Dislyte Holobattle: Teams Formations, Rules & Rewards

Dislyte Holobattle is a game mode that can only be accessed if you are a member of the Club in Dislyte and you gain specific rewards.

Dislyte being the most popular game these days, has fans all over the world wondering what the game has to offer. Many players who are already playing Dislyte wonder when they’ll be able to fight the Dislyte Holobattle. I

Unfortunately, you can’t upgrade through fighting in a Holobattle if you’re not a member of the Dislyte Club, which is also known as the guild, clan, or alliance in Dislyte. The reason is that players need to have a strong group of players or espers such as Nicole and Lin Xiao to fight in the Holobattle. 

Key Highlights
  • The Dislyte Holobattle is a highly sought-after feature for players.
  • Players must be part of the Dislyte Club (also known as guild, clan, or alliance) to fight in the Holobattle.
  • The Dislyte Club allows players to group up with others and complete tasks for rewards and bonuses.
  • Events within the Dislyte Club can help players gain rewards, points, and XP.
  • The club XP increases as players participate in club events and level up in activities.
  • The Dislyte Club has a minimum limit of 30 players and a maximum limit of 50 players.
  • The Clubmaster is the player or founder who manages the club, including adding/removing members and appointing deputy club masters.
  • Club Tasks are assigned daily and weekly, with rewards and points given for completion.
  • Dislyte Club Daily Missions and Dislyte Club Weekly Missions are also available for members to complete for special rewards.

Dislyte Club

Dislyte Holobattle Game
Holobattle in Dislyte

Dislyte Club is a place where the players can group up with other players to participate in several battles, including the Holobattles. The players form an alliance and complete the club tasks to gain some good rewards and bonuses that can be used to progress in the game. You can also buy exclusive items from the Club Shop. 

Events in Dislyte Club

There are multiple events in the club that can help players gain rewards, points, and XP. These rewards and points can then be redeemed for buying exclusive items from the club shop. 

When players participate in these club events, their activeness increases, and eventually, the club XP reaches a maximum level. As the player levels up in club activities, the club XP increases even more. 

Levels in Dislyte Club

The minimum limit of players with which you can start a club membership is 30. With time, the number of members can increase. The highest level of members the Dislyte Club can have are 50 members. Till level 10, the club member limit is up to 30 players. We have the best Levelling Guide for espers.

Dislyte Club Levels
Club Levels in Dislyte

As you go to the higher club levels, you can increase member limits, and the higher level club will give you access to all the special items available in the club shop. 

How to manage the Dislyte Club?

The player or the founder who creates this Dislyte Club is known as the Clubmaster, and they have all the right to add new members or remove members from the club. They can also appoint deputy club masters and transfer their Clubmaster position to another club member. 

If a clubmaster thinks that a player is not performing well, they can immediately remove the player from the club. Deputy club masters and the main clubmaster both have the right to send and update club announcements to other members through the mail. 

If the clubmaster remains offline for more than seven days, all clubmaster duties are transferred to the most active member of the Dislyte Club. If any member wants to level the club, they have to wait at least 24 hours to enroll themselves in a new club. 

Club Tasks

When you become a member of any club in Dislyte, there are several activities you have to complete on a daily as well as weekly basis. Members can also gain access to special club tasks every day that they have to complete in those 24 hours. 

The tasks that are assigned daily can not be carried forward to the next day. Completing these club tasks can help the members gain club points and rewards. It also helps them gain activeness and club XP. 

Dislyte Club Daily Missions
Daily Missions from Dislyte Club

Apart from the daily club tasks that the club members are bound to complete, they are assigned one special club task every week. All members from groups to complete this weekly club task within those seven days because, after that, the task expires. 

Dislyte Club Weekly Missions
Weekly Missions from Dislyte Club

All members who complete these weekly tasks will gain access to some special rewards, points, club XP, and activeness. Those members who gain a certain amount of activeness by completing these daily and weekly club tasks will get other special rewards. 

