Dislyte Reroll Guide: iOS, Android & Emulator

Our detailed guide will help you Reroll in Dislyte for both Android and IOS devices along with pros and cons and best characters for Rerolll.

What is Rerolling in Dislyte?

If you are an avid fan of Gacha games, you might be familiar with the term “Reroll”. Reroll in Gacha games is the process of repeating a certain system that will allocate a character to you. These systems produce random results each time so you are never really sure what you’ll be getting unless you’re lucky.

Dislyte Reroll Guide
Reroll to get the Legendary Characters in Dislyte!

Rerolling is an important aspect of Distyle as to get through the hardcore battles in the game, you will need the toughest characters. Since most of the good characters are rare, the only option left for you is rerolling. In Distyle, rerolling is a big part of the meta-system.

Rerolling in Distyle is simply making a new account in the game. This will increase your chances of getting the strongest Distyle characters. It can also increase the chances of getting better weapons.

So by rerolling in Dislyte, you will reset the game’s data and reinstall it to get a better Gacha outcome. But the rerolling system in Dislyte can be quite difficult. This is because you will need a lot of gacha currency, which in Dislyte is Gold Records to be able to do a 10x Pull.

How to Reroll in Dislyte?

Because Lilith Games restricts the rerolling and even splitting the pre-registration award over days, rerolling has become very difficult for players.

While it isn’t recommended at all, there are some methods you can use to reroll easily in Dislyte. If you are a dedicated member of Dislyte that wants to reroll, consider following the steps below. Before you go any further, keep in mind that these methods can be time-consuming and tiresome.

Rerolling for Android and iOS devices is very different from one another. While we have mentioned rerolling for both, let’s go through some basics before we see the step-by-step process mentioned in our guide to Reroll in Dislyte.

Reroll Requirements

When your game begins, you will have to complete all the chapters up to chapter 4. You will also need to complete a Ritual Miracle Battle one time. By chapter 4 you will have 10 or more Gacha currency which for Dislyte is Golden Records. You will need these Golden records to summon 10x Espers in the game. A good way to get Gold Records is by using codes in Dislyte.

dislyte reroll guide
Gold Records needed to do pulls

To get extra golden records or cube miracle mod currency for the Gacha system, you can try completing some stages in the Cube Miracles. The cube miracle mode currency can be spent in the online shops to buy Golden Records. You can also get Gacha currency by claiming the pre-registration rewards, login rewards, and the main campaign mission rewards.

You will get 4x Gold Records from Campaigns, 4X Gold from Courses and Growth Plan, and 2X Gold Records from spending gems in Distyle. In this way, you will have enough Gold Records to pull an Esper.

Gacha System 

Now once you have collected enough golden records, head over to the Gacha menu in Dislyte. Spend 10 golden Records to do 10 pulls. After 10 pulls, the mercy system for the Gacha system guarantees a legendary Esper. If you have found the characters you wanted, you can continue playing.

Otherwise, you can just reset the current in-game progress and reroll by following our methods below. You can also use the Dislyte gift codes to get some freebies and even the golden Records.

Beginner benefits
Perform ten pulls to get a legendary character

Make sure you have multiple Google and Facebook accounts for this process so you can make multiple Dislyte accounts. Try rerolling using an emulator so you will save some time. You can also invest your time on a single account only and increase your chances of pulling legendary characters but this would require a lot of hard work.

Rerolling in Dislyte for Android Devices 

If you are playing Dislyte on Android and luck isn’t on your side, you can perform reroll easily by following the step-by-step process down below.

The first step is to start the game and then instead of making an account, log in to Distyle as a guest.

Now go through the whole tutorial. Even though most of the content in the tutorial can be skipped, we would recommend you to go through the whole tutorial at least once when you reroll. The complete tutorial can take around 7 or 10 minutes. You can also increase your speed if you do not want to skip it.

Now when you are done with the tutorial, focus on earning the premium currency of the game. Login rewards, quest rewards, story rewards, and gift codes will help you farm Golden Records.

If you are using multiple accounts for Rerolling, then after you’ve gone through the tutorial, connect the guest game account with any third-party account you have. Now you need to log out, make another guest account and repeat the process. 

In case you are using one account only for Dislyte, then continue playing the game after the tutorial has ended. Make sure you manage to collect enough Golden Records to do as many pulls as you can. This will land you many strong legendary characters for your battles.

If you manage to collect all the characters you want in the game then you can connect the account with your main google account or other third-party accounts. If however, you’re not content with the characters,  then reset the account and repeat the process.

You cannot reset easily in Distyle. Each time you want to reset your current progress, you will have to delete the game itself and install it again. So after every failed reroll attempt, you will have to repeat the whole process.

Rerolling in Distyle for IOS devices 

Unlike Android, you cannot make multiple accounts on any IOS device. So you will have to make a single account only and go through the whole tutorial on it. 

