Dislyte Point War Farming Guide: Tiers & Rewards

Our guide contains all the information you need on the Point War Tournament in Dislyte including methods to farm rewards in Pont War.

What is a Point War in Dislyte?

Dislyte Point War Farming Guide
Point War Tournament

To keep the players engaged and give them the fun of co-op, Dislyte has a Point War that you can join to battle other players. This in-game mode also has a reward system for you so while you enjoy the battles, you earn epic rewards too. Point war is a PvP mode in Dislyte and a mode you should play if you’re looking to farm rewards and XP faster.

Key Highlights
  • Dislyte has a Point War mode that allows players to battle other players while earning rewards.
  • Point War is a PvP mode and is a good option for farming rewards and XP faster.
  • The duel in Dislyte cost one Admission Certificate, which can be obtained every two hours, with a storage capacity of 20.
  • Players should configure their defensive team and choose strong espers to earn better rewards.
  • Winning a duel in Point War earns players vouchers that can be used to purchase items from the tournament shop to improve character abilities and level them up faster.
  • The Point War Tournament is ranked by tiers and rewards are given based on tier rank every 7 days.
  • The higher the tier, the more points and supply vouchers a player can earn.
  • The ranking system has 11 protected tiers, and players are bracketed into 18 tiers during the season depending on the points they accumulated.

General Rules for Point War

The duel you play in Dislyte is priced at one Admission Certificate. After every two hours, you will get one Admission certificate. Keep in mind that your storage can hold only up to twenty certificates at a time. So to avoid the full storage make sure you spend the Admission certificates every once in a while. This is also important because in case your storage is full and you get a new admission certificate, it will simply be lost. 

Keep in mind that you need to configure your defensive team and choose excellent espers for it. So that each time your team defeats a challenger, you get great rewards from it. Use the best characters in Dislyte for your defensive team so that when you reach higher tiers, you don’t lose points.

Rewards for Point War

The reason many players prefer to spend more time in Point war as compared to the regular story mode is because of the rewards it offers and how quickly you can farm rewards by playing just one or two duels. Also, Point War is a good option if you have used all the codes in Dislyte to redeem gifts.

If you manage to win a duel in a Point War, you will be rewarded with vouchers. You can use these vouchers to purchase Divina and spirimon from the shop in Dislyte. These items from the tournament shop will help you improve your character’s abilities and also help them level up faster.

Dislyte Point War rewards
Rewards for Point War in Dislyte

But that isn’t all, you will also get plenty of gold records as rewards. Also if you manage to collect enough vouchers to get Abilimon from the shop, it will greatly help you in battles. If you are just starting out in the game, we would recommend you to save up and get Abilimon first.

This will help you improve your Espers’ ability levels greatly and help you farm gold Records. When you are done purchasing them all, focus on getting nexus crystals next. Our Dislyte Point War farming guide will help you get all these rewards.

Dislyte Point War shop
Tournament shop

Keep in mind that you need to configure your defensive team and choose excellent espers for it. So that each time your team defeats a challenger, you get great rewards from it. Use the best characters in Dislyte for your defensive team so that when you reach higher tiers, you don’t lose points. Consider reading our Dislyte tier list to have a better idea of what character you should pick for your defense team.

Point War Tournament Tiers in Dislyte 

Point War tournament is as the name suggests, all about gaining points. Every time you manage to defeat a player in the Point War Tournament, you will gain tier points for it. But if you lose in the duel, you will end up losing some of your tier points. There are 5 enemy teams that you will face in each round of the tournament. The higher ranked and stronger the enemy you’re facing is, the more the points you’ll farm in Point War upon victory.

The Point War Tournament is ranked by tiers. If you have the character of higher tiers then your rival team will also be way stronger. Make sure you keep going up in tiers through the Point War Tournament. This is because you will receive amazing rewards every seven days depending upon the tier rank you have.

Also upon winning you will get supply vouchers according to the tier you’re currently in. So higher the tier you’re in, the more the supply vouchers you’ll receive.

The players would be bracketed into 18 tiers during the season according to the points they have accumulated so far.

Ranking System

The tiers under the 11th tier are all protected. This means if you belong to any of these lower tiers and end up losing in a Point War Tournament,  you will not lose a tier. So during your time in the lower tiers, make sure you practice your skills and abilities enough so that you won’t lose many points when in higher tiers. The players from this tier would likely face enemies of equal strengths.

When you reach the 16th tier is when things start to get a bit serious. The players of this tier will rank on a Points Leaderboard. If you manage to reach the top 1000-100 players, you will be promoted to the 17th tier. In case you manage to be one of the top 100 players in the game, you will be promoted to the 18th tier. The 18th tier rewards you the most in Distyle.

Your progress during the game will be saved. You will begin the new season with the ranking of your previous season. So you won’t have to start it all over again. A new season comes every week. Completing the season is a must to get the weekly reward according to your tier. So make sure you participate in every season to farm rewards.

Best Dislyte Farming Methods For Point War

We are going to mention the best farming methods to get rewards in the Point War PvP battles in Dislyte. In this way, you can level up faster in Dislyte. This method is suitable for both competitive and non-competitive players. So if you don’t want to go up in tiers and just get rewards, our guide will help you farm rewards in Point War without having to lose points.

When you first open the Point War Tournament to join a match, you will see five enemy squads right in front of you. You will also notice a bit of separation between them. The three enemy squads you see belong to the tier you’re in. They will be the ones that would give you a tough time.

There are silver emblems in their titles. They will represent the number of points you will accumulate. These points fill up your rank bar. 

Dislyte Point War challenges
Challengers in Point War

So if you belong to the category of competitive players, you might want to consider challenging any of the three players above to scale up your rank. You will also see the number of supply vouchers you will receive besides the points in case you win the duel. 

The two opponents on the bottom will give you zero points in the Point War Tournament. This is because they belong to the tiers below you. But they will still give you supply vouchers according to the tier you’re in. So if you are just looking to farm supply vouchers without losing points, these are the players you might want to challenge.

Battle Record

A great aspect of Dislyte is that it gives the players an option to refresh the map. So in case the player they wanted to have a duel with is already challenged or they feel they might not be able to win a particular duel, they can refresh the map. So challenge the players from your tier to rank up. Challenge the ones from the tiers below in case you’re only looking to farm some supply vouchers to get rewards from the tournament store.

Dislyte Point War records
Battle records in Dislyte

What makes Point War so special is that there is a battle record and a challenge record. The battle record will show you all the fights you’ve done so far in the game. You can also replay the fights you’ve lost to see the areas where you lack.

This concludes our detailed guide on farming for Point War in Dislyte. Hopefully using our guide you will be able to farm as many supply vouchers as you want to get items from the Tournament store. If you liked this article check out our Divine Waves farming guide as well.

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