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Our Dislyte Wiki covers everything you need to know about the game including mission walkthroughs, builds, and farming guides.

Dislyte has complex mechanics that can confuse a lot of new players. Because of this, we have a set of published guides in our Dislyte Wiki that will help you navigate the game easily.

Key Highlights
  • Dislyte is a role-playing action game, which allows players to live in an unfamiliar world. Your main aim is to travel across the futuristic world and defeat foes in the game.
  • Dislyte is developed by one of the leading Mobile games companies in China called “Lilith Games”.
  • Dislyte is published by FARLIGHT and Lilith Games. It has over 70 heroes or “espers” in the game which makes it dun as it offers tons of players to choose from.
  • Dislyte was released on 10th, May 2022.
  • Dislyte’s Game Engine is “Unreal Engine 4”.
  • Dislyte is a pop fantasy RPG-type game. It has over 70 heroes or “espers” in the game which allows players to choose the best characters in order to defeat the foes and bosses.
  • As Dislyte is a mobile game, so it’s on all Android, and IOS devices, MOreover, if you are a PC player, you can play Dislyte by downloading a free Emulator on your PC.

Dislyte Wiki: Complete Walkthrough

A Comprehensive Dislyte Wiki Page

Dislyte is an RPG that boasts some of the best visuals and animations that you will ever see in a mobile game. The game is set in a futuristic urban mythological world. Your main quest in the game is to travel across different areas of the game, fighting enemies and bosses.

Along your journey, you will also find and unlock different Espers. These Espers will aid you in your quest and will fight beside you. You can also level up these Espers to unlock new skills or upgrade their current ones.

You can either play solo or with a party while you are facing different challenges. The game itself features different challenges and tasks that you will have to complete. Completing these tasks will help you earn different rewards and advance the main storyline. 

In addition to the main story, there are other daily and weekly quests that you can complete. These quests help you unlock items that will make progressing in the game easier.

However, all these mechanics can be difficult for players to follow. It is easy to get confused and make wrong decisions that will hinder your progress. Luckily for you, our Dislyte ultimate Wiki features different guides that will help you along your journey. These guides, if followed correctly, provide you with the following:

Breakdown of Basic Game Mechanics

When you decide to download and boot up Dislyte, a lot of game information will be thrown at you. This information comes in at a rapid pace and is difficult to follow. Because of this, a lot of players just skip this tutorial and rush into the game.

This can cause problems off the bat as some game mechanics are hard to follow. You need to spend some time researching them to get a better understanding of them. Things like Arenas, Clubs, Quests, Shops, Plaza, and Bounties can be overwhelming for new players.

It is difficult to wrap your head around these mechanics at the start of the game. Not understanding these mechanics can also negatively impact your overall experience. If you are facing similar issues at the start of the game, you can follow our Guide for Beginners mentioned in our Dislyte Guides.

This guide provides you with a brief introduction to all key in-game mechanics. It also discusses the best strategies that will help you start on the right foot and build a solid foundation.

Set of Pre-Register Rewards & Codes

If you managed to pre-register for Dislyte, you are also eligible for some amazing rewards. These rewards can help give you a great starting platform and can also help you make rapid progress.

However, various players find it difficult to claim these rewards. You are required to follow a series of steps properly to get these rewards. You will also have to register before you launch the game to become eligible for these rewards.

After you have performed all the steps, you will have to choose from different available rewards. During the early stage of the game, it is hard to identify which rewards are better than others. To avoid dealing with all these issues, you can follow our Dislyte Pre Register Rewards guide included in our Dislyte Wiki.

In addition to these pre-register rewards, the game also includes codes. You can enter these and obtain rewards like XP Boosters, Gold, Card Packs, and much more. There are a plethora of codes available that you can enter and claim the rewards.

Some codes have since expired and cannot be claimed anymore. You can learn all about this and more in our Dislyte Codes guide.

A Sequence of Lists Detailing the Best Espers

Espers are your main helpers in the game. As you make progress in the game, you can unlock and use different Espers. Each Esper also comes with different spells that make them viable in different situations.

It is important to understand which Espers are the best during the early stages of the game. If you manage to select your favorite Espers, you can spend your time only on them. Our Best Characters guide can help you out here.

It covers the top 10 Espers that you can go for in the game. This list will help you pick out the Espers that are best suited for your playstyle. Once you have selected the Espers you want to move forward with, you can focus on building and upgrading them.

Our Dislyte Guides Wiki also features a Tier List for all Espers. This list talks about and categorizes all Espers in the game. Consulting this list will help you make an informed decision about picking your Espers.

