Dislyte Shimmer Record: How To Get Rare Espers

Dislyte Shimmer Record is used in tugging out the Elemental Shimmer Espers that are hard to unlock in Dislyte.

The free-to-play gacha game is made in a contemporary fantasy world. It is known for its pop-art aesthetics, mythology, and a great soundtrack to attract its players. There are plenty of Espers in Dislyte, and there are multiple ways to tug an Esper towards you. One such way in Dislyte is the Shimmer Record, through which you can obtain Espers. 

Most players know what Gold Records are, but they are confused about the Shimmer Record. We have curated this guide for such players who want to know what a Shimmer Record is and how to gain Espers with the help of it. 

You can only get a Shimmer Record once you complete the Story’s last chapter, Mission 12-8. All players want to make a team of the strongest Espers, so gaining the Shimmer Record is important. 

Key Highlights
  • One of the multiple ways of acquiring Espers in Dislyte is the Shimmer Record.
  • The Shimmer Espers are rare and have no strength or weakness making them neutral.
  • Lin Xiao, also called the White Tiger, is a strong 4-star Shimmer Esper who has some worthy skills such as Whiplash, TIger’s Light, and Tiger Fist.
  • Asenath is another 4-star Shimmer Esper that has beneficial skills such as Flower of Resentment, Dancing Buds and Lotus Steps.
  • Cecilia is a great 5-star shimmer support whose skills include Gemstone Feathers, Crimson Protection, and Ruby Coronet.
  • Chalmers is an offensive 3-star Shimmer Esper having skills called Gold Ray, Vita Lightbeam, and Gold Pulse.
  • Melanie is a strong 3-star Shimmer disabler whose skills include Fatal Gaze, Covenant of Punishment, and Queen of the Night.
  • Raven is a 5-star Shimmer Fighter and has the most offensive set of skills which include Eternal Combat, Sunset and Sleipnir.
  • Unas is the rarest 5-star Shimmer Esper in Dislyte whose skills include Follow the WInd, Zephyrus, and Gale Force.
  • Ye Suhua is another 3-star shimmer support whose healing and damage-dealing skills include Stardust, Astral Guardian, and Star Dancer.
  • Anesidora is a powerful 4-star Shimmer Esper having some strong skills such as Prodigious Talent, Doom Box and Gift of the Gods.
  • Bai Liuli is a 3-star Shimmer Fighter who also has healing abilities. Her skills include Hiss, Shedding, and Incorpreal.
  • Taylor is another 4-star Shimmer Fighter who possesses powerful skills such as Power Impact, Soul Blast, and Hero’s Wrath.
  • Tevor is a 5-star Shimmer Esper whose skills are Uncovered Truth, Neko-Analysis, and Neko-Giftbox.
  • Bonnie is a 4-star Shimmer support. Her skills include Dark Kiss, Misfortuned, and Disputional.
  • Q is a 3-star Shimmer support who has some defensive skills such as Lover’s Curse, Heartbreaker, and Joke of the Aether.
  • Nicole is one of the strongest Shimmer Espers. The 4-star Support has skills such as Spiral Strike, Dead Man’s Protection, and Spinning Wrap.

What is a Shimmer Record?

If you know what a Gold Record is, you should know that a Shimmer Record is similar. In Dislyte, a Shimmer Record has a guarantee to pull an esper, unlike the Gold Record, where there is uncertainty. 

A Shimmer Record is used to pull elemental Espers that are comparatively hard to unlock. Shimmer Espers are also rare Espers. Shimmer Espers have no strengths or weaknesses; these Espers are neutral. 

You only have the surety of gaining a 3-star Shimmer Esper with a Shimmer Record, but there is no guarantee of a 4-star or even a 5-star Esper with a Shimmer Record. The most common 3-star Shimmer Esper is Q. 

Shimmer Record is a high-risk and high-record technique to gain pull Espers in Dislyte. You can not count Shimmer Record as Pity Pull, so saving the Shimmer Record for this purpose is no use.

There is still no surety on whether you can earn more Shimmer Records for defeating Story on harder difficulty levels or not. On this account, we have listed the Shimmer Espers below. Take a look! You might also enjoy reading the best Dislyte Support Espers.

Lin Xiao

Lin Xiao is quite an impressive fighter in Dislyte. It’s one of those Espers who can easily scare her enemies away and shows a dominating self on the battlefield. Lin Xiao is a strong Shimmer Esper, and getting your hands on this Esper is not an easy task. There are only a 4% chances that you can get Lin Xiao. 

