Dislyte Guide For Beginners: Everything To Know

Our Dislyte Guide entails everything all beginners need to know about the game & must try all the options we entailed to level up faster.

Dislyte recently opened its global server to the player base and is based on mythological aspects combined with urban futurism and intense combat, all packed into a turn-based combat system. Players can start fresh or simply decide they want to reroll until they get their hands on a better character through the Gacha. Nonetheless, this Dislyte Guide will cover all there is to know as a complete beginner so that you can start right! With the best Dislyte Characters that players can access, the game itself is a masterpiece!

Key Takeaways
  • Dislyte is a role-playing action game, which allows a player to live in an imaginary world. Your main objective is to travel across the futuristic world and defeat the foes who come your way.
  • The game was released globally on May 10, 2022. It was published by Farlight and developed by Lilith Games.
  • Dislyte will require around 35 hours of playing if you wanna finish the game early, however, if you want to cover every aspect of the game, it will take you approximately 46 hours to complete the game.
  • The game is from role-playing and pop fantasy genres of games.
  • The rating for this game is:
    • Google Play 4.25/5
    • Common Sense Media 3/5

Beginner’s Guide For Dislyte Players

Players that are just started might be stuck in a rut, and since Dislyte is such a resource-intensive and grindy game, players must know what the user interface is like and how everything operates. Therefore for absolute beginners, our guide will uncover every icon and every corner of the interface to provide full details. With that, let’s get started! 

Bonus Icon Overview 

Dislyte Bonus Icon
Bonus Icon Overview

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After Dislyte beginners have completed rerolling or started a new account, if you look into the top left-hand corner, you will notice an icon with two small arrows pointing up. If players click on it, it will display a “Bonus Overview” that lasts for thirty days after starting a new account. 

It will say “Esper XP +100%,” which means that the player’s collective XP will be increased by 100%, allowing players to level up a lot faster and get through the content with ease. This is perfect for players that would rather speed run content than just take it slow and enjoy the gameplay.  

Compass Icon 

Dislyte Compass Icon

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Right next to the shield, there is a compass icon; upon clicking it, it will open up a “Rookie Resources Finder’s Guide,” essentially four tabs, one being a gold card (the slip needed to roll character), nexus crystals (gems needed to buy gold cards), gold (basic currency for Dislyte) and another tab for Relics (artifacts equipped to characters known as Espers). 

Apart from that, it will show how and where to farm those respective things, such as to farm gold cards, players can do Courses, Story Stages, Path to Mastery, etc., whereas gold players can do practice stages. Nexus crystals can be farmed through the bounties, story stages, courses, or achievements and can help beginners in Dislyte get to know more about the surface aspect. 

Events Tab 

Dislyte Events Tab
Events Option

Moving right along with the guide for beginners in DIslyte, the Event Tab is crucial since it has a few tabs, one of them being the M-pass, which is essentially a Battle Pass awarding several resources to players upon reaching certain levels. Path to Mastery is another tab that will give players tasks to complete over five days, rewarding them with a four-star Lynn

It will also feature the Trainee Milestones and several other events tabs that players can access and either complete certain tasks or simply complete missions to gain extra resources, which are crucial to progress through the game. 

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Path To Mastery 

Dislyte Path to Mastery
Path to Mastery Option

From the same events tab, the main important tab that players need to look into is the Path to Mastery which rewards players with a free four-star character known as Lynn, who is crucial for Free-to-play players. There are 5 days, amongst which there are four main tasks to complete each day. 

Not only will the task-completion reward things like Gold cards, nexus crystals, Experimons (experience points needed to level Espers up), and Relics (artifacts, as mentioned before), but it also helps players get a feel for a new account and work their way through the game. 

Trainee Milestones 

Dislyte Trainee Milestones
Trainee Milestones Option

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Going right along with the Dislyte Guide, this tab is again crucial for players, and basically, what it is is “Level-up rewards.” As players work their way through the story content and get a sense of what’s going on in the storyline and combat, they will start to level up their rank. 

Level 7 will grant players a gold record, and a few experimons, while level 15 will give players a few nexus crystals, abilimons (experience needed to level up abilities), and experimons. Level 20 will grant players extra gold records, stamina packs, and more three-star abilimons. The higher the player levels up in the game, there are better the rewards, which greatly helps Dislyte beginners level up faster. 

Stamina/Energy System

The next thing that we will cover is the Energy Systems, and essentially for beginner Dislyte players, it is the system on which the game itself operates. There is a set energy limit throughout the day, such as “80 Energy,” etc. Over the day, it will fill up. Every type of content in the game requires energy to access. Therefore players are advised to spend it cautiously. 

After the energy has been emptied, it will take a bit of time before it starts filling up again before it can be used. Another thing to note is that as the players level up, the energy limit will increase slightly, allowing players to access more content. It is essentially just a waiting game; after it reaches its limit, empty it and repeat the process. 


