Dislyte Gabrielle: Unlock, Skills, Build & Relic

This guide entails everything you need to know about unlocking, recommended relics, and sets, skills, and ratings of Gabrielle in Dislyte.

To dominate your way through the lands plagued by mythological creatures and monstrosities in Dislyte, you’ll need powerful Espers. The Esper we’ll be showcasing today is Gabrielle, aka Njord. We’ll be covering all you need to know on how to unlock, recommended relics and sets, skills, and overall ratings of Gabrielle in Dislyte. So, without further Udo, let’s get started.

Key Highlights
  • Dislyte uses a Gacha system called Echo to summon rare Espers.
  • Unlocking Gabrielle, also known as Njord, through the Gacha system is difficult and not guaranteed.
  • There is a proper method for unlocking Gabrielle through the Esper Fusion feature in the War room, which unlocks at level 25.
  • To fuse Fabrice, a necessary step for unlocking Gabrielle, you will need a Phase 4 Ascended Bernice and Inferno, Wind, and Flow Espers also Ascended to Phase 4 with 20,000 Gold.
  • To fuse Gabrielle, you will need a Phase 5 Ascended Fabrice, and Inferno, Wind, and Flow Espers also Ascended to Phase 5 with 50,000 Gold.
  • Espers need to be at specific levels to be Ascended to certain phases.
  • To level up Espers quickly, use the practice stage of the highest level zone in the story mode.
  • To Ascend Espers, you will need to conquer the Guardians of Elemental Waves in Sonic Miracles.
  • You can use the game’s Multi-Battle system to simultaneously farm Divine Waves while leveling up Espers.

How To Unlock Gabrielle In Dislyte

Njord - Dislyte Gabrielle Guide
Basic lore about Gabrielle, aka Njord


Dislyte utilizes a gacha system that players of other gacha games like Genshin Impact will be familiar with. The game’s gacha system is known by the name Echo, which people can use to call forth the rarer Espers of the game. Summoning an Esper through rerolling in Dislyte can be a laborious process that doesn’t even guarantee the Esper you want, even after plenty of rerolls. Before reading further, why not read our Dislyte Tier List.

We know that this may have scared you a bit and snuffed out any hope you may have of unlocking Gabrielle. Well, don’t worry because there is a proper method of unlocking Gabrielle in Dislyte other than the gacha system. This process will be a laborious one as well, but if you stick with it, it will be worth it because Gabrielle in Dislyte is an absolute Behemoth.

Requirements for Unlocking Gabrielle

In the War room, you’ll find a tab called Esper fusion, which unlocks at level 25. In the Esper fusion tab, you sacrifice some of your weaker Espers to summon a rarer, more powerful Esper. Before we talk about unlocking Gabrielle, you have to fuse Fabrice from the Esper Fusion tab. Fusion of Fabrice is a mandatory step for unlocking Gabrielle.

To fuse Fabrice, you’ll need a phase four Ascended Bernice. Besides Bernice, you’ll also need an Inferno, Wind, and a Flow Esper, also Ascended to phase four with 20,000 Gold.

After you are done fusing Fabrice, you can fulfill the requirements necessary for the Esper Fusion of Gabrielle in Dislyte. To fuse Gabrielle, you’ll need phase five, Ascended Fabrice. Furthermore, you’ll be needing an Inferno, Wind, and a Flow Esper Ascended to phase five with 50,000 gold.

Before we get started on the Farming Tips, there is a crucial piece of information you need to know about Dislyte. To Ascend the Espers to phase 4, Espers need to be at level 30. Similarly, to Ascend the Espers to phase five, Espers need to be at level 40 and so on. In addition to that, Espers in Dislyte have level caps based on their star ratings. A 3-star rated Esper can be leveled up to level 30. Likewise, a 4-star rated Esper can be leveled up to level 40 and so on.

The reason for telling you all of this is to make you aware of the level caps. Leveling up Espers that wouldn’t have met the Fusion requirements would’ve wasted your entire grind. So, make sure you’re leveling up at least 3-star Esper for Fabrice’s fusion and 4-star for Gabrielle’s. Now that this is out of the way, let’s get started on how to farm the materials necessary for unlocking Gabrielle quickly.

Farming Tips To Get Gabrielle

Njord Fusion details
Gabrielle’s fusion requirements in Dislyte

The first thing you’ll be doing is leveling up the Espers. Make sure that you have multiple copies of the Esper you are about to level up since sacrificing a unique Esper for fusion isn’t worth it. The fastest way to level up your Espers is through the practice stage of the highest level zone of the story mode. Each zone in the story mode has a practice stage that unlocks after clearing its first five stages. The higher the difficulty of the practice stage, the better.

The second thing you’ll need are waves that are necessary to Ascend your Espers. To get them, you’ll need to conquer the Guardians of Elemental waves in Sonic Miracles. Make sure you are fighting them on at least difficulty level six, which essentially guarantees an elite wave, which is necessary for higher phases of Ascension. Each Guardian is associated with a different element and appears on a different day. So, make sure you are conserving your energies for the right days and bosses.

Our most useful tip here is that you utilize the game’s Multi-Battle system. This lets you have another battle run in the background while you grind in a separate mod. So, you can let another party of your Espers fight the Guardians in the sonic miracles for farming Divine Waves while you level up your Espers in the practice stages.

Another important tip is to use the Hades set on your Espers. Hades set gives the Espers a life-steal ability, which can be extremely useful for farming the mythological creatures on higher difficulties.

