Dislyte Lin Xiao: How To Get, Skills & Relic Sets

Our Lin Xiao Esper in Dislyte guide entails the best skills, relic sets and how to use best this character in the game & dominate fights.

Who is Lin Xiao in Dislyte

Dislyte Lin Xiao
Lin Xiao

Lin Xiao is a pretty impressive fighter who manages to scare her enemy away every single time and dominate on the battlefield. With her CRIT TX boosts, it is easier for her to cause damage to her enemies. Not only that, but she also has reserves of a lot of buffs that she uses from time to time.

Key Highlights
  • Lin Xiao is a powerful fighter in the game Dislyte who uses CRIT TX boosts to cause damage to enemies.
  • Lin Xiao is considered one of the best characters in Dislyte, her fighting skills are beyond perfect, and is a real lifesaver.
  • Her secondary abilities like speed, defense, and bleeding make her a perfect Esper to pick.
  • Lin Xiao is usually ranked in S- Ranking of Dislyte Tier List.
  • The chance of getting Lin Xiao is 4% as she is of a very rare type and glittery.
  • Lin Xiao’s Skills are mainly related to attack and are impressive.
  • Whiplash: This skill causes 230% ATK damage to the opponent and has at least two debuffs.
  • Tiger’s Light: This skill deals 100% ATK damage to all the surrounding enemies, and there is an 80% chance that the enemies will suffer from VIT and DEF decrease.
  • Tiger Fist: This skill deals 140% ATK damage to an enemy, and there is an 80% chance that the enemy will suffer from a disease.

If you are trying to make a comprehensive team of Espers, it is very important to have Lin Xiao on your team as she is entitled as one of the best characters in dislyte. Her fighting skills are beyond perfect, and for someone who does not know much about the game, she is a real lifesaver.

Other than that, her secondary abilities like speed, defense, and bleeding make her a perfect Esper to pick. Lin Xiao does not expose your weakness to the enemies and is usually ranked in S- Ranking of our Dislyte Tier List. It is always a good idea to have a character of an elite tier.

So, make sure to pick Lin Xiao for your fights because she might be a little complicated but is totally worth it.

How To Get Lin Xiao

As Lin Xiao is a high-rated Esper in Dislyte, people often assume that it would be really hard to get it. But, it is still not a legendary Esper which means getting your hands on it is relatively easy. Though, the chances of you getting Lin Xiao are pretty low.

When it comes to other characters belonging to the same tier, there is a 9% chance of getting them. However, when it comes to Lin Xiao, the chance reduces to about 4%, which really is not good enough. So, it is neither too easy nor too hard for you to get your hands on Lin Xiao.

The less chance of getting Lin Xiao is because she is of a very rare type and is glittery. It makes things particularly harder for players to actually get Lin Xiao. But if you actually need a good attacker by your side, you could not get a better one than Lin Xiao.

Also, there really are no tricks or ways with which you can automatically get Lin Xiao. You have to keep playing and just wait until you finally get this character, as unlocking it is not quite possible in any other way. 

Lin Xiao Skills in Dislyte

Now that it is established that Lin Xiao is a pretty powerful Esper in Dislyte, it is also important to know about all Dislyte Lin Xiao’s skills. The skills are mainly related to attack and are impressive too.

The power of the white tiger is also included in Lin Xiao, which gives her powers an extra boost and enables her to inflict more damage on the enemies. Let’s get into it in detail:


Whiplash is a pretty rare skill, and not every Esper possesses it. The skill is particularly helpful for inflicting great damage to the enemies. It causes 230% ATK damage to the opponent. Also, it has at least two debuffs. Once you hit your enemy with a critical hit, you get two additional bleeding debuffs, so it basically is a win-win situation.

The benefit of Whiplash skill is that you can easily intimidate your opponents. Though the skill might not be enough all on its own for enemies of a higher level, but it still is pretty good. Whiplash makes Lin Xiao a perfect attacker in the team, without any doubt.

Tiger’s Light

This is a pretty rare skill too. It is when Lin Xiao inflicts the damage of 100% ATK to all the enemies surrounding. Also, there is an 80% chance that Lin Xiao will inflict enemies with VIT and DEF decrease with every attack. And the decrease would last for at least two turns. So, your enemies hardly get a chance to revive.

Also, Tiger’s Light provides three growl stacks to Lin Xiao that are also helpful in attacking. These stacks of growls are what make her skills unique and unmatched. Though the attack is not as great as the Whiplash but it is still better than what most Espers have.

