Dislyte Long Mian: Skills, Role, Relic Sets & Gear

This Dislyte Long Mian guide will showcase all of his skills, recommended relics, his playstyle, and more in combat!

Long Mian Role in Dislyte

Long Mian in Dislyte is essentially made out to be a four-star Esper, and his main role is to be a controller. Whenever he is placed in a five-Esper formation, he will act as a Disaber and nerf down the toughest of opponents and bosses. He can control them, and with that help, the main DPS obliterate them. 

Key Highlights
  • Long Mian is a four-star Esper in Dislyte with a main role as a controller.
  • When placed in a five-Esper formation, he acts as a Disaber, weakening tough opponents and bosses by applying debuffs like Freeze, Ap down, and Speed Down.
  • He can increase the speed of the entire team by 20% if made the captain.
  • His playstyle is fun and immersive, making him a solid pick for the team.
  • Long Mian has three skills: Thorn of Frost, Hoarfrost, and Cold Touch. Each skill offers different abilities, such as damaging foes and reducing their speed/AP.
  • Recommended relics for Long Mian are the Wind Walker Set x4, which provides buffs to his performance.

He will be able to apply debuffs like the Freeze, Ap down, and the Speed Down to foes in the field, which will weaken them, and their Speed down debuff will grant the main DPS the ability to use their turn and one-shot them. Long Mian Playstyle is insanely fun and immersive, making him a solid pick for your team!

If he is made the captain of a team, he will also be able to increase the Speed of the entire team by a total of 20%. Therefore Dislyte Long Mian is considered one of the best Disabler Espers available to get through to the end-game. His main role excels in him conquering the point war. Some of the best healers that you can pair up with Long Mian are included in our Best Healer guide!

Long Mian Skills 

Dislyte Long Mian Esper will have his S1, s2, and S3 skills, all of which will buff him in one way or the other, helping him be a great controller in-game, and he will also be able to obliterate enemies on his own as well. See below Long Mian Skills listed: 

Thorn of Frost 

Dislyte Thorn of Frost
Thorn of Frost

Starting with the first skill, Thorn of Frost, which will grant Long Mian the ability to cast it and attack any foe in its radius for a total of 2 times, and each attack will launch out attacks that will be equivalent to 60% of his base damage. There will also be an approximate 80% chance that he will place down the Speed Down debuff for 2 turns on the enemy. 

Level 2 will offer up a damage buff of 55%, while level 3 will increase the trigger chance to 70%. Similarly, level 4 will enhance the damage output to 60%, and maxing out the skill to level 5 will increase the trigger chance to 80%. Just like Long Mian, Meredith is yet another capable Esper, so make sure to read up on our Dislyte Meredith guide!


Dislyte Hoarfrost

The next skill we will mention is Hoarfrost, and Dislyte Long Mian will use it to unleash damage against opponents that will be equivalent to 80% of his total base attack. There will also be an overall 80% chance whereby he can reduce the enemy’s overall AP by 30%. The cooldown for this skill is 3 turns. 

Level 2 will boost up the Dislyte player’s damage by 75%, while taking the skill to level 3 will increase the trigger chance to 80%. Like that, level 4 will enhance the damage output to 80%, and level 5 will reduce the skill’s cooldown by one turn. Make sure not to skip out on our Dislyte Nicole guide!

Cold Touch 

Dislyte Cold Touch
Cold Touch

The last skill that we would like to feature is Cold Touch. Whenever Dislyte Long Mian summons it, it will offer up the ability to launch attacks based on 110% of his base damage. There will be a set percentage of chancer that he will also be able to cause enemies to slow down and freeze for one turn. 

Level 2 will increase the amount of damage he can output by 105%, while level 3 will enhance the trigger by 100%. Level 4 will boost the damage even more to 110% while maxing the skill will reduce the skill cooldown by one turn. In order to get to know about some of the best supports to pair with Long Mian, our Dislyte Best Supports guide might assist you!

Captain Ability 

As for the captain’s ability, Long Mian Esper in Dislyte will enhance the fellow Esper’s Speed by 20%. 

Relics and Gearset For Long Mian in Dislyte

Dislyte Recommended Relics
Recommended Relics

Next up, let’s discuss the relics that Dislyte Long Mian could use and how he could be one of the best controllers in Dislyte with this help. These Long Mian Relics will help him obliterate and control foes. 