Every week, the top three members of the club will be honored with a special leaderboard. Those members who get this special leaderboard can gain access to one full reward set each week. Members can only claim the reward once every week, even if the club membership is changed. 

Claiming Rewards

After the club members receive those rewards or points, they can redeem them by using wish cards. Only one wish card can be used daily, and once the wish is posted, it can not be changed till it’s completed. 

Club Activeness Rewards
Activeness Rewards in Dislyte Club

The member can only choose one wish card for each class, including Inferno, Flow, and Wind. Furthermore, three wish stickers can be used to gain one wish card, and these wish cards can be exchanged with other members of the club. Also, consider reading our Dislyte Helper Esper Guide. 

After the fulfillment of your wish, you can claim rewards by tapping on the wish card. There are three tiers in wish rewards, and with that, you can sign up for playing the Holobattle game mode in Dislyte. 

Playing Dislyte Holobattle

As we discussed earlier, you can only participate in the Holobattle if you are a part of the Dislyte Club, and through Dislyte Club rewards, you can now play the Holobattle. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can sign up for the Holobattle. 

Signing up 

  • The members of the club can only sign up on Sunday at 1 pm
  • There must be a minimum of 10 members and a maximum of 25 members who have achieved the level 30 or higher in the game. 
  • Club members who have set up their defensive formations can sign up for the event. 
  • Every club needs 10 members who qualify to participate in Holobattle, and if any club doesn’t have at least 25 members in total, the clubmaster and deputy clubmaster have the right to select members who can participate in the Holobattle. 
  • If the club doesn’t have 10 members in it, they will be dropped from this week’s event. 
  • If there are 10 or more members who have completed the signup stage for the Holobattle, they will have to wait for the matchmaking to start. 
  • If there are no members who are online for five consecutive days, the club will drop out from the next season too. 
  • After successfully signing up in the Holobattle, there will be three Holobattle matches for all participants. 
  • No one is allowed to change the participants during the battle stage. 

Holobattle Rules

Every game has specific rules and regulations that the players are bound to obey. Otherwise, they are disqualified from the game. There are some pairing rules, attack rules, victory rules, and reward rules all have to follow. Take a look at some of the game rules mentioned below for you. 


  • Each team of members is paired with a suitable opponent at 1 pm on Monday. 
  • The match lasts for 48 hours. 
  • Every week, three matches take place that can increase or decrease the club player, so till the last Holobattle match, we are unaware whether the club will have a greater score or the opponent. 


  • For every match, the participant is granted 3 Holobattle certificates.
  • These Holobattle certificates can be used to attack the enemy’s Holopoint so that the club can win a Holo Cup score. 
  • Destroying the Holopoint earlier will grant a higher Holo Cup score to the members of the club. 
  • You can’t attack the enemy again and again as it is against the rules of the Holobattle game. 
  • Once the esper falls, he can’t be used again to attack enemy Holopoint. 


  • The victory of the match is calculated by the Holo Cup Score threshold. The team that wins the match has a great Holo Cup Threshold. The threshold is calculated within 48 hours of the game. 
  • If a certain Holo Cup threshold is not met within 48 hours, the attacking team loses the match, and the enemy club wins the Holobattle match. 
Holo Cup Score in Holobattle
Dislyte Holobattle Holo Cup Score


  • The rewards are obtained based on the Holo Cup Score rankings for each match. 
  • If the club loses a match, there will be no rewards for the club. 
  • Only players who have gained points by attacking the enemy will be eligible for rewards. 
  • The rewards are not announced after every match, rather, they are announced after all three matches are finished, and the final weekly results are calculated. The club ranking rewards can be obtained then. 


  • Leaderboard calculates the rankings and rewards of the player individually as well as the rankings and rewards of the entire club. 
  • Player rankings are based on the Holopoint score they earn in each match, and Every match has new Holopoint scores. 
  • Each player must have points that he has earned himself and not with the help of other players.
Dislyte Holobattle Rankings
Rankings in Holobattle Game
  • After the player wins a match, they gain rewards through mail based on their leaderboard. The higher the ranks on the leaderboard, the more rewards they earn. 
  • Clubs are ranked based on their Club score in a Holobattle mode while playing Dislyte. 
  • All members, whether they have participated in the weekly Holobattle or not, will gain the Club rewards according to the Club Leaderboard. 

