Dislyte Ollie: How To Get, Skills & Relic Sets

This guide explains how to get Dislyte Ollie and his character. Also, we described his skills and recommended a few relic sets.

Dislyte Ollie Character Information

Dislyte Ollie
Ollie, Five-star Esper

Ollie is a legendary esper who belongs from Orasis. He comes under the flow category of espers. As Ollie is a Five-star esper, his powers and capabilities are pretty high. He possesses the powers of the Egyptian god Osiris. Ollie is mainly a fighter esper which means he can inflict significant damage in the battle.

But he seems to have great support and defending attributes, making him a hybrid esper. All these qualities, ensure quality action, and brutal attacks make him a promising action hero in your team.

Key Highlights
  • Dislyte Ollie is a five-star Esper belonging to the flow category, possessing the powers of the Egyptian god Osiris.
  • Mainly a fighter esper with great support and defending attributes, making him a hybrid esper.
  • You can get Ollie in Dislyte by summoning him using echo with a low rate but with a double pull rate during the upcoming event.
  • Ollie’s Skills in Dislyte offers :
    • Hookstrike: inflict significant damage with an 80% chance of inflicting defense down.
    • Salvific Judgements: prevent an ally from dying by providing invincibility and recovery for that turn and casts the Law of duat on the attacker.
    • Law Of Duat: deals significant damage, takes a portion of the opponent’s maximum health, and inflicts defense down while taunting the enemy and providing the caster invincibility for one turn.

While going through skills, have a look at Dislyte Helper Esper and Dislyte 12-8 guides.

How To Get Ollie in Dislyte

Dislyte Ollie
Ollie, The Fighter

You are not the only one who wants to know how to get Ollie in Dislyte. Whenever there is a new character in the gacha game, everyone is curious about his abilities and aptitude. You can get Ollie in Dislyte by summoning him using echo.

Ollie is a legendary esper, so keep in mind that the rate will be low. However, there will be a Double pull rate during the upcoming event. Ollie is joining Dislyte in a new event from May 31st, 2022, to June 14th,2022. Meanwhile, to know about other espers, go through our guides like Dislyte Lynn Guide and Dislyte Mona Build Guide.

This event offers a double pull rate on this legendary esper. The summoning event brings you a higher chance of getting Ollie, so you must take full advantage and avail yourself of the opportunity before the event ends. After the Ollie is pulled in this event, the double pull rate will return to normal, and Ollie will be added to other espers.

Then, to get Ollie, you will have to use gold records. Also, you can get Ollie after 119 failed attempts to get legendary from the guaranteed legendary. 

Ollie Skills in Dislyte

The skillset offered by Ollie in Dislyte is incredible. He is capable of inflicting silence which is potentially a very interesting debuff because it prevents enemies from using their second or third skills. So he has an advantage over some of your enemy’s espers.

Moreover, when an ally takes a fetal hit, Ollie uses his passive skills and prevent them from dying. And his speed enables him to take many turns. Also, by using the Law of duat skill, significant damage is unleashed, and he can inflict defense down. Let’s go into the details of his skills. 


If you are a boxing lover, you know the power of a hookstrike and how deadly and ferocious knockouts have been achieved throughout boxing history. Similarly, Dislyte Ollie can inflict significant damage using this skill.

Apart from the damage, he can inflict defense down for one turn, which means that enemies won’t be able to use their second or third skills. In short, he deals damage equal to 120% of the attack with an 80% chance of inflicting defense down.  

Salvific Judgements

Salvific judgment is among the passive skills offered by Ollie. This skill is most relevant when an allied esper takes a fatal hit. It can prevent an esper from dying by providing invincibility and recovery for that turn. Can you believe that? Who wouldn’t want such an esper on their team?

Also, Ollie casts the Law of duat on the attacker, but this skill takes five turns to cool down.    

Ollie’s Law Of Duat

The Law of duat seems like the Law in which only the death prevails. That’s how powerful and furious this skill can be if used correctly. Damage dealt through this skill is even more significant than the attack. Moreover, it takes a portion of the opponent’s maximum health.

