Dislyte Next Banner: Event Details & Rewards

Our Dislyte Next Banner guide goes through everything you need to know about the event including the participation rules and rewards.

What is the Next Banner in Dislyte

Unlocking Ahmed through the Next Dislyte Banner Event

The Banner system has been a regular event since the Dislyte’s launch. During the duration of the banner event, you can complete different tasks to unlock records. You can unlock 3 to 5-star Espers using these records.

The Next Banner in Dislyte features Ahmed (Geb). Ahmed is one of the most powerful Espers in the game and has been featured in our Dislyte Tier List. This event will be available from the 21st June of to the 4th of July. But before we get into details about the New Banner and the rules regarding it, let us first discuss what Dislyte Banners are.

Key Highlights
  • The Next Banner in Dislyte features Ahmed (Geb) as the featured Esper, available from June 21st to July 4th.
  • Dislyte Banners are a way to unlock new Espers, similar to other Gacha games.
  • Three main banners currently exist in the game: Beginner’s Benefits Banner, Normal Summoning Banner, and Rate-Up Summoning Banner.
  • The currency used to unlock Espers in the Next Banner event is Records, which come in different types: Gold Records, Elemental Records, and Platinum Records.
  • The Pity System in Dislyte guarantees a legendary Esper after a certain amount of unsuccessful pulls.

What Are Dislyte Banners?

Similar to other Gacha games available in the market, the Banner system allows you to unlock new Espers. These Banners provide you with a quick and effective way of unlocking these Espers. Instead of replaying the same missions over and over again, you can use the event to get access to rare Espers.

Three main banners currently exist in the game. All these banners can be used to unlock different Espers in the game. These Banners include;

Beginner’s Benefits Banner

As the name suggests, the banner is made available to the players as soon as they boot up the game. The Beginner banner can be used to summon ten three to five-star Espers. You can use the Beginner’s Benefits Banner to unlock Espers like Li Ling and Tang Xuan.

Normal Summoning Banner

This is a standard that is always available to the players. These banners can also be used to unlock different 3 to 5-star Espers and they become available at different stages of the game.

Rate-Up Summoning Banner

These are the limited-time banners that allow you to pull different 3 to 5-star Espers. These Banners also give you a higher drop rate for a featured rare Esper.

Currency Used in the Banner System

You can acquire different Espers in the Banner System. These Espers include rare (3-star), epic (4-star), and legendary (5-star). All these Espers also have different drop rates based on their rarity. For instance, the rare Espers are the most common ones to pull during the event.

You can also pull Epic and Legendary Espers in the event as well. Additionally, you will need specific currencies to unlock these Espers. Record is the currency that is used to unlock Espers in the Next Banner event of Dislyte. These records come in a plethora of types, and all have unique properties. They include;

Gold Records

The Gold Records are the most common currency in the Banner Mode. You can normally use this currency to unlock epic or legendary Espers.

Elemental Records

Elemental Records are special in the sense that they can be used to unlock three to five-star Espers of a particular elemental type. These records give you a choice in terms of picking a specific Esper based on your requirements. 

Platinum Records

These are the rarest records that you can acquire in the game. Platinum records are hard to obtain as you have to put in a lot of effort to get them. However, these records are special because they can be used to unlock four to five-star rarity Espers.

There are multiple ways in which you can acquire these records. You can obtain these Gold Records and Crystals by completing different early quests and missions. You can also get these records by using Dislyte Codes.

The Pity System in Dislyte

The pity system is a staple of all gacha games that are available in the market today. The system guarantees that you will receive a legendary Esper if you are unsuccessful in your pulls. After you have tried a specific amount of times and failed to acquire a legendary Esper, you will automatically be guaranteed one in the next spin.

The two different Pity Systems are used in Dislyte are;

Hard Pity

The hard pity system ensures that you will receive a 5-star Esper within 121 summons. This means that if you don’t get a legendary Esper in your first 120 summons, you will be guaranteed one in the next turn. The Hard Pity system encourages the players to keep trying even if they don’t get the required item in the first few turns.

