Dislyte Jacob Character: Skills, Gear Sets & More

Jacob can prove to be a valuable unit in Dislyte, so let's take a look at this character guide, his best skill builds, and abilities.

Today we are showcasing a character guide on Dislyte’s famous early espers, which is Jacob or (Jormungand). He is regarded as a fan-favorite character among the community of Dislyte, and a popular Must-have hero on many damage teams. We will go over his stats, lore, and abilities, plus more about him.

Key Highlights
  • The game uses a Gacha system called Echo, through which players can acquire new characters, including Jacob.
  • Jacob’s character is based on the Norse serpentine God Jörmungandr, and he attacks with poison damage and resists poison damage.
  • Jacob’s main role is to support, and he is an excellent esper for the early stages of the game.
  • Jacob has a number of skills that deal poison damage, including Serpentine, Entoxification, and Dust to Dust.
  • Jacob’s Captain Ability is that during Ritual Miracle or Sonic Miracle charge, the team’s attack increases by 20% for the next three turns.

How to Summon Jacob

First, we will look at how to summon and acquire Jacob in Dislyte. Just like most mobile RPGs of the world, Dislyte uses a gacha system that should sound very familiar to people who have played Genshin ImpactThe gacha system is the means through which players can call forth the Espers of the game. In this game’s case, the gacha system is known as Echo, through which players can access summoning.

You will need to have gathered the currencies used to summon on the character banners, and eventually, if you get lucky, you will be rewarded with your Esper. So without further delays, Let’s take a look at In-depth character guide for Jacob in Dislyte.

Jacob Character Information

Jacob ingame Dislyte
Jacob (Jormungand) ingame stats

Jacob is an esper who is loosely based on the Norse serpentine God Jörmungandr. Its character and personality are also similar to the Serpent God in that he is quite lazy or drowsy. The main nature of this Esper that every player should know is he’s a character that is designed to attack with poison damage. Poison is a very efficient element of the game as it can quickly immobilize enemies during battle.

Jacob is also resistant to all incoming Poison damage from opponents and inflicts control debuffs. Like other characters of the game, the signature element of Jacob is Wind, and his main role is to support, so he can easily fit into almost every early team comps.

He has relatively great stats even when upgraded to the highest levels and is a valuable asset to most team comps too. Most players need to be aware that he is an excellent esper for the Early stages of the game. But it is advised that you upgrade to better ones later on as you reach midgame and late-game areas of Dislyte.

Jacob’s Skills In Dislyte

The skills of each Esper are their main tools to attack during battle. These skills can shift the battle in a matter of seconds. Having the proper kits, as well as perfect synergy with the rest of the team, can result in great yields of surplus damage to most enemies and clear battles in only a few turns if needed.

So let’s take a look at Jacob’s skills or, more specifically, his Kit. Keeping in mind, these skill descriptions are scaled at his highest phase level.


Jacob character in Dislyte deals damage to an enemy equal to 120 percent of the attack, with an 80 percent chance of inflicting Poison for two turns. This will be one of his heavy-hitting attacks that he will capitalize on the most. However, players will also want to take into consideration that since all of Jacob’s skills deal Poison damage. Enemies will be losing 4 percent HP at the start of every turn. 


This skill grants a Fangs buff to all allies for three turns, during which they receive damage that has a 70 percent chance of inflicting Poison on the attacker. All allies become immune to poison during the buff. Even during single target battles, it will be incredibly useful since Jacob can not only apply poison himself. But with the skill active, he will be able to buff your team and constantly keep poison built upon his foes.

Dust To Dust 

Jacob deals damage to an enemy equal to 120 percent of the attack, with an 80 percent chance of inflicting Poison for two turns. The skill has a cooldown of 4 turns, and it may look the same as Serpentine, but two things are an added benefit of this skill. If poison is successfully applied to targets or the targets are already affected by poison, the skill will then apply the petrification status for one turn. Dust To Dust skill status can be immensely helpful for Jacob’s kit and some of the lower-tier PVP content of Dislyte.

Captain Ability

Captain abilities are special buffs applied when the chosen Esper with the ability is granted the leader role during party setup. Each of your characters has their own Captain ability, so it’s best to mix and match which member you want to assign the leader role and use their ability. The Captain ability of Jacob is that during Ritual Miracle or Sonic Miracle challenges, all allied Esper’s HP increases 30%. So we recommend assigning him the lead role of the party before you attempt to do those challenges.

Overall a fantastic Esper that can apply poison ailment damage back and forth to the enemies. Being able to stack petrification on top of the applied poison can almost render the enemies useless for most of the turns.

Overall Ratings

Jacob is an exceptional unit, but these ratings against three bosses will help you judge his overall performance. These ratings reflect on how well he can perform with most of the team comps with the early characters. So these ratings are graded based on his capabilities in fighting bosses which you can also farm for materials and more.

  • Windstriker: SS
  • Flowrunner: A
  • Shimmerer: B 

Recommended Gear Sets For Jacob In Dislyte

As you slowly progress through the game, You will begin to receive gear sets to make your Espers stronger. These are similar to the artifact sets in Genshin Impact. In that sense, every gear set offers unique perks that can increase your character’s potential a lot. There are a total of Six gear slots you can use. You can equip Jacob character in Dislyte with almost any set, but we recommend only a few of these will truly help him stand out among the rest of your party members in Dislyte.

Ocean Waves Set (4 pieces) 

It grants a 30 percent chance of reducing all ability cooldowns by one turn after the ability is used. You can pair this with Apollos Bow (2 pieces), which increases Jacob’s ACC by 25 percent. It is our most preferred set because not only will it help with ability cooldowns, but we will also increase the maximum accuracy of Jacob so he can successfully land his poison ailments.

Wind Walker (4 pieces)

This set increases Jacob’s Speed by 25 percent. Combining Wind Walker set also with the Apollo’s Bow (2 pieces) can be very good. The speed bonus will help immensely with making Jacob’s turns come around faster as well as increasing his overall accuracy in inflicting poison ailments. We recommend advancing through the game and always checking the set pieces you may acquire. Because using either Ocean Waves or a Wind walker set with Apollos Bow set will provide a great boost to Jacob’s capabilities in Dislyte the most.

Dislye Jacob Tips

There are several methods you can use to improve your overall statistics and abilities for Jacob. Such as leveling him up or completing his ascension progress. You can also improve his resonance star rating, which can be very beneficial for most espers in your roster.

The better the resonance star rating, the more resonance energy bonuses will be granted to your character. Furthermore, you can also promote him, enhance his abilities, and equip him with relics, which are basically accessories that essentially boost some of your main attributes.

Try to farm for relics that can help increase Jacob’s health, Defense, or Speed. Since he is a support, he has little to almost no damage negation, so these stat enhancements will aid him a lot in battle. Since Jacob is one of the best starting game espers, it is advisable that players do not invest too many resources or too much attention into improving him.

It is because there are other heroes that will perform better in mid and endgame content. But that aside, Jacob is still an excellent support character in Dislyte that you will want to collect as soon as possible. He was definitely one of our favorite characters to use when we first started the game.

That wraps up our character guide for Jacob in Dislyte; if you are looking to jump into the breathtaking world of Dislyte, please tell us about your experience and ask any sort of questions in the comments box below!

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