Dislyte Best Leveling Guide For Espers 

This Dislyte Leveling Guide for Espers will show ascensions, abilities, relics, star promotions, and ways to farm them!

Dislyte, with a solid collection of Espers to choose from, offers players a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience, including five-Esper team formations to defeat bosses like Kronos and Apep. Besides that, each Esper is fully customizable, which makes the player feel like the game is their very own. As a new beginner, it is essential to know what it needs to max out Espers, and this is where our Dislyte Leveling Guide comes in! We will showcase growth, abilities, advancements, relics, and everything you need to know to get the most out of your Esper! 

Key Highlights
  • To level up Espers, players need “Experimons”, which can be acquired through Practice Stages, Expeditions, the tournament shop, and the Cube Shop.
  • The “Resonance” tab allows players to feed dupes of the same character into the Resonance area to gain extra stats for attack, HP, and defense.
  • The “Ascension” tab has 6 main ascensions that enhance the player’s stats and can come in handy when fighting bosses.

Best Esper Leveling Tips & Tricks 

Dislyte Character Overview
Esper Overview

When a player first starts with the Dislyte game and they hop on to the Espers tab, they will be met with a “Character Overview” which will show an overview of the entire Esper. On the main page, the player will have the main stats enlisted, which shows base stats and stats that add up when an Esper is leveled

Below that, three main abilities are showcased, which are also known as the “S1, S2 and S3” abilities. One of them is a normal attack, one is a skill, and one is an ultimate skill. If any Esper has a captain ability, it will show itself below the other three main abilities. On the left-hand side, players can take a look at skins if there are any available. 

Alongside that, there is also a basic “profile” tab for Dislyte Espers. Next, if players revert their vision below, they will see a “Relics” tab, which will show 6 empty spaces. These 6 spaces are divided into a 4 by 2 situation, as Espers use “Relics” which are like “artifacts” that provide them with buffs during combat. 

Players must place Relics that are required by the player, which is why they can refer to the “Strategy” tab which will have some of the most-used relic sets by the player base listed there so the Esper in Dislyte does not use the wrong set. 

Besides that, there is also a “Growth” tab, which has three main tabs, known as “Advancement”, “Resonance” and “Ascension”. Whenever players follow a Dislyte Leveling Guide for their Espers, they will have to refer back to these three main tabs. 

  • Upon clicking the “Advancement” tab, players will see that they need experimons to level up their characters. Besides that, there is also an Ability tab which requires something known as “Abilimons” to level up respective S-labelled abilities. 
  • The resonance tabs allow players who have dupes of the same characters to feed into the Resonance area and fuse them to gain some extra stats for their Attack, HP and Defense. 
  • Lastly, the Ascensions tab will showcase 6 main ascensions which will enhance the player’s stats that can come in handy when trying to fight off bosses. 

This is essentially a basic overview of the Dislyte Espers. Let’s dive deeper and take a look at all of these tabs in more detail and also see how players can avail the advancement materials! 

Advancement Tab 

Now, when players click on the “Advancement” Tab, they will be met with two sub-tabs known as level and abilities. Both of them offer different ways to level up, which is why the Dislyte Leveling Guide is so vital. Players will start out with one of their first guaranteed five-star Espers, which will include Li Ling Dislyte, one of the best DPS in the game. 

Level Sub-tab

Dislyte Leveling Up
Leveling Up Tab

This tab entails basic leveling up for Espers, and it uses a resource known as “Experimons”, which are essentially just experience points, and the higher the player goes into gameplay, the more they can acquire these Experimons and use them on their desired Espers. Here are a few ways that players can get their hands on Experimons.

  • The first method is through Practice Stages, which are unlocked after the players clear any chapters, whether it is on easy, hard, or purgatory mode. These can be farmed in multi-battle options so the player doesn’t have to put in the effort to manually fight. 
  • Experimons can also be awarded through “Expeditions”. Essentially what this entails is that players will release a few Espers and use a bit of Stamina to send them out to expeditions, and in return, they will be awarded Experimons. 
  • Another way that players can have Experimons in their arsenal is through the tournament shop, which can be accessed through the Point War area. 
  • The next way is through the Cube Shop, where players can spend Cube Points that they have amassed after fighting the 2-3 room dungeon that is located in the “Trials” area known as “Cube Miracle”. 
  • Another easy way to acquire Experimons is through the “Club Shop” where Espers in Dislyte can be leveled by spending Club points after completing tasks in your club. 
  • The M-pass is another solid way of getting your hands on those Experimons, through which the Dislyte Leveling Guide helps players to know of its rewards. The basic, advanced, and elite experimons can be accessed as part of the M-pass. 

