Dislyte Raven: The Definitive Guide

Our Dislyte Raven guide entails the playstyle, skillset, recommended gear, and relics for Raven in Dislyte.

Raven is a Five-Star Esper in Dislyte. She is also a shimmer fighter. Raven is one of the best characters and comes with a wide range of movesets to play with. She is over-powered in both PVP and PVE, which makes her a versatile choice.

Key Takeaways
  • Raven is a Five-Star Esper in Dislyte who is also a shimmer fighter.
  • She is one of the best characters in the game with a wide range of movesets to play with.
  • She is overpowered in both PVP and PVE, making her a versatile choice.
  • Raven can remove debuffs from herself and strip her opponents of their buffs.
  • She is elemental-neutral and invincible to all elemental attacks, making her defense one of the strongest in the game.
  • Raven can also destroy her opponent’s defense and cause their HP to deplete.
  • She is a strong DPS and is famous for winning PVP battles last minute.
  • Early-game can be hectic if you don’t have good gear, but even without gear, Raven still has high stats in everything.
  • Raven’s Skills include Eternal Comet, Sunset, and Sleipnir, all of which are offensive AOE attacks.
  • When made captain, Raven boosts the attack power of her ally by 30% and can be used in Cube and Point War.

Raven’s Role In Dislyte

Dislyte raven
Five-Star Esper Raven in Dislyte

Here’s a quick preview of Raven’s Stats in Dislyte:

RarityRoleAttributeHP (Lvl 60)ATK (Lvl 60)DEF (Lvl 60)SPD (Lvl 60)CRIT RATE (Lvl 60)CRIT DMG (Lvl 60)RESIST. (Lvl 60)
5 StarFighterShimmer12,0261,243860.0104.010%150%20%

Raven can not only remove debuffs from herself but also strip her opponents of their buffs. Being an elemental-neutral Esper, Raven is also invincible to all elemental attacks making her defense one of the strongest characters in Dislyte. That’s not it, folks; Raven can also destroy her opponent’s defense if it is strong and can even cause their Hp to deplete. Her being a strong DPS is just the cherry on top.

Although Raven is an absolute end-game beast, early-game can get a bit hectic if you don’t know what you’re doing. Making her the best Esper requires you to use the best gear. So early game will be a bit tedious if you’re lacking good gear.

Even without the gear, Raven still has high stats in everything, including damage, speed, and accuracy. She is famous for winning PVP battles last minute. Even in Dislyte PVE, Raven is best used for areas where enemies depend on buffs as she steals all their upgrades.

If Raven is made captain, she will boost the attack power of her ally by 30%, which can be a game-changer for some fights. She can also be used in Cube and Point War. All these abilities make Raven both fun and easy to play with. She’s right up there with the top-tier Espers in Dislyte.

Raven’s Skills In Dislyte

Raven in Dislyte has a strong set of AOE attacks, and they are all offensive. All she needs is a strong healer to work with, and Raven will become unstoppable in both PVP and PVE. She has three normal skills and a single Captain Skill. Her Skills are;

  • Eternal Comet
  • Sunset
  • Sleipnir

Everything related to these skills is listed below:

Eternal Comet

Ravens skill
Eternal Comet Skill of Raven in Dislyte
  • 30% ATK damage per hit
  • 50% chance of stealing 1 buff from the enemy
  • For 1 turn Inflicts the Sear debuff 
Level 2Damage: 40%
Level 3Trigger Chance: 60%
Level 4Damage: 50%
Level 5Trigger Chance: 70%

This is a chain attack and will cause 70% damage twice in one turn. Not only does the attack do 70% damage, but it also has a 70% chance to steal her opponent’s buff. She does massive damage and can debuff her opponent along with that making her a strong Esper.

Eternal comet does not do 70% damage at level 1, but that is the maximum damage output at the highest level when Raven in Dislyte levels up to 2, base damage of Comet increases to 60%. Whereas at Level 4, she’ll do the maximum 70% damage with Eternal Comet in one turn.

Her chance to debuff her enemy is also not 70% at Level 1. It increases to 60% at Level 3 and finally upgrades to 70% at Level 5. So make sure to level up Raven as soon as possible to get the best out of her.


