • Cube Miracle is a feature that opens every two days and has a labyrinth-like space with different floors and unstable tiles.
  • Ritual Miracle is the best place to farm different types of relics for Espers to equip and includes three different bosses with different difficulty levels.
  • Ripple Dimension is a new game mode where players have a chance to start a random boss fight and collect hero ripples to summon Espers.

Trials in Dislyte

Dislyte: Trials
Trials in Dislyte

This is a mode in Dislyte where most of the players focus on gaining rewards and leveling up. It consists of five different dungeons: cube miracle, ritual miracle, ripple dimension, sonic miracle, and most importantly, an infinite miracle.

All of these trials have different ways of completion along with different levels and rewards. These are great sources of farming and can level you up faster without making you feel bored.

Cube Miracle

Dislyte's Cube Miracle
Cube Miracle

This feature opens every two days, and you will find it open during those days. It has a space like a labyrinth consisting of different floors, and the highest floor, which is currently accessible, is the third.

Espers are free to wander around the maze while defeating defenders. They can also guard the end of the space, and if they wish, so they can proceed further. There are eight tiers in total; once tier 1 is explored, the cube mirror will be upgraded to Tier 2 with a higher difficulty.

You can read the Dislyte Best Espers guide to know which Espers you can go after and get an overall understanding regarding Espers in Dislyte.

You will need to be careful about stepping on tiles. They are extremely unstable in cube miracle, and once you step on them, other tiles of the same level will disappear after falling, leaving no path for return.

Remember that fallen the espers will not be able to fight again in a single exploration of cube miracle.

Ritual Miracle

Dislyte: Ritual Miracle
Ritual Miracle in Trials

You can read the Dislyte Ritual Miracle guide to understand this feature in detail. But to give you a gist of it, Ritual Miracle is arguably the best place for you to farm different types of relics for the espers to equip.

You will come across three different bosses in Ritual Miracle, each providing you with different sets of relics.

Remember that each boss has a different difficulty level, and depending on that, you will get the drop. If the difficulty level is higher, the drop will be better, and so more energy will require to begin the battle.

  • Kronos has Astral Witchcraft, a War Machine, Sword, Adamantine, Master Grove, Avatara, and Wind Walker.
  • Apep has Abiding Panacea, Fiery Incandescence, Apollo’s Bow, Hades, and Stoneveins.
  • Fafnir has Snow Dowager, Hammer of Thor, Tyranny of Zeus, The Light Above, Immensus Peak, and Enchanter.

Ripple Dimension

Dislyte: Ripple Dimension
Ripple Dimension in Trials

It is a newly introduced game mode in Dislyte. When you are doing raids in the game through Sonic Miracle or Ritual Miracle menu, you will have a chance to start a random boss fight known as the Ripple Dimension dungeon.

If you are able to defeat the boss, you will get hero ripples. Once you collect enough fragments, you will be able to summon the respective Esper.

There are certain principles in Ripple Dimension that you need to remember. The aggregation of specific wave energies in close proximity will cause the emergence of the Ripple Dimension. You will have to explore and destroy the Phantasms within the proximity to collect Esper Ripples. Each dimension will give you up to 5 Esper Ripples.

Once you have discovered a Ripple Dimension, you will have only 60 minutes, after which it will vanish into the aether. We recommend you to be hasty as any Ripple Dimension you discover will be shared with your friends immediately and after 15 minutes to all other Espers on the World Channel.

These dimensions are unstable and can only tolerate up to 20 Espers at a time, so be there early. Read the Dislyte Ripples guide to understand the mode.

Infinite Miracle

Finally, in the Infinite Miracle, you have to use your Esper hero to fight against different enemy comps, climb on the ladder, and get a lot of rewards which include Gold Records, Spirimon, Starimon, high-quality relics, and more.

You can get a lot of valuable resources through this, which will help you in many situations. The Dislyte Trials mode contains Spatial Tower and Temporal Tower. There are 100 floors to defeat in Spatial Tower and 50 Floors in Temporal Tower.

Spatial Tower

Now that you know all the trials in Dislyte let’s focus on Spatial Tower in our guide so you can complete Dislyte’s Floor 100. The Spatial Tower consists of 100 levels in total. Once you clear a level, you receive a reward depending on difficulty and unlock the next level. You will also get a huge reward after completing every ten floors.