Ability Sub-Tab 

Dislyte Abilities
Abilities Tab

Another important aspect of leveling Espers in Dislyte is the Ability tab that they can locate right beside the “Level up” tab. To max out a character’s S1, S2, and S3 abilities, they will need a resource known as “Abilimons”, and they come in basic abilimons, epic abilimons, and legendary abilimons options, based on 3, 4, and 5 star Espers. Berenice is another impeccable shielder in Dislyte, therefore don’t skip on our Dislyte Berenice Guide!

  • The first way that players can get their hands on Abilimons through the Dislyte Leveling Guide is by clearing level-up tasks and getting leveling rewards. If players are not aware, they can get abilimons after they start to reach certain levels such as level 10, 15, 20, etc. 
  • Another way to get abilimons is through the tournament shop, the best way to farm abilimons through the tournament shop is to speed-run the Point War, which will require players to fight against AI and get points to spend in the shop. 
  • The next way that players can get Abilimons for Espers is by accessing the Club Shop. as we mentioned before, players will need to join a club when they first start the game, and after completing certain tasks, they can use the Club Points to their advantage. 
  • The trial stages also offer a plethora of abilimons. One of the biggest methods of getting them is through cleaning the “Spatial Tower” which has a total of 100 floors, and cleaning certain floors will reward players with abilimons. Take note that the spatial floor will then convert to “Temporal Tower” and can be farmed over and over again. 
  • As mentioned before too, the M-pass will also scatter abilimons here and there that players can acquire. 

Resonance Tab 

Dislyte Resonance
Resonance Tab

Now, players are also able to make their Espers in Dislyte a lot stronger if they can “Resonate” them. In simple terms, our Dislyte Leveling Guide will explain Resonating as fusing Espers that are dupes or players that have multiple of the same Espers and making them into one to get more stats. 

After clicking on the Resonance tab, there will be a button in the middle that says “available energy”, whereby if players click on it, they can add in up to 12 “cards” of characters dupes to resonate with them. It’s a lot easier to get dupes of three Espers than it is to get four or five-star dupes. 

After players can dupes, feed them into the resonance tab, and for each resonance, they will get 6 energy. After that, three main stats can be enhanced, with it being “Attack” which can be increased after getting these energy points. 

Another stat that can be increased in the max HP, which makes it so that your Dislyte Esper will survive for a lot longer when they are in the middle of a boss fight, or whether you are using them to farm practice stages. 

With that, the personal Defense of the Esper can also be buffed up by providing them with certain energy points. Personal defense is crucial if the player expects the Esper to tank hits that are launched at them from the opponent’s end. Mona is one of the best four-star characters in the game, especially for newer players, therefore check out our Dislyte Mona Guide!

  • One of the main ways to get Dupes is through the gacha system. The gacha rolls will require a gold record, or 200 nexus crystals to make one gold card. After that, each pull will grant the player a 3-star Esper usually, while every 20 pulls, players will get a 4 stat Esper, while a 5-star legendary esper will be only given after 120 pulls. 
  • Another way that payers can farm three-star espers is through the Ripple Dimension. Certain times throughout the day will open up esper ripples, which players can farm, and three-star espers will require 30 ripples to grant the character, while four-star espers will require 40 ripples. 

Ascensions Tab 

Dislyte Ascensions
Ascensions Tab

Moving on, the next thing that players will want to consider upgrading is their Esper Ascensions, which essentially provides the player will increase HP, increased personal defense, and other buffs. If you are wanting to invest in a four-star DPS, then read up on our Dislyte Tang Xuan Guide!