Tiger Fist

We have another tiger-oriented skill here. The skill is where Lin Xiao deals damage by 140% ATK to an enemy. The damage is quite lethal, and once the enemies are inflicted with this damage, there is an 80% chance for them to suffer from the disease. And this disease is going to last for at least two turns, which means the enemies don’t really get a chance to improve their health.

Also, if Lin Xiao deals a critical hit to an enemy with Tiger Fist, the AP of the opponent is affected. With every critical hit, 30% of AP is reduced, which also has an impact on the performance of the opponent. So, Lin Xiao can win pretty easily when it comes to attacks.

Does Lin Xiao Have Captain Ability?

No, Lin Xiao in Dislyte does not have captain abilities and could only be used as an attacker. The particular Esper is not designed to tackle the matters of captaincy, which is why it does not have any worthwhile captain skills.

If you want an Esper with captain skills, you can try other ones out like Thor. But Lin Xiao is only good as an attacker and for inflicting damage to the enemies. When it comes to strategy making and intelligence, Lin Xiao might not be the right pick for you.

Also, it is important to know that every Esper has a particular role. They can only perform well if you use them for that role. Lin Xiao is designed as an attacker, so it is better if you use it for buffs and attacks.

Otherwise, it might not yield great results for you at all because, at the end of the day, Lin Xiao does not really have any significant skills for captaincy.

Best Relic Sets for Lin Xiao

When it comes to Dislyte Lin Xiao relics, it is always a good idea to try different options because Dislye has a whole lot of options for you. However, it could be a little complicated to find out just the right kind of relics.

These relics could be used to optimize your Esper and increase its efficiency. But, the right combination of relics plays a key role in every fight. Here are a few examples of relic sets that you can try for Lin Xiao and that work the best every single time.

War Machine and Water Grove

The set is particularly helpful when you have a lack of life during a level and need to win it. These sets increase 30% of ATK and 25% HP. It makes things a lot easier for Dislyte Lin Xiao, and the levels could be won without any hassle.

Also, the set is perfect for coping up with the lack of points for life. Also, these relics work perfectly with the team too. You can improve the relics even more with the use of different runes. You can equip your relics with multiple runes, and the best one would be Forest Spirit.

Hades and Sword Avatara

Hades and Sword set is pretty good, too, when it comes to life. It helps you with restoring your life during a fight that makes you win without losing a lot of power. As Lin Xiao is an attacker, the life points are really important for it. So, this relic set would be perfect for Lin Xiao in longer fights.

Also, it increases your chances of getting some extra sets of debuffs during the fight. These debuffs are pretty helpful to win from the fight. Moreover, it should also be noted that Lin Xiao is the kind of Esper that could make use of different kinds of relics.

So, it is always a good idea to mix and match the Dislyte Lin Xiao relics as you can unearth the potential of all different sorts of relics and their respective runes. Also, make sure to try out high-rated runes because they also increase the efficiency of your Esper quite a lot.

Lin Xiao Abilities
Lin Xiao

Lin Xiao Performance in Dislyte

Lin Xiao has managed to perform consistently and has become the best attacker in the game. It is highly rated only because of how well it covers all the different roles in the game. You would be pretty shocked to know that it has a high rating in almost all the roles.

Not every character in the game has this kind of potential that could actually get so many high ratings and picks. Lin Xiao does not really have a lot of weaknesses, and in most roles, it turns out to be pretty amazing.

No matter in which position you put Lin Xiao, but it does not turn away, and with a combination of relics and runes, it wins a fight for you in no time. But it is important to know whether Lin Xiao actually has a weakness or not.

Well, it hardly has one weakness, and it is a position where Lin Xiao cannot perform at its best. But even in this situation, its performance could be rated as a fair A. The other positions and roles have a usual rating of SS and S which means Lin Xiao is a lot more than just good in these roles.

So, let’s find out the performance of Dislyte Lin Xiao in these positions and see what its strong and weak points are:

  • Apep: Great
  • Kronos: Great
  • PvP: Great
  • Story and Cube: Great
  • Turn: Good
  • PvP (defense): Good
  • Fafnir: Average
  • Point War: Average


Lin Xiao is one of the best-attacking Espers in Dislyte, and it is high in demand now that the game is all the hype. You should know that this character helps you to inflict great damage to the enemies and ends the game a lot faster for you.

She is not just great in attack but is a pretty comprehensive character and reliable addition to your team of Espers. So, make sure to get your hands on Lin Xiao, and if you get a chance to unlock her, do not miss that chance at all. We hope our guide helped you in finding out everything you need to know about Lin Xiao.

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