Dislyte Stewart: Skills, Relic Sets, & Playstyle

Dislyte's Stewart is one of the brand new characters in this massive RPG. Our guide focuses on everything you need to know about him.

Stewart is one of the over 60 espers that are now a part of Dislyte’s massive roster. He also goes by the name Dionysus. Stewart is a 4-Star esper. 4-Star espers are some of the strongest that are available in the game. They have a high-level cap, and when ascended, they, of course, receive more buff every ascension level.

Key Highlights
  • Stewart is a 4-Star Esper in the game Dislyte and goes by the name Dionysus.
  • 4-Star espers are some of the strongest and highest-level espers in the game with unique abilities.
  • Stewart is a teacher at the Union’s Orphanage and has a tragic past with the loss of his lover Mia.
  • He is a unique single-target esper with abilities that can be useful in combat.
  • Stewart is a Fighter type esper with the element of Inferno.
  • Espers in Dislyte are unlocked through the Echo Gacha system and are based on luck or farming of specific banners.
  • Stewart’s abilities in Dislyte include “Down Your Cups” which deals damage to an enemy and has a chance of inflicting Sleep on them.

Before we go on, here is a summary of the best setup for Stewart in Dislyte:

SkillsOverall RatingRelic Set
Down Your Cups
Soundly Dreams
Time Vortex
Captain Ability
Point War: B
Kronos: D
Tower: B
x4 War Machine Set
x2 Sword Avatara Set
x2 Incandescence Set

Stewart in Dislyte

Stewart Wallpaper Dislyte
Stewart, a 4-Star Esper in Dislyte

Stewart, similar to Dhalia, is a teacher. He teaches at the Union’s Orphanage, and he is the favorite teacher there due to his caring and jolly personality. Stewart has a tragic past as he lost his lover Mia in an accident. 

Furthermore, his trauma is the main motivation for him to teach the orphans at the Union’s Orphanage. He wants to make sure that the young espers there has a great guardian to show them the right path. 

Stewart tries his best to follow the ideals of his former lover Mia. This is also one of his main motivations as a teacher and mentor. Stewart is a unique single-target esper with abilities that can prove extremely useful during combat. He is a Fighter type of esper meaning his main focus is on attacking and damaging the enemy. The element that Stewart was bestowed on is Inferno.

How To Unlock Dislyte Stewart?

Stewart in-game look
Stewart’s 3D Model in-game

In Dislyte, all the espers you play with have to be unlocked by summoning. The espers are summoned through a Gacha system called “Echo”. The echo mechanic is the Gacha implementation of the game, and it is very reminiscent of the “Wish” system in Genshin Impact.

In addition, Some espers are locked to a specific echo, and you will have to farm up that one exclusively to unlock them. An example of this is Dhalia, who is exclusive to the Ripple Dimension.

Since espers can only be unlocked through the echo, which is a Gacha system, you will just have to hope that you get lucky and unlock the character you want. So getting Stewart is purely based on luck or some extreme farming of the banner or banners he is in. 

Stewart’s Skills in Dislyte 

When espers engage in combat in Dislyte, they use their unique abilities and attacks to defend themselves, attack the enemy or support their allies. As mentioned before, all the espers have their own skill moves and attack patterns that are completely unique to them. Also, consider reading Dislyte’s best support espers guide.

Furthermore, when you use an esper in battle, their abilities and stats improve. What skills an esper has depends on the esper’s element. 

In our case, Stewart is a fighter, and the element that he was bestowed is Inferno. He is a strong character, and he plays the role of a Fighter in his team. His powers mainly focus on dealing massive damage to a single target/esper.

If you are the type of gamer, who loves rushing into battle and just attacking with no other thing hindering your focus. Now let us discuss all of Stewart’s abilities in detail.

Down Your Cups

Down your cups is your first skill of Stewart. The attack mainly deals damage to an enemy, and its special effect is that it has a chance of inflicting Sleep on enemies.

This attack is a very strong attack that you can use to deplete a huge amount of Health(HP). You can pick a single target you think might be a hindrance to you or your team and weaken them or take them out. Sleep infliction can also come in very handy during it.

Soundly Dreams

Soundly Dreams is the second skill that Stewart possesses. The ability deals damage to an enemy, and if when you use this attack and the enemy’s Health (HP) falls below a certain point, then the skill will also inflict Sleep on them.

Soundly Dreams is a very useful attack as it damages an enemy and acts like a Fighter class move, but additionally, it also has a chance to inflict Sleep, so it also makes it a very viable support move if you use it at the right time to decrease the right amount of HP.

Time Vortex

Time Vortex is the third and last skill that Stewart has. The attack will deal damage to an enemy, but in turn, it will decrease your Health(HP). When you land a critical hit, the attack will deal additional damage to the enemy based on the amount of their maximum Health(HP).

In addition, the attack also has a very big risk as it can inflict sleep on both the enemy and Stewart. It makes this attack a high-risk, high-reward kinda ability.

Furthermore, when Stewart is ascended, it buffs the attack. His third skill will still deal damage to an enemy at the cost of Stewart’s Health(HP), and you and the enemy can both still but asleep, but now Stewart uses his Soundly Dreams move when he is woken up. 

Overall in our opinion, it is easily the weakest move that Steward possesses. It has a high risk, and the reward you get for it isn’t high enough to warrant taking that risk in the first place. Stewart has much better moves that you should use instead.

Stewart’s Captain Ability in Dislyte

Captain abilities in Dislyte are special abilities that can only be used when the esper is chosen as the team leader or captain. We highly advise you to use an esper whose ability can benefit all allies and not just themself. 