While taunting the enemy, Ollie can inflict defense down as well. But, when ascended, he inflicts defense down and taunts enemies while providing the caster invincibility for one turn. It takes four turns to cool down after ascension. In summary, he deals damage equal to 200% of the attack and inflicts defense down for two turns. Also, Dislyte Ollie taunts the enemy for one turn.

Captain Ability

A genuinely heroic performance is displayed when action and skills are combined with speed. His captain ability enables him to grand 25% increase in ally’s speed. A five-star esper with incredible fighting abilities who can also provide support and defense makes him a viable captain option.

Now, you know all about Ollie’s skills.

Recommended Relic Set For Ollie

Dislyte Ollie
Recommended Gear Sets

Relic sets provide an extra boost to your esper’s abilities. You may not have gear sets at the start, but you will achieve these relics once you start to progress. They must not be ignored because their use is vital to provide a significant boost and give your espers a better winning chance.

There are six slots in total, so you must choose gear sets wisely and according to the aptitude of your esper. Here we suggest two sets for Ollie in Dislyte. If you want to explore more about relics, check out Dislyte Relic Guide.

Relic Set One

The set contains two relic sets. Firstly, we have Hades set. This set is important for gaining or regenerating health points. You are bound to lose vital health points during the battle because both sides inflict damage. But this relic set will use 35% of the damage dealt with regenerating much-needed health points.

Secondly, we have the Appolo bow set. In Dislyte, accuracy determines how successfully a character’s debuff will hit the target. Your accuracy must be greater than the target’s resistance to apply any kind of debuff. This gear will increase the accuracy of Dislyte Ollie by 25%. 

Relic Set Two

Firstly, we have hades set. Hades set is vital for converting damage dealt into health points. Considering this, we have chosen this gear for this relic set.

Secondly, we have a Master grove set. During the battle, you are dependent on your health points for your survival. This gear increases your health points by 25%. Thus, You can last longer in fights with extra health points because you have the edge over your enemy.

Dislyte Ollie Tips And Playstyle

We suggest that you take full advantage of the upcoming event and get hold of this five-star esper. Dislyte Ollie’s abilities make him a must-have among your allied espers. This character can be ascended to phase six. And his skill set can help you against various espers.

Also, when you upgrade the esper, don’t go for an automatic update because a manual update saves many resources. Apart from that, relic sets are vital for boosting the character’s aptitude. Make sure you use the relics to take your esper’s performance to the optimum. On the subject of best espers, check out the Best Dislyte Characters guide. 

Lilithgames has once again surprised us with the fantastic features integrated into Dislyte. It has a turn-based aspect, and characters inflict damage in turns. Apart from this, it has dungeons where you get free to play heroes and farm for them. If you like summoners war, you would love this game as it’s a lot more advanced and has much more to offer. This game is addictive, and RPG game lovers are obsessed with Dislyte.

Wow! Finally, you know everything about this upcoming fighter esper. We explained all about how to get him and his character. Also, we described his skills and recommended a few relic sets. Get hold of this esper and enjoy the gameplay.      

Dislyte Tips

Dislyte comes with unique characters, each having a different set of abilities. Some are important in the initial stages, but few will be a vital part of your team for later stages. The game involves strategy, and you have to select your espers accordingly. It’s better to assign each esper a different role in your strategy according to the abilities and support the esper can offer to the team.

The futuristic setting and characters who appear to have traveled through time make the gameplay intriguing. Our Dislyte Ollie guide explains everything you should know about this esper. Also, consider going through Dislyte Pre Register Rewards and Dislyte Tier List.

Inspired by Japanese games, Lilith games have used the gacha system to summon the espers. This system is quite similar to vending machines in which you put in a coin and get a random reward. Gacha system is explained at the start of Drew and Tang Xuan.

In Dislyte, this gacha system is known as echo. You can use your game’s resources to summon an esper. However, some espers can be obtained by fusing the weaker espers in the war room. Go through our guide, Dislyte esper fusion, to know more about esper fusion. A few espers made through this fusion process are  Dislyte Gabrielle and Dislyte Fabrice.

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