Dislyte Ritual Miracle: Defeating Kronos, Apep & Fafnir

If you are one of those players who likes to level up his Dislyte game quickly, then you must know about the Ritual Miracle. This Dislyte Ritual Miracle Guide will tell you what the Ritual Miracle exactly is. It’s a palace in the game that has three bosses in it. 

Key Highlights
  • Dislyte Kronos Boss is one of the most damaging bosses in the game and directly targets the esper with the lowest health and the highest chance of dying.
  • Kronos also damages all team espers at once, making it difficult to save any one of them.
  • Kronos has seven relics to offer including Sword, Avatara, Wind Walker, Master Grove, Astral Witchcraft, Adamantine, and Wrath of Jupiter.
  • Kronos has various damaging skills such as Blessing Tablet, Death Knell, Suppression, and Earth Shaker.
  • To defend against Kronos, players should have a team composition with SPD Down and AP Down traits, a captain esper with strong AP skills, and DPS espers to deal damage.
  • For Kronos 2 Dislyte Ritual Miracle, players should have a team with at least three healers and two DPS espers.
  • Specific espers to defeat Kronos include Chang Pu, Moan, Helen, Drew, and Q.
  • Dislyte Apep Boss is similar to Kronos in difficulty, but deals poison damage to espers and can stack poison over time.
  • Apep has five relics to offer including Abiding Panacea, Neptunian Waves, Stone Veins, Fiery Incandescence, and Apollo’s Bow.
  • A detailed guide for defeating these 3 bosses is given below

Those bosses are named Kronos, Fafnir, and Apep. If you want to complete this level, you have to fight all three bosses. Also, look at the Dislyte Point War Farming Guide

Dislyte Ritual Miracle
Ritual Miracle Dislyte

This Ritual Miracle is a great place to gather the best relics that you can later equip on your espers to make them stronger. These bosses are tough to compete with, but they will provide you with the strongest relics that will level up your game instantly.

Every boss has about ten difficulty levels, and the higher the level you win, the stronger relics you will receive for your espers in Dislyte. Each boss has different relics to drop off. In this guide, we will give you a detailed look at how you can defeat each boss and gain rewards. Take a look below!

Dislyte Kronos Boss

Kronos Boss is the most damaging of all the bosses as it directly damages the esper that has the lowest amount of health and who has the probability of dying soon.

It will also damage all your team espers at one time so saving any one of them becomes quite a task for you. 

Kronos Dislyte Ritual Miracle
Ritual Miracle Kronos

Kronos will keep on damaging more and more espers that have the least damaging abilities. As Kronos kills one of your espers, he will gain an extra turn that will make you lose the level very soon. 

Kronos Relics

Kronos has seven relics to offer. We have listed them all below. Here is the best Dislyte Relic Guide

  • Sword
  • Avatara
  • Wind Walker
  • Master Grove
  • Astral Witchcraft
  • Adamantine
  • Wrath of Jupiter

Kronos Skills

Kronos has many damaging skills that can damage your espers within no time, and you can lose the game. There are four Kronos skills that can provide immense damage. 

  • Blessing Tablet: This skill helps in boosting up the AP of the boss as it purifies all its debuffs, making it ready for another great attack. 
  • Death Knell: This skill works best on those espers with the least health as it lowers the present HP of the esper. The more the boss damages the target, the more chances he gets to kill it. Killing the target will make the boss gain an extra turn. 
  • Suppression: With this skill, the boss can damage all enemies. It can even inflict stun on the target, but that’s only a one-time opportunity. 
  • Earth Shaker: This skill also works on those espers that have the least health power. It gathers all of Kronos’ energies into one big ball of energy to strike a huge attack on all enemies. It can also inflict Stun against the enemy for one single turn. 

Defending Kronos

There are specific teams that need to be paired up against each boss. The player has to carefully look at the traits of the boss and then plan a team composition to defeat the boss. You need to have a team that has SPD Down and AP Down since the Kronos boss has a low SPD and a low Resist.

If your team has SPD Down and AP Down, it can easily stop Kronos from casting any of his skills against your team of espers. 

Your team must contain a captain, two support espers, and some DPS espers. The captain esper must possess really strong AP skills, and he should be like Melanie and Sander.

Having DPS espers will allow you to deal any further damage from the boss. This gives you a good chance to take full control over Kronos and defeat him quickly. 

Kronos 2 Dislyte Ritual Miracle
Ritual Miracle Kronos 2

Your team of espers needs to have at least three healers and 2 DPS that will provide better control abilities to the team. While choosing espers, you will have to look at the Dislyte Tier List to know which espers you should have to get the strongest team. 

