Dislyte Hyde: Skills, Relics, & Build

This guide gives detailed information on fighter Esper Hyde in Dislyte and discusses his abilities along with the best Relics sets for him.

Dislyte features some flawless Espers such as LucasLong MianMeredithNicoleUnas, and Triki. This guide will cover one of the most favorite Esper in Dislyte: Hyde, who possesses some evil powers and exceptional perks. So, let’s know more about the Esper.

Key Highlights
  • Hyde is a recommended Esper, described as “The researcher that has the honor of meriting the power of Hades and founding the Shadow Decree.”
  • Hyde’s abilities include:
    • Reaper: is a passive ability that reduces damage taken by 10% and makes him immune to enemy buffs/debuffs.
    • Underworld Curse: a primary ability that deals 65% more damage than basic attack, steals 2 buffs, and reduces enemy HP ceiling by 100% of damage dealt.
    • Cerberus: is a skill that deals massive damage to opponents and dispels their buffs, restoring Hyde’s HP.
  • Captain: an ability that increases the speed of allies and reduces the speed of enemies.

Dislyte Hyde: An Overview

Dislyte allows us to make the best teams in order to form a battle lineup. Choosing the right Esper type from each category is an essential task as your victory is majorly dependent on your team coordination and synergy.  

Dislyte Best Esper
Hyde: The Shadow of Decree

An attacker is the primary Esper in your team, and this team hero has to be aggressive in abilities with buffed powers and attacking perks. If you are looking for an aggressive character with decent attacking abilities and exceptional skills, then Hyde is a good option to go for.

The game describes the character as “The researcher that has the honor of meriting the power of Hades and founding the Shadow Decree.”

Hyde’s passive Reaper reduces all Damage taken by 10% and makes him immune to the effects of any buffs and debuffs cast by enemies. Hyde’s ATK increases when buffs or debuffs apply to his abilities. When a teammate dies, Hyde gains a huge ATK boost. His Cerberus can damage a target while stealing their buffs and restoring his HP.

Dislyte Hyde Skills

Hyde Esper

In Dislyte, each Esper has distinctive perks and abilities that are useful in varying situations. These powers differentiate the Espers from each other as some heroes possess dominating powers with maximum abilities while some have nerfed abilities that are not so impressive.

Hyde is an Esper in Dislyte who can really dominate in the front lineup as his Primary Abilities allow him to face sturdy enemies and withstand strong attacks. The Passive abilities of Hyde are quite decent, too, as it guards him against any serious effects caused by the enemy’s debuffs attacks.

His ability also enhance the damage effects, which are dependent on the debuffs sent toward the opponents. Although Hydes is an Attacker, he possesses healing powers as well. Now, let’s talk about the main Skills Hyde that help him to dominate his opponents in Dislyte.

Underworld Curse

The Main Ability of Hyde is Underworld Curse, which allows him to hit his enemy twice in one attack, and each hit deals 65% more Damage than his basic attack, stealing 2 buffs and reducing the HP ceiling of the enemy by 100% of the Damage dealt through this ability.

The first hit casts the Buff Blocker for 1 turn to dodge any counterattack from the enemy, while the second hit reduces the HP ceiling of the enemy by up to 50% of the strike damage. The ability is buffed with an upgraded level, and the stats are given below.

  • Lvl 2 Damage increased to 55%
  • Lvl 3 HP ceiling decrease increased to 40%
  • Lvl 4 Damage increased to 60%
  • Lvl 5 HP ceiling decrease increased to 50%
  • Lvl 6 Damage increased to 65%

If you want to level up your Espers fast, then make sure to check out our Dislyte Leveling up Guide.


Reaper is a Passive ability of Hyde that makes him immune to any kind of buffs and debuffs from the enemy and reduces their damage by 10%. The Reaper ability also has a Breath of the Deep that provides a buff or debuff to Hyde per stack.

Hydes get ten Breath of the Deep stacks when an ally is killed, and he can accumulate a maximum of 50 stacks. If Hyde takes a deadly hit on the battlefield, he can restore his HP and survive the serious attack, depending on the current Breath of the Deep stacks, as each stack restores HP by 1%.

This is a passive ability of Hyde and cannot be leveled up. The Breath of Deep also grants +5% to ATK per stack and a +3% reduction in Damage per 10 stacks.


If you want to be really aggressive on opponents, then the Cerebrus ability of Hyde will help you wipe them all. Cerebrus is their most aggressive skill of Hyde that allows him to deal massive damage to his opponents with 110% of ATK. While attacking, it also dispels a buff from each of the enemies and restores 2% of the max HP dispelled through each buff. You can upgrade the ability to get the following stats.

  • Lvl 2 Damage increased to 95%
  • Lvl 3 Damage increased to 100%
  • Lvl 4 Damage increased to 110%
  • Lvl 5 Damage increased to 120%
  • Lvl 6 Cooldown reduced by 1 turn


The captain is a passive ability of Hyde that can prove useful in Point War. The ability of Hyde can increase the ally RESIST by 50% in Point War and help your team to catch your opponents off guard.

Hyde Overall Ratings in Dislyte

Hyde is a Shadow Decree Councilor with front-line perks. Hee can help his allies and be the backbone of the team by breaking the enemy lineup and counterattacking with his aggressive abilities. Hyde’s ratings are as below:

Also, read our Dislyte Tier List that ranks each character according to its strength and abilities.

Best Relic Set Builds for Meredith

Relic is the set of items that enhances the performance of Espers by granting them special buffs. Each Relic set has varying perks and is suitable for different types of Espers, depending on their stats and nature. For a fighter Esper, use the following Relics sets.

Set No.1: The first recommended set for Hyde is Hades set x4, which generates Hp by 35% of Damage dealt, and Fiery Incandescence Set x2, which enhances Crit rate by +25%. This helps Hyde to attack with more strength and absorb heavy attacks.

Set No.2: The second recommendation for Hyde is Hades Set x4 to generate your HP, paired with Sword Avatar Set x2, which has a 30% chance of consuming the basic ability and counterattack with a boost in Damage.

Final Thoughts

Hyde is a powerful attacking Esper who inflicts serious Damage on his foes with his aggressive abilities and uses them to assist their supporting teammates. Having an aggressive Esper like Hyde in the front lineup gives you an edge to catch your opponents off guard with his quick reflexes and massive damage-dealing abilities.

If you are thinking of adding Hyde to your squad, the theme makes sure to make the right use of his aggressive abilities and play tactically, as being over-aggressive might hit you back. Also, make sure to equip the recommended Relic sets for better efficiency and best performance.

Dislyte not only offers interesting gameplay with realistic graphics but also features more than 50 impeccable Espers that can be chosen to dominate the opponents and conqueror the battlefield. Espers are the main characters in Dislyte and come in varying categories that range from aggressive fighters and tanks to passive healers and support units.

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