First Most Popular 

The first and most popular set that could work with Long Mian in Dislyte will be the Wind Walker Set x4, which will essentially buff up his performance by providing him with 25% increased Speed. This will be especially helpful since it means that he can rotate in his turns a lot faster. 

  • Una I piece will always have a flat attack, allowing even controllers to self-sustain themselves in battle. Even though Esper Long Mian isn’t meant to be the main DPS, it is still crucial that they have a small amount of base attack in them so that if they are the only ones alive, they can still murder enemies. 
  • For the second UNA II piece, players can go for either HP% or Def% as the main stat. Dislyte players can choose the HP% if they feel their Esper lacks the needing HP. Otherwise, it is recommended to just stack as much Defense as possible since it means he can tank hits. 
  • For the UNA III piece, players don’t get the freedom to choose their pieces, meaning that the main stat will always be set to flat Defense. While it may seem like a bad stat, it is important if players want to stay alive for longer while in combat with some of the toughest enemies. 
  • Lastly, for the UNA IV piece, there are three possible main stat options, ACC, HP%, or DEF%, and they can be chosen based on the user’s preferences. If you lack HP, stack HP; if you need more Defense and want to make Dislyte Long Mian an absolute tank, go for Defense as the main stat. 

Players can go for anything for the two-piece set, but the most popular option is the Apollo’s Bow Set x2, which will provide him with 25% extra ACC, making him an even stronger unit while being used in combat. For this reason alone, he might be one of the best controllers in Dislyte

  • For MUI I, the base stat will always be HP, no matter what. It helps the Dislyte Espers stay alive while they are in combat. However, players can choose their sub-stats, which they should go for anything like Speed, HP, Defense, or ACC, which will buff up long Mian. 
  • For MUI II, players in Dislyte should go for Speed as the main stat, and the main reason for that is that it will just make his rotations and Speed of casting his skill a lot faster, which is crucial when fast-farming bosses like Fafnir. Sub-stats can be changed and chosen according to the player’s needs. There are five main espers that are known to be the strongest in the game, and you can read all about them in our Dislyte Best Espers guide!

Second Most Popular 

Let’s move right on to the second most popular option, the War Machine Set x4, which will be only used if you plan to run Long Mian in Dislyte as a sub-DPS since it will increase the base attack on him by a total of 30%. Below listed are the options that people can go for as the main and sub-stats: 

  • For the first piece, you can’t go for anything except flat attack as the main stat. This will help boost up the overall attack of the Esper in the combat field by a long shot. For the sub-stats, go for Speed as the main priority, and if you cannot get main speed stats, then go for ACC boost-ups. 
  • For the second UNA II relics in Dislyte, you might wanna choose Defense or HP increase main stats since it will be able to provide a solid amount of tanking abilities. For the sub-stats, you can again go for Speed, ACC, or even crits if you plan to use him as a Sub-DPS. 
  • For UNA III, it will be set to flat Defense, and it is unchangeable. Flat Defense is crucial for Espers like Long Mian because it helps them not drain a lot of HP even if they get attacked by bosses or opponents. 
  • For the fourth piece, players might want to stick with HP% or defense stacking since their main aim is to self-sustain and maintain their survival, especially when they are in chambers like the Spatial tower, ritual miracle, or Sonic miracle. For sub-stats, as mentioned before, stick with Speed or ACC. 

The Master Grove x2 Set is probably one of the best options for the second set. It will just increase the overall Health Bar by 25%, and this is yet again pretty important for an Esper like Long Mian, who does need HP. The following MUI pieces will include the main stats needed:

  • For the MUI I piece, the main stat as HP will be the only option available to players, and it is simply so that the player does not die when they are using controllers like Long Mian. HP is crucial in longer battles, especially for domains like the spatial tower. For sub-stats, it is advised to choose Speed and ACC. 
  • As for the second piece, you can go for def or Speed based on your preferences. As for the main stats needed in the piece, players will most likely want to go for Speed, ACC, or defense, be it flat or DEF%. If you lack Health Points, it is also advised to invest in pieces that have flat or HP%. If you are having any difficulty clearing bosses in the Sonic Miracle, then our Dislyte Sonic Miracle guide will help you clear it with ease!

