Dislyte Lucas: Skills, Relics, Gear & Ratings 

This Dislyte Lucas guide will showcase the playstyle, skillset, recommended gear, and relics for Lucas for combat!

Dislyte has tons of Espers, among them Lucas is an excellent choice, and in our Dislyte Lucas guide, we will uncover all there is to know about him! Amongst these Espers, Meredith is also a solid character, so make sure to read our Dislyte Meredith guide!

Key Takeaways
  • Lucas is a five-star Esper in Dislyte and an excellent controller. He cannot be obtained through the Gacha system and is received when players first complete the Spatial Floor 100.
  • Lucas excels in obliterating foes by applying three major debuffs to them: stun, dispel, and decreased AP.
  • He is a great candidate for Point Wars and the open-for-all PvP arena. He works well with Espers like Tiye and Unas.
  • Lucas has three main skills: Lightpulse, The Blessing of Phobos, and Pillar of Light. Each skill has various upgrades and can be enhanced to increase damage output and debuff chances.

Here’s a quick overview of Lucas in Dislyte:

RarityRoleAttributeHP (Lvl 60)ATK (Lvl 60)DEF (Lvl 60)SPD (Lvl 60)CRIT RATE (Lvl 60)CRIT DMG (Lvl 60)RESIST. (Lvl 60)
5 StarControllerInferno14,6021,01391010510%150%20%

Lucas’ Role In-game 

Dislyte Lucas Role
Lucas Role

Lucas in Dislyte is known to be a five-star Esper that is also an excellent controller, and the main thing about him is that he cannot be obtained through Echoing in the Gacha system. Instead, players will receive him when they first complete the Spatial Floor 100

He is known to excel in absolutely obliterating foes by applying three major debuffs to them, “Stun” debuff will essentially cause enemies to freeze in their place, and Lucas will get the chance to attack them. He will also be able to apply the “Dispel” debuff on them, as well as cause the enemies to have their AP go down. This makes Lucas’ playstyle insanely fun in Dislyte. 

One of the main reasons why players in Dislyte might be used is that he will cast down his A1 skill to place down the AP Absorb skillset, which makes him an excellent candidate to place for Point Wars, both attack and defense. He is an absolute beast in Point War and the open-for-all PvP arena as well. 

His best synergies are Espers like Tiye as well as Unas, so enemies do not get many chances to go out of control. Let’s uncover further what Lucas is capable of! Nicole is also a very capable Esper that you can try out, so make sure to check out our Dislyte Nicole Esper guide!

Lucas’ Skillset 

It is known that every Esper in Dislyte will have three main skills, as well as a captain skill, and the same goes for Lucas as well. 


Dislyte Lightpulse
Total Damage115% ATK
Level 2Damage: 105%
Level 3Damage: 110%
Level 4Damage: 115%

Starting with his first skill, also known as the S1, it gives him the ability to unleash attacks against the enemy a total of 3 times, which will be equivalent to 115% of his base attack. This skill itself is a solid slap to enemies, and if they are low on their health, it will decimate them on the battlefield. 

On top of that, another thing to note is that his skill will also increase the AP of all party members present in the formation by a total of 15% if Lucas ends up hitting a critical hit in Dislyte. 

The Lucas’ Skills only have three main upgrades, with level two offering a 105% damage increase. With that, increasing the level to level 3 will enhance the total damage output to 110%. Lastly, maxing out the skill at level 4 will enhance it to 115%, making it a solid choice for usage. In order to get the most out of Lucas, here are the Best Dislyte Support Espers that you can pair with him!

The Blessing Of Phobos 

Dislyte The Blessing of Phobos
The Blessing of Phobos
  • 80% ATK Damage
  • 80% chance of inflicting the stun debuff for 1 turn on each hit
Cooldown3 Turns
AscensionLucas’s AP: +15% with each enemy inflicted with the stun debuff
Level 2Damage: 75%
Level 3Trigger Chance: 85%
Level 4Damage: 80%
Level 5Cooldown: -1 Turn

The next skill that we would like to mention is The Blessing of Phobos, which, when unleashed, will cause Lucas to attack enemies, which will deal a total of 80% base attack damage. Lucas will also gain an 85% overall chance to place down the Stun debuff on foes for one turn. 