Defense Team Formation

To fight in a Holobattle, the club has to form the best team Dislyte with all the best skills and stats to fight against the enemy. There are different defense formations for each round in the game. Let’s discuss what team formations will give you the highest attack on the enemy. Also, read our Dislyte Best Support Espers Guide. 

Holobattle Defense Formation
Defense Formation teams in Holobattle

Round 1

Here is our pick of team composition for round 1 in Holobattle of Dislyte.


Chloe is known for her softness and her strong AoE abilities. She can also steal buffs from the enemy and can inflict a maximum amount of damage. Most of its damage-dealing is equal to 75% of ATK, and her Stage of Fantasy skill launches four strikes at the enemy. 

The Relic sets of Chole provide a 30% ATK with the War Machine Set and a 20% Crit rate with the Fiery Incandescence Set. Its Sword Avatara Set can counterattack when the enemy inflicts damage. 


Ollie is a fighter esper with the capability of preventing helper espers from dying. It also offers other support abilities. Ollie has great skills to offer, such as; the Hookstrike inflicts silence on the enemy and deals with further damage. 

Immunity Relics prevent the ally from dying through the Salvific Judgements. Moreover, it also offers great Invincibility and Recovery by casting the Law of Duat over the attacker. Ollie deals with massive damage with their max HP according to the caster’s ATK. This esper also inflicts DEF Down and Taunt. 

The Apollo’s Bow Set and the Master Grove Set have a +25% ACC and +25% HP. The Hades Set regenerates HP by 35% of damage dealing. The Ocean Waves set reduces a 30% cooldown.


Fabrice is a complete package that provides great support as well as immunity, invincibility, AP buffs, healing, and ATK. It’s mostly known for providing immunity with its skills. 

The Autumn Butterflies offer invincibility to the teammate and a boost in immunity to all allies. The Love Sonata offers a 100% AP to the teammate, and the Glorious Aura not only grants recovery to all teammates with the least HP but deals damage equal to 110% of ATK. 

The Ocean Waves Set provides a 30% reduction in all ability cooldowns. The Adamantine Set offers a shield to all espers, which is equal to 20% of their max HP and lastly, the Master Grove Set allows +25% HP. 

Round 2

Here is our pick of team composition for the round 2 in Holobattle of Dislyte.

Lin Xiao

Also known as the white tiger is an excellent support esper. She is known for her special abilities, which include removing one debuff from all allies. Lin Xiao uses a critical strike with a whiplash to allow bleed debuff. 

The Light of the Tiger deals with enemy damage that is equal to 100% ATK. The Whiplash deals with enemy damage equal to 230% ATK, and the Tiger Fist deals enemy damage equal to 150% of ATK. 


Dhalia allows team-wide AP buffs. All of Dhalia’s skills are extremely damaging to the enemy. One of her most important abilities is the Sonic Camo that boosts up the C.Rate Up after the ascension. 

The Sneak Attack skill has a 50% chance to inflict Stun and deals enemy damage equal to 100% ATK. With the help of the Umbra, Attack Dhalia can attack the enemy three times and has a 70% chance to inflict SPD Down. Dhalia’s Sonic Camo skill offers +25% AP to all the allied espers. 


Mimir is the core member of the Dislyte Esper Union, and he is also known as the AoE control esper in the gain. Mimir inflicts mass stuns on the enemies and offers many cooldown extensions too. 

Mimir’s Gjallarhorn skill inflicts a debuff on all immobilized targets. The Wisdon’s Name helps him attack enemies three times, and the Secrets of Edda deals with enemy damage that is equal to 110% ATK. 

Our Dislyte Holobattle guide has a complete look on how to move towards the Holobattle and then what team formations to use to win Holobattle Scores. We hope our guide about Holobattle was helpful for you. 

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