Dislyte Lin Xiao
Lin Xiao Shimmer Esper


Since Lin Xiao is a powerful Esper in the game, she possesses many damaging skills. Lin Xiao, also known as the white tiger, has skills worth looking at. 


Whiplash is a rare skill that inflicts great damage to the enemy. It has a 230% ATK damage with at least two debuffs. With Whiplash, you can easily scare your opponents.

Tiger’s Light

With this skill, Lin Xiao can inflict 100% ATK damage to the enemy. Lin Xiao has an 80% chance of decreasing the VIT and DEF on every attack. The decrease lasts for at least two turns. 

Tiger Fist

This skill deals in damage with 140% ATK to the enemy and an 80% chance of making the enemy suffer from any disease. 305 of AP is also reduced. 

Relic Sets

  • War Machine and Water Grove
  • Hades and Sword Avatara


Asenath is also a Shimmer Esper in Dislyte that you can pull out through Shimmer Record. It grants AP buffs and a great Health Regen. It’s known for reducing the damage and recovering HP. Asenath has a Lotus Mark that boosts its AP. 

Dislyte Asenath
Asenath Shimmer Esper


Asenath deals with most damage dealing, and it has skills that will benefit any team who takes the support of these Espers. 

Flower of Resentment

This skill helps in damage dealing equally to 120% of ATK. There is also a 60% chance to dispel buffing from the enemy. There are different damage-dealing starting from 105% to 120%. 

Dancing Buds

With the skill, Asenath can heal all allied Espers. The healing is about 10% of the max HP. Damage dealing is 80% of Nefertem’s ATK. Dancing Buds will grant Recovery to Allied Espers for at least 1 turn. 

Lotus Steps

Lotus Steps helps increase the entire team’s AP by 25%, and it grants Lotus Mark too. After triggering Lotus Mark, the AP is increased by 20%. Damage is reduced to half and almost disappears once attacked. 

Relic Sets

  • Wind Walker Set
  • Abiding Panacea Set
  • Adamantine Set


Celcia is great Shimmer support, providing healing to the team but also helping in the team’s revival. Cecilia’s most known feature is her Gemstone Feathers, which allows damage dealing by granting max HP and ATK. Ruby Coronet helps in clearing debuffs, granting immunity, and recovering HP. 

Dislyte Cecilia
Cecilia Shimmer Esper


Most skills of Cecilia help in dealing with damage against the enemy. Here are a few skills of Cecilia. 

Gemstone Feathers

The damage dealing with this skill is equal to 30% of ATK. Cecilia has a 5.5% max HP and a 100% conversion of damage dealing into healing. 

Crimson Protection

Crimson Protection is an important skill that revives all dead allies. Most revival is done with HP, which is equal to 15% of the max HP. It also grants shields to the team members. The shield is equal to 50% of the player’s max HP. The skill can only be used once. 

Ruby Coronet

It helps in removing all debuffs from all allied Espers by healing 35% of their max HP. It also grants all allied Espers immunity for one turn. 

Relic Sets

  • Wind Walker Set
  • Abiding Panacea Set
  • The Light Above Set
  • Adamantine Set


Chalmers is probably the most offensive of all Shimmer Espers. It deals with bonus damage even at the cost of his own HP. It inflicts a deadly healing block on the enemy that stops them from receiving any buffs for some time. Chalmers makes sure to attack the enemy in the best way possible. 

Dislyte Chalmers
Chalmers Shimmer Esper


Chalmers have many damaging skills, including some that attack the enemy twice. We have listed all three below for you. 

Gold Ray

It damages 120% of ATK and 3% of the target’s max HP. The extra damage Chalmers inflicts is more than 100% of Idun’s ATK. 

Vita Lightbeam

With this skill, Chalmers can attack the enemy twice, and each damaging dealing is equal to 75% of the ATK. There is also a 60% chance of inflicting disease on the enemy for 2 turns. 

Gold Pulse

Gold Pulse deals damage to the enemy that is 120% of ATK. It also grants an extra 10% of the target’s max HP, but there is a cost of 40% of the current HP. Any damage below 300% of ATK is possible. The skill is also used to inflict Buff blocker for two turns. 

Relic Sets

  • War Machine Set
  • Hades Set
  • Master Grove Set
  • Fiery Incandescence Set


Melanie is a strong Shimmer disabler in Dislyte, you can pull through Shimmer Record. It can scare away the enemies with her classical AP debuffs. She is a powerful Esper who works on the ability-based attacks with additional AP reduction debuff. 

