Dislyte Lynn Guide: Skills, Build & Relic Set

Lynn is an amazing DPS Esper in Dislyte. Let's take an in-depth look at the abilities, Relic sets, and best builds of Lynn in Dislyte.

Dislyte has many DPS-focused espers like Tang Xuan and Drew. But arguably Lynn is also one of the fan-favorite among the community. We will be providing an overview of her character lore. We will be examining her abilities and enlisting the best relic sets to use for Lynn builds in Dislyte

Key Highlights
  • Lynn is a character in Dislyte, whose main element is Wind. Her ancient mythological name is Hathor, but in Dislyte, she is an independent character who is emotionally receptive.
  • She is a flexible DPS character who can be a good choice for new players.
  • Lynn has unique abilities that can shift the pacing of battle and upgrade them to increase their potential.
  • Dance of Fate allows Lynn to attack twice, with a chance to grant an immunity buff if a critical is scored. It can be upgraded up to level 3 for increased damage.
  • Eye of the Goddess allows Lynn to attack 3 times, deal splash damage, dispel buff from the target and inflict ATK down debuff. It has a cooldown of 3 turns and can be upgraded up to level 5 for increased damage and dispel rate.

How to Summon Lynn in Dislyte

First of all, it’s important to note that Dislyte supports a gacha system. Players familiar with other games like Genshin Impact will recognize this feature immediately. The gacha mechanic is the system through which players can summon the characters or Espers into the game. In this game, the system is referred to as Echo. By accessing it, you can summon the Espers by whichever currency it requires.

There are a variety of ways to summon characters in the game. You are not limited to summoning characters via just the main currencies. So we highly recommend you use every tool of the game to your advantage and use your wishes wisely. 

Lynn Character Information in Dislyte

Dislyte Lynn stats
In-game menu screen of Lynn, showcasing her stats and abilities

Before we look at the best builds of Lynn in Dislyte, It’s important to know the background of her character. Her main element is Wind. The ancient mythological name of Lynn is Hathor. Hathor was one of the forty-two state gods and goddesses of Egypt. She was very popular and influential among her people.

She was the Goddess of many things including love, beauty, and music. However, Lynn has chosen the opposite path of the Goddess’s powers. She is much more independent in her actions. Lynn connects more vividly with people and is emotionally receptive.

The things that please her will either be a lovely sunrise or the bud of a flower after the rain. She is extremely down-to-earth. Her heart and actions are unclouded, so above anything else, they only belong only to justice. Besides that, Lynn is a flexible DPS in Dislyte.

With a pretty versatile Kit that can be used for any sort of battle. So we assure you this character can be a fantastic choice for new players of the game. Speaking of which there are more unique Espers summoned within the game. 

Lynn’s Abilities in Dislyte

The abilities of each Esper become their main arsenal to use in battles. These abilities are unique to each Esper in Dislyte. They can shift the pacing of each battle in a matter of seconds. Whenever you ascend your espers, you also increase the potential of these skills. So it’s best to have these skills upgraded at all times because your Esper will be using them to synergize with your other units heavily. With some overpowered synergies you clear battles in just a few turns.

Before we continue why not check out our Esper Leveling Guide for Dislyte to help you optimize your ascension materials for the best Espers. Anyways, let’s take a deeper look at Lynn’s abilities that you will be using in Dislyte.

Dance of Fate

This ability lets Lynn attack an enemy twice. Each of the strikes deals damage equal to 60% of ATK. If Lynn scores a critical during this ability, you are granted an immunity buff for the next turn. This ability can be enhanced to Level 2 with a 55% damage increase.

It can be further upgraded to Level 3 to provide a 60% damage increase. This ability can be a lifesaver if you happen to know some tough boss’s move sets. If Lynn has enough critical rate, she repeatedly grants herself immunity to make her impervious to damage at almost every turn.

Eye of the Goddess

This is an ability that attacks an enemy 3 times. It deals 200% of Lynn’s overall attack as splash damage. This ability has a skill that grants a 60% chance of dispelling 1 buff from the target per strike. This ability also inflicts the ATK down status debuff on enemies after dispelling a debuff. Eye of the Goddess has a cooldown for 3 turns, to prevent players from spamming it. There are 5 tiers for this ability to be upgraded. 

The damage of this ability is increased to 190% at Level 2. At Level 3 you get the chances of the dispel buff skill are increased to 50%. At Level 4 the total damage of the ability is increased to 200%. Finally, at Level 6 the total cooldown of this ability is reduced by 1 turn.

We highly recommend investing in this ability first because the dispel skill is extremely useful for boss fights. You can essentially weaken boss fights with the ATK down buff. While also removing one of the boss’s debuffs on your party members. This is a must-have ability for the best builds for Lynn in Dislyte.