Skill of raven
Sunset skill of Raven in Dislyte
Cooldown4 Turns
Level 2Damage: 35%
Level 3Damage: 40%
Level 4Damage: 45%
Level 5Cooldown: -1 Turn

This is another one of her chain attacks that will deal damage twice in one turn. Sunset will deal 50% damage to ATK twice and will also cause ailments/effects. The first attack will put a buff blocker on Raven’s opponents. That block will persist for two whole turns, preventing her enemies from using any form of buffs. The second swipe will put a Hp ceiling drain on her opponent, and the amount of health drained is equal to the damage dealt.

Her base damage of Sunset is upgraded to 40% at Level 2, 45% at Level 3, and finally to the maximum 50% at Level 4. There is a huge drawback to Raven’s Sunset attack in Dislyte. The Cooldown of Sunset requires 3 Turns which is just too much. However, at Level 5, that cooldown is reduced to 1 Turn.


Raven skill
Sleipnir Skill of Raven in Dislyte
  • Removes all debuffs from Raven and provides the SPD Up buff
  • Damage: 100%
  • For 2 turns inflicts the DEF down (-60% Def) debuff on enemies
Cooldown4 Turns
AscensionRemoves all enemy buffs
Level 2Damage: 105%
Level 3Damage: 110%
Level 4Damage: 120%
Level 5Cooldown: -1 Turn

It is the most overpowered attack in Raven’s moveset. Not only does Sleipnir remove all debuffs that have affected Raven, but it also removes every buff present on her enemies. Now that is what makes Raven a top-tier Esper in Dislyte.

It doesn’t stop here. Sleipnir is also followed up by an attack that does 120% of ATK damage to Raven’s opponents. However, at Level 2, the damage is a measly 105%. At the same time, it is increased to 110% at Level 3 and 120% at Level 4.

Similar to Sunset, Sleipnir also suffers from a cooldown drawback that cannot be ignored. It needs 5 turns for a Cooldown which is even greater than Sunset. Do not worry, though, as, at Level 5, the cooldown is reduced to a manageable 1 Turn. We can conclude that Raven is best utilized at her maximum upgrade level in Dislyte.

Captain Ability

Captain’s abilities are skills that give certain boosts to fellow Espers in a team. It means that if you put Raven as your team’s captain, her Captain skill will influence everyone else on the team. Every Esper has a different Captain ability. In Raven’s case, her Captain skill boosts the attack power of all team members by 30%. Yet again, Raven proves herself to be not only the best Esper but also the best Captain in Dislyte.

Relics & Gearset For Raven In Dislyte

Now let us discuss the Relics that suit Raven the best for her offensive playstyle. These Relics will buff her every move, making her an offensive tank. She will deal more damage than she already does and will dominate almost every battle in Dislyte.

First Most Popular

The first and most popular set that can be used for Raven in Dislyte is the Wind Walker Set x4. This set will boost the speed stat of Raven by 25% giving her more room to play with. Now Raven will be available for more turns in a battle as opposed to without the Wind Walker Set. Her performance is also boosted. Now let us discuss the UNA pieces for the first set;

UNA Pieces

  • UNA I piece cannot be altered and is always set to boost flat attack damage. It is necessary to have a piece set to increase base attack damage as you’ll need as much damage boost as you can in endgame battles. Having more attack damage ensures that you can always fend off enemies solo if necessary.
  • UNA II piece is free to choose and depends on the player’s choice. We recommend using the damage-boosting relic for your UNA II piece. We know that UNA I is already set to damage, but you’ll need all the damage boost you can get for Raven as she is an offensive character in Dislyte.
  • For the UNA III piece, again, players aren’t free to choose, and the game has already set it to boost your basic defense. It might seem wasted to the player as Raven already has a strong defense, but defense-boosting Relic can save you from life and death situations.
  • UNA IV piece can be either set to boost your ATK, HP or Defense. Players who think Raven lacks Hp for her aggressive combat should stack the Hp Relic. Defense Relic can make Raven’s already strong defense even stronger. However, we recommend using the Attack boosting Relic. Raven will become an absolute powerhouse with all these damage buffs in Dislyte.

For the two-piece set, we recommend using the Fiery Incandescence Set x2. It will boost the rate at which critical damage can happen by 20%. With this set, Raven has a chance to deal massive damage on top of her already amazing base attack power. Now we will discuss the MUI pieces for the first set;

MUI Pieces

  • MUI I cannot be changed and is already set to boost your health in Dislyte. It is helpful to increase the life of Raven and make her stay alive for longer in battle. Raven can now be used for more turns without worrying about her health.
  • We recommend using the speed boost for MUI II. So we increased Raven’s damage to her maximum potential. But we need Raven to play for more turns in order to utilize that damage better. Speed boosts will let us do just that and increase the chances of Raven attacking.