Dislyte Melanie
Melanie Shimmer Esper


Most of Melanie’s skills deal with targets AP and inflict damage according to that. Take a look at the three skills listed down below.

Fatal Gaze 

Fatal Gaze helps inflict SPD Down to the target for at least 2 turns. The damage dealt against the enemy is equal to 120% of ATK. There is a 75% chance to transfer a debuff as well. 

Covenant of Punishment

Melanie’s skill is a passive skill that reduces the target’s AP by 15% with every attack. If the enemy has less than 30% AP, Petrification is inflicted for one turn. 

Queen of the Night

The damage dealing with the Queen of the Night is equal to 100% of ATK, and there is a 100% chance of reducing the AP by 25%. 

Relic Sets

  • Wind Walker Set
  • Apollos’s Bow Set
  • Master Grove Set


Raven is a five-star Shimmer Esper, also known as a Shimmer fighter. She is known for her PVP and PVE, making Raven an excellent choice. Raven is an elemental-neutral Esper. She can remove debuffs from herself as well as her opponents. 

Dislyte Raven
Raven Shimmer Esper


Raven has the most offensive set of AOE attacks that any Esper needs. If there is a strong healer with Raven, she can inflict maximum damage to the enemy. Three of her skills are listed below. 

Eternal Comet

Eternal Comet has damage dealing of 70% twice in one time. It’s also known as a chain attack, and Raven has a 70% chance of stealing the enemy’s buff. 


Sunset skill again is one of her chain attacks. It deals with damage that is equal to 50% of the ATK. Raven can put buff blocks on the enemies. The chance is available for two whole turns. Raven can also put an HP ceiling drain on the enemy. 


This one is the most overpowered attack Raven offers. It helps in removing all debuffs, and it also removes all buffs on the enemies. 

Relic Sets

  • Wind Walker Set x4
  • War Machine Set x4
  • Fiery Incandescence Set x2
  • Fiery Incandescence Set x2


Unas is one of the rarest Shimmer Espers in Dislyte available in Shimmer Record. Unas is a 5-star Esper that has a high base SPD, and it also grants a good team AP. Unas is extremely helpful in point war.

Dislyte Unas
Unas Shimmer Esper


Unas is needed for his immunity support to all allies. Now, look at Unas’s three great skills that help him fight the enemy. 

Follow the Wind

With the ability, you can attack the enemy three times, and the damage dealt is equal to 35% + 1% per 10 SPD of ATK. There is also a 60% chance of inflicting DEF down for at least two turns. 


Zephyrus is a passive skill that usually works if Unas is not mobile by the end of the turn. With this skill, one more turn is granted to all other teammates proving to be highly beneficial in case of any battle. 

Gale Force

The damage dealing with this skill equals 90% + 1% per 10SPD of ATK towards all enemies. It keeps one increasing team-wide. It also increases team-wide AP by 30, which can inflict massive damage to the enemy. 

Relic Sets

  • Wind Walker Set x4
  • Master Grove Set x2
  • Fiery Incandescence x2

Ye Suhua

Ye Suhua is a Shimmer support Esper that can easily shield the target ally. Ye Suhua grants all team members an ATK Up and a DEF Up buff. This Esper is known for her strong invincibility. Here’s a Best Healers Guide with information about Ye Suhua.

Dislyte Ye Suhua
Ye Suhua Shimmer Esper


Most skills of Ye Suhua are used in damage dealing and healing the entire team. Here we have written three skills of Ye Suhua. 


The damage-dealing power of Stardust is equal to 130% of ATK against the enemy’s attack. There is also a 70% chance of granting ATK Down for at least two turns. 

Astral Guardian

Astra Guardian is one of the best healing powers for any teammate, providing healing for 30% of their max HP. Ye Suhua offers Invincibility and Recovery to the teammate for a single turn. It also grants an extra Recovery buff if the team member has less than 50% HP. 

Star Dancer

Star Dance provides an ATK Up and DEF Up for all Allied Espers for at least 2 turns. 

Relic Sets

  • Wind Walker Set x4
  • Master Grove Set x4
  • Adamantine Set x2


Anesidora is a powerful Shimmer Esper with strong HP percentage-based attacks and debuffs. The strongest feature of Ansidora is her Pandora Box that she inflicts on the enemies for two turns. 

Dislyte Anesidora
Anesidora Shimmer Esper


Many strong Anesidora skills deal with damage and also grant SPD Up. Those three skills are written below. 

