Dislyte Sonic Miracle: Boss Battles & Timings

Our Dislyte Sonic Miracle Guide gives details of all four Bosses and how to defeat them using a strong team of espers in the game.

Being a Dislyte game player, you might be curious about the Sonic Miracle place, and this Dislyte Sonic Miracle Guide will give you all details about it. You get many different options to level up your game as well as equip your espers with great powers. Just like the Ritual Miracle Palace in Dislyte, Sonic Miracle is also a place inside the game that gives you a great opportunity to gear up your team of espers. 

Key Highlights
  • Sonic Miracle in Dislyte has four different bosses: Infernis, Windstriker, Flowrunner, and Shimmerer
  • Each boss will appear on different days of the week and have eight difficulty levels
  • The Infernis boss is Miramon and has a Burning Roar skill that can be damaging for espers
  • To defeat Infernis, players should have a team of espers that can inflict nuking damage and can also work as disablers
  • The Windstriker boss is the most damaging in terms of its poisonous Roaring Wave attack and can infect espers with poison
  • To defeat Windstriker, players need strong espers with strong gears and should focus on the Poison Spread skill.

What is Sonic Miracle in Dislyte

Four different bosses show up in the Sonic Miracle, and we will discuss all four of them in our Sonic Miracle Guide. There is Infernis boss, Windstriker boss, Flowrunner boss, and Shimmerer boss in Sonic Miracle.

Each boss will appear after one another so you can equip your espers better before fighting each boss. Here are some Dislyte Clubs you should take a look at. To fight each boss, the esper will have to spend its stamina, but all bosses are easier to destroy, unlike the ones in Ritual Miracle.

Each boss will give you eight difficulty levels, and the higher the level is, the more stamina you will have to spend. Make sure you have a good team of espers that you can check from the Dislyte Tier List Guide. This Dislyte Sonic Miracle Guide will give you a good idea of how to deal with these bosses. 

Sonic Miracle Boss Timings

Sonic Miracle
Dislyte Sonic Miracle

There are different days of the week when each boss will show up in Sonic Miracle. 

  • Infernis: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday
  • Windstriker: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday
  • Flowrunner: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Shimmerer: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday

Infernis Boss

Dealing with DPS is extremely important if you want to level up in Dislyte. Your team of espers should not have a prolonged battle with Infernis as the HP loss in Infernis boss will make him so angry that he will release his Burning Roar skill.

Infernis can also give passive sonic upgradeability with its ATK bonus that can be very damaging for your entire team of espers, and their stamina can be greatly affected too. Read Dislyte Divine Waves guide

Infernis boss
Sonic Miracle Infernis boss

Since Infernis boss is Miramon, it is advised that you fight with your strongest DPS. Infernis can quickly retaliate from death, so it is important that you concentrate all your firepower as soon as infernis show weakness at any point. The concentrated firepower is the biggest fatal blow for infernis. 

You should only fight this boss if you want to upgrade some of your inferno espers; otherwise, it is of no use. Taking down Infernis should be as quick as possible because if you let it stay, it can be quite damaging for your espers. 

Infernis Skills

Infernis has three major skills that can provide damage to the espers. Those three skills are listed below. 

  • Sonic Upgrade: It helps in lowering the HP and inflicting more damage to the enemy.
  • Lashing Pulse: This is a one-time skill that can damage the enemy. 
  • Burning Roar: This skill can damage all enemies at once. 

Defeating Infernis

The only way you can take down this boss is by making a team of espers that can inflict nuking damage and can also work as disablers. There should be DPS espers and espers who can kill Infernis in a single target. The Dislyte tier list can tell you which espers you should have in your team. 

Infernis boss 2
Sonic Miracle Infernis boss 2

Windstriker Boss

This Windstriker boss can be the most damaging in terms of the poisonous Roaring Wave attack. Once it has spread the poison amongst the group of espers, it can apply a constant pressure that corrodes these espers and wears them down.

These constant attacks can be extremely damaging for your espers and kill them one by one, especially the ones that are infected with Poison Spread. 

