Dislyte Nicole: Skills, Stats and Relic Sets

Dislyte has a great esper Nicole and we have listed her the best skills, stats & relic sets you should use to beat the enemies while fighting.

There are many strong espers in Dislyte, including Catherine, Lin Xiao, Nicole, and many more. In Dislyte, Nicole is one of those espers that grant a DEF Up, some extra buffs, and Invincibility to the allies. Moreover, it also takes their damage, reviving them in the game again. 

Key Highlights
  • Nicole has four skills: Spiral Strike, Dead Man’s Protection, Spinning Wrap, Captain Ability
  • Spiral Strike: 70% chance of inflicting Sear, ATK 30%, max HP 4.5%
  • Dead Man’s Protection: grants Soul Guard, Standoff, Recovery for 3,1,2 turns
  • Soul Guard redistributes 30% damage and revives the carrier on death
  • Standoff retain at least 1 HP
  • Recovery grants 15% of max HP at start of turn
  • Spinning Wrap grants DEF Up and Invincibility to allies and Soul Guard to espers with lowest HP
  • Captain Ability increases ally HP by 30% in Point War.
  • Nicole base stats: HP 12911, DEF 1013, ATK 874, SPD 104
  • Nicole has two Relic Sets: Wind Walker Set x4 and The Light Above or Adamantine Set x2
  • Nicole’s main stats: DEF%, HP%, SPD.

Its great skills and stats can inflict good damage on the enemy. It even shares the damage with other allied espers. With that, you can look at our five best Dislyte Espers guides. While Nicole in Dislyte provides Soul Guard to the allied espers with the lowest HP, it also grants Standoff after the ascension. Take a look at our Dislyte 3 Stars Tier List to improve your knowledge about espers and the game. 

Nicole has a gentle side, but she also has the power of Nephthys. We have designed the Dislyte guide with all Nicole’s information for you to read. Look at all of its skills, stats, and relics below!

SkillsBase Stats Main StatRelic Set
Spiral Strike
Dead Man’s Protection
Spinning Wrap
Captain Ability
Base HP:12911
Base DEF: 1013
Base ATK: 874
Base SPD: 104
Una II Main Stats: DEF%, HP%
Una IV Main Stats: DEF%, HP%
Mui II Main Stats: SPD
Set 1: Wind Walker Set x4, The Light Above Set x2
Set 2: Wind Walker Set x4, Adamantine Set x2

Dislyte Nicole Skills

Nicole Esper Information
Dislyte Nicole Information

Nicole has four great skills that can deal well with an enemy’s damage. We have listed all four of them. 

Spiral Strike

Nicole has a 70% chance of inflicting Sear on the enemy. She can do that for two turns. It also has an ATK of 30% and a max HP of 4.5% while dealing damage to the enemy throughout the game. On the subject of skills, read the Dislyte Triki guide with its skills and relic sets. 

Spiral Strike Skill
Nicole Spiral Strike

Dead Man’s Protection

Through Nicole’s Dead Man’s Protection skill in Dislyte, it can provide Soul Guard to any allied espers for three turns. It then includes Standoff for one turn and Recovery for two turns to the allied espers. You might want to read our Dislyte Eira guide. 

Dead Man's Protection skill
Nicole Dead Man’s Protection

Soul Guard

This works in a way that it redistributes 30% of the damage that is taken by the carrier to the caster. If the carrier dies, it can revive immediately by restoring 10% of its max HP. There are three Cooldown turns, and as soon as the caster dies, the buff will expire. 


Standoff helps in retaining at least one HP. 


Nicole recovers 15% of its max HP at the start of the turn. 

Spinning Wrap

Spinning Wrap Skill
Nicole Spinning Wrap

Spinning skill in Dislyte by Nicole will grant DEF Up for two turns and Invincibility for one turn to the allies. It also has a 7% max HP that helps in damage dealing towards enemies. Spinning Wrap provides Soul Guard to all those allied espers with the lowest espers. It can be done in two turns. The cooldown is for four turns. 

Captain Ability

The skill is only beneficial in Point war. It helps in increasing the ally HP by 30%. 

Dislyte Nicole Base Stats

There are four different base Stats of Nichole in Dislyte listed below.

  • Base HP:12911
  • Base DEF: 1013
  • Base ATK: 874
  • Base SPD: 104

Dislyte Nicole Relic Sets

There are two Relic Sets that Nicole offers. These set recommendations will help all the Dislyte players. For more esper information, explore Dislyte Unas guide. 

Set 1

  • Wind Walker Set x4: +25% SPD
  • The Light Above Set x2: Starts up the battle with immunity that only lasts for a single turn. 

Set 2

  • Wind Walker Set x4: +25% SPD
  • Adamantine Set x2: The duration of the set is for two turns, and every allied esper starts the battle that has a 20% max HP shield. 

Main Stats

  • Una II Main Stats: DEF%, HP%
  • Una IV Main Stats: DEF%, HP%
  • Mui II Main Stats: SPD

Nicole is one of the best espers in Dislyte. It not only provides damage control against the enemy, but it also grants DEF Up. We hope you liked our Dislyte guide about Nicole. If you want to know more about espers in Dislyte, read the guide on how to promote esper star ratings

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