Level two will enhance the total damage output to 75%, while level 3 will increase the trigger chance to 85%. With that, level 4 will buff up the damage output by 80%, making him even stronger. Level 5 will essentially overpower this skill by reducing its cooldown by one turn. 

With his ascension three, the skill will also cause the stun debuff to increase the Esper’s AP to be increased by 15%. Don’t skip out on our Dislyte Unas guide!

Pillar Of Light 

Dislyte Pillar of Light
Pillar of Light
  • 100% ATK Damage
  • 50% chance of removing 1 buff from an enemy
  • 50% chance of reducing 10% of the enemy’s AP 
Cooldown4 Turns
Level 2Damage: 95%
Level 3Trigger Chance: 50%
Level 4Cooldown: -1 Turn
Level 5Damage: 100%
Level 6Cooldown: -1 Turn

Last but not least, casting the Pillar of Light will cause Lucas to attack the foes a total of 3 times, and the damage output will be based on 100% of his base damage. He will also gain a 50% chance to remove one buff that has been applied to the enemy and instead decrease their AP by a total of 10%. 

Level 2 will increase the damage output to 95%, while level 3 will enhance the trigger chance to 50%. Level 4 will reduce the skill’s cooldown by one turn, while level 5 will offer the layer a chance to gain and increase their damage by 100%. Level 6 will reduce the cooldown by a further one turn. Triki is one of the best characters to pair up with Lucas; therefore, our Dislyte Triki guides are a must-read!

Captain Ability 

The final ability is not a skill but rather an extra that’s applied when he is made the captain of your Five-esper formation. Ally’s ACC will be enhanced by 40%. 

Lucas’ Ascension Phases 

The next category will feature discussions of Lucas’ ascension phases. Knowing that he is a five-star Esper, he will have a total of 6 ascension phases, during which he will continue to gain buffs and increase in stats as the ascensions are increased. These can include buffs like HP increases and attack increases. 

When it reaches ascension three, it will enhance one major skill that can greatly improve their performance in combat. 

  • Ascension phase one: His first phase will increase his overall base attack on Lucas by a total of 70, which essentially allows his damage output to become all the more deadly. The attack increased, which makes him an optimal choice for Point War, and he will be able to dominate the other opponents with ease. 
  • Phase Two: Next up, to ensure increased survivability in the field, Lucas will need to have a buff in his overall HP stats. This can be done when Dislyte players ascend him past phase two, which will offer him up an increase to his HP by 950. 
  • Phase Three: As we mentioned before, ascension phase three is the most vital in the journey to min-max an Esper, and for Lucas, no less, phase three will essentially buff up his S2 Ability in Dislyte. It will allow him to stun enemies as usual, but each of his stuns will increase the overall AP of fellow teammates by 15%. 
  • Phase Four: Moving forward with the next ascension phases, the next buff that players will want to go for to min-max the build of Lucas in Dislyte is his fourth ascension phase. When players decide to level their ascension phases, their attack will be increased by 10%. 
  • Phase Five: If players want to make Lucas Esper even more powerful in combat, they can look into ascending him to phase five, which will essentially increase his crit rate by 10%. Although he is not supposed to be a fighter, whenever he does land a critical hit, it does do a decent amount of damage; therefore, this ascension is important. 
  • Phase Six: Last but not least, if you want to go above and beyond with his Build in Dislyte, then the best thing you can do is to max ascend him, which is his sixth ascension. The ascension will increase his speed by 10, which will make his turns a lot more agile in combat. 

Recommended Gear And Relics 

Dislyte Relic Sets
Relic Sets

Most Espers in Dislyte will have designated relics that can essentially buff up their overall combat performance and also provide them with critical rate, crit damage increases, HP increase, Defense increase, and many different buffs. The same goes for Lucas, and he will also be using different Relic sets in Dislyte

First Most Popular

Starting with the first most popular relic set in Dislyte, keep in mind that these pieces have been chosen by the player base, and it has been estimated that these pieces work the best for the particular Esper. The first recommended set is the Wind Walker Set x4, which essentially works to increase the speed of Lucas by 25%. You might find our Dislyte Lin Xiao guide interesting!

