Dislyte Ripples: Rules, Challenges & Unlockable Espers

Our Dislyte Ripples guide goes into detail about how you can locate and play the unlock the Ripple Dimension mode and unlock its rewards.

The Ripple Dimension is a new game mode that allows you to farm Esper Fragments. You can farm these fragments in different challenges across multiple dimensions, which are called trials. There are various dimensions that you can access in this game mode. These dimensions include:

  • Infinite Miracle
  • Ritual Miracle
  • Sonic Miracle
  • Cube Miracle
  • Ripple Dimension
Key Highlights
  • The Ripple Dimension is a new game mode in Dislyte that allows players to farm Esper Fragments.
  • Players can access different dimensions, including Infinite Miracle, Ritual Miracle, Sonic Miracle, Cube Miracle, and the Ripple Dimension itself.
  • Each dimension has its own set of challenges, including different bosses to defeat, and different rewards for completing the challenges.
  • Players can play the challenges alone or with friends and must strategize their moves to defeat the bosses.
  • Each dimension has different difficulty levels, and different strategies are required to defeat the bosses in each one.
  • The strategies for each dimension and its bosses are explained in the guide.

In these dimensions, you will face different bosses and challenges. You can play these challenges with your friends as well as in a solo setting. Defeating these bosses will reward you in the form of Ripple fragments. Collecting these fragments will help you unlock powerful Espers, which can then be used throughout the game.

Ripple Dimension Mode in Dislyte

Challenges in Ripple Dimensions 

As stated above, you will have to encounter different challenges in every dimension that you will have to complete. These challenges vary in complexity and will require you properly strategize your moves. These challenges include;

Sonic Miracle

dimension 1
The Sonic Miracle Dimension

Sonic Ritual is a dimension where you find fragments to unlock and upgrade new Espers. The Espers that can be unlocked on this dimension are extremely powerful and have been mentioned on our Dislyte Tier List. There are four different bosses that you can encounter in this dimension. These bosses include; Infernis, Windstriker, Flowrunner, and Shimmer.


Infernis is a high damage dealer whose damage increases as its HP is reduced. To defeat Infernis, you will be required to avoid long and drawn-out fights and take him out as soon as possible. When you are encountering Infernis, it is best to use a burst damage lineup to defeat him.


Windstriker has high spell damage. The boss has a poisoned attack that targets a particular unit and deals damage over time. So, you need to include Espers with heal and cleanse abilities in your lineup to take Windstriker down.


Flowrunner can heal itself while simultaneously dealing damage. So, to defeat Flowrunner, you need to create a lineup or Espers that have a Diseased debuff.


This is the last boss in the Sonic Ritual Dimension. Shimmer has a shield that buffs its damage and blocks the incoming damage. So, your team will have to feature dispel focused Espers that can remove the shield and kill it quickly.

You can learn about how you can strategize against these bosses in our Dislyte Divine Waves guide.

Ritual Miracle

dimension 2
The Ritual Miracle Dimension

The next dimension is the Dislyte Ripple mode is Ritual Miracle. This dimension is perfect for farming relics that you can use to buff your Espers. Our Dislyte Relic Guide goes into detail about some of the best relics in the game.

There are three different bosses that you can encounter in the Ritual Miracle Dimension. All these bosses have different complexity levels and give different rewards. These bosses include;


Kronos is a boss that can deal a crazy amount of damage. He has different AOE as well as single-target spells and can also stun upon attack. The best strategy to defeat Kronos is to delay his turns and deal as much damage as you can before he attacks you.

Defeating Kronos will drop different items like War Machine, Astral Witchcraft, Wind Walker, Master Grove, and Adamantine, among others.


Apep can deal continuous damage to all targets using his Poison debuff. He can also detonate the Poison debuff when he takes damage. So, the best way to deal with Apep is to go with Espers that have the immunity or cleanse buff.

Defeating Apep will drop items like Hades, Abiding Panacea, Ocean Waves, Apollo’s Bow, and Stoneveins, among others.