Similarly, we also have a Stars Tier List and a Best Espers list. Both these guides talk about some of the best Espers in the game in terms of different factors like DPS and Heal. You can follow these guides to go for the Espers that are best suited to your playstyle.

Strategy for Leveling & Promoting your Espers

When you have selected the best Espers for your playstyle, you must level them up. Leveling up an Esper unlocks new spells that you can use during fights. You can also upgrade your existing spells and improve their effects and timings.

However, leveling up your Esper can be difficult if you don’t have a clear idea regarding how to do it. Leveling up is extremely important as you will not be able to complete the advanced missions and stages without it.

There are a plethora of strategies that you can follow in Dislyte to Level up your Espers. Each strategy has varying degrees of success and complexity based on its effectiveness. You can go through our Best Leveling Guide for Espers to find a leveling strategy best suited for you.

Similar to Leveling, promoting your Esper is also extremely important. Esper star rating is the core component of your character. Promoting an Esper can improve their abilities and effectiveness in the game. It also improves their overall stats and attributes, which will make them more useful in different situations.

Our How to Promote Esper Star Rating guide goes through the entire promotion process step-by-step. It also talks about the different promotion types that exist and how promoting an Esper improves its abilities. You can learn about all this and more about the promotion process in this guide.

Deep Dive into Relics

As you level up your Espers and progress in Dislyte, you will get access to items called relics. Relics are different items that help boost your Espers. They can enhance different attributes like DPS, Healing and can help your Espers level up faster.

Relics offer up a large variety of benefits. These benefits include improved damage, Crit damage, heal, and other character attributes. Relics can be equipped in sets of two or fours, and you can pick different Relics for different Espers.

Picking the right Relics for your Espers is important as they can have a direct impact on a fight. You can learn more about these Relics and how to acquire and use them in our Relic Guide.

Look at The Best Character Builds

Once you have understood the leveling concept in Dislyte and acquired Relics, you can start on your character build. Dislyte features a large variety of Espers in the game. Each Esper can be built in a unique way to emphasize its different strengths. You can level up different spells and equip different relics to buff up your Espers.

However, with a large number of Espers in the game, it is easy to get these builds messed up. For this reason, our Dislyte Wiki features a plethora of build guides. These guides talk about the different spells, relics, and gear that the Espers can equip. They include;

Efficient Way to Unlock Espers

Rerolling is an important feature in every Gacha game that exists. It allows you to use a system to unlock different characters. The Reroll system is completely random, and you need to be extremely lucky to unlock rare characters.

Reroll in Dislyte works in the same way. You can perform a random reroll to unlock different Espers. Once an Esper has been unlocked, it can be promoted and leveled up to unlock new abilities.

As you make progress in the game, you need more characters that will help you get through some difficult areas. In that scenario, Rerolling can unlock different rare and hard to get characters at random.

However, similar to other Gacha games, you need to fulfill a series of requirements to take advantage of the Reroll system in Dislyte. To learn more about these requirements, you can go through the Reroll Guide mentioned in our Dislyte Wiki.

Guide for Creating or Joining a Club

Clubs are an important part of Dislyte. Clubs allow you to get together with your friends and complete different quests. The club system in Dislyte was made available during the early stages of the game and since then has been popular.

It allows you to complete tasks to earn points. These points can then allow you to unlock and purchase different rewards. These rewards can help you Promote your Espers and unlock new spells.

Additionally, you also get to play different daily and weekly quests. You can either play these quests solo, or you can join a party with your friends to unlock them. If you want to learn more about the Dislyte club system, you can read our Clubs guide.

Guide for Completing the Ripple Mode

The Ripple mode was made available for Dislyte players in an early update. This mode allows you to travel to different dimensions and fight various bosses and enemies. The main goal of the Ripple mode is to unlock new Esper Fragments.

Once you have collected the required amount of Fragments, you can use them to summon different Espers. The Ripple mode goes you a choice to travel five different dimensions. Each dimension has its own set of challenges that you need to complete.

Additionally, all Ripple Dimensions also feature some bosses that you need to face and defeat. Our Ripples guide provides a great overview of the entire game mode. It talks about all the dimensions you travel to and the enemies you face in brief detail.

However, if you are looking to learn about individual dimensions, our Dislyte Wikipedia has got you covered there as well. For instance, our Divine Waves guide talks about the Sonic Miracle Dimension. It also talks about the different bosses in that dimension and strategies you can implement to defeat them.

Similarly, our Ritual Miracle and Sonic Miracle guides cover these two dimensions and all the challenges that come with them. These guides provide you with all the help you need to complete the Ripple Mode.

Understanding of Different Game Functions

In addition to the various game modes and mechanics mentioned above, Dislyte also has other important game functions. These functions can help unlock rare Espers. They can also be used for farming different stages and unlocking rewards.

