Dislyte Laura: Best Build, Skills & Tips

Our guide explains everything about Dislyte Laura, which includes Skills, relic stats, playstyle tips & character information.

Who Is Laura In Dislyte

Laura was a little child, and when she lost her parents, she was later adopted by House Ramses. Laura possesses the powers of Neith. Her house’s ideology influences her, and she vows to protect the people. She is now an Esper union surgeon and gives her services against Miramon.

Key Highlights
  • Laura is a specific Esper in Dislyte, who is an orphan adopted by House Ramses and possesses the powers of Neith.
  • Laura acts as a support for other Espers by providing shields to friends and can attack back if the shields are broken or dispelled.
  • Laura’s skills include Shield Attack and Shield Defense, which increases shield strength and the chance for counterattacks.
  • Iron Wall is another skill that provides a shield for 2 turns to all Esper allies and increases shield strength if the target already has a shield.
  • Laura’s overall rating in Dislyte is that of a support-style Esper.

Laura, also known as Neith, can give shields to friends, so she acts as a support for Esper in Dislyte. Moreover, if her shields get broken or dispelled, she can attack back the enemies.

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Poster of Dislyte
Dislyte Espers poster

How to Summon Laura

Summoning an Esper works similarly to game vending machines. It works in a way that when you insert a coin into the machine, you receive a random reward. Following the mechanism, game developers introduced it in Dislyte as well.

However, in Dislyte, you have to spend some game resources to get a random reward. This system is known as Echo in Dislyte. But as said above, the rewards are random, so it’s promised that you will get your favorite Esper as a reward.

Your chances of getting your preferred Esper will be higher as you attempt to get your favorite Esper. And if you are lucky enough, you might get Laura too.

Laura Skills in Dislyte

Each and every esper has its unique skills and abilities. These skills of Espers are very important to consider while teaming up against the enemies. However, Laura is support Esper, so her abilities are mostly related to the support of fellow Espers. But along with that, Laura can do deadly counterattacks too. 

Shield Attack Skills

Shield attack does the damage of almost 20% to an enemy and ATK 5% of max HP. Moreover, the Shield attack has a 60% chance of inflicting silence for one turn.

    • Level 2: Hit points HP damage conversion ratio increases to 4.5%
    • Level 3: In this level, the Trigger Chance is increased to almost 60%
    • Level 4: Conversion ratio of HP damage is increased to 5%
    • Level 5: Trigger chance in level 5 increases to 70%

Shield Defense Level 4 (Passive)

When an ally Esper takes action against the enemy, Laura gives the ally the shield for 1 turn, which, based on Neith’s maximum HP, absorbs the damage.

Moreover, if an allied Esper’s shield gets broken in the fight or if it gets dispelled by opponents, then Neith has a nearly 30% chance of doing the counterattack. But remember, it can only be triggered once per turn.

  • Level 2: Only basic shield strength of Laura gets increased up to 6.5%
  • Level 3: As the is higher than level 2, the basic shield strength is now increased to 7%
  • Level 4: In the level is basic shield strength is further increased to 7.5%
  • Level 5: As this is the maximum level of shield defense, so the basic shield strength of Esper Laura is increased by 8%

Iron Wall (Level Maxed) 

The iron wall gives all the Esper allies a shield for 2 turns. The Shield is used to resist damage equal to 25% of their Maximum HP. Also, crit resists for at least 2 turns. Moreover, if the target has a shield already, then the strength of the shield will be increased by 25%. It has a Cooldown of 4 turns.

  • Level 2: In this level, the Esper Laura gets the shield strength increased up to 20%.
  • Level 3: You get cooldown reduced by 1 turn
  • Level 4: The level also rewards you with shield strength increased up to 25%
  • Level 5: Cooldown is further decreased by 1 turn.

Overall Rating of Laura in Dislyte

Laura has supported style-type Esper. When it comes to providing a shield to fellow Esper and protecting them from enemies, Laura is best for you. With her support, your ally Esper would not die so easily and inflict the enemies even more.

  • Kronos: B
  • Point war: S
  • Tower: B

Laura Captain Ability in Dislyte

Every Esper in Dislyte has unique abilities that no other Esper has. Moreover, every Esper’s abilities are useful for team members. While assigning the captain role to the Esper, you must first know the strategy of your gameplay. According to strategy and plan, choose the best Esper for it.

Laura is a support Esper, and her great strength is to shield his fellow Espers. Moreover, Laura also inflicts great damage in counterattacks, which makes Laura great for the captain role. While you are at it, read our guide about Dislyte point war farming.

Laura’s ability to increase ally DEF in point wars up to 30% is what makes her superior to other Espers on Dislyte and makes her an interesting character for the captain role.

Relic Sets For Laura

Relic sets are used to boost the abilities of Espers in Dislyte. Not only that relic sets improve the strength of your preferred Esper, but they can also refine the weakness, making your Esper overall more powerful.

However, you must keep in mind that there are only limited slots for relic sets. Delete offers you only six slots for relic sets, so be careful. While you are at it, read our guide about Dislyte Best leveling.

Moreover, gamers don’t release the gear sets because, at the beginning of the game, they are not available. As you progress in the game, in the later stages of the game, you can take advantage of using relic stats to make your Esper stronger.

Below we will recommend you the relic stats that we think are the best for you.

Recommended Set 1

With Hades Set x4, you can do 35% of the damage dealt can be used to regenerate HP. Along with it, you should use Adamantine Set x2; with its help, all the Espers that are your allies will start their battle with Shield protection up to 20% of their Max HP. However, it has a duration of 2 turns.

Recommend set 2

In this, you can add Hades set x4 and get 35% of damage dealt is used to regenerate HP. Along with the relic set, you can use Master Grove set x2, and it will increase your HP by 25%.

Recommended Relic Stats

Relic stats of Dislyte Laura
Visual of Laura’s relic stats

Dislyte Laura Tips & Playstyle

As Laura is a support Esper, her skills are extremely used full during the combat fights. Include Laura in your team if you require support, esper, and also someone who can deliver a good amount of damage.

However, if you select Laura in your team, then you should check out the relics we have recommended in this guide. The set of relics we have recommended will make Laura extremely powerful and a great addition to the team.

Ascension of Laura
Ascension of Esper Laura

Moreover, it would be better if you upgrade Laura manually in Dislyte. Most of the time, it has been seen that automatic updates waste the needed resources in-game.

Through a story mode, you can upgrade your preferred Esper quickly. Another way of upgrading your favorite Esper is by waves. 


Dislyte is a Role-playing game developed by Lilithgames and has gained massive popularity throughout the world. It is set in a futuristic world and has unique gameplay quite different from other role-playing games. Along with that, Dislyte has tons of interesting characters to play with.

People find its turn-based fighting system interesting; in this, players take turns to eliminate the enemy. Moreover, damage caused by the player depends upon his skills and star rating.

In this article, we thoroughly explained Laura. We have explained how her skills are useful in combat and especially her ability to offer support to her fellow Espers. Remember the tips we shared with you guys about Laura and enjoy the gameplay that she has to offer.

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