Dislyte Meredith (Scylla): Skills, Relic, & Playstyle

how to unlock the newly released Esper, Dislyte Meredith? is it worth it to MAX skill her? In this guide, you can know all about Scylla.

Dislyte features a turn-based style battle system, in which you play with heroes called espers. Dislyte has a massive roster of over 60 espers, each featuring unique abilities and skills, and there are various powerful espers in the game, such as Lynn, Unas, Triki, Starimon, Meredith, and many more. Our guide entails a specific esper called Meredith (Scylla).

Key Highlights
  • To summon Meredith in Dislyte, players use the Echo system, similar to Gacha mechanics used in other games where players rely on luck to obtain the esper they desire.
  • Meredith can also be obtained by completing tasks and earning event items in the ongoing event, running from 31st May to 14th June 2022, where players must gather 5000 Oasis Crests to unlock her.
  • Meredith is a wind element Esper in the game, belonging to the Esper Union faction, who uses her power for the good of the world and wields a Jolly Banjo. She has the divine power of Scylla, a sea creature from Greek Mythology.
  • Meredith plays the role of a support character in battles, using abilities such as Sonic Venom, Sonic Shield, and Hand of Scylla to provide health boosts and defense for her team. These abilities can level up and increase in effectiveness over time.

How to Summon Meredith in Dislyte

The espers, or heroes that you can summon in the game to play with, are done through a system called “Echo”. Echo is referred to as something that is similar to Gacha Mechanics that some other games use. The word Gacha comes from an old vending machine used in Japan that sold toys.

These toys came out randomly where you could not pick your own choice but leave it in the hands of chance. Similar to that Echo is also a lucky roll that you can use and hope you can get the esper that you desire. 

Meredith can also be obtained at the shop. To unlock her, you need to complete tasks from the ongoing event to earn event items. The new event is running from the 31st of May 2022 to the 14th of June 2022. You will need to gather 5000 Oasis Crests before you can get your hands on Meredith. 

What Is Meredith in DIslye

Wielding a Jolly Banjo, Meredith, the Miracle Bard, is from the Esper Union faction of the game. She is a researcher at the Union and wants to use her power for the good of the world. She holds the divine power of Scylla, a legendary sea creature in Greek Mythology.

Scylla was a challenge for famous heroes of Greek legends like Odysseus. This divine sea creature had six appendages in the form of snakes with razor-sharp teeth. Other than that, there were also heads of baying dogs appearing from below her waist.

Using her power, Scylla sunk ships, preyed on them and devoured anyone that came near her lair. Her lair was a cave, from where she tried to attack any unsuspicious passerby.

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Meredith dislyte skills sets

Meredith’s Skills in Dislyte

In the game Dislyte, when Esper fight, they use their abilities to attack and defend in order to win battles. Every Esper has their own unique set of abilities that they can use either to support, defend, or attack. The types of abilities an Esper possess depends on the character’s specialty. When you use an Esper in a battle, the abilities of each esper also evolve and get better. 

Meredith is a wind element Esper who plays the role of support in her team. The four unique abilities she possesses are concentrated on supporting the team by providing them health boosts and defense. She does so by using her lifesteal, which takes health from the enemy and gives them to her teammates.

Let us go through Meredith’s (Scylla) abilities in a bit more detail below:

Sonic Venom

Soni Venom is an ability that inflicts damage to one enemy by 80% at the base level when used. But the special effect of the ability is that it also has a 50% chance of inflicting poison stat for two turns after the ability is used. 

The normal and poison damage of Sonic Venom’s ability increases as it levels up. At level 2, the ability deals damage up to 90%. At level 3, the trigger chances for this ability increase to 60%. When the ability reaches level 4, the damage given to the enemy is increased to 100%. At max level, that is, level 5, the trigger chance of poison damage that lasts two rounds is increased by 70%.

Sonic Shield

With the help of Sonic Shield ability, Meredith can recover the HP of one teammate by 20%. But that is not all, and the teammate will also get buffs such as CRIT RESIST and DEF UP for the next two turns after the ability is used. After using the skill once, it has to cool down for the next four turns and can not be used again before that. 

The percentage of health that your teammate gets as a buff using the ability increases as the ability ranks up. When Sonic Shield ability reaches level 2, it can restore 23% of the health of the player during the battle. At level 3, it can restore 26% of health.

When the level increases to 4, it can restore health by 30%. At level 5, which is the max level, the cooldown of the ability is reduced to 3 turns, which is 1 less than what it usually is.

Hand of Scylla

When Meredith uses the Hand of Scylla’s ability, she can take the health of her enemies and heal her teammates. When used, this ability reduces the enemy’s health by 20%. From the reduced health of the enemy, she heals her teammates by 25%. And if the teammate’s health is already 80% or above, she gives them SPD UP boost for 2 turns.

The limitations of the ability are that when it is used, the health that is stolen from the enemy can not exceed 50% of Meredith’s health. Not to mention you can only use the ability once every 5 turns.

When Hand of Scylla ability reaches level 2, Meredith can reduce the health of the enemy by 23%. At level 3, she can reduce the health of her foes by 26%. At level 4, the health that is reduced is increased by 30%. And just like the Sonic Shield ability, when the ability reaches max level, the cooldown is reduced by 1 turn.

Captain Ability

Captain abilities are special abilities that can only be used when that certain Esper is chosen as the captain or leader of the team. It is highly recommended to use the Esper, whose captain ability can help all teammates win the battles.

Meredith’s captain ability is a support-type, which is pretty much what you would expect from her. When fighting Ritual Miracle and Sonic Miracle boss challenges, Meredith can use her ability to increase the health of all her teammates by 30%.

Meredith Overall Ratings in Dislyte

Meredith is a wind style, support type 4-star Esper. She can help support her teammates so they can be more useful and not die as easily as they would otherwise. Also, read our How to promote Esper rating in Dislyte guide. Meredith’s ratings are as below:

meredith dislyte guide
new esper Meredith dislyte

Best Relic Set Builds for Meredith

Relic sets are items that you can use on your Espers to increase their potential and make them stronger and more powerful. Each relic set that you can possess offers different perks and boosts that you can use on the Esper. For a support type such as Meredith, the recommended sets are given below:

Set No.1: one of the recommended set for Meredith is, Wind Walker x4, which gives SPD +25%, and Master Grove x2, which gives +25% HP. these relic sets can help her with fast support to cast her skills.

Set No.2: Ocean Waves x4, which grants a 30% chance of reducing cooldown from all abilities by 1 turn at the start of each turn. And aster Grove x2, increasing HP by 25%.

Final Thoughts

Meredith (Scylla) is powerful support who damages her foes with her abilities and uses them to buff and heal her teammates. It gives your team the edge that it might need in case you are having trouble against your enemies.

However, since most of her abilities have a long cool-down, you might want to time your attacks properly. Not to mention you can really reduce anyone standing against her using her poison damage. Just make sure you upgrade Meredith’s skills to the max as soon as you can.

Dislyte is a turn-based RPG that was released earlier this year. It has gained a massive following recently, with a player base from around the globe. It is on its way to becoming one of the top-rated RPGs, with more than 1 million downloads alone on Google Playstore.

Dislyte was developed by Lilith Games, the third-largest developer and publisher in China. They have big names like AFK Arena and Rise of Kingdoms in their portfolio.

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