Soft Pity

The Soft Pity system guarantees an Epic Esper (4-star) within 20 summons. If your first 19 tries are unsuccessful, you will be guaranteed an Epic Esper in the next turn. 

Dislyte Next Banner & Charity Event

As stated above, the Next Banner features Ahmed (Geb) as the main Esper in Dislyte. It means that you can use your records for a chance to summon this Legendary Esper. However, with the Banner, Dislyte has also introduced a new charity event.

The charity event will be available from the 21st of June to the 5th of July. The Event also includes different competitions and challenges in which you can participate. Participating in these challenges will unlock different rewards that you can use in the game.

Charity Event Details

The event will feature a plethora of challenges. You can unlock all the available rewards by participating in different challenges. These challenges include;

  • The side stories option will allow you to record and recreate different Esper stories. This mode will recreate all the events that took place in Esper’s life.
  • You will need Inspiration Points to unlock and participate in these modes. During the above-mentioned duration, you can log in daily to get 3 Inspiration Points. You can also spend 60 Stamina to acquire 1 Inspiration Point as well.
  • There are a total of 5 events that you can participate in by using these inspiration points. These events include; Essays, Story Battles, Surge of Inspiration, Mystery Trader, and Golden House.
  • You will have to complete the prerequisites for every single event before unlocking it.

Participation Rules for Events

Every event in the game mode has rules that you will have to follow. Following these rules will ensure that you will unlock all the available rewards without an issue. Participation rules for all events in the Dislyte Next Banner are as follows;


  • Essays are a tool for recording relevant life experiences and events in Esper’s Life.
  • After you finish watching a story, you will receive a reward.
  • You can reward the story again by replaying it in Story View, but you will not receive any rewards for it.

Story Battle

  • Story Battles show you all the important battles that an Esper has encountered.
  • After you win a battle, you can collect your reward for the stage and move on to the next story.
  • In addition to a new story becoming available, you will also unlock a high-difficulty version of the battle you finished as well.

Golden House

  • The Golden House is full of exciting rewards that you can unlock by using Inspiration Points.
  • Every reward will have a different value based on its rarity, so you need to keep that in mind when you are unlocking them.

Mystery Trader

  • Mystery Trader all you to reset a Relic’s Secondary Attributes 4 times. However, you can only use a Relic that initially has 4 Secondary Attributes.
  • After you have enhanced a Relic and reset it, its Secondary Attributes will be automatically assigned based on the total number of Enhancements it has undergone.

Surge of Inspiration

  • The Surge of Inspiration will allow you to regularly farm and obtain Gold and Nexus Crystals.
  • After you have unlocked this game mode, you can use your Inspiration Points to upgrade it further.
  • Upgrading the Surge of Inspiration will increase the total number of Nexus Crystals and Gold that you can obtain from it.

Ahmed (Geb) Drop Rate Event

It is the main event in the Next Banner Dislyte that will allow you to unlock Ahmed. As Ahmed is the Star Esper of the event, you can use your records to increase your chances of unlocking him. There are a set of details that you will need to keep in mind when you are participating in the event. These details are as follows;

  • The probability of unlocking Ahmed out of all the Legendary Espers in the game starts at 10%
  • If you have not unlocked Ahmed after 450 total summons, you will be guaranteed to unlock him in the next turn.
  • The entire event will end as soon as you unlock Ahmed (Geb).
  • In the event, you also have a chance to get access to a large quantity of Gold Records and Legendary Abilimon. You can unlock these items by reaching a specific spinning threshold in the Echo game mode. 
  • The Next Banner event also follows the Hard Pity rules. The Hard Pity rule ensures that you will unblock a Legendary Esper if your first 19 spins are unsuccessful. 

This concludes our Dislyte Next Banner guide. Let us know what you thought about the guide in the Comments Below!

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