Prodigious Talent

The damage dealt with Prodigious Talent is equal to 30% of ATK. It also deals damage with 8% of Pandora’s max HP, giving a 50% chance of inflicting ATK Down on the enemy. 

Doom Box

With this skill, you can attack the enemy twice, and the damage dealing is equal to 20% off ATK with an extra 6% of Pandora’s max HP. There is a 60% chance of dispelling one buff. 

Gift of the Gods

With the Gift of Gods skill, Anesidora can inflict a Stun on the enemy for 1 turn. It also offers an SPD Up to the entire team for two turns. It also inflicts Pandora’s Box for two turns. 

Relic Sets

  • Wind Walker Set x4
  • Astral Witchcraft Set x4
  • Master Grove Set x2

Bai Liuli

Bail Liuli, also known as the White Snake, is a Shimmer Esper with many support abilities. Bail Liuli kills her opponents with many attacks towards them. 

Dislyte Bai Liuli
Bai Liuli Shimmer Esper


The team-wide healing provided by Bail Liuli to her teammates is one of the greatest traits of her skill. Let’s take a look at her three skills. 


Most of her skills have damaging effects like that of a snake. Bail Liuli deals with damage to an enemy equal to 120% of ATK and an additional 60% chance to inflict Silence for a single turn. 


By Dispelling a debuff, Bai Liuli restores the HP of the entire team by 5%. 


Five attacks are launched by Incorpreal, and the damage dealt with each attack is equal to 110% of ATK. There is also a 70% chance of stealing a buff. Incorpreal also inflicts Sear on the enemy. 

Relic Sets

  • War Machine Set x4
  • Wind Walker Set x4
  • Fiery Incandescence Set x2
  • Apollo’s Bow Set x2


Taylor is a DPS Shimmer Esper who can kill enemies, so their revival is hard too. There are several enemy buffs available granting an ATK Up and C. 

Dislyte Taylor
Taylor Shimmer Esper


There are many powerful skills possessed by Taylor that can help in inflicting damage on the enemy. 

Power Impact

Skills of Taylor help in dealing with the damage and also providing a Shield equal to 50% of the ability’s damage. Damage dealing equals 130% of ATK with an additional 5% damage increase with a 10% HP lost. 

Soul Blast

Helps in gaining ATK Up and C.Rate Up for two turns. Taylor can suffer 30% True Damage and not be killed by the enemies. Taylor dispels all buffs from one single enemy. The damage dealt through this skill is equal to 270% ATK. 

Hero’s Wrath

Taylor’s passive skill provides an extra turn to the player after killing the enemy. ٰIt also stops the revival of a dead enemy. 

Relic Sets

  • Hammer Thor Set x4
  • The Light Above Set x2
  • Sword Avatar Set x2


If you are looking for a Shimmer Esper known for inflicting debuffs, then Tevor is the right choice. Tevor also cooperates with the allies. Tevor is known for Neko-Curse and Neko-Sense. 

Dislyte Tevor
Tevor Shimmer Esper


Neko skills help in attacking the enemy with the remaining HP. The damage is reduced after the ascension. Below we have listed all three skills. 

Uncovered Truth

The damage dealt with Uncovered Truth is equal to 130% of ATK. This damage-dealing takes place by inflicting one Neko-Curse stack on the enemy. 


This skill works after Tevor has attacked the enemy. With each attack, Tevor can cast the same kind of damage to the opponent when their HP is more than 50%. If Neko-Analysis is not triggered, the player will gain 1 Neko-Sense stack. Every stack will reduce damage to 15%. 


Damage dealt with Neko-Giftbox is equal to 210% of ATK. It also inflicts Sear on the enemy for a single turn. 

Relic Sets

  • Hammer of Thor Set x4
  • War Machine Set x4
  • Fiery Incandescence Set x2


Bonnie, the support Shimmer Esper is an extremely powerful Esper that can offer a wide range of debuffs to the enemy. These buffs can be dispelled into a huge AP bonus that provides massive damage to the enemies. 

Dislyte Bonnie
Bonnie Shimmer Esper


Each one of Bonnie’s skills can inflict great damage to the enemy. Bonnie’s attacking power can kill the enemy. 

Dark Kiss

Dark Kiss can help you attack an enemy twice. Each attack has damage dealing equally to 60% of ATK with an additional 50% of absorbing 15% of AP. 


This skill is highly damaging as it helps Bonnie attack the enemy four times. Each of Bonnie’s attacks is equal to 50% of ATK. There is also a 40% chance to inflict Stun on the enemy for a single turn. 