Remember that each floor in Spatial Tower can be challenged once; you will not get an option of reattempting it after clearing. Also, in Spatial Tower, friend assist is unavailable.

Since Spatial Tower is one of the main career modes in Dislyte, you have to complete it even if you don’t feel like it. It is not that complicated if you have a sufficiently powerful team composition. You can complete the early floors through automatic mode, but after floor 80, you might need to put in the effort.

However, Floor 100 in Dislyte is obviously complicated, so you need to know how to beat the final boss through the guide.

Spatial Tower Rewards

Although each level has its own reward, as mentioned earlier, you get a special reward once you complete 10 floors. The Special rewards will be:

  • 10: Gold Record x1
  • 20: 4-star Starimon
  • 30: Gold Record x2
  • 40: Epic Spirimon x2
  • 50: Gold Record x2
  • 60: 5-star Starimon x2
  • 70: Gold Record x3
  • 80: 6-star Wind Walker Set
  • 90: Gold Record x3
  • 100: Lucas

How to Complete Floor 100 in Dislyte

You will come across Phobetor: the final boss on floor 100. You will need to focus on first taking out the minion, which will be on your right side; otherwise, it will reduce your health substantially over time. Once you take down the minion on the right, the battle will start to feel easier.

You will see that the minion has shields, and once they are up, clear them as soon as possible. Those shields will help the boss in restoring health and deal deadly damage. If you clear the shield, the boss will no longer absorb from it and, therefore, not deal any damage.

The minion on the left is not as annoying as the one on the right. So, it is not necessary to take out the left minion. However, if the left minion takes out shields, then you will have to remove them as soon as possible otherwise, the boss will absorb them.

Who is Phobetor in Dislyte?

Before beating the boss, let’s see what abilities the boss possesses and what to expect while battling against him. To start off, Phobetor deals damage through a set rotational attack pattern making him predictable.

You can use three strategies to battle against Phobetor. The most common one is only focusing on Phobetor while attacking and ignoring his followers until and unless he applies a Life Shield on his followers.

After which, the team focuses on taking out the shield of its followers before it takes its second turn. Once that is dealt with, the team continues to attack Phobetor.

Phobetor’s Skills

This guide explains the boss of Floor 100 in Dislyte has 3 main skills which he will use to give you a tough time.

  1. Animitta: It will allow him to attack an enemy two times with a chance of inflicting DEF Down for two turns.
  2. Howling Nightmare: it can attack four enemies along with a chance of reducing the target AP each time. It also gives DEF Up for two turns along with Life Shield to all his followers. In case you defeat all his followers, then the Life Shield will be used by himself.
  3. Restless Night: it will remove all the debuffs and attempts to absorb all Life Shield on the battleground. If the absorption is successful, he will attack all enemies thrice along with a chance of dispelling 1 buff at a time. He will also deal with an additional attack on a random enemy. The more Life Shield gets absorbed, the more damage is increased. However, if Life Shield is not absorbed, he will inflict Stun for 1 turn.

Phobetor’s Followers

Phobetor’s followers will have their own unique attacks, and once Phobetor applies a Life Shield buff on them, they gain new powers.

The follower on the right side will have Deadly Silence, in which it will attack Espers 2 times and has a chance to inflict ATK Down for two turns. If the followers get buffed by Life Shield, then it will also inflict health ceiling debuff that will reduce your Esper’s health. In the Ring of Terror, Phobetor’s attacks will recover some health while staying alive. It will also grant an extra ATK after death to Phobetor.

The follower on the left side will have Gruesome Nightmare, which will attack only one Esper but boost Phobetor’s AP. If it gets buffed by Life Shield, then it will be able to inflict Stun. The Lightning Ring will grant Phobetor an extra SPD while staying alive or an extra ATK after death.

Defeat Phobetor

Now that you know what to expect when you face Phobetor on Floor 100 in Dislyte, through this guide. There are other things that you need to consider so that your fight goes smoothly.

Requirements to Face Phobetor

Although you can go with any team composition to fight with Phobetor, victory will not be guaranteed. The basic requirements to ensure that you are the victor are

  • An Esper with an immunity buff
  • 1 or 2 Espers that will heal your team frequently
  • 1 or 2 Espers that are capable of dealing a high amount of damage. AoE abilities are preferable to maximize damage.