Windstriker boss
Sonic Miracle Windstriker boss

Windstriker is a hard boss that can’t be taken down easily, and the higher its level of difficulty is, the harder it is to defeat him. It gets impossible if you don’t have some strong espers with strong gears. 

Windstriker Skills

Windstriker also has three damaging skills like Infernis. We have mentioned those three skills below. 

  • Poison Spread: This skill makes the Windstriker target the enemy with poison and roaring waves. It inflicts greater damage than any other skill. 
  • Roaring Wave: With this skill, Windstriker can damage all enemies in one shot. It can also inflict poison on its enemy twice during the fight. 
  • Howling Pulse: This skill allows Windstriker to damage the enemy at once. 

Defeating Windstriker

Since Windstriker is one of the hardest bosses in Dislyte Sonic Miracle, you must have espers that have a strong immunity to resist the poison damage Windstriker inflicts on them.

According to the Sonic Miracle Guide, espers should also possess a quick healing power to keep themselves safe from any attack.

Also, check out Dislyte Drew Guide for assistance. Once you have all these espers that possess these qualities, you will need DPS espers that will help you take down the boss within no time.

Try having more disablers as well in your team of espers. Here’s the best Dislyte leveling guide for espers.

Dislyte Sonic Miracle Guide
Sonic Miracle Windstriker boss 2

Flowrunner Boss

You can say that Flowrunner is the strongest boss you have to defeat while playing Sonic Miracle in Dislyte as it has a superb self-healing ability. Flowrunner can quickly heal itself with its Sonic Life skill. It’s probably the most difficult opponent to have.

It can easily heal significant HP. You can’t fight with this boss until you have espers with strong gears. 

Dislyte Sonic Miracle Guide
Sonic Miracle Flowrunner boss

Flowrunner Skills

There are three skills that Flowrunner has to keep itself safe from the enemies. Here are those three skills. 

  • Sonic Life: This skill helps the boss gain a certain amount of HP that is proportional to the damage done to it. This skill only works best while dealing damage. 
  • Maelstrom Pulse: With this skill, Flowrunner can only damage its enemy once.
  • Devouring wave roaring wave: This skill helps the boss inflict damage on all of its enemies at one time. 

Defeating Flowrunner

Flowrunner is probably the most annoying boss that can only be defeated if the espers can have a tactical response immediately. A tactical response may help the espers being deployed at Diseased.

This stops Flowrunner from healing itself quickly and restrains it from getting a significant advantage. Take a look at Li Ling, Gabrielle, Tang Xuan, and Dislyte Helper Esper guide to form a better team of espers. 

You must have espers that have AP blocking abilities in them, and there should also be some DPS espers. Make sure you never have a healer in your team because that will allow the boss to gain quick healing from it. For more team formations, you can look at the tier list of Dislyte games. 


The most common ability of this boss is that it has a shimmery touch to it which is its Shimmer Shield. The Shimmer Shield protects Shimmerer from any damage, and it also provides it with ATK bonus attributes.

Even if there is great destruction, the shield will protect it from most damage, so espers find it hard to defeat this boss. 

Shimmerer boss
Sonic Miracle Shimmerer boss

Shimmerer Skills

Like all other bosses in Dislyte Sonic Miracle Guide, Shimmerer also has three skills that we have listed below for you to read. 

  • Noise Shell: This skill instantly helps Shimmerer gain a protective shield that helps with damage dealt boost. It also helps with mitigation. 
  • Striking Pulse: This skill can only damage the enemy one time during the fight with espers. 
  • Awesome Shock: This one of Shimmerer’s skills can damage all the enemies at once, and it also gives a shield to the boss. The shield provides maximum HP to the boss. 

Defeating Shimmerer

You should have some dispel- fæused espers in your team. These espers will help you remove the ATK bonus. Only then will you be able to use the qualities of DPS espers.

Make sure you have diseased DPS as well as one healer esper in your team of espers to help you defeat Shimmerer. 


With all these details given in this Dislyte Ritual Miracle Guide, you can now defeat all four bosses by forming a good team of espers. Ritual Miracle in Dislyte is a place that helps your espers gear up and help you level up. We hope this guide was helpful for you. 

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