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Our guide Dislyte Sally entails everything about her, that includes Skills, Character information, relic sets, and playstyle tips.

Dislyte is a popular Role-playing game, and the game has heroes who are known as Espers. These heroes are characterized by three, four, and five stars. Moreover, there are 60 Espers in Dislyte named Lucas, Meredith, Stewart, Nicole, and Sally is also one of the Espers. 

Key Takeaways
  • Sally is a 5-star Esper in the game Dislyte, known for her healer ability.
  • She is part of the Esper Union and is the Chief of Med-team operations.
  • Sally’s ability is to heal other Espers, making her a support role character.
  • She is weak against wind units but stronger than Inferno heroes.
  • Players can summon Sally using Echo, but the chances of summoning her are only 1%.
  • Sally has 3 special skills: Light Call, Universal, and Ode to Joy.
  • Light Call allows her to attack enemies and grant immunity to fellow Espers.
  • Universal allows her to debuff all allied Espers and give HP to all allies.
  • Ode to Joy allows her to enter a “Sweet harvest” state and heal allies before they attack.
  • Players can upgrade Sally’s skills as they use her in battles.

Sally has a healer ability, and she is one of the best Dislyte healers. These heroes play a very vital role in protecting their ally Espers and maintaining their health status. If you are new to the Dislyte world, make sure to read the Dislyte wiki guide

Sally Character Information

Dislyte Sally
Dislyte Healer Sally
RarityRoleAttributeHP (Lvl 60)ATK (Lvl 60)DEF (Lvl 60)SPD (Lvl 60)CRIT RATE (Lvl 60)CRIT DMG (Lvl 60)RESIST. (Lvl 60)
5 StarSupportFlow16,30482996310010%150%20%

Sally is one of the 5-star Espers that you can have in Dislyte. She acquired power from Sif, and Sif is a goddess with golden hair and is also related to Earth. The ability that makes Sally useful is her ability to heal Espers, which gives her a support role.

Moreover, Sally is 28 years old, and she is the Chief of Med-team operations and also part of Esper Union. However, Sally is a little weak against wind units, but she is still stronger than Inferno heroes. Just like other Espers, Sally also has great talent and skills, which makes her powerful on the battlefield.

Here’s all the information you need on Sally: 

Light CallAttacks 1 enemy 3 times. Damage per hit: 45% ATK.-
UniversalSally dispels all ally debuffs.
Redistributes HP evenly across all allies.
3 Turns
Ode to JoySally gains Sweet Harvest. Heals the ally who is about to act4 Turns
Captain AbilityIncreases ally Resist by 40%-

How To Summon Sally In Dislyte

In Dislyte, the Espers are related to ancient mythological gods. There are several ways you can get heroes in Disltye, but the conventional way is by using Echo. While you are at it, make sure to read our guide, Dislyte best teams.

 There are tons of Espers in Dislyte that can be summoned using different in-game currencies. Moreover, players have first to obtain the currencies, and then they can summon Espers. But don’t worry; as you advance through the game, you get these currencies as rewards.

Unfortunately, Sally is a 5-star Esper, so she can only be summoned by using Echo. And the chances of summoning 5-star Esper are only 1 percent. Players who were lucky enough to procure Sally can use her skills for multiple purposes on the battlefield.

Dislyte Sally Skills

In the game, Espers have to use various abilities to attack opponents or sometimes even to defend so that they can win battles. In Dislyte, every Esper is equipped with several abilities that help them in fights. An Esper can Defend, support, or attack.

However, this all depends upon the Esper character, and also, every Esper gets upgraded as much as you use them in battles. We suggest you take a break and read our guide, Dislyte traced art.

While Sally is a healer and performs the role of supporting Esper in her team, she has three special skills that make her a valuable team member.

Moreover, she has an ability that can reduce enemy damage and can heal allies Espers before they have their chance to fight. Sally’s skills make her one of the most powerful Esper, to play with them might not be an easy task. Below, we have explained in detail Sally’s Skills.

Light Call

  • 45% ATK Damage Per Hit
  • 60% of getting the Immunity buff for 2 turns
Level 2Damage: 35%
Level 3Trigger Chance: 50%
Level 4Damage: 40%
Level 5Trigger Chance: 60%
Level 6Damage: 45%

Sally has light call skills, in which she attacks the enemy up to three times and inflicts damage near to 45%. Also, there is a 60% chance that she can grant immunity for up to 2 turns to fellow Espers in Dislyte.

At level 2 of light call, her damage is increased to 35%. While with level 3, the chances of triggering are increased up to 50%. Level 4 grants her an increase of 40% damage, and level 5 increases the chances of triggering to 60%. At her highest light call skill level, 6, her damage is increased to 45%.


