Dislyte Kaylee: Skills, Relics, Gear & Ratings

Dislyte Kaylee is one of the newer Espers in the game. Discover all of her amazing skills and gear to help you dominate in battles.

Dislyte has a massive collection of characters known as Espers ranging from supports, tankers, controllers, fighters, healers, and disablers. With such variety, players can create amazing team formations to take down any challenges. Amongst those various Espers is Kaylee. Therefore, this guide will discuss Dislyte Kaylee and everything you need to know about the character. 

Key Highlights
  • Kaylee is a 4-star Esper in the game Dislyte, with the role of Controller and an Egyptian origin.
  • She is considered an all-around Esper with powerful disabler abilities and C. RATE up.
  • Possesses the divine power of Anuket and is associated with the Esper Union.
  • Has the Flow element attribute, which deals more damage to Inferno Espers but less to Wind Espers.
  • To unlock Kaylee, players must use the Gacha system known as “Echo,” which is luck-based.
  • Kaylee’s skills include Flowy Satin, Criss Cross, and Dance of Deluge, each with varying levels of damage and cooldowns.
  • Kaylee’s captain ability increases all allies’ crit rate by 20%.

Dislyte Kaylee Overview & Unlocking

Overview of the Esper
Dislyte – Kaylee Overview

Kaylee is a 4-star Esper, having the role of Controller and an Egyptian origin. She is considered as an all-around Esper with powerful disabler abilities and C. RATE up.

4-Star Espers tend to be considered as really strong Espers in the game. If you’re looking for an entire Tier list, check out: Dislyte Tier List.

Kaylee possesses the divine power of Anuket and is a firm believer in the fact that dance has the power to transcend words.

She is an Ops Chief associated with the Esper Union and considers Ahmed and Tiye as friends.

Kaylee also has the Flow element attribute that is able to deal more damage to Inferno Espers. However, flow Espers deal lesser damage to the Wind Espers. The same goes for defending against incoming attacks (weak against Wind and strong against Inferno).

(lvl 1 – 60)
(lvl 1 – 60)
(lvl 1 – 60)
(lvl 1 – 60)
(lvl 1 – 60)
(lvl 1 – 60)
(lvl 1 – 60)
4 StarControllerFlow2,530 – 11,413258 – 1,172184 – 831104 – 10410% – 10%150% – 150%20% – 20%

How to Unlock Kaylee in Dislyte

Kaylee has an epic rarity in the game. But unlocking Espers in Dislyte is followed by a Gacha system known as “Echo.” What that means is it is totally luck-based, and you must far till you get the character that you’re looking for.

There are certain characters in the game that cannot be unlocked through the Gacha system, such as Lucas. But for Kaylee, you’ll have to go through the Echo system in Dislyte. If you want to understand the Gacha system further, you should learn about rerolling: Dislyte Reroll Guide.

You can also farm the banner that Kaylee is in to get a higher chance. Consider reading: Dislyte Next Banner for more information.

Kaylee Skills

Dislyte Kaylee Skills
Dislyte – Kaylee Skills

All the Espers in the game tend to have their own set of skills that can aid them in battle. These can either be defensive or offensive skills, depending on what kind of Esper you’re working with. Regardless, each skill has its general abilities, which get buffed as you’re leveling in Dislyte. This section will discuss Kaylee’s skills in Dislyte

Flowy Satin

Up first, we have a strong skill that focuses on 1 specific enemy. Flowy Satin lets you deal damage to 1 enemy, and the damage will be equal to 110% of your current ATK. It also extends the C. RATE Up for 1 turn if a crit is triggered.

You can level up the skill, which will increase the damage in successions. Here is how the damage will increase per each level:

  • Level 2: Damage increased to 95%
  • Level 3: Damage increased to 100%
  • Level 4: Damage increased to 105%
  • Level 5: Damage increased to 110%

If you’re looking to find out about other Esper’s, check out: Dislyte Unas guide.

Criss Cross

If you want to deal consecutive damage to an enemy, then Criss Cross would be the skill you’d want to use. Criss Cross attacks an enemy 3 times, dealing damage equal to 55% of ATK with a 50% chance of reducing AP by 15%. And if you’re able to trigger crit, you will inflict SPD Down for 2 turns. The skill has a 3 turns Cooldown.