Stewart doesn’t have any captain ability. Even if he did, it would be very useless as the main focus of the captain’s ability is to help and benefit the entire team. If a Fighter class like Stewart had a captain ability that buffed the entire team’s Attack(ATK), then it would be too overpowered.

Best Relic Sets for Stewart Dislyte

Relic sets are composed of items that you mix up and equip on your espers to buff them and their abilities. These are also very reminiscent of the relics you can equip on your character or characters in Genshin Impact.

For a Fighter class like Stewart, we recommend the following sets:

First Set

The first recommended set of relics for Stewart includes an x4 War Machine Set, which will give a 30% boost to his Attack(ATK), and an x2 Sword Avatara Set. It will make it so that whenever you are attacked, there will be a 25% increase in using the basic skill as a counterattack.

The first set goes hand in hand with Stewart’s playstyle. The x4 War Machine set buffs his already high Attack(ATK) by 30%. This makes rushing in for the kill or high damage even more viable. 

Furthermore, x2 Sword Avatara can prove extremely useful with Stewart’s Time Vortex skill. That skill, as mentioned earlier, has a chance of inflicting Sleep on both Stewart and the enemy. It will make it so that if you are hit during the Sleep status, there’s a bigger chance that you will counter it.

Second Set

The second recommended set of relics for Stewart, like before, includes x4 War Machine Set for the 30% increase in Attack(ATK), and it includes an x2 Incandescence Set, which will increase your critical rate(C. Rate) by 20%. 

This set is just as good as the first recommended set. As Stewart is a Fighter class, so all these sets buff his proficiency in combat. The x4 War Machine set, of course, like before buffs his Attack power, and the x2 Incancdescene Set increases his critical rate. 

The set will also go very well with Stewart’s Time Vortex ability as it increases your critical rate(C. Rate) and can guarantee higher damage when using that ability.

These two sets are all the recommended ones for Stewart. He is a Fighter and has high damage and mainly focuses on depleting the enemy’s HP, so he is already quite viable for PvP, but these sets can also, of course, help in that too.

Dislyte Stewart Playstyle

Stewart is a Fighter class with the Inferno element. His main focus is dealing high damage to an enemy. All of his abilities either extremely lower the opponent’s HP or straight-up kills them.

This makes Stewart an extremely feasible pick for players who just want to rush and kill the enemy or do some damage. With Stewart, you will never have to plan your next move that much as you don’t have to worry about supporting your team in any other way than by attacking.

All three of his skills focus on dealing with damage. You can stun the enemy or put them to sleep as well so that your ally can sweep in for the attack; doing it is the best type of “support” Stewart can provide. 

He is absolutely useless in Kronos and doesn’t contribute much to it. Kronos is the best place to farm all the relics you need in Dislyte.

Moreover, he is quite viable in Point War which is the game’s PvP mode, and he is also decent in Tower, which is the trials mode of Dislyte.

As we have already discussed, Stewart does not have a captain ability, nor does he need one, and this only works in your favor if you just want to go in there, have fun, and don’t want to worry about your teammates or doing anything wrong. 

Ascension of Dislyte Stewart

All the espers in Dislyte become more efficient whenever you ascend them using Starimons. Starimons are the pivotal items for the in-game progression. When you use a Starimon on an esper, it ascends them and increases their level cap alongside boosting their abilities as well. 

Just like other espers, you can ascent Stewart. It will make his basic stats higher and will also buff one of his skills and give it a special effect. The skill ascension will buff for Stewart is Time Vortex.

Overall Ratings of Stewart in Dislyte

Stewart in Disltye is a Fighter type character with an Inferno element. His main focus is dealing heavy damage to enemies, and that is how he helps his teammates. His overall ratings in Dislyte are as follows:

  • Point War: B
  • Kronos: D
  • Tower: B

Pros & Cons of Stewart in Dislyte

Now that we have discussed Stewart in detail. Let’s take a brief look at all his pros and cons. He is that much of an incredible character, so he has plenty of cons but has many pros to his name as well.


  • His skills can Stun the enemy. 
  • Stewart deals high damage, which can prove very useful in combat
  • One of his attacks has a chance to put an enemy to Sleep.
  • Stewart is a 4-Star esper. 
  • He is pretty decent and viable in PvP due to his high damage and rushing into battle kinda playstyle.
  • He is also decent in the Towers of Dislyte.
  • Stewart is a Fighter type making him a great choice for players who just want to get into the action without the fear of doing something wrong. 


  •   Stewart’s third move, Time Vortex, has more risk than the reward that it presents.
  • He is one of the weakest 4-Star espers in the game.
  • He is extremely poor at doing Kronos.
  • The majority of his attacks don’t get buffs when you ascend him with Starimons. The only attack that does get something in his last one Time Vortex, which is his weakest attack.


And that is pretty much all you need to know about Dislyte’s Stewart. He is one of the lower-rated 4-Star espers, and due to that, we would not recommend you specifically farm for him unless you like his design.

Farming Stewart for just his design might not be worth it, though. In Gacha games, to unlock a character it takes a lot of time. It mostly depends on your luck. You should check out our Dislyte Esper Tier List. Look at the characters there and pick someone high tier whose design looks cool to you; that would be a way better choice.

Dislyte was developed by Lilith Games. If that name sounds familiar to you, that may be because you might have played some of their other hit games like AFK Arena or Rise of Kingdoms.

In addition to this, Lilith Games is the third largest videogame developer and publisher in China. That is also one of the reasons for Dislyte’s rapid popularity.

The game has already garnered over a million players on the Google Play Store. You can download and play Dislyte right now for free from the Google Play Store. We would love to hear what you think about the game in the comment section below.

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