Fafnir is the most difficult boss in the Sonic Ritual Dimension. He has 5 HP levels and a passive skill that can disable all AP-related abilities of Espers. He also has an immunity buff for every HP level that renders him immune for a certain number of attacks. The best strategy for defeating Fafnir is to use consecutive single attacks to remove the immunity buff quickly.

Defeating Fafnir will drop items like Tyranny of Zeus, Snow Dowager, Hammer or Thor, and The Enchanter, among others.

Competing In Ripple Dimension of Dislyte

dimension 3
The Dislyte Ripple Dimension

While you are playing and raiding in the Sonic Miracle and Ritual Miracle dimensions, you will have a chance to trigger a random boss battle. This boss battle is extremely difficult to join as it has no specific time. You need to regularly log into the game and check whether the battle is available or not. This rare boss battle is known as the Ripple Dimension Dungeon.

Defeating this area of the game unlocks Esper fragments. You can use these fragments to unlock Espers and add them to your army. Once these Espers have been unlocked, they can be equipped and used whenever you need them. You need to collect a total of 30 fragments to unlock an Esper successfully.

Rules for Competing in the Ripple Dimension

To compete in the Dislyte Ripple Dimension, you need to follow a series of rules. These rules ensure that you can join this mode and successfully unlock Esper fragments. They include;

  • You need to aggregate different wave energies in a close range to unlock the Ripple Dimension. This will require you to explore and destroy the Phantasms in every Dimension to unlock Ester Ripples. Every Dimension features a total of 5 Ester Ripples that can be unlocked.
  • Once you have unlocked a Ripple Dimension, you will only have an hour to explore it. After the 60 minutes have passed, the dimension will fade into the ether, so you need to be quick.
  • You can immediately share the Ripple Dimension with your friends once you have discovered it. However, the Ripple Dimension will be shared with all players in the World Channel 15 minutes after its discovery.
  • Only 20 players can join the Dimension at a single time. So, you need to be fast and join the dimension as soon as you are alerted to its presence.

Unlockable Characters in the Ripple Dimension

Rewards for Defeating the Ripple Dimension Boss

The Dislyte Ripple Dimension allows you to unlock new Espers without spending any money. The game mode features a large variety of 3-star characters that you can find and unlock. Additionally, if you play the mode regularly and get lucky, you can also unlock one 4-star character.

The characters that can be unlocked from this game mode are extremely powerful and have been mentioned in our Best Dislyte Characters guide. They include;

Tang Yun

Tang Yun is a Six-Eared Macaque that features amazing control and skills. The character has heavy damage abilities that make a DPS powerhouse. Tang Yun features great single-target skills, which make him perfect for boss fights as well. You can also trigger stuns and critical damage with every single attack and take out most enemies with a single hit.

Chang Pu

Chang Pu is a strong support Esper that has a variety of healing spells. You can quickly heal all allies and give them damage immunity for specific periods. The Esper is also great against bosses like Point War, Apep, and Kronos. All this makes her a worthwhile addition to your Esper collection.


Freddy or Fenrir is an offensive DPS character that deals more damage as his health goes down. His Thrill of the Hunt spell gives him bonus damage every time he gets attacked. Similarly, the Claw of Greed gives him bonus Critical Damage as his health goes down. Finally, the Wolf Strike ability allows him to survive for longer intervals with low HP. These features make him a great damage dealer in different situations.

Ye Suhua

Ye Suhua is another support Esper that can be unlocked in the Dislyte Ripples. This Esper can shield the allies and give them an invincibility buff. The Star Dancer spell provides an Attack and Defensive boost to the entire team for a fixed period. Similarly, the Astral Guardian grants an invincibility and healing buff to an ally in the middle of a fight. Ye Suhua’s abilities can save you in tight situations and make her a vital addition to your team.

This concludes our Dislyte Ripple guide. Let us know what you thought about the guide in the comments below.

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