  • The first piece, also known as the UNA I, will always be a flat attack, no matter what, and it is unchangeable. The main reason players need this flat attack is so that they can output a decent amount of damage despite their main role being that of a controller or support.
  • For the UNA II piece, players can go for equipping a piece that has the main stat with HP% or Crit Rate, but it is mostly recommended to simply stack crit rate since most people will use Dislyte Lucas as the main DPS as well. For sub-stats, players can go for Crit stats, speed, or ACC.
  • For UNA III, it will be nothing but flat defense, and though it is not the most admirable stat, these espers will be better off surviving for as long as possible. For the reason alone, flat defense is required. For the sub-stats, as we recommended before, anything from crit to speed stats can work well. 
  • UNA IV can be ACC or HP% as the main stat. Go for HP if you feel like Lucas is lacking hP, and go for ACC main stat if his HP is up to mark. Though, it s recommended to simply go for ACC to make him an even stronger unit in combat without requiring a lot of effort to build him. 

The first recommended two-piece set is going to be the Apollo’s Bow Set x2, which will increase his ACC by 25%. It is especially important when trying to crowd-control enemies and take them down effectively. The below recommended two-piece set will use the following main stats and sub-stats: 

  • For MUI I, the main stat is going to be flat HP. The stat itself is important if you want your Esper to survive for longer periods; therefore, flat HP isn’t that bad of a stat. As for the sub-stats, you can simply equip any piece that has speed or crit stats that will be beneficial for him. 
  • For the second MUI II piece, go for the main stat that is nothing but Speed since he will be able to gain access to his turns a lot faster, which is vital when trying to decimate enemies in combat faster and more effectively. 

Second Most Popular 

Next up, the second most popular relic piece for Lucas will be the Tyranny of Zeus x4 set, which essentially works to give the Esper a 20% chance whereby they will be able to stun enemies for one turn. This set works exceptionally well on Lucas since he can then crowd control them and murder them all. 

  • For the UNA I first piece, as we mentioned before, it is always going to be set at flat attack, which is important for the Esper if they want to self-sustain. The flat attack mainly comes in handy for both fighter and Controller Espers in Dislyte, so for the sub-stat, go for crit rate, crit damage, or speed.
  • For the UNA II piece, you might want to go for ACC or HP% for the main stat. It is highly advised that you stick with using ACC main stats and only use HP% for the main if it is your last resort. For the sub-stats, it is recommended to go for anything that will provide ample crit stats simply. 
  • For UNA III, the main stat cannot be changed yet again, and it will simply stay defense. Personal defense can also deem to be important during combat in Dislyte, with one of the biggest reasons being that whenever the enemy launches any kind of attack, the Esper will be able to tank it. 
  • For UNA IV, go for HP% or crit rate% main pieces; usually, players will have to choose pieces that are four stat minimum or six-star maximum when they are starting to come close to being an end-game player. Subs can be the same as we recommended before. 

For the two-piece set that will be mainly recommended here, Dislyte players are advised to go for the Master Grove Set x2, which essentially works to buff up Lucas’ overall HP by a total of 25%. While this might not seem like the most suitable set, it works better than some of the other ones that players equip. 

Third Most Popular 

Last but not least, there aren’t any more popular Dislyte relic sets for Lucas that fit well with his kit and playstyle. Therefore players can go for the Wind Walker Set x4, which, as discussed before, will offer up a 25% speed increase. Catherine is known to be an excellent support Esper; therefore, our Dislyte Catherine guide might assist you if you aim to build her!