  • Ascension one offers the player an enhancement to the player’s overall attack, which is increased by 70, making the Esper ever-stronger in combat and a lot more viable in battle. 
  • Ascension two will always biff up the Esper’s defense by 70, which makes survival a whole lot easier when they are being put to test in practice stages or bosses like the Kronos, Apep, or Fafnir. 
  • Phase three is probably one of the most important for the Dislyte Leveling Guide, as it buffs up one of the major abilities of Esper, whether it be S1, S2 or S3. the ability itself will gain a bonus effect that is crucial for Esper buffing. 
  • Ascension four offers the player a speed increase by 5, which not only makes their attack output faster but also makes them more useful when fighting single-target enemies or large crowds of enemies. 
  • Phase five will most likely offer an HP enhancement by 15%. This allows their overall max HP to increase, which makes it so that their survivability is enhanced. 
  • Lastly, phase 6 will just amp up their overall attack, or for healers or supports, it will buff their HP by 20%. 

Getting Ascension Materials 

Dislyte Sonic Miracle
Sonic Miracle Area

When it comes to gaining and acquiring ascension materials, players will want to head over to the “Sonic miracle”, since all these ascensions will require “waves” that the sonic miracle will give as drops. Players can use Helper Espers in Dislyte to make their boss fights a lot easier!

  • Infernis Boss will drop waves that are known as basic infernis waves, advanced infernis waves, and elite infernis waves. These are used by infernis-attuned espers and their phases one and two will require basic waves, phases three and four both basic and advanced, while phases five and six will need elite and advanced waves. 
  • As for espers that are Flow-attuned, the Flowrunner Sonic boss will drop waves known as basic flow waves, advanced flow waves, and elite flow waves. The same can be said for the phase ascensions. 
  • For Dislyte Espers that are shimmer-atunned, they will require materials that can only be acquired by farming the Shimmerer Sonic boss at difficulties ranging from level one to level 8. It will give the player basic shimmer waves, and elite and advanced shimmer waves. 
  • Last but not least, the Dislyte bosses also include the Windrunner boss, which grants the player the same basic, elite and advanced waves but they will be wind-atunned. For ideas on an overpowered Five-star esper investment, our Dislyte Gabrielle guide might give you some ideas!

Relics Tab 

Dislyte Relics
Relics Tab

The next thing that players should look into is equipping the proper relics for this Espers in Dislyte. There will be two relic sets that each Esper will require, one of them being a four-piece set, while the other will be a two-piece set. If players want to follow the Dislyte Leveling Guide to a T, then relic ascension and acquirement are vital. 

The easiest way to get relics is through farming the “Ritual Miracle” dungeon, whereby players will encounter three bosses known as “Kronos”, “Apep” and “Fafnir”, each of which will drop certain sets of relics. 

Dislyte Ritual Miracle
Ritual Miracle Bosses
  • Fighting the Kronos boss in Dislyte will give the player any of these 6 sets ranging from the War Machine set which offers 30% extra attack, the Astral Witchcraft set which offers speed to Espers, or the Wind Walker which increased speed by 25%. Another three sets that are offered include Master Grove set which enhances the HP by 25%, the stoneveins set which increases the defense by 25%, and the apollo Bow set which will buff up the Esper ACC by 25%. 
  • The Apep Boss will grant players the Hades Set, Abiding Panacea Set, Ocean Waves, Sword Avatara Set, Adamantine Set, Fiery Incandescence Set all based on RNG loot. Most of these sets offer ranging from healing, lifesteal abilities, counterattack abilities, etc. 
  • For players that are looking for any of these 6 sets ranging from the Tyranny of Zeus, Show Dowager, Hammer of Thor, The Enchanter, Immensus Peak, or The Light Above, they should consider fighting the Fafnir boss in Dislyte.

Leveling Star Rarity 

We hope that you are finding the Dislyte Leveling Guide helpful so far! Last but not least, let’s talk a bit about star rarity and leveling it in Dislyte. There are three-star, four, and five-star Espers in Dislyte, and to min-max their builds, players can six-star most of the Espers. 

The easiest way to upgrade them to six-star is to use “Starimons” which can be practically bought at any shop including clubs, tournaments, or plaza shops. Upgrading these starimons to four or five stars grants the player the freedom to six-star their desired Esper, even if they are original of three-star rarity. 

With that, we will wrap up our Dislyte Leveling Guide, let us know what you think about it! If you are confused about which Esper to invest in, why not read our Dislyte Tier List and make yourself aware of the overall ranking of Espers in the game.

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