Dislyte Ren Si: Skills, Relic Sets & Playstyle

Our Ren Si Dislyte guide entails the best skills, relic sets & playstyle tips you should learn if you want to play with this Esper.

How To Summon Ren Si

Ren SI In Dislyte
The Defensive Esper Ren Si

Ren Si is one of the finest espers who can come in handy to encounter any threat to the world. Indeed, this esper’s power, playstyle in Dislyte, and performance are unlike any other. His capabilities make him a necessity in almost every team. Here, we will discuss his character information, skills, and more.

Key Highlights
  • Ren Si is a powerful esper in the game Dislyte that can be summoned using the game’s gacha system, known as Echo.
  • To summon Ren Si, you need the game’s currency.
  • Ren Si has a unique ability that allows him to “defy death” by receiving a standby when he is first given a fatal injury.
  • He is a 4-star hero that belongs to the Inferno element; he is identified as a tank and can work as a pseudo-DPS.
  • Ren Si has skills that provide a wide range of advantages to the team, including his “True Warrior” attack, which provides extra damage based on his own defense and the relative difference in both sides’ defense ratings.
  • Ren Si’s passive skill, “Life-giver,” grants him access to a powerful standby status effect when he receives a lethal blow, and instantly resets the cooldown on his “True Warrior” skill.

Most Japanese games use the gacha system. In fact, it was introduced by the Japanese. Gacha uses pulling, rolling, or spinning to get a reward in the game.

Gacha system in Dislyte is known as Echo. Through Echo, you can summon the espers, and if you get lucky, you might get the desired one. If not, you can try multiple times. Similarly, to get Ren Si in Dislyte, you can summon him using Echo.

To summon the esper, you need the game’s currency. Once you have enough, you can summon any desired esper with luck. Now, let’s go over detailed character information. Now, you know how to summon an esper. 

Ren Si Character Information

Ren Si in Dislyte can defy death. When he receives the fatal injury for the first time, he receives a standoff, which means he can’t die. Also, it lasts for an entire turn. This ability makes him great at defense, so he must be the priority on every team.

He is a 4-star hero who belongs to the inferno element and is identified as a tank. He can work as a pseudo-DPS, and he has one of the most outstanding defenses with an attack. There is a 50% chance Ren will leave his enemies with a taunt debuff in one turn. Also, this taunt is doubled for enemies with lower defense. 

Esper Ren Si
Ren Si, The Defender

Ren Si Skills In Dislyte

Ren Si is blessed with the soul of a protector. His only purpose is the security of his loved ones. Ren Si is known as the defensive esper in Dislyte. His skills provide a wide range of advantages to the team. Moreover, Ren Si’s True Warrior attack provides extra damage based on his own DEF and the relative difference in both sides’ DEF ratings.

It also has a chance to knock all enemies down. Similarly, a passive life-giver offers access to the strong standoff state effect upon sustaining a mortal hit and quickly resets the cooldown on True Warrior. 


  • Level 1, 30% of the attack is converted into damage. Also, he has 80% of defense at this level with a 70% chance of causing defense down for two turns.
  • Level 2, Now, 60 % of the attack is converted into damage.
  • Level 3, At this level, the chance to trigger is increased to 60%.
  • Level 4, the damage produced by attacks is increased to 70%.
  • Level 5, the chance to trigger increased to 60%.
  • Level 6, Now, the damage is increased to 80%

Life-giver (Passive)

  • Level 1, Ren Si in Dislyte enters Standoff for one turn and resets the cooldown for Ability 3. Upon suffering a fatal injury, he can defy death, granting counterattacks and restoring 30% HP upon ending. If Ren Si, the Black Tortoise’s defense, is higher than the target’s, he deals bonus damage. This extra damage is proportional to the percentage of how much higher his defense is compared with the target’s defense. However, At this level cooldown takes four turns.
  • Level 2, Now, the cooldown is reduced by one turn, and it will only take three turns to cool down.
  • Level 3, A this level, one turn is further reduced, and now it takes two turns to cool down.

True Warrior

The Dislyte Ren Si True Warrior attack deals extra damage proportional to the difference in defense rating of both sides. It has a chance of inflicting defense down on all enemies. Ren Si’s passive, Life-giver grants access to the powerful Standoff status effect upon receiving a lethal blow and instantly resets the cooldown on True Warrior.

  • Level 1, he is capable of inflicting damage that is 100% of defense; also, there is a 50% chance of inflicting taunt for one turn. If the defense rating of Ren Si, the black tortoise, is greater than the opponent’s, the chance of inflicting debuff doubles. But, the cooldown takes four turns.
  • Level 2, defense and damage conversion ratio is increased to 45%.
  • Level 3, the chance to trigger is increased to 40%.
  • Level 4, the Defense-damage ratio is increased to 50%.
  • Level 5, the chance to trigger is increased to 50%
  • Level 6, the cooldown is reduced by one turn.

Captain Ability

The Ren Si esper in Dislyte is known for his defense. After receiving a fatal injury, he becomes invincible. If you are looking to assign him the captain role, he might come in handy. His incredible captain ability can increase the defense of all allied espers by 24%.

The defense and damage capabilities make him one of the best espers, and he can prove to be lethal if assigned the captain role. Congrats! Now, you know all about the skills of Ren Si. 

Recommended Relic Sets For Ren Si In Dislyte

You might not have a gear set at the beginning of the game, but you will receive gear sets as you start to progress. Each gear set unlocks the new potential for the players. Unique perks will enhance various capabilities of the espers.

However, there are six slots in total. You can fill them with the gear sets of your own choice. Here, we recommend two gear sets that will further enhance the abilities of Ren Si. 

Ren Si In Dislyte
Recommended Gear Sets For Ren Si

Relic Set One

In this set, you have two gears; hades set and stoneveins set. Firstly, we will explain the hades set. This gear allows you to convert damage dealt into health points. The best gear to get more health points. 35% of the damage dealt in the fight will be converted into health points.

Indeed, you must have this gear in your slot. Secondly, we have stoneveins set. If you are looking to improve your esper’s defense, this is your go-to gear. This gear increases defense capabilities by 20%. This gear set further improves the defense and increases the health points, making it a perfect match with Ren Si in Dislyte.

Meanwhile, you might want to know more about Dislyte Relic Guide and Dislyte Reroll Guide.

Relic Set Two

This set combines two gears; a wind walker set and stoneveins set. If you are looking to enhance the speed of your esper and leash out on the opponent, this set is a must-have. Your esper will not provide any breathing space for your enemies and inflict significant damage with increased speed.

In fact, this gear will increase your esper’s speed by 25%. Also, your defense will be increased by 20%, which makes this set a recommended gear for the esper, Ren Si.

Best Ren Si Playstyle & Tips

Ren Si is the top-rated esper, especially in the initial and mid-stages of the game. However, to get the most out of him, you have to upgrade his abilities using your resources smartly. There is an automatic upgrade feature, but we suggest doing it manually. Manual up-gradation gives you a chance to upgrade the specific abilities and customize your esper according to your desire.

Once you have gone through the mid-game, the dynamics of the game change quite a lot; you might get used to playing with this esper. However, you will have to move on because the end game requires different abilities offered by other espers.

This wraps up our character guide for Ren Si in Dislyte. He is among the best Dislyte characters. We explained all about the character’s personality and the abilities he can offer. Also, we explained his skills and recommended a few gear sets to enhance the abilities of this esper. We hope the guide answered all your questions. check out or similar guides like Dislyte Ripples and Dislyte Clubs.

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