All these functions are important and can help you considerably in reaching the finish line and ending the game. Because of this, these functions have been covered thoroughly in our Dislyte Guides Wiki. They include;

Esper Fusion

The Esper Fusion feature is very important in Dislyte. It allows you to combine different Esper fragments to unlock newer and more powerful Espers. The Esper Fusion feature is located in the War Room and requires you to farm different elemental waves.

You need to be mindful about which Esper you are ascending, and you can only farm certain elemental waves on certain days. Esper fusion can be used to unlock different 4-star and 5-star Espers.

Another good thing about Esper Fusion is that you can unlock these characters regardless of whether you are a new player or a veteran. You can learn more about the Esper Fusion mechanic in our Esper Fusion guide.

Point War Farming

Point War is another game mode in Dislyte. It allows you to join a battle with other players in the game. It is a PvP mode where you go face-to-face with other players. The Winner of the battle receives different rewards.

Winning a duel in the Point War will earn you rewards in the form of vouchers. You can then use these vouchers to unlock items like Divina and Spirimon from the Dislyte shop. The point war also has a tier and rank system, which means that you will get better rewards as you rank up.

Additionally, there are also different rules and requirements that you have to meet before you can join the Point War. There are also different strategies that you can implement to farm these rewards in the Point War. All these strategies have been mentioned in our Point War Farming.

Learning About Different Elements

The Element System is another important game mechanic in Dislyte. There are a total of 4 elements in the game, and they represent the main attributes of an Esper. These attributes are important to an Esper’s overall abilities.

The different elements in Dislyte include Shimmer, Wind, Flow, and Inferno. Acquiring these elements can help strengthen your Espers and make them more useful in boss fights and challenges.

Dislyte also features an element counter system where you can use an Esper of one element to counter the Esper of another element. You can learn more about this in our Elements Guide.

This guide goes into detail about all the elements in the game. It also talks about how and where you can acquire these elements and the best ways to use them.

The Helper Esper Feature

The Helper Esper feature is Dislyte allows you to speed up your progress in the game. You can get help from your friends and the powerful Espers they have unlocked. To access this feature, you just need to add some friends and just use their Espers to train your own.

You can learn more about the Helper Esper feature in our Helper Esper guide.

Way to Learn More About Esper Promotion

Espers are the main driving force in Dislyte. They are the characters that you use to fight bosses and enemies and unlock different stages. Because of this, there is a lot to learn when it comes to Espers.

You also need to learn about different items that are associated with Espers. For instance, Starimons play an important role in the game. They are essential for promoting your Espers and unlocking their abilities.

Therefore, you must know what they are and where you can find them. You can follow our Starimon guide to learn more about them.

Look into the Best Team Combinations

Dislyte allows you to select a group of 5 Espers for every stage. You can send forth 5 Espers at a time to fight for you and to clear the stage. You can choose any Esper you want based on your preference.

However, there are multiple Esper formations you can try in the game. And because of the number of Espers available, choosing the best pairing is almost impossible. Luckily for you, our Dislyte Wikipedia features Best Teams guide that talks about the best Esper formation in the game.

This guide focuses on important factors like Target DPS, Target Heal, Buffs, Debuff, and Control to pick the best possible formation. You can choose from different formations mentioned in our guide based on your Esper Builds and preference.

Walkthrough of Different Missions

Similar to other RPGs, Dislyte includes a variety of missions. You need to complete these missions to progress in the game. Some of these missions are optional, while others are essential.

The main storyline missions require you to travel to different areas and defeat enemies. You are also required to fulfill specific conditions to unlock the best rewards possible.

However, completing these missions can be challenging, as a single mistake can cost you a lot. Because of this, our Dislyte Wiki includes guides that show how to complete different missions step-by-step.

For instance, our 12-8 Siegfried guide talks about the best strategies to finish that mission. It also takes you through different parts of the mission, including the Siegfried boss fight. All you need to know about completing this mission and unlocking all items in it has been mentioned in the guide.

Review of Sponsored Material & Allegations

As Dislyte was released and became popular, different Sponsored Skits for the game were produced. These skits talked about all the best features in the game and compared it to other mobile games. Among all the Sponsored Skits that were released, none of them come close to the JonTron skit.

Conversely, as the game became popular, it also faced backlash in the form of an allegation. In the allegation, Dislyte was accused of tracing the art style of Li Ling and Mona. You can learn more about the allegations as well as the official statement made in response by the developers in our Traced Art news piece.

This concludes our Dislyte Wiki. More guides and lists will be added as soon as we find new areas of the game to cover, so Stay Tuned to our Wikipedia for the game. 

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