Dislyte Starimon: How To Get, Use & Promote Espers

Our Dislyte Starimon guide entails what are Starimons in the game, how to get these items & how to level up star rating of Espers in the game.

What is Starimon in Dislyte

how to get and usage Starimon
Dislyte Starimon

If you are processing through gameplay and are eager to reach championship heights, you need to learn to upgrade your Espers to new levels. Starimon is a necessary element in Dislyte to process your game to the next level.

Key Highlights
  • Starimons are necessary to upgrade Esper star ratings in Dislyte and increase base stats.
  • Using Starimons allows you to continue playing with the same Esper without them being underpowered or under-leveled.
  • To determine an Esper’s level cap, multiply their star value by ten.
  • Starimons can be obtained through quests, bounties, and various in-game shops.
  • To get higher tier Starimons, increase Club level, visit Club Shop, check Gold Shops, play Point Wars, and complete quests and bounties.

Starimons are required to promote Esper star rating in Dislyte and upgrade your character’s star value resulting in increased base stats with a level cap of Hero. 

What Do You Get By Using Starimon

If you have a 3-Star Esper, say, Freddy or Zelmer, then you will be stuck with character level 30 and the very base attack and defense stats. Now, if you want to continue playing with Freddy or Zelmer in Dislyte, then you will need to use Starimons to increase their base star level from 3-stars to 4-star or even further 5-stars. 

It will ensure that you continue using the very same Esper you are comfortable with, and they will also not be underpowered or under-leveled since you will promote them from being a 3-star Esper to 4 or 5-star.

A player can easily find their Espers current level cap: whatever your star value is, multiply it by ten, and you will get your current Level; if a player has four-star Esper, he is at level 40, and so on. Starimon is key to promoting Espers to continue leveling up.

This goes to show that a Level 30 Esper will have reduced max attack and defensive stats and will not be a perfect fit if the rest of your teammates are all 4-star or 5-star Espers. This will impact the overall efficiency of your team of five as you will have reduced peak performance while fighting. That is why you will need Starimons to increase the base star level and go beyond your Esper’s current character or Star level in Dislyte.

How To Use Starimons

By now, you must have learned what Starimons are in Dislyte, what they do, and the overall impact of it on your team composition. The low-tier starimons such as of a Rare tier will get you to level up Espers from lower Star tier to higher. Also, consider reading Dislyte Tier List.

However, if you want to level up an Esper beyond the 5-star level, then you will also need to level up your Starimons as well. Otherwise, using them will not be beneficial. You can always purchase legendary tier starimons, but those will cost you a lot of points. That is why having a lower level starimon and then leveling it up might be the next best thing to do in Dislyte.

How To Get Starimons in Dislyte

There are various ways to get Starimon and upgrade your Espers. Fortunately, it’s not a difficult task to get once you have gotten into the game; you should take advantage of quests and bounties to collect starimon as a reward. They can also drop as a reward as the story levels up.

Players can also purchase them from shops by having appropriate currency. Besides, they are also available at the Tournament shop, Friendship shop, and E-cash shop; however, sometimes they run out due to limited supply but are refreshed after some time.

So, to conclude the best ways to get Starimon in Dislyte, you will need to do the following routines:

  • Increase your Club level in Dislyte and reach level 5 and level 7 to unlock Rare and Epic Starimon.
  • Visit Club Shop as they frequently stock Starimons, which usually can be purchased by spending 100 points in Dislyte.
  • You have a chance to buy Starimon in Dislyte from Gold Shops. The chances are rare but do not sleep on it and visit the store every now and then.
  • Play Point Wars in Dislyte and earn Supply vouchers as much as you can. Use these supply vouchers at The Tournament Shop to buy Starimons. Usually, you will find Epic and Legendary tier Starimons that will cost you 200 for Epic and 1000 points for legendary Starimons.
  • Play Quests and Complete bounties, and you are likely to get Starimon as a reward from this routine.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about how to upgrade your espers Star level by using starimon in Dislyte. Did you get legendary starimons in the game yet? What is your go-to method to get higher-level starimons? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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