Dislyte Sander: Best Skills, Relic Sets & Playstyle

Our Dislyte Sander guide entails some of the best skills, relic sets, and playstyle you should know if you want to dominate the fights.

Dislyte Sander seems to have a thousand things you can do differently, but most are the same turn-based combat gameplay. You can put together a team of up to five best supports in Dislyte and send them into the fight to see if they can defeat waves of monsters or other Esper teams.

Dislyte Sander gets deep when it comes to building teams. With many characters called “espers” who play separate roles, have distinct elemental commonalities, and work well with different gear and teammates, your options feel almost limitless. However, your options are limited by how much time and money you need to put into broadening them.

Distyle Sander is one of the game’s most compelling characters. This guide has all the information you need to know about Sander. So keep reading to learn everything there is to know about your Esper.

Key Highlights
  • Sander is a four-star DPS Esper with some powerful skills related to the SDP and AP.
  • Being one the the best nukers and assassins in Dislyte, Sander possesses great damage dealing skills making him an effective pick to hurt the opponents.
  • The Mazzar of Dusts is one of the most damaging skills of Sander dealing damage equal to 70% of the ATK of the target in addition to the 30% AP reduction which has a chance of 75%.
  • The Corrosion along with dealing 180% damage to the target also has a 100% chance of slowing the target’s SPD for the next two turns.
  • The Sandstorm makes Sander hit the enemy target three times dealing huge damage equal to 60% of the ATK plus 50% chance of reducing the AP of the enemy by 30%.
  • The Captain ability of Sander boosts the movement speed of his allies by 25%.
  • Sander is often used by the players as a Captain in Ritual Miracle and Sonic Miracles.
  • Relics are certain accessories which give the Esper boosts over their skills and stats.
  • Since Sander is a DPS Esper, he requires the relics which will boost the damage he deals to his opponents to the maximum amount possible.
  • The Hades set and War Machine set are two most suitable Relic sets and elements for Sander.
  • The Hades set helps the lower HP Espers by healing them for 35% of the damage they deal, hence it is a more defensive type of Relic set.
  • The War Machine set helps the Esper deal 30% more damage to his opponents hence it is a more offensive type of Relic set.

Dislyte Sander Character Information

Sander is a powerful esper who can hit a single target with powerful multi-hit attacks that can lower the enemy’s AP and SPD and stun them while increasing his own SPD. Sander can be a powerful ally if he is built to maximize his attack power and speed.

Sander’s attacks only hit one enemy at a time, but his two strongest ones also have a remarkable ability to decrease SPD and AP. Even better, his Captain ability gives everyone on the team a 25% extra speed, but only in Ritual Miracles and Sonic Miracles.

Dislyte Sander is a common four-star Esper who is often used as a Captain in Ritual and Sonic Miracles because he boosts allies’ SPD by 25%. You’d be unfortunate not to get him early on. Each of his three You can also promote the esper star rating in several ways. 

This Esper uses all of his SPD-related abilities to their fullest potential and is one of the best assassins and nukers on Dislyte because of it. It has wonderful elements. Based on these things, Sander has good skills that help him do more damage. His Sandstorm skill lowers the enemy’s attack power and stuns them in a wide area. In the same way, Corrosion reduces an enemy’s SPD with every physical attack while increasing the Esper’s SPD.

Because Sander wants to hurt people, he is the perfect person for the dark god Set to use.

If Dislyte Sander can fully use all of the perks associated with his SPD, he will be a highly effective nuker and assassin. Sander’s talents all deliver additional damage according to his current SPD attributes. Sandstorm is a two-part attack that lowers the AP of a target and stuns them all at once. Corrosion lowers an enemy’s SPD and raises Sander’s after a critical hit.

Dislyte Sander Skills


Mazzar of Dusts Of Dislyte Sander

This skill is one of the most damaging skills for this character. It damages a target equal to 70% of its ATK plus 0.3% of its ATK for every point of its SPD. It has a 75% chance of reducing the AP of the target by 30%.

  • 55 % more damage was done at level 2
  • The chance to trigger at level 3 has gone up to 75%
  • Lvl 4 Damage increased to 60%
  • Lvl 5 Damage increased to 70%

Corrosion Of Sander

It causes harm to an enemy similar to 180% + 0.33% of their SPD in ATK, with a 100% chance of slowing their SPD for the next two turns. Set gets SPD Up for 2 turns if there is a critical hit.

  • Waiting time: 3 turns
  • 160 percent more damage at level 2
  • The chance to trigger at level 3 has gone up to 100%
  • Damage at level 4 went up by 180 percent.
  • Level 5’s cooldown has been cut by one turn (s)

Sandstorm Of Sander

It attacks a single enemy three times, each time causing severe damage equal to 60% of ATK, plus an extra 0.33% of ATK for every point of SPD. It has a 50% chance of reducing the AP of the target by 30%.

  • Waiting time: 3 turns
  • 55 percent more damage was done at level 2
  • 50 percent more likely to happen at level 3.
  • 60 percent more damage at level 4
  • Level 5’s cooldown has been cut by one turn (s)

Ascension Of Sander

A three-pronged attack is launched at the specified target, with each blow causing damage equal to 60% of ATK + 0.33% of ATK for every point of SPD. It has a 50% chance of reducing the AP of the target by 30%. The last strike, For one turn, stuns the target.

Captain Ability Of Sander

All allied Espers’ SPD increases by 25% during Ritual Miracle or Sonic Miracle challenges.

Recommended Relic Sets for Sander

Dislyte gives Espers Relics, which are like accessories they can wear to boost their stats or skills even more. There are different kinds and rarities of relics, and each higher tier gives better bonuses. The different levels of Relics are as follows:

  • Flawless: Each has four secondary traits
  • Superior: Each has three secondary traits
  • Elite: Each person has two secondary traits
  • Fine: Each person has one secondary feature.

As a result of the fact that not all sorts of Relics can be utilized on the same characters, players will need to be aware of which Relics have the best synergy with specific categories of characters to maximize the capabilities of those characters.

Every Esper in Dislyte Sander fits into one of two categories: DPS or Support. Each of these classes has its role in the game; because of that, it wants a new Relic to bring out its full strength. The DPS Espers’ only job is to deal damage, but the Support Espers’ job is to ensure their allies stay alive through everything. Sander is a character who is a DPS esper.

DPS stands for “Damage Per Second.” The Espers on the team are the ones who do damage. Since it’s their job to ensure the team does as much damage as possible, they’ll need Relics to help them do that. So, their Relics should have ATK, C.RATE, and C.DMG as their stats. Dislyte Sander Esper’s damage per second (DPS) will get more out of one of these two Relic sets and elements.

Hades set: A much more defensive scheme set. This one is great for Espers that deal a lot of damage but have low HP and die quickly because it can heal them for 35% of the damage they do.

War Machine is a more offensive set. This one does more damage than the Hades set because it has a unique ability that gives an extra 30% damage boost if all the pieces are put together.


If you like Gacha RPGs, Dislyte Sander has everything you want about them, like the Esper collection, item upgrades, fast-paced battles, and many ways to move forward as you play. It also has a PvP mode, but since it’s a gacha game like Blue Archive and Battle Night, it will be a bit pay-to-win. 

The ENTJ personality type, which Sander possesses, is one of the rarest personality types in the entire globe. Only 7 percent of the people in the world have the ENTJ personality type. I’m not making this up 7 %. You might wonder why that is, and the explanation is that most people who do not have an ENTJ personality type are not even conscious that they have a different personality type than ENTJs. 

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