Dislyte Staff of Immortality: Is It Worth the Grind?

The staff of Immortality is a name card banner in Dislyte worth 1000 Ancient Coins. It is a rare item, but is it worth getting it?

What is Staff of Immorality in Dislyte?

You might be wondering what exactly is the Staff of Immortality. You’ll find that in Dislyte, the Staff of Immortality is a Profile Banner in the game; meaning the Staff of Immortality is the background display of your profile. It is like the Profile Banner that you get by buying the Welcome Pack III. But that one is animated, unlike the Staff of Immortality banner. It is a name card designed for Ollie, the Osiris in the game.

Key Highlights
  • Staff of Immortality is a profile banner in the game Dislyte
  • It can be obtained during The Lone Star event by collecting 1000 Ancient Coins
  • The cost of the Staff of Immortality is 1000 Ancient Coins
  • The Staff of Immortality is a limited-time event item and may not be available in future events
  • Other items available in the Ancient Coin Shop include Legendary Abilimon, Gold Record, Legendary Starimon, Nexus Crystal, Epic Abilimon, and Gold
  • The Staff of Immortality does not have any animations and may not be worth the cost for non-collectors
  • Players may want to consider other options such as Legendary Starimon to promote Espers in the game
  • The Staff of Immortality will be displayed as a profile banner and a business card in-game.

How to Get Staff of Immortality

During The Lone Star event in Dislyte, you can get the Staff of Immortality. You’ll have to collect 1000 Ancient Coins to buy it by completing different tasks in-game. And to get a total of 1000 Ancient Coins, you’ll need to play the game regularly and complete the tasks.

The Lone Star event tasks.
Some of the tasks that are available in the event.

Once you have 1000 Ancient Coins, you can head over to the Ancient Coin Shop. There are several different items that you can buy using Ancient Coins. Some items of the Event are,

The lone Star event shop

  • Staff of Immortality
  • Legendary Abilimon
  • Gold Record
  • Legendary Starimon
  • Nexus Crystal x 150
  • Epic Abilimon
  • Gold x 200,000

You can get only 1 Staff of Immortality from the event. And that is all you need. You don’t need another Namecard or profile banner as it won’t have any use. To get the Staff of Immortality in Dislyte, tap on it, and confirm the payment of 1000 Ancient Coins, and there you have it.

Is it Worth Getting Staff of Immortality in Dislyte?

The question arises, is it worth it? Before we answer it, one thing to keep in mind is that it is a limited-time event item. Chances are there won’t be any event with Staff of Immortality. So if you’re a collector of limited-time event items, then the Staff of Immortality is for you. We’ll get on that in a while.

Anyways, for all the players, whether you’re a collector or a Free-to-Play (F2P) player, you need to consider a few things. First of all, the cost of Staff of Immortality in Dislyte is 1000 Ancient Coins.

Put it this way, you can get 2x Golden Record for 800. Or, you can go for the Lengendary Abilimon, or Legendary Starimon by adding 500 Ancient Coins over the 1000 Ancient Coins.

Staff of Immortality in Dislyte's price is 1000 ancient coints.
The Staff of Immortality costs 1000 Ancient Coins.

One thing to keep in mind is that Starimon promotes Espers in Dislyte. It might be a tough choice for players who’re starting new to choose Staff of Immortality over Legendary Starimon.

Using Starimon is one of the best methods, but it isn’t the only method to Promote Esper Star Rating. If you want to take it slow, check out our Best Leveling Guide for Espers

Although it is a limited-time banner, it has nothing special. It doesn’t even have any animations. If it had any, then we’d have recommended getting one. You’ll be spending time and stamina for this casual Banner. But if you’re a collector, then the choice is yours.

If you’ve decided to get the Staff of Immortality banner in Dislyte, here’s how it’ll look in-game.

Staff of Immortality as Profile Banner
Profile Banner, Image Credit: JeuMobi
Staff of immortality as Business Card
Business Card, Image Credit: JeuMobi


The Staff of Immortality is one of the limited-time event items. That’s why it is good to have items if you want to flex on your friends in the future. But to get it, you’ll either have to use up a lot of gems for the stamina. Or you’ll have to spend lots of time getting the Ancient Coin.

And if you’re a free-to-play player, there are better options for you. Again, this is based on our personal opinion, its totally up to you to decide if the limited-time Namecard ‘Staff of Immortality’ in Dislyte is worth it or not.

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