Third Most Popular 

Lastly, another piece that isn’t the best fitting but will still work if you have no other options is the Ocean Waves x4 set. The main reason that Dislyte players might want to use it for Dislyte Long Mian is that it will give the Esper a 35% chance where their skill cooldown can be reduced by one turn. 

  • For UNA I, since the main stat will always be flat attack no matter what, consider investing in pieces that have better or optimal substats. These sub-stats can include flat HP, HP%, flat Defense, DEF%, or even Speed. These are all stats that can majorly buff up Long Mian in battle. 
  • For UNA II, you can go for anything ranging from Defense or even HP, and this will all be based on the player’s personal preferences and needs whenever they are in the middle of a tough battle. We think Speed and ACC are the main priority for the advised sub-stats. 
  • As for UNA III, it will be set to flat Defense, which helps make Long Mian an Esper that does not need much investment, and with the amount of stacked Defense, he can surely take more hits from opponents with higher HPs as compared to other Espers. For the sub-stats, Speed and HP% are required. 
  • Lastly, the UNA IV piece can be ACC’s main stat, making him an even more overpowered controller in Dislyte than he needs to be. The ACC itself buffs his abilities to control enemies. 

As for the two-piece set, while it may be overdoing it, the Stoneveins Set x2 isn’t a bad option. Now, only choose this option if the other two, the Apollo’s Bow and Master’s Grove, aren’t available. 

  • For the MUI I piece, stick with sub-stats like Defense flat, defense percentage, hp flat, hp percentage, or pieces with the speed or AC buffers. 
  • For the MUI II piece, always go for main speed stats and nothing else since it is the stat that Long Mian Esper requires. If you aren’t aware, you are able to increase the overall rating of your Esper, and in order to know more about it, read up on our Dislyte Starimon guide!

Long Mian’s Ratings 

When it comes to Long Mian and his overall abilities, people will primarily use him for domains like the Ritual Miracle and focus on enemies in the Temporal Tower as he can take them on pretty well. Though he is not the best for Sonic miracle or story content, he is still a pretty viable unit to put in your main team. Even 3-star Espers can be promoted to six-star Espers, and our Dislyte How To Promote Esper Star Rating guide can help you!

  • Story Content: Long Mian can become a pretty usable Esper starting with the story content. If you can get your hands on him in the early stages of playing the game, even better; since he is ranked as an overall A+ tier character, his performance is pretty solid. 
  • Cube Miracle: Considering the Cube Miracle is a domain that resets daily, people will typically use it to farm things like exp, money, and level up materials. Long Mian in Dislyte can shred the enemies with his controlling abilities and take them on like a champ. 
  • Kronos: Now, domains like the Ritual Miracle is where Long Mian falls behind, and he isn’t able to provide the highest amount of control or support to bosses. However, with Kronos, though he is not the most optimal option, he can still help your team succeed and therefore has a B- rating here. 
  • Apep: Eh, yet again, considering Apep is a boss present in the Ritual Miracle, it automatically means that Dislyte Long Mian will be incredibly weak here as well. For these reasons alone, he is given a C rating here as he can not take the enemies on with a team, let alone by himself. 
  • Fafnir: His performance is once again pretty abysmal in the Fafnir domain. Therefore it is always better to just stick him with Espers, that will be able to replace him unless you do not have any other options. With that, he will also get a C rating from the boss. 
  • Temporal Tower: His performance in the Temporal Tower is pretty commendable, with him being ranked as an S-tier unit in the domain; as the levels get more difficult, Long Mian’s performance will keep improving. Combined with a solid DPS, both can shred the enemies to pieces. 
  • Point Tower (Attack): As for domains in the point war, Long Mian is yet again able to outshine many other Espers, and he can dominate the enemies, whether they are simple or tougher. 
  • Point War (Defense): For the line of Defense, if you place a level 60 DPS such as Li ling with him, other players will have no choice of winning against you or your strong Esper formation. For this reason, he is ranked to be an S-tier unit here. 

With that, we will wrap up our Dislyte Long Mian guide; let us know what you think! For newer players that are completely uneducated about the elements and the way that the roles of Espers are distributed, our Dislyte Element guide will surely be a worthwhile read!

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