After completing the tutorial, earn login and other rewards and farm on the golden records. Once you have enough, perform pulls and collect as many legendary characters as you can. If you are satisfied with the characters you have, then continue with the game. 

In case you want to reset the progress, you will have to uninstall and install the game again due to some restrictions on the IOS software.

How to Reset Account In Dislyte

In case the rerolling wasn’t successful for you and you want to reset your account to take another chance, follow the step-by-step process below.

  • Launch Dislyte
  • Navigate to the Profile icon situated at the top left corner of your home screen.
  • Now tap on the Settings option in the lower right corner of your screen.
  • After selecting the Settings menu, select the Services tab.
  • Now tap on Account Service Section
  • Select the initialize account
  • After selecting this option, a new screen will appear. You will see a code and an input box here.
  • Now put the code into the box
  • Click on the Confirm button

Your progress in Dislyte up to now would be erased. After this, you will be redirected to the log-in screen. You can make a new account and try rerolling once again. Keep in mind that you can reset only 3 times in the game.

Rerolling Using An Emulator 

Emulators without any doubt are the best tools to use if you want to reroll in any game. Some good emulators include Bluestacks, LD players, etc. Most of the emulators being released nowadays have all the features you will need to make the process of rerolling easy and efficient. You can reroll on the emulator following the step-by-step process below.

The first step is to install the game. Do this step in any one instance. We would suggest that you install Distyle on a 64-bit instance installation as it is a better and more viable option than the rest.

Reroll using any emulator

Once you have installed it, don’t open or run it just yet. First, you will need to make several clones or copies of the game. You can make as many clones as you want depending on the device you’re using and its specifications.

Configure the emulator according to the method you will be using i.e. if you are going to make multiple accounts to reroll or just use a single one and keep it throughout the clones. If you’re going to use multiple accounts, then you will need multiple instances for it as well. 

Now for the next step in our guide on rerolling is Dislyte, you just have to open the instances that you have cloned and farm golden records for the pulls each day. Once you feel you have collected enough amount of pull changes in each of your cloned instances, try out your luck and perform the pulls. If you manage to collect the characters you wanted, then you can continue with that account. Otherwise, you can try out the rest of the cloned instances until you get the perfect team of legendary characters.

Once you feel like you have all the characters you want in a certain account, the next step is to make this your main account. To do this, you simply have to bind your account to any third-party account. You can use this same account to play on your phone as well.

Binding A Game Account In Dislyte 

Once you have your perfect account with your favorite characters as a team ready to battle, the next step in our guide on rerolling is to make this account your main one.

Bind account
Bind your account to any third-party app

You can easily bind your account on Dislyte by performing the following steps.

  • Firstly, you need to navigate to the settings menu of Dislyte.
  • There would be a Profile option here.
  • In the profile option, select the services option.
  • Go to the account services and bind your game.
  • The account will be transferred easily and there would be no data loss.

Advantages of Rerolling in Dislyte

Rerolling is an important concept for many Gacha players. Without rerolling you will be stuck with characters from the lower tiers and that will affect your whole gameplay. This is why you should definitely try Rerolling in Dislyte using our guide.

When it comes to games like Dislyte having PVE and PVP battles as their prime focus, then rerolling is the only way to get legendary tier characters.

If you want to build the strongest team out there, then you definitely shouldn’t miss out on rerolling. After 10 pulls, you will be able to get a legendary character that will help you win the missions in Dislyte.

With rerolling, you don’t just characters, you will get many other items too. This includes amazing and powerful weapons you can equip during combat.

Disadvantages of Rerolling in Dislyte

The biggest advantage of rerolling is the amount of time it consumes. You will need around 20 to 30 minutes only to get to chapter 4 in Dislyte unless you rush through it. Also, it might take you several hours to farm gold records to be able to perform a pull.

Even after that, you might not get the character you want so you would have to repeat the whole process. Another big downside of rerolling is you can reset only three times.

Lilith games are taking strict precautions against rerolling, so you might end up getting a ban too. But if you follow our Rerolling guide on Dislyte carefully, then you won’t end up losing your account.

Also with each reset, you will end up losing all of your game data including all items, Espers you’ve collected so far, the relics you’ve bought, nexus crystals, gold, and even all of your friends. In case you’ve spent money in the game, it won’t let you reset your account.

Best Espers For Rerolling in Dislyte

If you’re thinking about what characters you should be looking for as an outcome of the Gacha system in the game, keep in mind that your characters should be from the S tier or A tier. Try getting the following characters by following our rerolling guide on Dislyte:

Lin Xiao is the best character in our opinion if you really wish to take your battles to another level. Sander is also a great option for both PvP and PvE battles. Jacob is also a good character when you are just starting in the game.

This concludes our detailed guide on Rerolling in Dislyte. Hopefully using our tips you will be able to form a legendary team that will help you win any battle you step into. Feel free to leave any queries you have in the comments below.

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