Dislyte Pre Register Rewards & Claim Criteria

Our Dislyte Pre Register guide entails how to get your pre-register rewards & make the most of the ten golden discs you get free in the game.

After the announcement of Dislyte, the pre-registration reached nearly 30000 figures in just a matter of months. However, the numbers spiked as more and more players started taking an interest in the game when it was about to release, and the pre-registration reached nearly 1 million. So, if you are one of those lucky people, then our Dislyte pre-register reward guide entails how to claim your free rewards in the game.

Key Highlights
  • Register before the official launch to claim pre-registration rewards in the Dislyte game.
  • Must reach level 5 to receive rewards.
  • Rewards are given out over 5 days, 2 discs per day.
  • Set up an account in settings to avoid delays.
  • It’s recommended to save all 10 discs for a 10-pull summon for early game advantage.

Besides that, Dislyte features a Gacha system that works similarly to most mobile games when it comes to earning characters. If you’ve just started the game, then consider going through our Dislyte Best Leveling Guide

Claiming Dislyte Pre-Register Reward

ten golden discs pre register reward
Claiming Dislyte Pre-Register Reward

Before you can jump on the bandwagon of downloading the game, launching it, and expecting the rewards to jump in your mail, you must not forget that it is not how Lilith Games has designed the reward feature. So, to claim Pre-registration rewards in the game, players will have to register them before the official launch.

If you never registered before the game’s launch, then we are afraid that you can not get that lucky mail containing free rewards for you in Dislyte. While you’re at it, consider reading Dislyte Codes and get these similar free rewards in the game.

However, the criteria to get your in-game pre-registered rewards is that players will need to work their way up and reach at least level 5 in the game to receive pre-registered rewards.

Also, rewards are spread out into five days leaving players to get two gold discs each day following ten discs in five days. This also limits you to reroll in Dislyte and exploit the free rewards mechanics developers have intended in the game.

You can receive your rewards each following day in your mailbox. Besides, make sure to set up your  Dislyte account through setting. Otherwise, there could be more delays in getting the pre-register freebies.

What To Get From Ten Discs Reward

Assuming you have waited all days and finally have received the complete pre-register reward in the game, that is ten Golden Discs, and then there is a handful of things you can get via the discs. However, we will recommend you not to be hasty and spend your golden discs as you get them in the Dislyte.

Also, read our Dislyte Beginners guide and learn the mechanics to avoid early game mistakes in the game.

Instead, we highly recommend you get all ten discs and get the free 10-pull to summon in Dislyte. It could be the best decision you can make during your early game to get an edge. Otherwise, it is entirely up to you to do whatever you want with your ten golden discs in Dislyte.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about pre-registration rewards of dislyte. Have you got your codes then? How is your Dislyte game experience so far? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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