Disputional provides a 100% chance to dispel one buff from the enemy. The damage dealt is 100% of ATK to all the enemies. A +5% AP boost for each dispelled buff is granted to the entire team. 

Relic Sets

  • Astral Witchcraft Set x4
  • Master Grove Set x2
  • Adamantine Set x2


Q is also known as Eros in Dislyte. Q is a special type of Shimmer DPS Esper. Only she can link together two enemy targets and share the damage from the enemy. 

Dislyte Q
Q Shimmer Esper


Like all other Shimmer Espers, Q also has strong defensive properties to deal damage from the enemy. Here are those three skills with their abilities. 

Lover’s Curse

Lover’s Curse helps in dealing damage that is equal to 120% of ATK. It also has a 75% chance to inflict DEF Down for two turns. 


Heartbreaker allows Q to deal with enemy damage equal to 100% of ATK with an additional 75% chance to inflict ATK down for at least two turns. 

Joke of the Aether

Q can lock one enemy with this skill and then select another one randomly before she deals with the enemy’s damage. The damage dealt is equal to 180% of ATK. Q also inflicts Link for two turns on the enemy. 

Relic Sets

  • War Machine Set x4
  • Wind Walker Set x4
  • Fiery Incandescence Set x2


Nicole is a great Shimmer Esper known for her skills and good stats to inflict damage on the enemy. She is one of the strongest Espers in Dislyte. 

Dislyte Nicole
Nicole Shimmer Esper


Nicole proves some extra buffs and also grants a DEF Up. Other than this, it provides invincibility to all allied Espers in Dislyte. Nicole helps other teammates in reviving. 

Spiral Strike

This skill helps Nicole deal damage from an enemy equal to 30% of ATK with an added max HP of 4.5%. There is also a 70% chance that she inflicts Sear on the enemy. 

Dead Man’s Protection 

Dead Man’s Protection provides Soul Guard to all allied espers. It can take three turns, including one turn for Standoff and two turns for Recovery. 

Spinning Wrap

A DEF Up is granted for two turns by Spinning Wrap. Invincibility is also granted for one turn to all the allies. Damage is dealt with 7% max HP. Spinning Wrap also grants Soul Guard to all allied Espers. 

Relic Sets

  • Wind Walker Set x4
  • The Light Above Set x2
  • Adamantine Set x2


Laura is a Shimmer Esper union surgeon who gives her services against Miramon. She has unique skills and abilities in Dislyte and you can pull her through Shimmer Record.

Dislyte Laura
Laura Shimmer Esper


Most of Laura’s skills support other espers, and she can also have deadly counterattacks on the enemy. Let’s look at these three skills of Laura.

Shield Attack

Shield Attack deals with damage equal to 20% ATK and 5% of max HP. There is a 60% chance of inflicting silence on the enemy for one turn. 

Shield Defense

Shield Defense is a passive skill where Laura gives the shield to an ally for one turn. The shield is based on Neith’s maximum HP and absorbs maximum damage. 

Iron Wall

Iron Wall provides all allied Espers with a shield for two turns. The shield can deal damage equal to 25% of its maximum HP. 

Relic Sets

  • Hades Set x4
  • Adamantine Set x2
  • Master Grove Set x2


Kaylee is a Shimmer DPS Esper with powerful disabling abilities and C. Rate Up. Kaylee is an all-around Esper that inflicts maximum damage to the enemy. 

Dislyte Kaylee
Kaylee Shimmer Esper


Kaylee has many Criss Cross and freezing skills that can kill the enemy by reducing its AP. She has three skills that improve her abilities against the enemy. 

Flowy Satin

The damage dealt with Flowy Satin is equal to 110% of ATK. If a crit is triggered, the damage-dealing C. Rate Up is extended for one turn. 

Criss Cross

With Criss Cross, you can attack an enemy thrice, which helps in damage dealing that is equal to 55% of ATK. There is also a 50% chance of reducing AP by 15%. Criss Cross helps Kaylee inflict SPD Down for two turns, but this only happens when crit is triggered. 

Dance of Deluge

Attacks enemy three times and improves C. Rate Up for two turns. The damage dealt is equal to 45% of ATK, and there is a 40% chance to inflict Freeze for a single turn. 

Relic Sets

  • Tyranny of Zeus Set x4
  • The Light Above Set x2
  • Apollo’s Bow Set x2


That’s all about the Dislyte Shimmer Record and all Shimmer Espers in Dislyte. We hope you enjoyed reading all the necessary information regarding Shimmer Espers and their skills. You might also want to check out some of our Best Dislyte Character Guide.

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