Here is the level progression for the skill:

  • Level 2: Damage increased to 45%
  • Level 3: Damage increased to 50%
  • Level 4: Damage increased to 55%
  • Level 5: Cooldown reduced by 1 turn (cooldown will be 2 turns now)

Dance of Deluge

Dance of Deluge is your hard hitter. It lets you expand your attack to every enemy. You will likely be orienting your attacks around it and trying to play in accordance with its cooldown.

Dance of Deluge Grants C. RATE Up for 2 turns and lets you attack all the enemies 3 times, dealing 45% of ATK damage with a 40% chance of inflicting Freeze for 1 turn. However, that’s only possible if your crit is triggered.

  • Level 2: Damage increased to 35%
  • Level 3: Damage increased to 40%
  • Level 4: Damage increased to 45%
  • Level 5: Cooldown reduced by 1 turn (cooldown will be 3 turns now)

Captain Ability

The captain’s ability is used when you make the Esper the leader of the group. Ideally, you want to make the Esper with the highest or most useful buff as the captain.

Kaylee’s captain ability is that it increases all allies’ crit rate by 20%. Although it may sound like an interesting ability, there are other captain abilities far better that you should use than Kaylee’s.

However, if you’ve got the best team in Dislyte that relies solely on crit abilities and you don’t have any other options, then Kaylee can be quite useful as the leader. 

Kaylee Ascension Phases

Each Esper tends to have Ascension phases. As Kaylee is a 4-star Esper, you can expect her to have 6 phases. They grant you buffs as you get past each phase. Here are the Kaylee’s Ascension phases in Dislyte:

  • Phase 1: Kaylee’s defense will increase by +70
  • Phase 2: Kaylee’s HP will get a boost, a +950 increase.
  • Phase 3: Her ability 2: Criss Cross gets a boost that lets her inflict SPD Down for 2 turns upon crit trigger.
  • Phase 4: ACC +10%.
  • Phase 5: Kaylee will get an increase in speed, +7 SPD.
  • Phase 6: The last Phase will have her crit rate increase by +15%.

If you’re looking for how to ascend your Esper’s consider reading: Dislyte Starimon guide.

Kaylee Ratings, Recommended Sets, and Relics

Each Esper tends to have ratings and recommended sets that many players use. It is worth noting that the sets are decided by the player’s popularity and what works for them the most.

Overall Ratings

As mentioned earlier, Kaylee is a Flow type which allows her to be strong against Inferno but weak against Wind Espers. Here are Kaylee’s ratings:

  • Point Power: B
  • Kronos: B
  • Tower: C

If you’re trying to increase the star rating of your Esper, consider reading: Dislyte Promote Esper Star Rating guide.

Recommended Sets

Set Recommendations
Dislyte Kaylee – Popular Set Recommendations

These are the sets that other players tend to use with Kaylee and are considered as the most popular set recommendations.

Set 1

The most popular set, with 45% of the players using it, requires you to have Wind Walker Set x4. It will give you a +25% increase in speed.

Alongside that, you will need The Light Above Set x2. It gives immunity for 1 turn at the start of the battle.

Set 2

The second popular set we have is used by 29% of the players. It requires you to have Tyranny of Zeus Set x4.

Having it will give you a 15% chance of stunning the target for 1 turn upon dealing damage. Additionally, you will need Apollo’s Bow Set x2, which will give you +25% ACC.

Set 3

The third most popular is used by 25% of the players, and it also works with Tyranny of Zeus Set x4. The difference is that you will use Sword Avatara Set x2 with it. It will grant you a 25% chance of using Counterattack when taking damage.

Attributes and Relics

Attributes of Kaylee
Dislyte – Kayle Max Attributes

All Espers tend to have base attributes at the start. Here are the starting level attributes for Kaylee:


And, of course, when you are at Max Level, your attributes change. Here are the max level attributes for Kaylee:


As for the recommended Relic set stats, you can go with UNA II, UNA IV, and MUI II. 

With that, you know everything about Dislyte Kaylee. If you’re someone that loves focusing on Crit Rates, then perhaps she is the Esper for you.

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