Gabrielle Skills and Stats

This gingered-haired Esper is one of the Best Characters in Dislyte. Gabrielle is not only an absolute monster as a support unit but can also be deployed on the front lines as a decent attack unit as well. Gabrielle in Dislyte has three basic skills and one captain skill. These skills can be crucial for turning the tides of battle in your favor.

So let’s take a look at one of Dislyte’s most versatile support units.


Gabrielle in Dislyte
Gabrielle’s Wavebreaker skill at maximum level

Wavebreaker is Gabrielle’s single-target ability. At level one, Wavebreaker deals damage to a target equal to 100% of her base attack while also inflicting an additional 0.45% of attack per point of speed.

Additionally, the damage to this skill can be upgraded to 110%,120%,130%, and 140% at skill levels 2,3,4, and 5, respectively.


Njord's Broadside skill
Gabrielle’s Broadside skill at max level

Taking a look at Gabrielle’s AOE attack, Broadside lets her unleash a barrage of attacks at each enemy three times while dealing damage equal to 70% of her base attack. Moreover, there’s a 40% chance she causes her enemies to lose defense for 2 turns.

Additionally, the damage of her attacks can be increased up to 80% at skill level 4. Gabrielle’s Broadside ability has a cooldown of 4 turns after usage, which can also be reduced by one turn at skill level 5.


Njord's Rush Skill
Gabrielle’s Rush skill at max level

Rush is Gabrielle’s most devastating ability in Dislyte. Upon casting Rush, it blesses all the party members with immunity and an increased defense for two turns. Forbye support, Rush also deals damage equal to 90% of her base attack while also causing “Attack down” on enemies for a total of 2 turns.

Additionally, the damage of her attack can be increased up to 100% at skill level 4. Her Rush attack has a cooldown of 5 turns, which can also be reduced by a total of 2 turns by raising the skill level to 5.

Captain Ability

Captain abilities are special buffs applied when the chosen Esper with the ability is granted the leader role during party setup. The Captain ability of Gabrielle lets her increase the total HP of all allied Espers by 30%.

Gabrielle’s Ascension Stats

All Espers in Dislyte have six Ascension phases, with each phase granting an additional ability or an extra buff on an already existing ability.

At Ascension phase one, Gabrielle gets an HP increase of 950, prolonging her stay on the battlefield. Ascension phase 2 raises her defense by 70, while Ascension phase 3 grants an additional buff to her Rush ability, giving it a 60% defense increase. Moreover, she gets a 10% Hp increase,15% accuracy increase, and a +10 speed increase at Ascension phases 4,5, and 6 respectively.

Gabrielle Build in Dislyte

As you progress through Dislyte you’ll start unlocking various gear sets for your Espers. These sets help in providing an additional increase to the various states of your Espers. Espers in Dislyte have six gear slots.

You are welcome to equip your Espers with any set you find the best, but below is a list of our recommended gear sets for Gabrielle in Dislyte.

Wind Walker Set x4 and Adamantine Set x2

The Wind Walker set increases Gabrielle’s speed by 25%. This can give a massive boost to her Wavebreaker attack because Wavebreaker scales with speed stat. We recommend combining the Wind Walker set with the Adamantine Set because it gives it will let her start the battle with all allies blessed with a shield equal to 20% of their max HP.

This build will give her up to a 45% increase in accuracy, making her chances of missing attacks lower. Wind Walker set is obtainable by defeating Kronos, and the Adamantine set can be acquired by defeating Apep. Both of these bosses can be found in Ritual Miracles.

Wind Walker Set x4 and Master Grove Set x2

The catch to Wind Walker and Adamantine set is that some bosses can render the opening ability of Adamantine useless by stripping the entire team of their buffs. Windwalker and Master grove set can be helpful in this scenario.

Master Grove set offers an additional 20% health to Gabrielle’s overall HP, making her last a little longer against buff stripping bosses. Conquering Fafnir in Ritual Miracles will grant you a Master grove set.

Recommended Relics For Gabrielle in Dislyte

Gabrielle in Dislyte
Gabrielle with various relics equipped

Similar to gear sets, you can equip your Espers with Relics that can raise various attributes of your Espers. Each character has three different relic slots, which you can equip them with. Following are our recommendations for the best relics for Gabrielle. Also, consider reading our Dislyte Relic Guide and learn about Relic sets, quality, types & farming methods in the game.


The relic type is represented by a circular symbol, and the stat perks you get out of Una II are fixed, but they usually are either a critical rate, critical damage, ATK, ATK%, DEF, DEF%, HP, or HP% stat bonus increase.

For Gabrielle, UNA II will give her a significant HP and defense Boost.


All Una IV relics are square-shaped, and the attribute can either be an ATK, ATK%, DEF, DEF% HP, HP%, ACC, or RESIST. 

This relic will give an additional boost to Gabrielle’s HP, defense, and accuracy. 


This relic is represented as a spade, and you can get fixed attributes from; ATK, ATK%, DEF, DEF%, HP, HP%, and SPD.

This relic will raise Gabrielle’s speed stat.

Overall Gabrielle Ratings In Dislyte  

Gabrielle, as already explained, is an exceptionally great Esper. We have compiled a list of how this Esper performs against different Bosses and in different zones of Distlyte. This will help you in judging the overall capabilities of this Esper.

  • Story Progress: S
  • Cube Miracle: S+
  • Kronos: A-
  • Apep: S
  • Fafnir: S+
  • Point War (Defense): S+
  • Point War (Attack): S+
  • Infernis: S
  • Windstriker: SS
  • Flowrunner: A
  • Shimmerer: A

This concludes our guide on Gabrielle. Let us know what you think about the guide in the comments below.

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