Ropes of Destiny

This ability deals damage to a target equal to 280% of your total attack. It also grants a defensive shield that absorbs damage equal to 35% of Lynn’s max HP for 2 turns. This ability has a cooldown of 4 turns. Just like the previous ability, this can also be upgraded up to 5 levels. 

At Level 2, the damage is increased to 250%. At level 3 and level 4, it is increased to 260% and 270% respectively. The damage is fully capped to 280% at Level 5. Finally, at Level 6 the ability gains a reduced cooldown by 1 turn.

This ability is almost basic in detail. It provides raw damage but most importantly it can be very useful to be able to absorb some of the damage. This can minimize most of the hard-hitting strikes of some foes which are especially helpful if Lynn is in low health

Captain Ability

These abilities are special buffs applied when the chosen Esper with the ability is granted the ‘Leader’ role during the party setup screen. Each of your characters has their unique Captain ability, so it’s best to mix and match which member you want to assign the leader role and use their ability.

The captain ability of Lynn increases all party members’ attacks by 30% during Ritual Miracle or Sonic Miracle boss fight challenges. This is a highly beneficial captain ability and one that will greatly assist you during battles against farming Divine Waves fights. 

Lynn Overall Ratings in Dislyte

Lynn can be a helpful esper for the mainly Sonic Miracles challenges who are hard-fought foes. But most importantly, She is the best espers to use for the Apep boss of Dislyte. Considering she’s a 4-star esper and can be easily used against a hard foe. It is also worthwhile using her in other content too. The following are our ratings for Lynn in each of these activities.

  • Kronos: C
  • Point War (PVP): B
  • Story Mode: A
  • Fafnir: S
  • Apep: S

Best Relic Set Builds for Lynn in Dislyte

As you slowly progress through the game, You will begin to receive relic sets to make your Espers powerful. These are relatively similar to the artifact sets in Genshin Impact. In that sense, every relic set offers unique perks that can boost your Esper’s potential a lot. There are a total of Six relic slots you can use. They are the building blocks to crafting your builds in Dislyte.

You can equip Lynn with almost any relic set, but we recommend only a couple that will make this Esper stand out with the best skills and build in Dislyte. While you are at it, why not check out our Relic Sets guide on Dislyte. It briefly explains the various relics found within the game and also, how to acquire them as soon as possible.

War Machine Set (4-piece)

Using the War Machine set will provide a staggering 30% attack bonus which makes this set extremely strong. It is especially viable for almost any DPS-based Esper of Dislyte. In the remaining two relic slots, players can fixate the Incandescence Set. This set provides a 20% Critical rate boost to your character.

This build is primarily focused on drawing out huge damage bursts from Lynn. We suggest pairing her up with a support esper like Jacob or an extra DPS character like Gabrielle. This will balance the playing field and let Lynn concentrate on pure damage output for her team. In terms of Relic sub-stats, we highly suggest trying to roll Critical rate or accuracy on them. This will ensure the best damage scaling against tanky enemies and boss fights.

Hades Set (4-piece)

The Hades relic set is unique as it provides a life steal bonus. What it means is that whatever amount of damage you may deal on a turn. will be converted into 35% of health Regeneration. Players can pair this setup with the Master Grove Set. This is a 2-piece set that increases your overall health by 25%.

This build is designed to make Lynn a flexible character. It does not impact her overall attributes too much. The main focus of this build is that it goes bread and butter with the Ropes of Destiny ability. This build will make Lynn almost unkillable with the constant health regeneration. Not to mention she will already have the shield to make her immune to any sort of Area-of-effect damage. We highly advise you to bring along an extra DPS esper to compensate for Lynn being on this unique build. Characters like Tang Yun or Li Ling will be excellent here.

Dislyte Lynn’s Playstyle Tips

As you can see, her kit requires her to have a high critical rate to be effective in encounters. Players should strive to achieve at least a 100% critical rate. For early game players, you might not get the full benefits of her debuff skills. But it is still highly advisable you aim to get the critical stats up first, rather than focusing on accuracy. Lynn is a fantastic single target DPS that can be versatile for almost any battle.

The debuff skill is absolutely useful against bosses like Fafnir. Who needs their buff stripped while lowering their attack so they deal less damage to your party. With the right sub-stats, Lynn can be an amazing asset to your roster of adaptable espers. Which are the rare types to be found in Dislyte.

This wraps up our guide for the character guide and best builds for Lynn in Dislyte. We hope you enjoy building this character and using her in combat. If you have any other questions related to the guide feel free to ask them in the comments box below!

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