Dislyte Helper Esper: Friendship Points System Explained

Our Dislyte Helper Esper guide entails how this feature works in the game and helps you progress forward with the Dislyte's story.

Dislyte is one of those games which is becoming popular day by day. If you are a new player in this mobile game, you must be interested in knowing the Dislyte Helper Esper feature. Dislyte can be a challenging game in which you make your team of Espers and with tough opponents. While you’re at it, consider reading Dislyte Beginners Guide.

Key Highlights
  • The Helper Esper feature in the Dislyte game is a friend system that allows players to speed up their progress in the game.
  • To use the Helper Esper feature, players must first add friends to their in-game friend list.
  • The feature allows players to claim and gift friendship points, which can be used to make their Esper team stronger.
  • Players can also summon other Espers and use them as Helper Espers to fight alongside their side in certain game modes, such as the Ritual Miracle.
  • Players can use the Helper Esper feature up to 50 times per day, and using it earns them a bonus of 100 friendship points per day.

What is Helper Esper in Dislyte?

Dislyte Helper Esper Helper experts
Dislyte Helper Esper Helper experts

The Helper Esper feature in the Dislyte game is a friend system that allows you to speed up your progress in the game. With the help of some of the best Dislyte characters whom your friends use in the game, you can achieve quite a lot and improve your team of Espers as well.

If you still don’t get this feature, you don’t have to worry, as we have made things simpler for you by writing a guide on how the Helper Esper feature works.

The Helper Esper feature is not so hard; you just need to have some friends in your game list before you have to use this feature. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make use of this wonderful feature in the game. You can also read this Dislyte Tier List

Add friends

Dislyte Helper Esper Friends
Dislyte Helper Esper Friends

Since Dislyte is an online game, you can add friends online too. To add the in-game friends, you have to go to the friend’s section; you will find a Pearson icon. Clicking on it will help you add, remove, or block some friends you don’t want in your Dislyte Helper Espers team. Take a look at these Dislyte Codes.

There is a Friendship shop from which you can claim friendship points. You can even give friendship points. Note that one player can only give friendship points to 50 friends every day. Other than gifting, you can even claim gifts from your friends. This helps you make your Espers team stronger. 

There is a limit to claiming friendship points too. You can only get 200 friendship points from 20 friends squads every day. Whether you are playing on your mobile or your pc, you can add friends from anywhere. 

Using Friends

Dislyte Helper Esper Friends 2
Dislyte Helper Esper friends 2

Once you have added friends to your list, you can now chat with them or take their help in all tough situations through the Helper Esper option. You can summon other Espers and use them as a Helper Esper to fight alongside your side. 

The Helper Esper option can only be used in some game modes. One of those game modes is the Ritual Miracle. You should know that you can only use the Helper Esper mode in Dislyte about 50 times in one day. Even if you have multiple friendships, you can only use it 50 times each day.

Setting up Helper Espers, you can also get a bonus of 100 friendship points every day. Taking the help of this option, you can boost up your game speed and reach the next levels. 


By reading this guide, you will know how to use the Dislyte Helper Esper feature, which is of great use for you as it allows you to make new friendships. It also makes your team harder to fight. Have a great day playing the Dislyte game. 

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