Phobetor’s Attack Pattern in Dislyte

It is a five-stage fight; as mentioned earlier, Phobetor deals damage through a set rotational attack pattern. It makes him predictable if you have faced defeat and are ready to fight him again.

The Pattern Phobetor will follow is:

Stage 1: He will use his ability 1: Animitta, which will attack an Esper two times along with a probability of inflicting DEF Down.

Stage 2: Phobetor will attack with his ability 2: Howling Nightmare, through which all of the Espers will be attacked by an AoE attack four times. He will also get DEF Up and give Life Shield to his followers.

Stage 3: He will use Animitta again, which is similar to Stage 1.

Stage 4: He will attack with his third ability: Restless Night. Depending on whether you broke his Life Shield or not, he will choose one of two options

  • If Life Shield is not broken on both followers, he will cleanse all debuffs in an attempt to absorb each Life Shield. It will also increase the damage he deals with. Then he will attack all Espers thrice with a chance to dispel 1 buff in each hit. He will also deal a devastating attack on one Esper.
  • If Life Shield is broken on both followers, he will inflict Stun for 1 turn.

Stage 5: This is a combination of all previous stages. He will use Animitta waiting for Howling Nightmare’s ability cool down, and then repeat Stage 3 and Stage 4.

Strategy for Dislyte Floor 100 

Dislyte Floor 100
Floor 100 in Spatial Tower

You can come up with many strategies to fight against Phobetor on Floor 100 in Dislyte; in our guide, each strategy will have its benefits and drawbacks. We have explained a couple of strategies along with their drawbacks, and they are as follows:

Focus solely on Phobetor throughout the fight. Divert your attention to his followers only when they get Life Shield buff. It will minimize the damage Phobetor deals and allow you to focus on a fast fight. However, it requires a lot of healing and damage; otherwise, it will be overwhelming for your team.

Another strategy is to focus on his followers before fighting Phobetor. Only hit the other followers when they get a Life Shield. It will reduce the negative effects and incoming debuffs.

So, you will only have to take out one Life Shield if one of his followers is dead. However, when a follower dies, Phobetor will gain an ATK increase, so you will be taking more damage from him, and it will require more heals.

The strategy is a combination of both. Focus on Phobetor and his followers simultaneously. It will reduce most debuffs and negative effects but create a lot of drawbacks. It is the most time-consuming method, and Phobetor will get the Life Shield if his followers are dead, so you will still need to break the shield. However, we don’t prefer this method.

Apart from these, the general strategy that you must keep is to target the right side first if Life Shield is up. It will reduce the chances of the negative effect of HP Ceiling from applying because if it activates, your Espers’ health will quickly reduce, allowing Phobetor and his followers to one-shot you.

Also, deal enough damage to the followers that the gold border buff disappears off the buff bar, which can be seen above their health bar. So, when Phobetor takes his turn, you will know that they will not have a Life Shield active.

Esper Recommendation for Dislyte Floor 100 

You can easily obtain these Espers for free, and we will recommend them for you to use against Phobetor on Spatial Tower’s Floor 100.

However, if you don’t have Espers that can apply Immunity Buff, you can also use Fabrice (Freyr) or Gabrielle (Njord). Moreover, if your Espers are not capable of buffing your team or sustaining some of the damage. We will recommend you look on World Chat for ripple dimensions of Ye Suhua (Shao Siming).

Although, we will recommend you to understand the gameplay rather than see the team composition for every battle. Read the Dislyte Best Teams guide to understand team compositions in depth.

Tips for Dislyte Floor 100

If you are still having trouble, perhaps there are some changes you need which may seem subtle. Upgrade your Relics, if you need stronger Relics, then farm them from Kronos and Apep. Keep at least two Espers who will be able to heal allies. Make sure that you unlock Ascension Phase 6 of your Espers. Keep at least two DPS Espers, one of them having AoE ability.

See if your Espers are Level 60 for the stats increase they gain. Also, choose an Esper that can provide increased health percent for Captain Ability. An example is Gabrielle (Njord), whose Captain Ability will increase allies’ health by 30%.

This is it from our guide, and now you will be able to complete Dislyte Floor 100 while having fun. This guide will also help you in understanding Trials and how you can complete them. Remember that everything relies on your team composition and the strategy you choose to attack with.

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