Second Most Popular

Now we will explain her second most popular set, which includes the usage of, yet again the Wind Walker Set x4. This build will focus on sacrificing her damage to increase her speed.

That will allow us to use her buff and debuff power more often in battles as it increases the number of turns Raven gets in Dislyte. Now let us discuss the UNA pieces for the second set;

UNA Pieces

  • UNA I is again already set to increase your base damage by the game. You are not free to choose the type of buff given here. We will have to make do with the damage increase here as there is nothing else we can do.
  • UNA II is where our build gets spicy. We recommend using the ATK% to boost your attack damage and increase the rate of your critical hits. Our build sacrifices a huge chunk of Raven’s damage for speed so getting this attack boost is absolutely necessary to increase her barebones damage.
  • For UNA III, players do not have a choice to change this Relic. It is already set to increase your defense. However, it helps us in our speed-related set as Raven will be able to tank more hits and get more turns in battle.
  • UNA IV is again chosen by you, the player. Our recommendation for your speed build is to use ACC% Relic to boost the accuracy of your attacks. If you are fast, you need to be accurate as well. ACC% will make sure that Ravens buff and debuff attacks hit, and they hit hard. It is again advised not to use anything but the ACC% in UNA IV.

The two-piece set that you’ll be using here is The Light Above Set x2 which will provide immunity to Raven at the start of the battle in Dislyte. It is especially useful as Raven will literally be invincible for 1 whole turn at the start. You can use that opportunity to use her buff blocking attack on your enemies quickly. Now we will discuss the MUI pieces for the second set;

MUI Pieces

  • Again MUI I cannot be changed based on your set. It will always contain the Hp boosting Relic, and there is nothing you can do to change that. However, It works in our favor as it will help Raven stay alive for longer and continue to do her overpowered attacks.
  • For MUI II, we recommend using the speed-boosting Relic. As our build mainly focuses on giving Raven as many turns as she can get, SPD Relic will be especially useful in Dislyte. Now Raven will have a greater chance to get a turn and make her critical attacks while buffing herself and rebuffing her opponents.

Third Most Popular

The last most popular set for Raven is purely based on increasing her raw power and damage. She will use the Hammer of Thor Set x4, which will boost her critical damage by 40%. Now, whenever Raven pulls a critical hit, it will hit very hard, doing massive damage. Now let us discuss the UNA pieces for the third set;

UNA Pieces

  • You cannot alter UNA I piece as it is set to boost your flat damage amount. For our damage build, however, it is quite lucky that we get this Relic automatically in our build. We need everything we can get to boost our damage, and UNA I Relic will contribute heavily towards that cause.
  • Our recommendation is to use the damage-increasing Relic for UNA II to boost Raven’s maximum possible damage output. We want Raven to become an absolute tank in Dislyte, and that will help us reach our goal. Do not sacrifice the damage Relic for anything else.
  • UNA III is not free to change and is always set to boost your defense in Dislyte. Do not worry, as it will increase the number of hits Raven can take, thus increasing your chances of doing super-powerful attacks on your opponents.
  • UNA IV is customizable, and we recommend using the ATK% Relic here. It will also contribute to increasing Raven’s attack damage which boosts the overall output power of her attacks. This is exactly what we need for our build.

For the two-piece set, we recommend using the Fiery Incandescence Set x2. It will increase the rate at which critical hits occur by 20%. It stacks up with your Thor set as well and increases the maximum chance of critical attacks. Critical attacks hit hard when they do occur, and now they will happen more often. Now we will discuss the MUI pieces for the third set;

MUI Pieces

  • As you already know, MUI I, by default, boosts your Hp in Dislyte, and you cannot change it. It will help you to stay alive for longer in battle, and Raven is going to need that health to do more attacks.
  • We recommend using the speed boost as your MUI II as it will increase the number of turns that Raven gets in Dislyte. Our whole build was focused on boosting damage, but we’ll need some speed as well. It will help you to actually use Raven’s overpowered attacks often and dominate all fights.

Substat Priority

For all three sets, your substat priority will be the same, which is as follows;

  1. ATK%  
  2. C. RATE  
  3. C. DMG  
  4. SPD  
  5. ACC%

ATK% gets the most priority, and ACC% gets the least priority.