Dislyte Courses
Courses Tab

If players click on Missions, they will access “Courses,” which are essentially just tasks done to progress through the story content and gain rewards. Starting with Growth Plan, which contains tasks like “equip relics on character,” “complete boss on difficulty one,” “complete story 2-3,” etc., and will just help players get in touch with the game. 

After that, there are growth plans for nearly every piece of content in DIslyte, for dungeons like Ritual Miracle, Sonic Miracle, Star Promotion, Cube Miracle, Infinite Miracle, etc.; all of these have tasks and achievements after completing them, which help the player develop their account, which makes their efforts as a beginner in Dislyte all the more worth it. 


Dislyte Quests
Quests Tab

Going on another important aspect of the game is Daily Quests which have tasks like “complete any story stage,” “clear any ritual miracle stage,” “win any battle in point war,” etc., which will grant 20 points each, and players need to reach 100 points at the end of the day which will give them a few golds, BP points or even nexus crystals. 


Dislyte Achievements
Achievements Tab

This part of the game is self-explanatory, and it is just achievements. There are four tabs of certain achievements: growth, which is just progress and achieving certain milestones in the game that will reward stuff like gold, crystals, and abilimons. The next tab covers the Journey, essentially clearing Story stages and getting points. 

Diary and History will cover personal growth points such as leveling Espers, leveling their abilities, leveling their relics, and resonating them with dupes of characters, alongside also having the History tab, which covers lore aspects of the game. 

Starter Espers 

The next thing we would like to cover in our Dislyte beginner’s Guide is starter espers, which are characters that the players will start with. Just like the starter characters, players should also look into building Jacob, therefore make sure to read our Dislyte Jacob character guide and learn everything about it.


Starting things with Mona, who is essentially a four-star fighter, and she is one of the first characters that players will get when they form the game with a fresh account. Mona is not only strong, but she can take on several enemies in combat, whether it is just the beginning story stages or mid-game content. 

Her skill and ultimate ability are broken as hell, as it can shoot all five enemies that are in range, all the while being able to self-sustain pretty well. The best recommendation would be to invest in some Crit damage, crit rate, and resist or attack bonus relics to make her stronger in battle, making her viable for both Dislyte’s early-game and end-game players. 


Brynn is yet another starter character that players will get their hands on when they start the game. The biggest thing to know is that she’s a three-star character, and to be honest; she isn’t that great of a character; she is pretty much known as a “master of nothing,” which makes her pretty much only viable for early game content, as she falls off in end-game. Therefore Brynn is only useful for Dislyte beginners and not veteran players. 

Another character that players will get is Q (yes, that’s the name). He is supposed to be three-star support who can link and share damage between fellow Espers, all the while being able to grant certain buffs, and while he may be good for early-game, he is not that good for end-game either. Therefore, it is advised not to invest in him. 


Now, players who want to main any three-star starter unit should look into maining Drew, who is a fighter, and the more investment players put into him, the better he gets in battle. His ultimate ability is pretty strong, but he is also viable for end-game content. 


Regarding starter healers, Helena is a character, but that’s all she is. Her healing abilities are not good, she’s not good for combat, and she isn’t viable for mid-game content, let alone end-game. If you can, swap her out for Berenice or Chong Pu, who are much better supports than her. 

Character Interface 

Dislyte Character Interface
Character Overview

Now, let’s figure out what players will see when they open up their Esper screens. Firstly, S1, S2, and S3 are their 3 main abilities. Stats are also displayed on the main screen, alongside the “Profile,” where their extra skins appear. Under the profile as well, we have the “careers” button, which shows them leveled up and more context on the actual Esper. 

“Strategy” basically shows the three best-set recommendations, reviews of the characters, their overall performance, and if your friends have the Esper or not. Lock your characters so you don’t end up using them as fodder, which is one of the biggest mistakes players make as a new player in Dislyte

Character Relics 

Apart from the abilities tab, there is also another important tab known as “Relics,” which are essential pieces that you put onto your Esper to provide them with certain buffs, set bonuses, and just generalized enhancements that make them stronger in combat. Each Esper will require a 4 piece relic set and a 2 piece relic set respective to their role in battle. 

Character Growth 

Another important tab is Growth, which has three further sub-tabs known as “Ascension,” 

Growth” and Resonance.” Under the growth tab, you’ll have two tabs, “leveling” and “Ability,” both of which are level-ups for your character and ability enhancements that require experimons and abilimons. 

For Resonance, if you have dupes of the same character that you rolled through Gacha, you can fuse them and resonate them to get a stronger version of the same character. Lastly, Ascension offers 6 phases, each providing enhancements like HP increase, Defense increase, etc. This may not seem important for a complete beginner in Dislyte, but they must know the information as early as possible to take on enemies. 


Dislyte Trials
Trials Tab

Now, going on with our Guide, the next important place that players will be spending a lot of time in is Trials, which features five different dungeons, the infinite miracle, cube miracle, ritual miracle, sonic miracle, and ripple dimension. 