Espers Team

You won’t be able to defeat all Kronos difficulties if you don’t have a strong team of espers. There are specific espers that have special abilities to defeat the boss.

You can team up Chang Pu, Moan, Helen, Drew, and Q in your espers teams. If you are a new player, then you will have to level up in the game and equip your espers better off.

Make sure your team of espers has two AOE healers that will help you defeat Kronos. Check out some more Dislyte characters

Dislyte Apep Boss

When it comes to the difficulty of defeating, Apep boss is just like Kronos boss except it gives a lot of poison damage to the espers.

Apep boss can even stack the poison over the can and can inflict maximum damage to even the strongest espers of your team. 

Apep Dislyte Ritual Miracle
Ritual Miracle Apep

Apep Relics

Just like Kronos relics, Apep boss also has some relics but fewer than Kronos. It has five relics to offer. 

  • Abiding Panacea
  • Neptunian Waves
  • Stone VeinsFiery Incandescence
  • Apollo’s Bow
  • Hade’s

Apep Skills

Apep boss has many dangerous skills that can harm the espers in the worst way possible. Here we have some of his skills listed below that will help you know more about this boss. 

  • Toxic Detonation: This skill works in a way that it detonates all the poison debuffs and then attacks the espers with full power. 
  • Miasma: This skill allows Apep to inflict 2 Poison debuffs. One poison debuff can only be done in one turn. This is a powerful attack on the enemy. With poison debuffs, you can attack all the enemies at one time. 
  • Blessing Tablet: Once Apep has targeted espers with poison, he can stun them with this skill and kill them. This skill can be used on all enemies.
  • Chaos Surging: When the boss receives any damage, he can inflict a poison debuff on the enemy. This skill can be used in three turns. It also opens up the toxic detonation when there is a specific number of attacks on himself. 
  • Suppression Tablet: This skill helps the boss to dispel any buffs from the espers. This skill can only be used once. 

Defending Apep

Defending Apep is not hard if you have the right espers with the right skills. This Dislyte Ritual Miracle Guide tells you that the team of espers should have at least two healers. These healers will help in keeping your DPS espers alive.

You should also have espers that have plenty of immunity buffs, and they can offer dispelling skills to keep them away from any damage. If you are at a higher level and you don’t have a strong team, then you can never defeat the boss. 

Apep 2 Dislyte Ritual Miracle
Ritual Miracle Apep 2

Espers Team

To know which espers you need in your team, you can take a look at the Dislyte Tier List guide. From the guide, you can select two DPS and three espers with good healing, immunity, and dispelling skills.

These five espers will form a strong team that will provide a good defensive mechanism in Dislyte Ritual Miracle. Take a look at Dislyte Berenice Guide. 

Dislyte Fafnir Boss

Fafnir is probably the hardest boss in the Dislyte Ritual Miracle Guide and its location. If your team of espers is not strong and they don’t have good relics, there is no way you can defeat this Fafnir boss. If you don’t have good relics right now, you can gain good espers as you level up in the game and then defeat this boss. 

Fafnir Dislyte Ritual Miracle
Ritual Miracle Fafnir

Fafnir Skills

Since Fafnir is the strongest boss, it has the strongest skills to attack the espers. Here are some skills that Fafnir boss has. 

  • Health Bars: Fafnir has five health bars which makes it one of the toughest bosses in Dislyte. 
  • Dragon Curse: This skill will further attack the frozen esper and kill it. 

Defending Fafnir

Defending Fafnir boss is challenging because Fafnir has a strong shield on itself that can only be broken once the first health bar is destroyed.

Once the health bar is destroyed, the esper will be frozen, and Fafnir can attack that esper with a Dragon Curse. If that esper dies from this curse, Fafnir will gain more buff and inflict more damage on other espers. 

Your team of espers must have debuff cleansing skills and a passive defiance buffing to save themselves from Fafnir’s damage. 

Fafnir 2 Dislyte Ritual Miracle
Ritual Miracle Fafnir 2

Espers Team

You can know better about the skills of espers through the tier list, but you should just know that the espers you choose should have a better surviving power against the attacks from Fafnir.

You should choose those espers that provide support too. There should be two DPS and four to five support espers. Having these espers will help your team cleanse, provide immunity buffs and offer a better defensive mechanism.

Read guides about Tang Xuan, Gabrielle, Li Ling and many other characters in the Dislyte game. 


In this article, we have listed all the qualities your team of espers should have to defend these bosses. Keeping all these points in mind, you will definitely level up your game. If you like our Dislyte RItual Miracle Guide, read more of our Dislyte guides for more information. 

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