Dislyte Spatial Tower: Completion & Rewards

Spatial Tower in dislyte is one of the career modes. It has a total of 100 levels. Finishing it will give the player tons of rewards.

One of the main career modes in Dislyer is known as Spital Tower. In this mode, you get to fight enemy compositions to get good rewards. It has a total of 100 stages that you need to complete to finish it.

Key Highlights
  • Spatial Tower is one of the career modes in the game Dislyte.
  • It has a total of 100 stages that need to be completed to finish it.
  • Good rewards are given for every stage cleared.
  • To access Spatial Tower, go to Trials and head to Infinite Miracle.
  • Upon completion of Spatial Tower, it converts into Temporal Tower with 50 floors.
  • To complete Spatial Tower, players should have +9 Gold Gear and Espers that are at least level 50.
  • The best team composition for Spatial Tower includes AoE damage espers, high DPS espers, and a healer.
  • Recommended espers for Spatial Tower include Gabrielle, Li Ling, Lin Xiao, Asenath, and Ye Suhua.
  • Rules of Spatial Tower include: clearing level rewards and unlocking the next level, rewards given every 10 levels, levels cannot be reattempted, and friends cannot be asked for assistance.
Spatial Tower in Dislyte is one of the career modes.
Spatial Tower in Dislyte.

That seems like a tough job, but there’s no other choice. As it is the career mode in Dislyte, you’ll have to complete it. Not only that it will advance the story, but you’ll get good rewards for every stage cleared.

You can access Spatial Tower in Dislyte by going to Trials first. From there, head onto Infinite Miracle. That is the Spatial Tower with its levels. Complete all 100 levels to unlock special rewards.

Upon completing the Spatial Tower, it converts into Temporal Tower. Temporal Tower has a total of 50 floors. It lasts for one month, so you’ll have to complete it quickly. Temporal Tower has all types of rewards, So clearing Spatial Tower for it is worth it.

Preparation For Spatial Tower

To complete the Spatial Tower and finish stage 100, you need to have the best of the best. Having +9 Gold Gear is a great benefit on your side. With it, your espers will have pretty high stats and they’ll be able to survive for long in battles. Because a lower level of equipment will make it harder for you to beat Spatial tower.

As for your Espers, they need to be at least level 50. If we talk about the damage dealers, get them to level 60 before you try to complete Spatial Tower in Dislyte. If any of your espers is on the lower level, then read out our Esper Leveling up Guide.

Team Composition for Spatial Tower

The Team you take with you in Spatial Tower will need to mostly consist of AoE damage espers. That way, you can take on waves of enemies in a few turns. High DPS espers are best to take out bosses or high damage dealing enemies.

But don’t forget to take a healer on your team. Because however powerful your team is, you’ll need to fill up your espers health more often than you think. You will need to have the Best Espers on your team to make sure that you win. But the Team we recommend consists of the following espers

Best espers in Dislyte to finish Spatial Tower.
Best Espers to complete Spatial Tower in Dislyte. Left to Right: Gabriel, Asenath, Li Ling, Ye Suhua, and Lin Xiao.

Gabrielle acts as the perfect Support. Not only as a support, but you can also put her on the frontline and expect her to deal decent damage. Li Ling on the other hand is your main DPS esper. Li Ling is your guy if you want to clear out bosses and enemies without difficulty.

If you want a hero to cover all roles of the game, then you need to take Lin Xiao on your team. Lin Xiao is a highly rated esper.

Asenath is one of the few healers who can recover the HP of all Espers present on the battlefield. She also offers Damage Negation and gives out Lotus Mark Buffs to any esper aiming to dominate the enemy. Ye Suhua provides buffs to your other espers’ attack speed and defenses.

She can heal one Esper with her S2 skill too. You can read more about both of these support and healer espers in our Best Healers guide. Tant to change anything in this team? Then read our Best Team guide. That way, you’ll know how to update your team to complete Spatial Tower in Dislyte.

Rules of Spatial Tower

So, you’ve prepared yourself and your team of 5 of the best Espers is ready. Now the next step is to take on Spatial Tower. But before you can start that, you need to know the rules of Spatial Tower. you must remember these rules so that you’re able to maximize your experience while finishing tower levels.

  • Clearing a level rewards you and it unlocks the next level.
  • For every 10 tower levels cleared, you’ll be rewarded with a large reward.
  • Once you clear a level in Spatial Tower, you won’t be able to reattempt it.
  • You can’t ask your friends for assistance in Spatial Tower.

If you still haven’t made friends in Dislyte, be sure to check out our Dislyte Clubs guide.

Best Tips For Spatial Tower Boss

While fighting with the Spatial Tower boss in Dislyte, you need to use invisibility at the correct time. Keep an eye on the AP bar at the bottom of the screen. It will help you understand when the boss will attack you.

When the boss is about to attack you, turn on your invisibility Perk on your esper to protect them from being damaged. We recommend choosing the esper with the lowest health. Once the boss has attacked, you can continue with your attacks

Keep in mind that when the time comes when the boss is about to attack. At that time, you need to repeat this whole invisibility perk usage cycle.

How To Beat Spatial Tower

Auto-mode is one of the easier ways to complete Spatial tower if you have a powerful team. But even then, for 100 stages, auto-mod seems unreal. You need to take care of a few things before You head on clearing all 100 stages.

One of the main things that will affect your journey in Spatial Tower is the team that you’ll take. Because, without a proper team, even if you’re a professional player, it’s almost unreal to complete stage 100.

The boss at Stage 100 is rather tricky. If you’re having a hard time defeating him, then you can check out our Dislyte Floor 100 guide. In this guide, we’ve discussed the Team composition that you need to follow. In addition to that, we’ve looked over some strategies that can help you fight the boss of Spatial Tower.


Completing Spatial Tower progresses the story. But that’s not all. By completing the Spatial Tower, you’ll get tons of rewards. Some of these are legendary rewards. Whereas others, given at lower levels are good for early-game upgrades.

For every stage of Spatial Tower, you’ll get a reward. But once you complete every 10 stages, you will receive premium rewards. Upon completing all 100 floors of Spatial Tower, you’ll receive Lucas the esper. Lucas is a valuable and powerful esper. Once you’ve unlocked him, check out our Dislyte Lucas esper guide.

Level 10 – 90 Rewards.
Lucas in Spatial Tower.
Lucas as a reward for completing Spatial Tower.

Before Lucas, Dislyte rewarded its players with Donar. But now, that has changed in recent patches as Dislyte rewards Lucas for completing Spatial Tower.

Anyways, here is the complete list of rewards of Spatial Power.

Tower LevelRewards
10Gold Record x1
204-star Starimon x2
30Gold Record x2
40Epic Spirimon x2
50Gold Record x2
605-star Starimon x2
70Gold Record x3
806-star Wind Walker Set
90Gold Record x3

While talking about rewards, did you know that Staff of Immortality in Dislyte is a limited-time event reward?

Spatial Tower is an important aspect of Dislyte’s career mode. In it, you’ll get to challenge yourself and fight mythological villains. So your team of espers needs to be powerful enough to take on gods of mythology. If you’ve done everything well, it won’t be long before you’ll be able to unlock Lucas in Spatial Tower.

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