Infinite Miracle 

The Infinite Miracle is a 100-floor abyss type dungeon that players can work their way to. The higher the players go, the more difficult the enemies get, and obviously, the better the rewards will be. Players must participate since the 100th floor will offer a Legendary Esper to players. After the 100 floors are done, it converts to the Temporal Tower, which is essentially never-ending and works for both beginners in DIslyte and endgame players too. 

Cube Miracle 

Through the Cube Miracle, there are 8 difficulties, and the rewards are going to be “Relic Dust,” which allows payers to fuse and form their four-star, five or six-star relics, alongside also getting Cube Points which can be exchanged at the Cube Shop for several different abilimons, starimons, etc. 

Ritual Miracle 

The Ritual Miracle offers three bosses, Kronos, Apep, and Fafnir. With 10 stages of difficulty, players can progress at their own pace, with level 10 being the end-game most difficult stage of bosses. They can offer different relics and gold records as a reward and are, in general, more difficult than other Miracles. 

Sonic Miracle 

Now, players that need the six ascensions, which require the “Waves,” can be farmed in the Sonic Miracle by defeating four bosses, running from Shimmerer, Flowrunner, and two others. Yet again, the sonic miracle has 8 floors of difficulty, and the Waves will help players ascend their Esper and make them stronger. 

Ripple Dimension 

Last but not least, the Ripple Dimension grants the player the ability to farm actual Espers. 


Dislyte Expeditions
Expeditions Tab

Another important thing that Dislyte beginners need to do is send their characters out to Expeditions, which offers five different platforms. Each has an additional difficulty that players can access. One expedition will provide a nexus crystal reward, while others will provide gold, abilimons, etc. Note that expeditions can only be done for dungeons that players have already accessed. 


Dislyte Clubs
Clubs Option

The next big feature our Dislyte Beginner’s guide entails is a Club, which can be formed with your friends or joined by random strangers. It contains three daily tasks and one weekly task that players need to accomplish to gain Club Points, which can land Dislyte players gacha pulls, and network resources. There is also a club shop that players can access where they can spend their Club Points to purchase different items. 

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Dislyte Arena
Point War and PvP Arena

Now, for beginner players in DIslyte, the Arena is essentially a Casual way to challenge you and your friends to see how well-built your character is. You get the opportunity to select five of your teammates and go head-on with your friends and see who is the stronger one. There is no energy requirement and no rewards for the Arena.

Point War

Point war is essentially player versus player but controlled by the game, there will be a total of 20 cards that can accumulate over time, and at any one time, players can challenge five players one by one and see how they stand against them in battle. Point War has a “tier system,” going all the way up to tier 10, which allows the player to ascend the tier and gain rewards, which is again vital as a Dislyte newbie

DJ Contest 

DJ Contest
DJ Contest Option

Now, players who want to farm some gold and want to wind down can look into playing the DJ contest, which is just a “tap to the rhythm/beat” type of game, and it just awards the player with 40000 gold a day. While it is not crucial to do it, it is a great way for newer players to get comfortable with the playstyle of DIslyte. 


Bounties Option

With three bounty tickets a day, players can get nexus crystals, gold, and stamina packs for completing the bounties, which contain tasks like obliterating certain enemies, leveling certain Espers, and getting certain relics, all of which fall into the Dislyte guide that every player should not skip out on. 

We highly suggest that players aim for bounties that reward nexus crystals, as that is one of the premium currencies in the game, or aim for gold-giving bounties that will help players in many aspects of the game. 

War Room 

War Room
Relic and Esper Fusion

Now, veterans that have been on the beta servers for a while will know that the War room did not exist before; it essentially has two main categories, “Relic Fusion” and “Esper Fusion.” For relic fusion, the “Relic Dust” and “Relic Essence” that players got their hands on in the cube miracle can be used to form four, five, or six-star relics. The Relic dust or essence can be converted for one or the other. 

The same goes for Esper Fusion; you can use different dupe copies of Espers to fuse for a specific four and five stars legendary Esper, which is again deemed important for story progression and combat battles. Fabrice is one of the four stars that players want, and Gabrielle is the five-star Esper that players can fuse. 

Friends Tab 

Friends Option

The Friends Tab is your Friend list, but not just that. New players in Dislyte can also dispatch “Friend Assist” and gain friendship points as well, which can be exchanged for starimons, abilimons experimons, relics in the shop, and take help from your stronger friends, bring them along in battle and absolutely dominate. 


Shops Tab

Moving on, for Shops, there are a ton of shops that players can access, ranging from Tournament shops, Cube Shops, Club Shops, and Miracle Shops, where players can collect Club Points, Cube Points, or any other points, head on over to the shop and exchange them for different resources that are essential for Dislyte new players in order to level and gear up your Espers. 


Player’s Plaza

Last but not least, the Guide will cover a place that will typically only be visited by players that are wanting to spend money on the game itself. In the plaza, players can access resource packs, recharge packs, and basic and advanced supply packs, which can all be bought and used in-game. Players can also get 60 free energy each day from the shop and use it in dungeons or story progression. 

With that, we wrap up with our Dislyte Guide for beginners; let us know what you think in the comment down below! 

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