Raven’s Ratings

With her skills and abilities, Raven is mostly used for Point War, Tower, and Cube in Dislyte. She is an absolute beast throughout the story; however, there are some places where she lacks, like the early game. Aside from that, she has an SS rating in Point War as well. Raven is strong enough to be used as captain even in an endgame.

  • Story Content: Not only is Raven powerful for the early game if you have the required gear for her, but she also destroys endgame when leveled up. 
  • Cube Miracle:  Cube miracle is a daily event and is mostly used for farming. Raven, once again, is very useful here as she can get rid of multiple enemies in a few hits.
  • Sonic Miracle: Again, Raven has an SS rating here, with her being the best choice for Sonic Miracle.
  • Kronos and Fafnir: In the Kronos and Fafnir domain, Raven is a very weak Esper.
  • Apep: Raven is the weakest against Apep, a boss in Ritual Miracle. It is advised to use someone other than Raven to beat that boss.
  • Temporal Tower: She is extremely strong in Temporal Tower, with an S rating to boot. Her performance will increase even further as the levels and bosses get tougher.
  • Point Tower: Raven has an S rating in Point Tower, where she dominates almost every single enemy by a mile.
  • Point War: With an SS Rating in Point War, Raven is probably the best Esper for this. She will win almost every PVP battle if you use the right build for her.

Ascensions Of Raven In Dislyte

Ascensions are very important for characters in Dislyte. Not only does it increase basic stats, but it also gives buffs to your character’s skills. Check out our Best Leveling Guide for Dislyte to get more information on Ascensions.

Ascension comes at a cost as it requires a material cost, but it is defiantly worth the grind. Let us discuss different ascension levels of Raven in Dislyte;

  • Ascension 1 gives a 70% attack boost to Raven and also rewards with a 15x Basic Shimmer Wave.
  • The Second Ascension increases Raven’s Hp by 960 points and rewards with 20x Basic Shimmer Wave.
  • Ascension 3 will upgrade Sleipnir Skill of Raven, making it even deadlier. Additionally, you will also get 25x Basic Shimmer Wave and 15x Advanced Shimmer Wave.
  • The Fourth Ascension increases Hp value by 10% and also gives 20x Advanced Shimmer Wave and 10x Elite Shimmer Wave as Rewards.
  • Ascension 5 increases accuracy by 15%, making your attacks more effective. You will also get rewarded with 30x Advanced Shimmer Wave and 15x Elite Shimmer Wave.
  • Ascension 6 is the final ascension level which will boost Raven’s Attack power by 20%. You will get 40x Advanced Shimmer Wave and 30x Elite Shimmer Wave as rewards.

You should note that Ascensions can be performed as early as Level 1, so keep on grinding!

Pros And Cons

Every Esper in Dislyte has something good and something bad about them. However, in Raven’s case, the good outweighs the bad by a huge margin. Let us discuss the pros and cons of Raven in Dislyte;


The following are the advantages of using Raven in Dislyte;

  • She can steal buffs from other enemies
  • Raven can remove any and all debuffs from herself
  • Her attacks can break your opponent’s defense
  • She is almost immune to any and all elemental disadvantages


The following are the disadvantages of using Raven in Dislyte;

  • Raven has high gear requirements, which makes her a bad choice for early-game

Aside from that, we cannot really think of any major disadvantage that comes along with using Raven. She is an extremely good Esper and works well almost everywhere.


Dislyte is the latest fantasy role-playing gacha game developed and published by Lilith Studios. This game features a massive catalog of Superhero-Esque characters known as Espers, and Dislyte Raven is one of them. Other characters in Dislyte include Lucas, Long Mian, Meredith, and Triki. If you want to know which Esper is the best, then try checking out our Best Espers in Dislyte guide.

Additionally, Dislyte also offers support Espers and Healers to play with. Try checking out our guides on Best Support Espers and Best Healers in Dislyte. Basically, Dislyte offers a team playstyle. Create your own teams of the best Espers and Healers. Check out our guide on Best Teams in Dislyte for more information.

Dislyte offers different game modes and regions, including Sonic Miracle and Ritual Miracle. Always be on the lookout for banners in Dislyte, as banners are the best place to get your favorite espers. You might like our guide on the Next Banner in Dislyte.

There are over 50 Espers in Dislyte, and not every Esper is perfect or suits your build. Our website features a Tier List on Espers in Dislyte that details almost every Esper available. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on everything related to Dislyte, check out our Dislyte Wiki. Now we will discuss Raven in Dislyte.

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