  • To make the UNA, I piece as viable and useful as possible since it will have a base attack, players in Dislyte can farm and grind for pieces that are of at least five or six-star rarity. Go for pieces that have crit damage, crit rate, speed, and ACC as the sub-stats, as it will benefit Lucas. 
  • For the second piece, UNA II can use main stats like Crit rate or even crit damage. It is entirely dependent on the player’s kit preferences. If you feel like you are lacking crit rate, then it will be useless to roll pieces that have crit damage as the main stat and vice versa. Therefore, choose what fits best for your combat needs. 
  • For the UNA III piece, since the man stat will be base defense, while it can be useful for players that want to stack defense, it will help them survive for as long as possible, especially while fighting tougher bosses like the Kronos, Apep or Fafnir. For sub-stats, stick with ACC and speed stats. 
  • Lastly, the UNA IV piece can be ACC or HP% main stat since he can use both in combat. Once again, only roll pieces that will max-roll into crit or speed; otherwise, abandon those pieces. This is one of the biggest caveats of being an end-game player, as it can get tiring to farm the perfect piece, but once achieved, the character becomes overpowered. 

As for the advised two-piece set, Lucas can use anything in Dislyte, but perhaps the Sword Avatara Set x2 can be useful, as it will provide a 25% chance of him doing a counterattack or a perfect parry anytime he takes damage that is aimed at him by the opponent. For the recommended sub-stats, take a look down below: 

  • For the MUI one-piece, players will not be able to get the freedom to choose the main stat since it will always be set to flat HP. While you may not find the piece useful, it is important to note that survival is key in Dislyte, especially during PvP battles. Therefore flat HP can be really helpful at times. 
  • For the second piece, the only piece that can work is to use one with speed as the main stat so that Lucas can have his turn faster while being used in an Esper Formation. These formations are crucial to have faster turns, especially when being in combat with enemies like the ones in Sonic or Ritual Miracle

Overall Ratings

Dislyte Lucas
Lucas Esper

Lastly, we would like to cover how Lucas Esper in Dislyte can outperform several other Espers, as his overall rating is considered to be ranked 9th as compared to his other team members. He is a solid, well-rounded unit; however, he will dip down in performance here and there, as can be seen below: 

  • Story Content: When it comes to being a newer, mid or end-game player, no one does it better than Lucas. When he is paired with a tank and a DPS, he can perform exceptionally well, helping players clear most story content with little to no difficulties. On top of that, the story stages and practice stages can be farmed easily with Lucas in hand. 
  • Cube Miracle: In the Cube Miracle, players will be able to encounter a sub-dimensional space that has a few rooms, and each room will have stages with enemies in it. With Dislyte Lucas being ranked as an S+ tier unit, it is clear that he is one of the best controllers in Dislyte for the Cube Miracle. 
  • Kronos: The Kronos boss is found to be located in the Ritual Miracle, and Lucas is yet another excellent Esper that can break down the boss with ultimate ease. If you pair him with the main DPS like Liling, both of them will be able to obliterate both of them. 
  • Apep: Now, while Lucas can dominate the other bosses, such as the Ritual and Sonic Miracle, he is not able to do well while being in combat with a boss like Apep. While he is not the worst Esper for the boss, Lucas is not able to self-sustain or fight on his own. It is why he is ranked to be a C- a character for the boss. 
  • Fafnir: While Lucas will rank to be an S-tier unit in many other aspects of the game when it comes to fighting Fafnir, he is ranked as a B-tier unit. It means that while there are better options, Lucas is still able to hold himself and can help your team win the fight. 
  • Temporal Tower: Call it Temporal, Spatial, or the Infinity tower; it’s all the same. The point is that Lucas can outshine all enemies with ease. As the stages go on, the tower itself will gain difficulty; however, Lucas can handle it like a champ, and he shines brightly in the domain. 
  • Point War (Defense): If there’s an Esper you should choose for point war, it’s Lucas. With him being in your defense line, you can rest assured that your team will always win against other players, and they will never be able to achieve victory. This is the main reason why Lucas is ranked as an S+ tier unit. 
  • Point War (Attack): Last but not least, Lucas also does exceptionally well in being in the attack line for point wars. If you are unaware of how point war works, it is essentially AI-based combat, but other players will automate their teams against yours. 

With that, we will wrap up our Dislyte Lucas guide; let us know what you think! For complete beginners in Dislyte, our Dislyte Complete Wiki will help you out a lot!

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