  • Removes all ally debuffs
  • Even HP distribution to all allies
  • For 2 turns gives the ATK Up (+40% ATK) and the Recovery buffs to allies
Cooldown3 Turns
Level 2Cooldown: -1 Turn
Level 3Cooldown: -1 Turn

This is one of the great abilities that Dislyte Sally has; with the skill, she can debuff all the allied Espers in the team. Also, she gives HP to every ally Espers, regardless of what current HP they have. Furthermore, she grants the team ATK Up turns at least twice. 

The Level 2 of Universal skills reduces the cooldown by one turn, and the cooldown is further reduced by one turn in Level 3. It makes sally to be one of the best Support Espers

Ode To Joy

EffectsFor 2 turns get the Sweet Harvest buff
Cooldown4 Turns
Ascension-25% Decrease in damage taken by all allies
Level 2Healing Amount: 22%
Level 3Healing Amount: 24%
Level 4Healing Amount: 26%
Level 5Cooldown: -1 Turn

This is Skill 3, and it allows Sally to enter into the Sweet harvest state for two turns in Dislyte. Moreover, before any ally Esper attacks anyone, Sally dispels a debuff on the Esper. Also, she heals the Espers up to 26% of their maximum HP, and it has a cooldown of 4 turns.

In level 2, level 3, and level 4 of universal skill, the healing amount is further increased to 22%, 24%, and 26%. While in level 5, the cooldown gets reduced by one turn.

Captain Ability

In the game Dislyte, all the Espers are equipped with special abilities, which make them helpful to the team. Before you assign any Esper to the captain role, make sure he suits your fight strategy. Only select the Esper if it fits into the fighting strategy that you have thought of.

As Sally is a support Esper and her specialty is to heal ally Espers. But not only that she can heal Espers, but she also can inflict a great amount of damage. With Sally’s Captain Ability, all allies, Esper’s resistance increases to 40%.

Overall Ratings:

Sally Ratings
Ratings of Dislyte Sally

Recommended Relic Sets For Sally in Dislyte 

These are very important to enhance the abilities of your Esper. By selecting the right relic sets, you will not only make Esper stronger but also improve his weak points.

However, you must know that there are only a few slots for relics. There are only six relic sets that you can use. Most new players don’t pay attention to relic sets, as they are not available in the initial stages of the game.

These relic sets are revealed in the later stages of the game, and then you must take advantage of these relic sets to boost your Esper.

Recommended Sets
Relics stats for Sally

Recommended Set 1: Healer And Shield

The set provides Sally with great healing powers and also protection from enemy attacks. This Set consists of Abiding Panacea x4, which has healing efficacy of +30%. Moreover, the set has Admantine x2, which grants all the Esper allies a shield equal to 15% of HP.

Recommended Set 2: Skill Cycling

The Set has Ocean Waves x4, which at the start of each turn gives the chance of reducing 30% of all ability cooldowns up to 1 turn. Alongside, we have Admantine x2, this gives a shield equivalent to 15% of their maximum HP, and it lasts for two turns. It reduces Sally’s cooldown, allowing her to use her Skills 2 and 3.

Recommended Set 3: Speedy

In our 3rd recommended set, we use Wind walker x4, which has SPD +25%, and with that, we use Master Grove x2, which gives 25% health. With the recommended Set, sally first dispels and then, later on, heals DPS units. While you are at it, make sure to read our guide about Dislyte elements

Sally Ascension
Ascension of Sally

Dislyte Sally Playstyle Tips

The first thing you should do is use Sally’s second skill 2 to restore the health of ally Espers and also debuff. Moreover, while using the third ability, keep the health status of team members in mind, keep their health high, and maintain it. The third ability should not be just used for desperate solutions.

One of Sally’s weak points is that she doesn’t heal immediately, so we should be smart enough to use her abilities in advance. Also, players can use two high-quality pieces of equipment simultaneously as they like.

While fighting against a powerful enemy, who has a lot of health, and fight can be long. In situations like these, it is better to consider Sally for the captain role, and it will help players a lot.

Sally’s captain ability increases the resistance of teams by up to 40%, and this will have a significant effect on the fight. Players can use Ye Suhua o with Sally; it gives the advantage of having the ability to cool down, which saves players from any loss.

Final Words

Sally is one of the few five stars Espers that Dislyte has. When the healing ability is considered, Sally is at the top to protect their fellow Heroes. 3rd ability grants Sally with power to reduce incoming enemy damage to up to 25% HP of all allies.

Moreover, She can heal all Espers at the start of the turn and also can debuff them to make them stronger. Sally’s second skill is pretty useful, too; it provides an attack buff and maintains the HP of allies and debuffs. You can use Sally in almost all modes of the game.

 Her powers as healer and protector are useful to get more DPS units to make quick runs. In PVP situations, you will need to make a special strategy if you rely on her debuff abilities. Also, with Sally on the team, you won’t need to worry about enemy debuffs.

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